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Maryland apprenticeship program transitions students directly into jobs after graduation
Jan 20, 9:03 AM: The Apprenticeship Maryland Program started as a pilot program in a few areas in 2016, but now it’s expanding. It is designed for Maryland Public School students 16-and-older as a way to give them a job they’re trained for >
Editorial: Montgomery County has made little progress on its achievement gap
Jan 16, 8:15 AM: THERE WAS a time, not so long ago, when Montgomery County was singled out for its efforts to shrink the achievement gap between black and Latino children and their white and Asian peers.“We are a tall tree in a short >
A Maryland case asks: Should some private schools be banned from accessing public voucher dollars?
Jan 3, 6:29 AM: In its lawsuit, Bethel argued the Constitution protects religious schools from “the government’s unwarranted interference with the rights of parents, and the rights of the school selected by parents, to direct the >
A Maryland survey found students don’t feel safe. Schools say they’re changing their approach toward security.
Dec 31, 8:45 AM: Today’s high school students know the names of student activists from Parkland who rose to national prominence because of a mass shooting. They are old enough to have seen the faces of kindergarten children slaughtered at >
Education Expected To Dominate 2020 MD Legislative Session
Dec 26, 8:52 AM: The General Assembly will have a number of priorities for the three-month session — likely none bigger than determining how to fund recommendations on how to transform Maryland’s public education system. >
Glen Burnie: Charter school’s student-published book to help Ethiopian readers
Dec 18, 8:20 AM: Monarch Academy [Glen Burnie] third-graders have been busy little bees — and that’s exactly what their newly-published book is entitled.
A Baltimore neighborhood is mostly white, the school is mostly black. They’re trying to foster a relationship.
Dec 17, 9:42 AM: In this hyper-segregated city, students choose from a portfolio of citywide high schools, regardless of where they live. This has led to a handful of schools, like ACCE, where the demographics of the students differ >
Baltimore public charter school recognized for French immersion program
Dec 13, 9:13 AM: A top honor from the French consulate has been given to a Baltimore City public charter school.
Montgomery County Council seeks to close educational gaps
Dec 10, 8:04 AM: The Montgomery County Council on Monday examined ways to improve educational outcomes for black, Latino, low-income and special education students and English learners in public schools in light of a recent report that >
Hogan unveils his schools agenda for 2020
Dec 6, 6:49 AM: Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Thursday proposed two education initiatives: a new way for local communities to “take over” failing schools and an effort to quickly clear the entire backlog of school construction projects >
Our View: With 12 county schools seeing ratings drop, CCPS must figure out why and fix it
Dec 5, 8:03 AM: Given that the objective evaluations of Carroll County Public Schools in recent years — from standardized test scores, to graduation statistics to the first Maryland School Report Card — have been overwhelmingly positive >
Editorial: Maryland school rankings remain an imperfect measure of an unequal system
Dec 4, 6:41 AM: The latest Maryland School Report Card is out and will no doubt leave parents and other stakeholders scurrying to check out the results. Did my child’s school earn one, two, three, four or five stars?
Opinion: Other states take Maryland to school
Nov 25, 7:25 AM: States that embrace parental choice in K-12 education show exactly how powerful and cost-effective that can be. We in the Land of Pleasant Living, on the other hand, see the damaging consequences of trusting >
Judge rules in favor of Bethel Christian Academy in school voucher case
Nov 19, 8:58 AM: A federal judge has ruled in favor of a lawsuit brought by a Christian school that accuses Maryland officials of kicking it out of a voucher program because of the school’s belief in traditional marriage. >
Education secretaries: Do what’s tough to do, what’s right in diversifying Howard County schools
Nov 15, 8:54 AM: Right now, in Howard County, there is a debate on school diversity. In fact, almost three-quarters of the high school students from low-income backgrounds in Howard County attend just five of the county’s 12 high schools; >
Supporters pack hearing in solidarity for sweeping education reforms outlined by Maryland’s Kirwan Commission
Nov 13, 6:57 AM: Dozens of people in blue T-shirts packed a hearing room in Annapolis Tuesday night to deliver a message: Our kids can’t wait. They were part of a coalition offering support for sweeping — and expensive — reforms that are >
Where Civility Is a Motto, a School Integration Fight Turns Bitter
Nov 12, 9:08 AM: The planned community of Columbia, southwest of Baltimore, has prided itself on its ethos of inclusion ever since it was founded more than half a century ago. Racially integrated. Affordable apartments near big homes. “The >
Op-Ed: Accountability critical for Md. education reform
Nov 4, 9:32 AM: The elephant in the room in the clamor over the recommendations of the Maryland Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, known as the Kirwan Commission, is the imperative of accountability. So far, Gov. Larry >
Opinion: Kirwan plan is a union cash grab; taxpayers get the tab
Oct 31, 7:15 AM: The Kirwan Commission’s real aim is hiking teacher pay by $3 billion a year, and it is why the state teachers’ unions are so strongly backing it – more teacher pay. Kirwan aims at “making teacher salaries more competitive >
Letter: Kirwan education plan should include voucher funding
Oct 30, 6:01 AM: Education advocates seeking $4 billion in additional education funding will fail to receive significant taxpayer support unless they address two key issues (“Baltimore education advocates ‘battle for the soul of Maryland’ >



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