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New Orleans charters get millions in small business loans, furthering debate on coronavirus aid
Jun 19, 7:18 AM: More than two-thirds of New Orleans' charter school organizations have applied for federal loans through the congressional act to help keep businesses afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, garnering criticism from some >
Five of six new Baton Rouge charter schools set to open in August delay a year, four more apply
Jun 8, 7:38 AM: A year ago, ignoring complaints that it would blow a hole in future budgets, the East Baton Rouge School Board approved six new charter schools to open in the Capital City in time for the 2020-21 school year. >
New Orleans charter school celebrates student, first Ivy League acceptance
May 28, 7:04 AM: One New Orleans charter school is celebrating a student who was accepted into Yale University, their first to go to an Ivy League school. JaJaun Refuge is the salutatorian in her graduating class at KIPP New Orleans. >
Parental, professional experience drives Orleans Parish schools leader's coronavirus response
May 26, 8:00 AM: Edwards' order to close schools came on a Friday afternoon. By the following Monday -- March 16 -- New Orleans schools had already but into motion a community-wide feeding program. By May 12, officials said the district >
Cade Brumley, Jefferson Parish schools leader, named Louisiana superintendent of education
May 21, 7:46 AM: Cade Brumley, superintendent of the Jefferson Parish school system, was named state superintendent of education Wednesday after two tense rounds of voting.
With 25% of New Orleans Schools’ Charters Expiring and No Test Data to Show How They’re Doing, Educators Seek a Change in State Law
May 19, 8:29 AM: At the same time, in New Orleans, education policy watchers also could hear dominoes beginning to fall. Annual performance reports are the backbone of the city’s unique system for overseeing charter schools, which make up >
Agreeing on new state superintendent of education remains thorny topic
May 19, 7:19 AM: Louisiana’s top school board hopes to name a new state superintendent of education Wednesday, but getting a super majority of the panel to agree on a choice remains a major hurdle.
1 in 5 Orleans public school students learning from home don't have access to internet
May 13, 7:26 AM: As New Orleans Public Schools wrap up a truncated 2019-20 school year and plan for an uncertain 2020-21 school year in the fall, the school district estimates that one of every five students who were forced to work from >
Acadiana Renaissance Charter pushing ahead with plans to open high school in August
May 11, 7:24 AM: Administrators at Acadiana Renaissance Charter Academy are charging ahead with plans to open a high school branch in August, undeterred by uncertainty surrounding the structure of the new school year amid the novel >
Einstein Charter online lessons bring band room and gym home to students
May 8, 7:27 AM: When Einstein Charter School campuses closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, students left behind not only desks and lockers and cafeteria trays, but also band instruments and gym equipment.
Supplies distributed to students at Young Audiences Charter School for at-home art projects
May 7, 7:46 AM: Art supplies were distributed to students so they could participate in art projects even though schools were shut down.
For the first time, most New Orleans charter schools to follow unified calendar in the fall
May 6, 5:39 AM: For the first time in New Orleans' charter school history, the majority of the K-12 institutions authorized by the local school district will follow a citywide, unified calendar, slated to start this fall. >
Some New Orleans charter schools receive Payroll Protection loans, others wait to hear
May 5, 6:00 AM: At least three New Orleans charter school groups have received federal Payroll Protection Program relief and several others have applied to the lifeline program.
Schools shutdown means uneven instruction, 'Children are missing out on an education'
Apr 27, 7:10 AM: Louisiana’s makeshift public school system shows huge gaps in how students are being taught amid the coronavirus pandemic. Shortcomings in two key areas help tell the story of an education system in flux. >
Our Views: Louisiana's educational deficits likely to get worse because of coronavirus
Apr 24, 7:41 AM:

Students are missing around nine weeks of traditional classroom time. While at least 40 of Louisiana’s 69 school districts are offering some form of distance education, that means many are not.

28% of public school students lack access to computers to assist with distance learning, state survey shows
Apr 21, 8:08 AM:

More than 1 in 4 public school students lack access to a computer or tablet at home to assist with distance learning during the classrooms shutdown sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a state survey >

Absent exams and letter grades, charter school accountability is certain to be different next year. But it’s not yet clear how.
Apr 21, 7:58 AM: With nearly one-quarter of the city’s public schools nearing the final year of their charter contract, that leaves a big question for the district. How will it decide which charter schools to renew come December? >
'You can’t leave this': Educators compare Katrina's impact on schools with coronavirus
Apr 20, 7:02 AM: Home to periodic hurricanes and storms, mostly notably 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana has been forced before to close schools for extended periods, sometimes with big consequences for schoolchildren. >
NOLA Public Schools expects charters to teach through end of school year
Apr 17, 7:44 AM: A day after Gov. John Bel Edwards extended his public school closure order through the end of the academic year, the NOLA Public Schools district said it wants its schools to keep educating students.
Non-traditional school leaders give advice to Louisiana parents during pandemic
Apr 16, 7:31 AM: Leaders of non-traditional schools based out of New Orleans and Baton Rouge give some advice to parents whose students who will not be back in their classrooms for the remainder of the 2020 school year.



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