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Maryland Gov. Hogan to allow $850 million school funding bill to become law without his signature
May 16, 7:14 AM: In a letter sent to legislative leaders Wednesday afternoon, Hogan said he is concerned that the bill doesn’t include a long-term funding solution for public school improvement and lacks sufficient “academic >
First county charter school's future uncertain after 2020
May 16, 7:01 AM: The Prince George’s County Board of Education (BOE)  decided to not to renew the charter for Turning Point Academy Public Charter School, but, the school will remain open for the 2019-2020 school year. >
Commentary: The growing achievement gap in Montgomery County schools must be addressed
May 6, 6:26 AM: For 50 years, the achievement gap in Montgomery County has grown in the shadows while many of our county’s schools and students garnered well-deserved praise and earned awards. Despite efforts by county leaders, the gap >
'Why would we even try?' Parents of disabled students almost never win in fights against Maryland districts
May 2, 6:29 AM: It’s a draining and complex ordeal that costs families time and energy and leaves their children’s education in flux. In recent years, roughly 100 families have gone through a so-called special education due process >
Maryland school system rolls out report cards showing disparity in achievement
Apr 22, 8:10 AM: School officials in suburban Maryland have long debated how to tackle achievement gaps between white students and their classmates of color. But the issue is drawing new attention as Montgomery County rolls out >
Chesapeake Public Charter School third-graders produce first opera
Apr 10, 6:54 AM: A third-grade teacher’s classroom was transformed into an opera production work space last week — electricians were in one corner, a public relations team was in another and set-designers, carpenters, costume and makeup >
General Assembly approves first phase of sweeping education reform
Apr 9, 5:29 AM: The vast majority of lawmakers agreed this session to a set of aspirational goals, teacher salary increases and the creation of an independent inspector general to review fraud, waste and abuse in public schools with the >
Maryland House of Delegates votes to increase school funding by $700M over two years
Apr 5, 6:55 AM: Maryland delegates voted Thursday to approve a two-year plan to send more than $700 million in extra funding to the state’s public schools.
Maryland advances landmark education bill that boosts funding for public schools
Apr 3, 7:15 AM: Maryland is on the verge of adopting an educational plan designed to transform the state’s public schools and pumping hundreds of millions dollars more into the state’s school system over the next two years to begin paying >
Education reform supporters calls Project Baltimore victory 'a win for taxpayers' (CER in the news)
Mar 25, 7:48 AM: The founder and CEO of the DC-based Center for Education Reform called the lawsuit against city schools and the judge's ruling in favor of Project Baltimore "a win for taxpayers."
Equity: Board of Education debates plan to serve minority students
Mar 14, 6:59 AM: A proposed committee to address systemic inequities in Frederick County Public Schools opened a conversation among members of the Board of Education about how to best serve students who have historically been underserved >
Thousands of Maryland teachers rally for education funding in Annapolis
Mar 12, 6:26 AM: The teachers joined thousands of others at “March for Our Schools.” The event drew teachers from across the state who convened in front of the State Capitol to demand more school funding, higher wages and expanded >
Thousands of Maryland teachers to rally in Annapolis Monday for more school funding
Mar 11, 7:20 AM: Thousands of Maryland teachers and education advocates are expected to pour into Annapolis for a march and rally to push for more school funding Monday night.
Opinion: Md.'s 'Red for Ed' moment
Mar 11, 5:43 AM: Fortunately, legislators have worked with education advocates and experts to develop a plan that can finally deliver on the promise of equal opportunity no matter your ZIP code. They are aptly calling it The Blueprint for >
Editorial: Maryland still has no idea how to fix its public schools
Mar 11, 5:34 AM: Unfortunately, though, the commission was not nearly as daring when it came to remedies. Instead it opted to embrace the same old formula of more school spending, which has proved to be ineffective.
In Annapolis, Kirwan commission head sounds alarm about need to increase Maryland public school funding
Mar 6, 6:31 AM: Kirwan — who is leading a commission studying how best to improve Maryland’s public schools — joined Democratic leaders in Annapolis to rally support for legislation that would provide more than $1 billion over the next >
Maryland State School Board considers changes to star rating system for schools
Feb 27, 8:03 AM: The Maryland State School Board is considering changes to its newly released star rating system for schools after some complaints that it was too easy to earn a high rating.
New leader brings fresh eyes to Frederick Classical Charter School
Feb 19, 7:07 AM: Frederick Classical Charter School’s new principal doesn’t settle for the middle of the pack, and she’s wasted no time adding a much-needed surge of strong leadership to make improvements since her tenure began in July.
Parents: Gov. Hogan is sabotaging city schools
Feb 6, 8:00 AM: Governor Hogan — who has consistently underfunded Baltimore schools — plans to take $1.2 million from the state’s Healthy School Facility Fund and redirect it exclusively to charter schools. These dollars are desperately >
Baltimore charter school working to narrow 'startling' achievement gap
Jan 30, 7:54 AM: Maryland has long struggled to close the gap between how black and white students perform on standardized tests. Black students in Baltimore, on average, are academically 1.9 grades behind white students, according to a >



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