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Letter: Taxpayer money shouldn’t pay for religious indoctrination
Aug 23, 6:24 AM: No taxpayer should be forced to pay for another’s religious education. That’s why the current fundamentalist-backed push to funnel public money to private, predominantly religious institutions does a disservice to >
Op-Ed: Community college: the answer to an affordable education and a rich future -- literally
Aug 22, 6:28 AM: As the law-breaking rich and a class-action lawsuit against the schools fall like Dominoes in court, non-rich DMV residents don’t have to look at the admissions scandal with anything but hope. Elite schools may have turned >
Opinion: A new approach for working students in Montgomery county
Aug 19, 7:13 AM: The 30 percent who have found and held jobs in high school are a step ahead of those who haven’t. Too often, however, our schools are not organized to build on the strengths and values of employment, and in fact, through >
Baltimore schools are so hot, teachers are collecting fans. Officials worry that’ll strain electrical systems.
Aug 15, 7:55 AM: In the city that’s home to some of Maryland’s oldest school buildings, even the simplest attempts to improve classroom conditions aren’t as simple as they seem.
Opinion: For Baltimore to Recover, It Needs a Complete Reinvention
Aug 13, 7:49 AM: We should take the advice of Eisenhower and Einstein and make the problem of Baltimore even bigger and then suggest a dramatically new and different plan for getting to a prosperous, safe, educated, healthy and honest >
OP-Ed: Study confirms charter schools good for Baltimore
Aug 13, 5:50 AM: Analyzing four years of data from 2013 through 2017 and using the baseline of 180 days as one year of learning, CREDO found that Maryland public charter school students, on average, outperformed their peers in non-charter >
High-performing Md. school system faces chronic student absenteeism
Aug 1, 7:48 AM: The well-regarded Montgomery County school system in suburban Maryland posted higher rates of chronic student absenteeism than the national average, and more than 2,000 students have dropped out during the past 2  1 / 2 >
Editorial: Expanding AP class offerings just one step in preparing kids for graduation
Jul 23, 6:12 AM: In Baltimore, schools can be divided into the haves and have nots. There are well-resourced schools where students can take a wide variety of courses and have access to a multitude of educational paths. Then there are >
Letter: Charter study conclusions flawed
Jul 22, 6:51 AM: Both the article about a charter school study and its authors draw the wrong conclusions (“Study: Maryland charter students’ gains outpace those at traditional schools; black, Hispanic pupils benefit most,” July 16). >
Thousands of Baltimore students have lacked access to Advanced Placement. That’s about to change
Jul 22, 6:09 AM: Students at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, the top-rated public high school in the city, can enroll in more than two dozen Advanced Placement courses. They’re able to do accelerated work in history and physics and >
Study: Maryland charter students’ gains outpace those at traditional schools; black, Hispanic pupils benefit most
Jul 16, 6:52 AM: A new study has found that students at Maryland charter schools, especially those who are black or Hispanic, have on average made greater academic progress than their counterparts in traditional public schools. >
Maryland’s ban of Christian school from voucher program over its beliefs about gays triggers lawsuit, with broad implications
Jul 15, 5:46 AM: Now, a federal court has been asked to decide who is right in a case with broad implications for the voucher system, anti-discrimination laws and the battle between those championing religious liberties and others hoping >
Public Charter School opens new facility in West Baltimore
Jul 10, 6:58 AM: KIPP Baltimore is relocating to an improved facility in West Baltimore. Construction for the new school will finish before the start of the 2019-2020 academic year.
Baltimore should model vocational education on Green Street Academy
Jul 3, 6:19 AM: As the district prepares to address these pressing CTE issues, Ms. Santileses needs to travel no further than 6 miles west from the high-performing Baltimore Polytechnic Institute to view a model school
Opinion: Md. school sues state for constitutional violations based on religious beliefs
Jul 2, 6:01 AM: My school, Bethel Christian Academy, is about to have that serious discussion with the state of Maryland. Some Old Line officials have taken serious exception to information provided in our school’s handbook, and — based >
Howard County high school seniors will participate in new apprenticeship program this fall
Jun 24, 8:16 AM: Howard County high school seniors will step outside their classrooms this September and become apprentices at local businesses, including in the human resources, electrical and cosmetology fields.
Baltimore charter school Monarch Academy shuts its doors for the summer — and maybe, for good
Jun 21, 7:29 AM: The clock ticked to 2:40 p.m., and students and teachers trickled out of 2525 Kirk Ave., some wiping away tears. It was the end of the school year and, unless the state board of education steps in, the end of Baltimore’s >
Editorial: Make vocational training available to disadvantaged kids
Jun 18, 7:10 AM: A second analysis has confirmed what should be no secret to school officials: The vocational program that trains students for well-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree is failing those who could benefit the most >
ASPIRA Academy to open high school in 2020
Jun 18, 6:48 AM: ASPIRA, a dual-language immersion charter school that has students learn English and Spanish, opened in 2011 with 300 students. It started with students in kindergarten through fifth-grade and later expanded to serve up to >
Baltimore school board votes to approve new charter, rejects another's expansion proposal
Jun 12, 6:45 AM: The Baltimore school board voted Tuesday night to approve a new charter school in a growing part of the city.



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