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Pushing for more remote learning options, Maine parents say schoolkids ‘more at-risk now’
Sep 9, 2:00 PM: A new school year is underway in Maine, but classes have already been interrupted in many districts. Portland High School closed Tuesday because of two positive COVID-19 cases, and an elementary school in Arundel is moving >
Maine parents face tough decision to send students back to school or find virtual option
Aug 25, 9:47 AM: Families feeling unsafe about their kids returning to in-person learning are finding few alternatives in Maine.
As schools reopen, state laws and unions resist COVID-19 vaccine mandates
Aug 13, 11:46 AM: A growing chorus of public health experts and educators are calling for COVID-19 vaccine mandates for teachers, but several states with high case rates ban such measures, and teachers unions have yet to change their >
Maine D.O.E. awards $2 million to remote learning pilot programs
Aug 5, 12:03 PM: The Maine Department of Education is awarding schools that are creating innovative pilot programs for remote learning.
Commentary: End discrimination in Maine against religious school families
Jul 28, 12:07 PM: By barring the use of public funding for religious high schools, the state is violating the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause, says the firm representing three Maine families.
Maine school leaders say the pandemic taught them valuable lessons
Jul 19, 1:52 PM: School superintendents say the pandemic taught valuable lessons they will carry forward. And proved the strength and resilience of staff and students alike
Commentary: Maine legislators out of touch with what teachers and students need
Jun 9, 5:57 AM: Despite a year of learning from the pandemic, Augusta has stifled education innovation in order to steamroll party orthodoxy.
Commentary: Maine families deserve school choice, and the pandemic underscores its necessity
Jun 9, 5:25 AM: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new light and perspectives to many issues we may never look at the same: politics, science, public health, going out to dinner, even getting our cocktails to-go. Among these is the debate >
Chances grow that Supreme Court will take up Maine’s ban on religious school funding
Jun 3, 7:48 AM: A new federal court opinion in Vermont improves the chances that a Maine case challenging the state’s ban on public funding for religious schools could end up before the nation’s highest court, according to a >
Maine’s two virtual charter schools see enrollment increase during pandemic
Jun 1, 6:37 AM: Both schools report strong interest for the fall, but whether it's temporary because of COVID-19 or becoming more mainstream remains to be seen.
Maine charter schools post mixed results but fill a need for families
Jun 1, 5:21 AM: Ten years after charter schools were authorized in Maine, academic outcomes vary but supporters say they're meeting a need for students who don't fit in traditional classrooms.
Opinion: Stop attacking and start supporting Maine charter schools
May 26, 5:58 AM: Our public charter schools are part of Maine’s publicly funded education system, and they support overall academic engagement, social and emotional development and higher graduation rates for all Maine students. >
Bangor-area schools likely to keep remote learning as an option for students this fall
May 14, 6:29 AM: After more than a year of remote and hybrid learning, educators expect that learning will be far closer to normal for the nearly 20,000 Penobscot County public school students returning to school in the fall. >
Tapping trees and debating the CMP corridor on the curriculum at Maine’s newest charter school
May 5, 7:20 AM: The 48 first-year and sophomore students at the Ecology Learning Center are part of Maine’s newest, smallest and last public charter school. When the state’s charter school law took effect in 2011, it allowed a total of 10 >
Sudden switch to remote learning has caused Maine students to fall behind in school
Mar 29, 5:52 AM: The sudden switch to remote learning a year ago and the continued absence of students from classrooms this school year mean that students in Maine and across the country have fallen behind where they would otherwise be >
Commentary: The Supreme Court Has Unfinished School-Choice Business
Mar 18, 7:50 AM: A petition from Maine parents gives the justices an opportunity to protect religious freedom fully.
Opinion: Maine likes not-too-religious schools
Mar 18, 7:41 AM: At the court’s conference on April 1, the nine judicial brows will be furrowed as they consider whether to hear a case from Maine that poses this question: Is it constitutional for that state to say that parents can use >
Sen. Matt Pouliot: No need for limit on charter schools
Mar 9, 6:49 AM: On March 3, my bill to lift the arbitrary cap on Maine’s charter schools, currently set at 10, was heard before the Legislature’s Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, on which I served for many years. >
Teachers Knock On Doors Looking For Students Who've Disappeared From Online Learning
Feb 9, 7:15 AM: Many school districts across the country have reported big drop-offs in attendance as they've shifted to remote learning. Some students, like Ducharme, dropped off the map entirely.
Commentary: Celebrating school choice in Maine amid the pandemic
Jan 27, 6:04 AM: Families’ education struggles are made tougher by state caps on the number of public charter schools and enrollment in virtual charters.



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