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After long debate, decision on start Baton Rouge schools in July put off a week
Apr 16, 7:46 AM: Despite opposition from many teachers and many parents, a proposal to move up by two weeks the start of the 2021-22 school year in East Baton Rouge Parish in order to help reverse COVID learning loss is still kicking and >
One out of six Baton Rouge school teachers stayed home Monday as part of a protest
Apr 13, 6:00 AM: About 16% of the teachers and instructional staff in East Baton Rouge Parish public schools opted to take Monday off, many in protest of a proposal from the new schools superintendent to shorten the summer break by two >
Rooted School, a New Orleans charter with flexible learning plans, flagged for class credit issues
Apr 13, 5:48 AM: Nearly a dozen seniors at Rooted School, a charter school in New Orleans set to graduate its inaugural class this year, will have to make up credit hours before graduating after the school landed in hot water with district >
Two charter school groups seek authorization in Baton Rouge
Apr 9, 7:13 AM: New Schools for Baton Rouge this week announced that two charter school groups are applying for authorization from the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board to open institutions in the Capital Region.
OPSB supports legislation giving superintendent less power in state law
Mar 22, 7:36 AM: The Orleans Parish School Board unanimously approved a resolution expressing support for a suggested revision of a local lawmaker’s bill that would remove NOLA Public Schools Superintendent Henderson Lewis Jr.’s unique >
4 new charter schools for Baton Rouge focus on aviation, college prep, legal profession
Mar 22, 7:09 AM: After slowing down during the coronavirus pandemic, the charter school movement in Baton Rouge will resume its prior fast growth this fall when four new charter schools open their doors for students.
Vermilion Parish chool Board hears pitch for new charter school
Mar 18, 6:31 AM: Vermilion Parish School Board Member Kibbie Pillette and other board members listened to the presentation from four different members of the Charter Schools USA team. The charter representatives explained to the school >
Baton Rouge school leaders feared a coronavirus budget crisis. Their finances actually got better
Mar 11, 7:36 AM: After years of spending more than it took in — which sometimes caused job cuts at schools — the parish school district instead managed to sock some money away in the bank last year.
IDEA charter group building third Baton Rouge school near Metro Airport to open in August
Feb 1, 7:39 AM: A Texas-based charter school group is readying to open its fourth school in Louisiana and third in Baton Rouge this fall on 15 acres of vacant land just south of the Baton Rouge Metro Airport.
Op-Ed: Giving Louisiana kids a school that fits
Jan 29, 9:04 AM: Louisiana students and parents have faced countless challenges over the past year. From uncertainties surrounding in-person classroom instruction to navigating the ins and outs of virtual learning, these difficulties have >
Charter leaders, Orleans school district bracing for grim budget forecasts due to coronavirus
Jan 18, 8:37 AM: As NOLA Public Schools contends with the largest swell in coronavirus cases to date, the district and its charter schools are bracing for another looming crisis: the financial fallout from the relentless COVID-19 >
It’s back to business for area charter schools
Jan 14, 7:21 AM: While campuses have re-opened, each of the charter schools still maintain their fully virtual option for families. While a few families elected to continue or switch to the virtual option at the start of the spring >
With One App deadline looming, see which public schools close their rounds first
Jan 11, 7:45 AM: A key deadline for certain New Orleans public schools is looming, with Friday being the last day for applications at some sought-after public charters for the 2021-22 school year.
Opinion: Charter schools vital ingredient in meeting virus' educational challenges
Jan 8, 7:03 AM: In Louisiana, we’ve faced a lot in the past 12 months: A pandemic, a recession, and more hurricanes than we care to count. But in that time, we’ve also learned and adapted.
Can a Baton Rouge charter school set higher standards to advance grades? AG's office says 'yes.'
Jan 4, 7:31 AM: A popular charter school in Baton Rouge is pushing ahead with implementing higher standards for promoting its students to the next grade after a recent favorable legal opinion from the state Attorney General. >
Letters: Teacher union pushes extra pay; job grueling but not dangerous
Dec 23, 7:58 AM: Not content with having a secure job, enviable health care benefits and a state tax-free pension, the teachers union seeks to elbow its way in the front of the grievance line claiming to be heroic victims in their efforts >
Principals adopting new tools to keep tabs on student’s virtual school attendance
Dec 15, 8:38 AM: Lankford is the principal at South Baton Rouge Charter School. She says charter school principals are adopting tools to help keep parents in the loop of their students’ school day.
Opinion: Pandemic or no, it's time to put falling charter schools in the hot seat
Nov 24, 7:54 AM: You may have seen a few stories out lately about New Orleans’ charter schools, and whether or not they’ll be renewed. About a third of them have a D or an F grade. Remember, we allegedly went to charters because the >
Louisiana could see first overhaul in school scrutiny in more than 20 years
Nov 17, 7:49 AM: State Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley on Monday outlined potential sweeping changes in public school operations to tackle shortcomings in six critical areas that keep Louisiana near the bottom in national surveys >
Letters: Schools are not playthings of tycoons, nor children corporate pawns
Nov 10, 6:03 AM: These wealthy business owners seek to influence our School Board’s search for a superintendent and criticize the unanimous vote to install Interim Superintendent Adam Smith.



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