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Governor’s bid for major changes in teacher evaluations sparking pushback
Apr 24, 6:49 AM: Louisiana's 2010 overhaul of annual teacher evaluations was touted as a way to provide a meaningful snapshot of teacher effectiveness and improve student performance in the classroom.
At Mahalia Jackson, parents lurch from chartering to closure to uncertainty
Apr 24, 6:41 AM: School closures, charter takeovers and leadership changes have become common in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina. In just four months, families at Mahalia Jackson have faced all three.
New Orleans’ final direct-run schools won’t all be charters—for now
Apr 20, 6:56 AM: The New Orleans public school system is not going all-charter after all -- at least not this year. The Exceed charter group has withdrawn its application to take over the final five district-run schools, Orleans Parish School Board >
Will the New Orleans charter school decisions be fair?
Apr 19, 6:10 AM: The decision date approaches for New Orleans' last five district-run public schools, and whether they will become independent charters like all the other schools in the city. Orleans Parish School Board Superintendent Henderson >
Mahalia Jackson Elementary might not close for good
Apr 19, 5:59 AM: Less than a week after Orleans Parish schools Superintendent Henderson Lewis Jr. recommended closing Mahalia Jackson Elementary, he's given the Central City school a possible reprieve. Some organization might run a charter program >
Wright alleges charter declined because of politics, ‘bogus’ report
Apr 14, 6:46 AM: Roosevelt Wright Jr., executive director of Excellence Academy, told a group of about 30 people on Tuesday night that the same voice that led him to push to get the school open keeps telling him that it won't be closing.
Another charter comes to rescue set-to-close Baton Rouge Charter Academy at Mid City
Apr 13, 5:21 AM: An Indianapolis-based charter school group which runs an elementary school in Baton Rouge is coming to the rescue of a larger but lower-performing charter school in town that, unless something changes soon, will close in May.
For Orleans charter bids, school board delays kept parents in the dark
Apr 13, 4:53 AM: On the evening of March 7, parents and teachers fought traffic, homework, jobs and dinner to learn more about the transfer of Mary Bethune Elementary, one of the last five schools in New Orleans still under the elected local school >
MCSB opts not to renew Excellence Academy charter
Apr 12, 6:25 AM: The Monroe City School Board voted 4-2 not to renew the charter for Excellence Academy for a fifth year on Tuesday.
New Orleans’ Last Traditional Public Schools May Become Charters
Apr 12, 5:21 AM: New Orleans might soon become the first city without a single traditional public school. The superintendent and school board decide later this month whether to charter the last five schools, which means they’d be publicly funded but >
Deny charter bid for the last 5 New Orleans district schools, report says
Apr 10, 6:08 AM: The Orleans Parish School Board should deny a request from its current and former staff to turn the city's last five district-run schools into independent charters, a consultant's report said.
School segregation persists in the new New Orleans, study says
Apr 4, 6:19 AM: The earth-shaking overhaul of New Orleans education after Hurricane Katrina has not fixed one of the city's enduring problems: public school segregation. That's according to a study Tulane's Education Research Alliance for New >
Bye, bye Recovery School District; hello Orleans School Board: 9 schools set to transfer
Apr 4, 5:04 AM: Nine New Orleans charter schools will start the 2017-18 school year back with their old district, Orleans Parish, advancing the reunification of the city's public schools, district spokeswoman Dominique Ellis said.
Gov. John Bel Edwards floats narrow agenda for schools in upcoming session
Mar 30, 5:51 AM: Gov. John Bel Edwards released a slim K-12 education agenda Tuesday (March 28), reflecting the realities of an upcoming legislative session focused largely on the budget. He wants to end corporal punishment for students with >
Teachers at a fifth New Orleans charter school seeking a union
Mar 29, 6:42 AM: Teachers are unionizing at another of New Orleans' independent charter schools. And, as usual, things have gotten contentious.
SCOTUS decision could have ripple effect on NOLA Charters
Mar 28, 7:06 AM: Last Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a major decision expanding the scope of students’ special education rights, ruling unanimously that schools must do more than provide a “merely more than de minimis” education program to >
Coghill teachers are the latest to unionize at a New Orleans charter school
Mar 28, 6:51 AM: Teachers at Mary D. Coghill Charter School have formed a union and are asking the charter school’s board to negotiate a contract on behalf of its teachers and some staff.
State superintendent to community: ‘act urgently’ in struggling schools
Mar 28, 5:16 AM: Louisiana Superintendent John White says there is responsibility at the state and local level to intervene in struggling schools serving overwhelmingly large numbers of poor students.
Eight groups apply to start charter schools in Baton Rouge
Mar 20, 5:25 AM: Private organizations are asking the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board to give its blessing to eight charter schools, ranging from a school for autistic children to an all-boys school in north Baton Rouge, to a high-powered >
New charter school aims to help youths get back on track
Mar 17, 6:46 AM: A new school in Caddo Parish aims to help at-risk youths get back on track. In August, AMIKids opened its doors to troubled sixth- through eighth-graders.



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