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St. Charles School Board adopts $124 million budget
Jul 7, 9:55 AM:

Lots of numbers from St. Charles (LA) budget but little on how new revenues will impact students in classroom. Details on increase in revenues and expenditures. Lone challenge to school board's numbers comes near end of >

O.P. Walker officials want a better spot in school buildings master plan
Jul 6, 12:44 PM:

New Orleans charter system angles for facility funding, highlighting dilemma for district as it allocates federal money. Thoughtfully explains options, but the question comes down to: where is the need? Will likely >

Debate in New Orleans focuses on school governance
Jul 6, 10:35 AM:

School board wants to return schools from state to local control. Brief look at previous problems with corruption, finances and poor results. Too few details to decide if transfer would be the right direction. But image >

New Orleans debates schools
Jul 6, 9:30 AM:

Focus here is whether New Orleans school board is ready to retake control of system after state takeover. Details on different factions clamoring for control. No mention of which option is actually best for students. >

More than 1,000 people apply for a handful of DeSoto Parish teaching jobs
Jul 5, 12:07 PM:

LA district has more applicants than spots available. Fuss over 3 teachers hired without traditional certification. No push to see if certification signals an educator's effectiveness. Look to TFA where teachers don't >

Recovery School District closures and changes can leave families with whiplash
Jul 5, 10:58 AM:

Personal story used to spotlight stability issues arising when students, especially severely disabled ones, forced to switch schools frequently. Would like to see more details and more specifics on why charters in New >

New Orleans 'portfolio' strategy for public schools gains supporters around the country
Jul 1, 10:04 AM:

New Orleans' "portfolio" strategy to improve schools is being copied nationwide. Diverse mix of schools, with autonomy over budget and hiring, but common standards. New report finds it's getting results, but not as >

IPads being distributed at 8 New Orleans area Catholic high schools
Jun 29, 2:10 PM:

New Orleans area Catholic schools begin transition from laptops to IPads. Focus here on students taking time from vacation to learn to operate them. Curious about total cost of providing IPads. Not specified here. Tell >

Jindal signs expansion of school tuition tax break
Jun 29, 1:49 PM:

Brief article on tax break expansion for parents sending children to private school. Basic details here but would like to know how many families will be able to take advantage of income tax deduction and how $5.3M annual >

Local educators finalists for top Caldwell job
Jun 29, 11:17 AM:

Caldwell Parish, LA super retiring and board will apparently choose replacement from within school system. Would like to know selection criteria. Not detailed here. Also curious whether only in-district applicants >

Judge upholds furlough day for Jefferson Parish school employees
Jun 29, 8:43 AM:

La. judge overrules union to allow unpaid furlough day for Jefferson Co. support workers. It'll save $1.5M, part of $20M cuts. Look at alternative options. If this helps prevent layoffs and doesn't affect kids, it could >

Pro-reform member of state education board will not seek another term
Jun 29, 8:16 AM:

State board member focused on reforms will retire after next election. Provides the standard review of her positions and accomplishments, but could have added some hard data to address the central issue: have the >

Monroe principal resigns to work with state
Jun 24, 10:41 AM:

Principal at successful turnaround school in New Orleans will now work with other failing schools in the area. Would be interesting to know more about how she turned school around and how those ideas could be implemented >

Senate passes bill allowing corporate sponsorship of charter schools in exchange for student slots, board seats
Jun 21, 10:18 AM:

Bill allowing corporations to found a charter school, fill half its seats with their selected and take half the spots on school's board passed by LA lawmakers. Story raises a number of valid questions from opponents, >

System of giving schools letter grades starts soon
Jun 21, 8:36 AM:

New system will assign letter grades to LA schools. Initiative is supposed to assist parents in understanding the condition of their schools with a more commonsense system. A similar program has seen some success in FL; >

BESE orders school districts to offer access to college-level courses
Jun 17, 10:03 AM:

State board institutes policy requiring all districts offer at least 1 AP class. Pelican State AP pass rate 10% compared to 26% nationally. No push to see why Fed money is going to train teachers to teach AP classes when >

46% of schools get ‘D,’ ‘F’ in new system
Jun 16, 10:32 AM:

Controversial letter grading system will highlight low performance of La. schools -- nearly half will get D or F grades. Supporters say it's clearer, while opponents say it "ignores progress". Both sides miss the point: >

At John McDonogh High School, state officials, alumni struggle to write next chapter
Jun 15, 8:50 AM:

Alum, parents and teachers desperate to prevent historical New Orleans school from closing or being converted to a charter. Extensive review of school's problems and near-successes. Encouraging to see a community engaged >

A new grading scale
Jun 13, 2:46 PM:

Pelican State pilots teacher evaluation based on student test scores. Value-added assessments explained to public. Pros and cons are here, but need to go further in showing why performance measures are needed. Try >

Charter school supporters would get benefits under bill approved by Senate committee
Jun 10, 5:46 AM:

La. bill would reward corporate donors to charter schools by setting aside up to 50% of places for employees' children. Too brief a glance only skims surface of controversial topic. Not sure if union's comment is based >



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