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L.B. Landry High School in Algiers overcomes early chaos to finish school year smoothly
May 19, 2:29 PM:

Detailed look at Algiers school's turnaround in just a year. Focus on stability, discipline and extra activities built strong community after chaotic start. Thought-provoking case study, although missing info on academic >

Jefferson Parish schools might phase out foreign language immersion program
May 19, 1:45 PM:

Considered look at campaign to keep French and Spanish immersion programs for Jefferson elementary students. Weighs benefits against $22M budget hole. Could strengthen argument by finding research on advantages of >

Federal education secretary calls BESE members to sing praises of John White
May 19, 11:29 AM:

Search for new LA education chief gets federal flavor as Secretary Duncan makes calls to state board members. A well rounded review of the politics involved from the Times Picayune, but story spends less time discussing >

Bill would require charter schools to increase enrollment levels
May 19, 9:30 AM:

LA law authorizing corporate charters to reserve seats for employees’ students passes House. Some hard questions need to be raised on both ends: are public schools overreacting? Or could this legislation create some >

Statewide charter school in New Orleans will offer International Baccalaureate this fall
May 17, 10:05 AM:

New Orleans charter will offer IB program. Would be useful to know if it's only program in the state since charter accepts students from throughout LA. Stops short of explaining why global curriculum is important; U.S. >

Able new ed chief needed
May 17, 9:31 AM:

State needs a new education leader willing to compromise and embrace rural schools, La. editorial asserts. Splits its attention between reflecting on reformer Pastorek and raising rural issue -- detracts from both. Rural >

New education chief faces old divisions
May 16, 3:18 PM:

Search for new La. Super after sudden resignation of Paul Pastorek. They'll face tough issues plus divisive atmosphere among ed leaders. Pastorek didn't win popularity contests, but is largely judged on reform results. >

New Orleans school officials must fulfill promise to all students: An editorial
May 13, 11:42 AM:

Complexity of navigating New Orleans school options could be why children with special needs are losing out, editorial says.  Highlights disturbingly low numbers of these students in charters, but fails to explore this >

Education proposal: Corporations could reserve student places, board seats in charter schools
May 12, 5:32 AM:

Bill would allow corporations to invest in charters, reserve spots for students and claim seats on the board. Curious proposal. Would be informative to know the source of idea. What’s the need? How are students, in >

New Recovery School District leader gets key endorsement for Louisiana schools chief
May 12, 5:08 AM:

Former NYC reformer could be pick to replace La. superintendent with governor endorsement. Shares many policies with predecessor, who oversaw major changes that led to improvement at state’s schools. Reviews track record >

State Lawmakers Poised to Open Online Classrooms to High School Students
May 11, 7:29 AM:

Proposed La. law would create virtual school, offering classes to students in traditional high schools. Good arguments for expanding opportunities and preparing kids for 21st century. More info on curriculum, teaching >

Bard College program brings university seminars to New Orleans high schools
May 9, 11:58 AM:

College prepping New Orleans students for college with intensive program. Advanced philosophy, in particular, is on the menu. Students testify to being invigorated by opportunities not typically available. Program >

New leader of Recovery School District takes over today
May 2, 6:19 AM:

NY reform leader takes over New Orleans schools district. Bio paints picture of commited educator and strong leader unafraid of controversy. His NY schools shake-up was often unpopular, but show us the results here. What >

Race complaints in La. gov's plan to merge schools
Apr 27, 4:52 AM:

Pelican State Gov wants historically black university to merge with UNO. Compares to unsuccessful attempted merge in GA. Colleges serve different populations, but would've liked to see UNO data as well as thoughts on >

La. educators not on same page with virtual charter schools
Apr 26, 11:49 AM:

LA families consider virtual public charter options. Educators uncertain of real effectiveness, but it's a money saver.  Good eval of pros and cons here. Innovation is great. Still must have a review of education >

New Orleans public schools defended
Apr 26, 9:14 AM:

New Orleans public schools make big gains. But get little respect for improvements. Give credit for major growth in math and English skills. Much work remains though to improve performance of every child on every level. >

School vouchers urged for BR
Apr 15, 8:50 AM:


Parents in Louisiana gather to show support for expanding state’s voucher program beyond New Orleans. No bill introduced yet, but groundswell of support from grassroots, reform leaders and families. Ask questions >

Editorial: New leadership for RSD
Apr 11, 11:38 AM:

Top official with NYC schools is choice to head state's Recovery School District. Editorial notes pros and cons, but mostly pros, citing John White's reform background and community efforts since New Orleans schools are >

Parents urge board members to keep school open
Apr 7, 1:34 PM:

Parents and students in East Baton Rouge plead with leaders to keep their school open, raising concerns about closure's impact. No clue as to   why the system wants it shuttered. What's the academic program and the >

Suit against single-sex classes still alive
Apr 7, 8:40 AM:

Appeals court refuses to dismiss suit against single-sex classes at Vermilion, LA middle school. Parents and ACLU claim discrimination. No info on why school has policy. Show evidence of single-sex achievement elsewhere. >



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