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Renovation continues for charter high school due to open in August in downtown Skowhegan
May 3, 5:45 AM: Walls, ceilings and floors at the former Variety Drug and the old Twelfth District Court in downtown Skowhegan have been cleared, exposing original 1905 joists, hardwood flooring and brick walls as Cornville Regional >
Bill to allow more than 10 charter schools in Maine falls short in committee
Apr 26, 5:22 AM: Members of the Legislature’s Education and Cultural Affairs Committee voted against a charter school bill Tuesday that would lift the “10 schools in 10 years” cap and open the process to more schools. >
Charter supporters urge Maine legislators to drop ’10 schools in 10 years’ limit
Apr 19, 5:24 AM: Charter supporters urge Maine legislators to drop ’10 schools in 10 years’ limit. Waiting lists show the demand for more is there, they say, but critics oppose expansion until the results of the education 'experiment' are >
Skowhegan Planning Board approves downtown charter high school
Feb 9, 7:44 AM: With written provisions to include an on-duty traffic attendant and close monitoring of parking on downtown streets during the daytime, the Skowhegan Planning Board has approved the site plan for a high school to be >
Charter school seeks final approval for a downtown Skowhegan public high school
Feb 6, 7:49 AM: The Cornville Regional Charter School, which became Maine’s first elementary charter school in 2012, was given state approval by the Maine Charter Commission in December to add a charter high school and pre-kindergarten >
Compared with other states, charter schools play a tiny role in Maine
Feb 2, 6:36 AM: Compared to most other states, charter schools – privately-operated schools that compete with traditional public schools – play an extremely small role in Maine’s education system, according to enrollment data from the >
LePage increases pressure for school consolidation
Jan 4, 6:20 AM: Gov. Paul LePage issued a sweeping executive order on Monday calling for a new push toward school district consolidation.
Trump administration expected to spur creation of more Maine charter schools
Dec 27, 6:28 AM: President-elect Donald Trump’s Nov. 23 nomination of billionaire philanthropist and charter school advocate Betsy DeVos to head the federal Education Department was greeted with consternation by champions of traditional >
How Trump’s agenda will start showing up in Maine classrooms
Dec 20, 8:12 AM: President-elect Donald Trump has provided few details about his education policy goals but has made it clear that he intends to make changes in wide swaths that would have significant ramifications in Maine. >
Flourishing and evolving, Good Will-Hinckley marks 5 years as charter school
Dec 19, 7:42 AM: Maine Academy of Natural Sciences student Laykenn Kurtzer works Wednesday in one of the Fairfield school greenhouses where produce is grown to later be consumed at the school.
Cornville charter school wins state approval for pre-K, high school expansion
Dec 7, 7:32 AM: The Maine Charter Commission on Tuesday gave a green light to pre-kindergarten and high school programs, both to be located in Skowhegan, for the Cornville Regional Charter School.
LePage makes move to keep his pick in charge of education department
Nov 22, 7:34 AM: Gov. Paul LePage is again bypassing the traditional legislative confirmation process in naming a new leader for the Department of Education.
Panel urged to boost state funding for school districts with disadvantaged students
Nov 1, 5:54 AM: The education finance reform commission should consider increasing state funding for school districts with large numbers of disadvantaged students and getting money faster to schools that add pre-kindergarten programs, >
State’s last charter school slot to remain vacant as applicant withdraws
Oct 21, 6:25 AM: A nonprofit that works with teens at risk of not making it through high school has withdrawn its application to fill the state’s last open charter school slot.
Alternative school drops bid to be new charter school
Oct 20, 6:01 AM: The leaders of an alternative school for pregnant teens and high school dropouts say they are ending their efforts to become a public charter school in Maine next fall, according to a letter sent to the Maine Charter >
Maine's Virtual Charter Schools Begin to Smooth Out Some of the Bumps in Year Two
Oct 20, 5:59 AM: Across the state, about 800 middle and high school students wake up every morning, log on to their computers, and take all of their classes completely online. They’re enrolled in to Maine’s two virtual charter schools. >
Two Maine charter schools get strong support for renewal
Oct 19, 7:15 AM: Dozens of students, parents and other supporters of Maine’s first two charter schools urged state officials Tuesday to renew the charters of the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences in Hinckley and the Cornville Regional >
Lewiston decides not to pursue charter school
Oct 18, 5:49 AM: Citing worries about lack of control, the Lewiston School Committee voted unanimously Monday night to reject considering a public charter school as a way to get an alternative school.
Alternative school’s application still alive after Maine charter commission splits vote
Oct 5, 5:47 AM:

An alternative school for pregnant teens and high school dropouts is one step closer to opening as a public charter school in Maine next fall, even though a state education review team recommended against it.

Gov. Paul LePage wants to shift education funding to local districts
Oct 5, 5:26 AM: LePage has long lamented the number of superintendents in Maine and pointed to other states like Florida, a much more populous state that has far few superintendents, as examples of what Maine’s public school >



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