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Editorial: Hogan sets up a schools showdown
Dec 13, 6:40 AM: In campaigning for re-election, Gov. Larry Hogan often said he believed that all children deserved access to an excellent education regardless of where they live, and on Tuesday, he proposed doing something serious about >
In Maryland, some schools overcome challenges to stand out in new rating system
Dec 6, 8:21 AM: Principal Matt Hornbeck rarely interrupts the school day to make announcements over the intercom. He doesn’t want to be a distraction during students’ time to learn. But on Tuesday, he couldn’t help himself. When he got >
Report: 60 percent of graduates sampled in Md. school system excessively absent
Dec 5, 8:27 AM: More than 60 percent of graduates in a Maryland school system had excessive unexcused absences in one or more required courses last school year, according to a random review of records — a problem that could have kept them >
Opinion: Don't shut down Banneker Blake Academy
Nov 28, 8:25 AM: On Nov. 13, the Baltimore school board voted to close Banneker Blake Academy, a charter middle school for boys (“Founder of Banneker Blake Academy in Baltimore vows appeal of school’s closure,” Nov. 20). Hundreds of >
Parents rally to save Baltimore's Banneker Blake Academy
Nov 21, 7:33 AM: In the next two days, administrators told parents of Banneker Blake Academy they will be filing their appeal with the state. Shutting down the school, parents insist, is shutting down progress, and they're not going down >
Many Latino students lag academically in prosperous Maryland County
Nov 16, 6:54 AM: A troubling number of Latino students in one of the nation’s most prosperous counties are unprepared for kindergarten, lag in reading, drop out of high school and falter as they head to college, according to a report >
Baltimore school board votes to revoke charter of Banneker Blake Academy, makes other closure recommendations
Nov 14, 6:47 AM: Dressed in maroon and gold, supporters of Banneker Blake Academy packed the Baltimore school board meeting Tuesday night. Parents, teachers and students at the all-boys public charter spilled over into overflow rooms, >
Chesapeake Public Charter School named one of 'America's Healthiest Schools'
Nov 14, 5:44 AM: The Chesapeake Public Charter School is being touted as one of America’s Healthiest Schools along with five other Maryland schools, thanks to its physical education programs and mealtime activities.
Parents, Teachers Protest Proposed Closure Of Baltimore Charter School
Nov 13, 9:20 AM: Supporters of Banneker Blake Academy are rallying against a decision to close the school before the school commission holds a vote Tuesday morning.
Maryland state school board backs away from allowing non-educators to become school superintendents
Oct 24, 5:05 AM: Want to be a school superintendent in Maryland? Successful business people, military generals and foundation leaders still cannot apply. Maryland will continue to require its superintendents to have specific academic >
ACLU joins students’ challenge to Prince George’s summer school tuition prices
Oct 22, 4:36 AM: The American Civil Liberties Union has joined four Prince George’s students’ challenge to a summer school tuition policy, arguing the costs are too burdensome for some families and inhibit students from graduating. >
Post-U. Md. poll: Maryland parents say crowded classrooms are a problem
Oct 15, 6:50 AM: More than 6 in 10 Maryland parents with children 18 or younger believe crowded classrooms are a problem in their schools, according to a new poll that also shows substantial concern about low test scores and overtesting. >
Montgomery County upgrades vocational training
Oct 15, 5:25 AM: The 171,526-square-foot structure in Silver Spring sits next to the building that previously housed the school, which remains fenced off. More than 850 students are dually enrolled at Edison, which means they spend three >
Expanded early college program allows Howard students to get a 'JumpStart'
Sep 27, 6:13 AM: Nationwide, nearly 1.4 million high school students participated in dual enrollment programs in the 2010-2011 school year, an estimated 67 percent increase between 2002 to 2010, according to the Community College Research >
Watershed Charter School will provisionally be granted charter to operate in Baltimore County
Sep 26, 6:39 AM: A new charter school may open in Baltimore County as long as it can find a space to operate within the next two years.
Boundary struggles: A Maryland school system looks for more diversity
Sep 26, 5:44 AM: Montgomery County’s school system is diverse, but its schools are less so. Some have high poverty rates, while others are tucked into affluent enclaves of the Maryland suburbs. Many bring together large percentages of >
Christina revamping high schools to focus on specific career pathways
Sep 14, 6:09 AM: On Monday, the school board approved the district’s plan that will transform Newark, Glasgow and Christiana high schools by creating structured, concentrated pathways that will give each school a specific brand and focus >
Over 500 students on Chesapeake Public Charter School wait list, school staff say
Sep 5, 5:42 AM: While most St. Mary’s public school students kicked off the school year yesterday, staff and students at the charter school have been back in class since mid-August, with a student demographic this year that better mirrors >
On the first day of class, Hogan and Jealous battle for education-minded voters
Sep 5, 5:07 AM: In nearly four years in office, Hogan has emphasized seeking accountability on the billions the state already spends on school and giving more choice to parents via charter schools, vouchers and tax breaks for donations to >
Baltimore schools stepping up efforts to recruit, retain more black teachers
Aug 31, 6:55 AM: The city has for years struggled to recruit and retain a teaching force that reflects the children it serves. The challenge persists even as research emerges showing that a black person’s presence at the front of a >



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