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Union wants Baton Rouge teachers to stay home next Monday to prompt deeper cleaning at schools
Sep 29, 7:32 AM: A teacher union wants East Baton Rouge Parish public school employees to take a day off next Monday in an effort to close down schools and compel better cleaning and sanitizing of school buildings to curb the spread of the >
Livingston teacher unions call for 'sickout' Wednesday; schools will remain open
Sep 23, 7:20 AM: Teachers unions representing about 1,100 of Livingston Parish's 1,590 public school teachers want their members to stay home from school Wednesday in a "day of action" targeting a school board that they say doesn't respond >
Arts programs limited in New Orleans charter schools, and challenge continues with coronavirus
Sep 16, 7:06 AM: New Orleans is a city that prides itself on artistic and cultural heritage, yet the public school district has fewer students enrolled in arts classes than similar districts in East Baton Rouge or Caddo parishes. >
Should a Baton Rouge charter school be able to raise the bar for advancing to the next grade?
Sep 9, 7:22 AM: A popular charter school in Baton Rouge is hitting turbulence as it seeks special standards for promoting its children to the next grade, standards likely more difficult than those in other East Baton Rouge Parish public >
Opinion: 'School choice' has ramifications that dig deep into how education is funded
Sep 9, 5:27 AM: Regardless, the Livingston schools are funded through a combination of sales and property taxes. A recently passed millage renewal goes to fund almost all of the administrative assistants in the district. Could you imagine >
NOLA Public Schools collects first round of virtual attendance
Sep 2, 6:51 AM: This week, the NOLA Public Schools district is asking its schools to track virtual learning attendance so the district can establish a baseline rate and determine whether it needs to intervene to ensure more students are >
On Hurricane Katrina’s 15th Anniversary, 5 New Orleans Educators Tap Lessons From the Storm to Confront COVID-19
Aug 24, 8:22 AM: Reams have been written about the unprecedented effort launched in the wake of the disaster to reform New Orleans’s schools. The state seized all but the top performers and contracted with nonprofit charter school >
A more lenient charter renewal policy for New Orleans schools could be approved due to coronavirus
Aug 19, 6:18 AM: When Gov. John Bel Edwards ordered public schools to close in March because of coronavirus spread, NOLA Public Schools officials were left with a major question: How would the district handle annual charter school renewal >
Report: Students of color, disadvantaged students continue to lag in achievement
Aug 18, 5:23 AM: The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting school closures have exacerbated and underscored the disparities in the quality of education provided to different local populations and communities, stated a new report published by >
Two contracts for new charter schools in Baton Rouge to start 2021 preliminarily approved
Aug 7, 7:37 AM: Fifteen months after approving their application, the East Baton Rouge school system has finally worked out contracts with a homegrown charter group to start two schools in Baton Rouge that could eventually be among the >
'Expectations Will Not Be Lowered': Charter Leaders Say Remote Learning Will Be Rigorous
Aug 6, 7:15 AM: New Orleans Public Schools were in “emergency mode,” and instructional quality suffered, said Joey LaRoche, chief strategy officer for KIPP New Orleans. But he said that isn’t the case anymore. >
Teachers, community members urge NOLA Public Schools to require stronger protections for charter school employees
Jul 31, 7:18 AM: Teachers and community members on Thursday asked the Orleans Parish School Board to require stronger protections for school staff and students at its nearly 80 independent charter schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But >
As schools turn to offering virtual options, will it fuel an online education model in the future?
Jul 27, 6:15 AM: As districts scramble to implement online learning platforms before school returns next month, virtual programs are seeing a huge increase in applications that some experts believe may shift the future of education. >
Does New Orleans’ charter school system need reform?
Jul 21, 7:47 AM: Lynn Rhodes-Polk had only been on the job as principal for two months when Better Choice was informed that its charter would not be renewed because of its “F” school performance score. The school was also at the center of >
Charter school returns to class, OLOL helping to keep classrooms safe
Jul 16, 8:09 AM: While many school districts are still mapping out their plan to reopen next month, one school in Baton Rouge is already back in the classroom.
Four charter school applicants in Baton Rouge rejected, free to appeal to BESE
Jul 10, 6:38 AM: Following the advice of an outside evaluator, the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board on Thursday voted unanimously to deny four applicants seeking to open new charter schools in Baton Rouge.
These are a few new ideas New Orleans Catholic schools have for when students return
Jul 8, 7:41 AM: As Catholic schools prepare for a return to class next month, preliminary plans from individual schools are sharpening the picture of what fall will look like for some families.
U.S. Supreme Court ruling should change vouchers aid in Louisiana, official says
Jul 1, 7:38 AM: A U.S. Supreme Court ruling Tuesday should change the way Louisiana provides aid for students from low-income families to attend private schools, the president of the state's top voucher advocacy group said. >
Renaissance Charter academies focusing CARES Act funds on technology needs: 'It's the vector to learning'
Jun 24, 7:19 AM: Lafayette’s two Renaissance Charter academies are investing most of their CARES Act allocations toward purchasing computers and internet hotspots for the fall, focusing on technology and internet access as the foundation >
Black-led charter schools in New Orleans declare Juneteenth a holiday, starting this year
Jun 19, 7:28 AM: Starting Friday, more than a dozen New Orleans charter school organizations led by African Americans will now recognize Juneteenth as an official holiday, according to a statement put out Thursday by school leaders. >



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