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Baltimore school board considering closing more city schools
Nov 28, 6:32 AM: The Baltimore school system has recommended closing four more city schools, in addition to two others previously announced, because of declining enrollment and poor academic performance.
Parents hope for second Baltimore County charter school
Nov 27, 6:01 AM: Baltimore County may be opening the doors to a brand new public charter school. If it's approved, it would only be the second public charter school to ever open in Baltimore County.
Teacher's union president sees 'collaborative' future with Howard County school system
Nov 13, 7:37 AM: Howard County Education Association’s new president, Colleen Morris, says the leadership of her predecessor was the driving force behind resolving “a lot of issues” impacting educators in the public school system. >
Maryland private school voucher program grows in second year
Oct 26, 5:44 AM: More than 2,600 Maryland students from low-income families received taxpayer-funded vouchers to The Baltimore Sun private or religious schools this year, the state Department of Education announced Wednesday. >
Private school loses state voucher money over anti-LGBT policy
Oct 16, 5:20 AM: A state education panel has voted unanimously to rescind taxpayer-funded vouchers from a Harford County Lutheran school that said it reserved the right to deny admission to gay and transgender students.
Monarch Academy exemplifies success of Md. charter schools, officials say
Oct 11, 5:16 AM: Maryland has officially opened its 49th public charter school at a time when the state is trying to add even more charter schools to its list of options for students.
Maryland education department, Baltimore public schools sign agreement to improve failing schools
Sep 20, 5:06 AM: The Maryland State Department of Education will target principals in Baltimore for leadership training in a bid to turn around some of the city’s struggling schools, state and city officials said.
Hogan refuses to sign off on Maryland education plan
Sep 15, 4:42 AM: Gov. Larry Hogan is refusing to endorse the Maryland school board’s plan for helping low-performing schools, saying state board members were hamstrung by a new law limiting what the plan can include.
ASPIRA Academy completes final expansion
Sep 13, 7:01 AM: The charter school has now taken over the sportplex’s space and added a second floor, along with a kitchen, gym, auditorium and outdoor learning space. The building’s facade has received an upgrade too, wiping away all >
Teachers union, city schools officials head to arbitration over layoffs
Aug 22, 6:40 AM: The Baltimore Teachers Union and school district lawyers are scheduled to meet next month to discuss grievances filed by union leaders over the district’s handling of layoffs of teachers and classroom aides earlier this >
Maryland, Baltimore education officials will collaborate to help city's worst performing schools
Jul 27, 7:03 AM: Maryland education officials will meet with administrators of the 20 worst performing schools in Baltimore over two days next week to find ways to turn them around.
Court of Appeals ruling paves way for more funding for Frederick Classical Charter
Jul 19, 7:22 AM: A recent decision by the state’s highest court could ultimately require the county to provide Frederick Classical Charter School with more than $100,000 in funding.
City gets state approval for plan to turn around failing schools
Jul 19, 6:10 AM: For the first time in a long time, the focus on Baltimore City is not of finances, but rather how to improve failing schools. The stamp of approval came Tuesday from the state Board of Education during its monthly >
Maryland state school board eyes possible loophole in governor's order on school calendars
Jul 19, 6:02 AM: When Gov. Larry Hogan tightened his executive order to start all public schools after Labor Day, he blocked some educators from wiggling out of the mandate by seeking waivers. But members of the state school board may have >
Public charter schools get equal transportation funding, Md. high court says
Jul 18, 7:43 AM: Maryland’s public charter schools are entitled to the same level of transportation funding that public non-charter school students receive in the same county, a divided Maryland high court has held.
Low income student population at St. Mary's charter school projected to increase
Jul 5, 7:25 AM: Chesapeake Public Charter School officials hit their goal of increasing representation of students from low-income families, projecting an increase of 3.3 percent for the upcoming school year.
Experiment seeks to transform troubled Baltimore schools as federal grants end
Jul 5, 6:03 AM: Such troubles led school district administrators to take drastic action after the school year ended in June. They made all the teachers reapply for their jobs — then transferred almost everyone out. They also enrolled Mary >
Knocking on doors to lure Baltimore kids back to school
Jul 3, 7:42 AM: Forty members of the Baltimore Teachers Union have deployed across Baltimore for five weeks this summer to shore up school enrollment. More than 1,000 students dropped out or transferred to other school districts last >
Maryland school board to vote on rating system for schools 
Jun 27, 7:56 AM: Every public school in Maryland will get an official rating starting next school year under a system the state school board plans to vote on Tuesday morning.
New educational lessons Baltimore schools could learn
Jun 27, 6:57 AM: Project Baltimore recently traveled to Miami and toured the City of Hialeah Educational Academy, which has established a national reputation for success. We wanted to know what makes it different.



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