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As rift grows between Maryland unions and lawmakers, state aims for school-funding deal
Mar 16, 5:31 AM:

While belt-tightening, budget cuts and demands for unions to contribute more are being recognized as necessities by most other states' lawmakers, Old Line State leaders are being cowed by unions claiming a right to >

End Maryland school boards' power to kill charter schools
Mar 15, 5:03 AM:

Editorial uses instance of county board denying two charters to highlight weakness in MD charter law -- school boards have too much authorization power and generally view charters as unwelcome competition. Conclusion >

Global Garden charter school wants Montgomery to reconsider denied application
Mar 2, 6:22 AM:

The Montgomery County vs. Global Garden charter battle continues. Confusion over what state board's decision means: group thinks county has to review plan again, while county thinks it simply has to provide justification >

Why the hesitance over keeping KIPP charter schools in Maryland?
Mar 2, 6:08 AM:

The mission of KIPP and others in Maryland who try to operate outside the boundaries of typical school systems (longer day, Saturday school, teachers on call) conflict with union rules, which the editors of the Post >

Md. and 7 other states to share $546 million in SIG funding
Feb 21, 1:07 PM:

Maryland, other states to get millions to improve failing schools through intervention programs. Lots of federal money in play, but tough to predict outcome without information on how grants were spent in the past or how >

Who's afraid of charter schools?
Feb 17, 10:49 AM:

Montgomery County board rejects two charter proposals, state board wants explanation. Law allows vague reasoning, and doesn't allow multiple or independent authorizers like D.C. neighbor. Refreshing critical slant on >

City offers buyout for 750 schoolteachers
Feb 14, 2:22 PM:

Baltimore attempts to save money by offering experienced teachers early retirement. Union agrees, and also consents to performance pay, but it's unclear if performance factors into letting experienced teachers go.

Laurel Boys and Girls Club proposes charter school
Feb 10, 10:55 AM:

After school program to be turned into a regular full service school for boys. Hopeful article that shows what can be done when things are built from the ground up.

Charter school debate revived in Montgomery County, as two applicants thrust back into spotlight
Feb 9, 12:51 PM:

MD has received a few applications for new charter schools in the state. It's clear that the author feels the need to defend charter schools, opponents feel the need to highlight the negatives.

Senator introduces sweeping education bill package
Feb 9, 7:55 AM:

Teacher dismissal based on "ineffectiveness," parent trigger and charters hiring based solely on mutual consent introduced in MD Senate.  Quality scores in initial debate.

Wicomico Middle may see major staffing changes
Feb 8, 12:34 PM:

Board of Education will vote on staffing changes for a school that has years of failures to meet the standards set by NCLB. What are the alternatives? No mention on how cutting teachers will help students.

Opinion: More Charters, More Choices
Feb 8, 10:06 AM:

Charters find it hard to get approval in Montgomery County, Md.  So charter schools are mostly  in poorer areas. Can you find cases of public demand for nonsectarian charter schools in districts with strong trad. public >

Montgomery officials seek state clarification on charter school rejection rebuke
Feb 4, 11:10 AM:

New regulations may make it easier for an Int'l Baccalaureate charter to open in Montgomery County.  it's unclear why Global Gardens Charter application was rejected in the first place? 

Officials try to ease waiver rules for school funding requirement
Feb 4, 10:54 AM:

Counties have to spend at least as much per pupil as the previous year or else penalized- proposed bill would grant waiver. We'd like to know what the opposition is to districts saving money if quality of education is >

STEM goals a challenge for schools, teachers
Feb 3, 2:00 PM:

Maryland Race-to-the-Top application reveals elementary school teachers lack confidence in ability to teach math and science. Asks good question. Does raising standards for children mean raising standards for teachers >

More charter schools mean more choices for parents
Feb 3, 11:43 AM:

Montgomery County, a bastion of good schools and freethinking, has no charter schools. Why bother? They are rejecting good choices without giving them a chance. That’s a bad choice. Good reminder.

Magnet schools turn to lotteries
Feb 3, 11:19 AM:

Dearth of Annapolis options cause parental anxiety. But we'd never know that in here.


National movement for school choice embraced in city
Feb 3, 10:43 AM:

Solid article from the Baltimore Sun that highlights the explosion of school choice in Baltimore City aptly presents both sides of the school choice debate.  If Maryland and other states with weak charter laws follow >

Endorsement interference?
Feb 2, 12:15 PM:

The Gazette rivals Hamlet as master equivocator.  Either you have a problem with school  board members who nix charter applications after stating anti-charter bias in campaign material or you don't. To be or not to be >

Officials rail against state education, road repair cuts
Feb 2, 11:01 AM:

What's more important--decent roads or good schools? Charter schools could help mend the budget. Why isn't anyone talking about them? Without help, claims of good schools will start showing cracks.




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