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BESE orders school districts to offer access to college-level courses
Jun 17, 10:03 AM:

State board institutes policy requiring all districts offer at least 1 AP class. Pelican State AP pass rate 10% compared to 26% nationally. No push to see why Fed money is going to train teachers to teach AP classes when >

46% of schools get ‘D,’ ‘F’ in new system
Jun 16, 10:32 AM:

Controversial letter grading system will highlight low performance of La. schools -- nearly half will get D or F grades. Supporters say it's clearer, while opponents say it "ignores progress". Both sides miss the point: >

At John McDonogh High School, state officials, alumni struggle to write next chapter
Jun 15, 8:50 AM:

Alum, parents and teachers desperate to prevent historical New Orleans school from closing or being converted to a charter. Extensive review of school's problems and near-successes. Encouraging to see a community engaged >

A new grading scale
Jun 13, 2:46 PM:

Pelican State pilots teacher evaluation based on student test scores. Value-added assessments explained to public. Pros and cons are here, but need to go further in showing why performance measures are needed. Try >

Charter school supporters would get benefits under bill approved by Senate committee
Jun 10, 5:46 AM:

La. bill would reward corporate donors to charter schools by setting aside up to 50% of places for employees' children. Too brief a glance only skims surface of controversial topic. Not sure if union's comment is based >

In Louisiana, less than 60% of high schoolers earn their cap and gown
Jun 8, 5:32 AM:

National survey places LA in bottom five of state high school graduation rates. But education officials have a quick explanation: study doesn't account for hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Refute methodology and give own >

Grade our schools, if we must
Jun 7, 10:20 AM:

Op-ed decries attempt to put off new La. schools grading system. Although change from numerical to letter grades is mainly "cosmetic", it's important to see how well schools are doing. Common sense argument for reporting >

Analysis: A month of major education changes
Jun 6, 1:55 PM:

Impressive results from New Orleans Recovery School District overshadowed by lawsuit, budget cuts and leadership changes. School boards and teachers unions lead backlash against state control. Report focuses on political >

Lusher Charter School praised as model for nation
Jun 6, 10:19 AM:

U.S. House Rep praises New Orleans charter schools, singling out Lusher Charter as a model. Sadly report doesn't go beyond his brief comments to consider what schools are doing right. Story would be more meaningful if it >

School bills top legislative session
Jun 6, 9:08 AM:

Summary of high-profile education bills considered -- and usually rejected -- this session, such as school grades. Report skims over controversial issues, but not enough info for readers to make up minds. Take a closer >

Plan to delay letter grades for La. schools fails
Jun 3, 2:13 PM:

State lawmaker effort to delay program to give schools letter grades on their performance fails in Senate Education Committee. Focus here on worries grade improvements will be too slow. Would like to know why lawmakers >

Algiers Technology Academy graduates first class to complete 4 years there
Jun 3, 9:41 AM:

Congratulations to first students to graduate from Algiers Technology Academy, New Orleans. Stories show perseverance in the face of obstacles. Tell us what makes this charter school unique. More info on teaching, >

John McDonogh alumni, parents oppose mixing student groups
Jun 2, 6:05 AM:

Concerns over New Orleans' plans to house "catch-up" high school program in another school's dilapidated building. Is there no alternative space? Angry complaints from parents mask real problem -- John McDonogh High's >

La. lawmakers reject challenge to La. Science Education Act
May 27, 10:29 AM:

Disappointment  as La. Senators refuse to repeal law restricting evolution teaching. Common-sense view of high school senior contrasts with thinking of some lawmakers. One idea: separating politics from science class.

Progress in standarized tests in New Orleans show the benefits of reform: An editorial
May 26, 7:14 AM:

Editorial opines RSD's achievement gains not possible without reforms -- aka state takeovers transforming underperforming schools into charters. Super admits there's still a long way to go in uplifting achievement, but >

St. Tammany schools' LEAP scores far outpace state average
May 25, 11:24 AM:

St. Tammany Parish, La., 4th and 8th graders score significantly better than state average on statewide tests. Breakdown of scores by grade and by subject matter lets parents know how schools/students really perform and >

State test results show stagnant growth in Lafayette Parish
May 25, 11:15 AM:

Statewide test results show overall improvement. Specifically in Lafayette Parish, growth is stagnant. No subject-matter breakdown for reading and math. No specifics on exactly what areas need work. Not as informative as >

New Orleans schools are slated to lose voucher, insurance money from state
May 24, 3:35 PM:

Backlash against La. Gov's budget plan, slashing cash for public schools  and eliminating voucher funding. No explanation of reasons for cuts, or late decision. When other states are introducing vouchers, this seems a >

Trial on New Orleans school employee terminations after Hurricane Katrina starts
May 24, 10:44 AM:

Court case over massive New Orleans layoffs after Katrina coming to a head this month. Times-Picayune preview leaves the most important question—have reforms produced better results?—to the end with minimal detail. While >

Opponents of New Orleans school reform gaining ground, supporters
May 24, 10:01 AM:

New Orleans teacher running for spot on LA state board. Wants to reverse reforms implemented since Katrina. No mention of what she proposes instead. Reform proponents point to gains from charter students while opponents >



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