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When a rural Maine school closes, it’s more than just students who are affected
Jul 13, 5:52 AM: As Maine’s population has grown older, the number of school-aged children has declined, forcing some communities to close schools that have been social anchors for years. One recent school closure may serve to reflect the >
Maine Girls’ Academy says it’s $250,000 in debt but supporters still aim to keep it open
Jul 11, 5:13 AM: Maine Girls’ Academy officials told supporters that the recently closed school is $250,000 in debt and any effort to reopen it would be “starting from scratch,” according to supporters who met with school officials at a >
Legislators vote to eliminate Maine’s mandate for proficiency-based education
Jun 28, 6:58 AM: Six years after Maine became one of the first few states to adopt new high school graduation standards, lawmakers are poised to roll back those requirements by allowing school districts to decide whether to issue >
Challenges facing rural schools addressed at Waterville conference
Jun 28, 4:53 AM:

The increasing growth of racially and ethnically diverse populations in rural places in Maine and beyond will keep these communities and their schools growing and thriving for decades to come. That growth also presents a >

Changing demographics seen urgent threat to rural schools
Jun 28, 4:42 AM: Bates College professor Mara Tieken told a conference Wednesday that the increasing growth of racially and ethnically diverse populations in rural places in Maine and beyond will keep these communities and their schools >
New program has teachers making house calls to Maine students suffering from anxiety
Jun 4, 6:59 AM: More high school students in Maine are graduating today as compared to 5 or 10 years ago, but many are still being left behind — some are teen parents, others have been bullied, have experienced trauma or struggle with >
Neighboring communities will vote on Maine town’s bid to limit school choice
May 18, 4:44 AM: The town of Alna’s petition to amend the Regional School Unit 12 reorganization plan to restrict K-8 school choice will go to voters in the district’s seven towns June 12.
School choice change faces next step April 12
Apr 12, 4:52 AM: As proposed, Alna's publicly funded K-8 private school choice would not be an option for children who become Alna residents after this June 30. Alna's Ralph Hilton petitioned for the local question residents passed, >
School choice costs spark turmoil in small Maine town
Mar 8, 6:00 AM: For more than a century, Maine has offered its own version of “school choice” called “town tuitioning.” If a student lives in a district without a public school at a certain grade level, the town and district will pay a >
‘Not your grandfather’s vocational school’
Feb 27, 6:30 AM: But for some who are interested in what the COT has to offer it’s often the parents who are the stumbling block. Some parents, Bonneau said, don’t think the technology center is appropriate for their college-bound child or >
Charter schools in Maine: How a virtual academy works
Feb 26, 7:05 AM: Maine Virtual Academy is one of nine state-approved, publicly funded charter schools in Maine, and one of two online schools in the state.
Labor law change opens career paths to young students in Maine
Feb 26, 5:41 AM: Roy’s paid internship at the Biddeford manufacturer of sub-sea buoyancy products is a first for the company and the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology, and is an example of how Maine schools can prepare students to >
Alna silences public comment on school choice
Feb 23, 6:24 AM:

Next month, the town will vote on whether or not to continue paying for public and private school for all children living in town. If passed, the town would only pay for public schools until they start high school, then >

Maine Public Charter Schools Celebrated at State House
Jan 23, 7:58 AM: As part of National School Choice Week, Maine charter schools were celebrated at the State House on Monday. Publicly funded charter schools became allowed in Maine under the LePage administration in 2011 to give children >
Baxter Academy set to open new Portland building
Dec 27, 5:47 AM: With the new year, Baxter Academy for Technology and Science will welcome students to a new, custom-outfitted location on Lancaster Street. The move means that for the first time in several years all classes and >
Panel should streamline evaluations of Maine charter schools, experts say
Dec 6, 7:04 AM: The Maine Charter School Commission should standardize and streamline the way it oversees charter schools to better track how they are performing, according to an external review by education experts.
Why hasn’t anyone filled Maine’s last charter school spot?
Nov 27, 7:47 AM: There’s room for one more charter school in Maine, but for the first time since the state started fielding applications seven years ago, the push to become that school is slackening.
Three Maine schools unanimously approved for charter extensions
Nov 8, 6:18 AM: The Maine Charter School Commission voted unanimously to approve the charter extensions for three schools: Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, Fiddlehead School of Arts & Sciences and Harpswell Coastal Academy. >
Big bills from virtual school raise tensions with Maine school districts
Oct 30, 6:51 AM: The opening of Maine’s first online charter school, set for next week, is rekindling tensions with public school officials over the financial repercussions for their districts and the competition for students. >
No New Maine Charter Schools Likely This School Year or Next
Sep 7, 5:47 AM: No new charter schools are likely to open in Maine this school year or next even though there's an available slot for one and some existing charters have waitlists.



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