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Op-Ed: Kentucky Voted Against Charter Schools
Nov 26, 5:57 AM: With Inauguration Day for the governor quickly approaching, it is time to address the elephant in the room for all of us in education: What is next for the Kentucky Department of Education?
Opinion: Give Louisville's low-income families the same school choice the wealthy have
Nov 19, 8:00 AM: All families deserve to choose the best educational path for their children, but right now in Louisville, that right is reserved only for the wealthy.
First proposed charter school in Kentucky could be created in Newport
Nov 15, 8:13 AM: There are no charter schools in Kentucky despite the fact they have been legal for two years. A group of Northern Kentucky parents wants to change that. Lynn Schaber and Sarah Strauss are both parents in Northern Kentucky >
First charter school application in Kentucky submitted
Nov 11, 7:58 AM: Kentucky has allowed charter schools in 2017, but none have opened because the lack of a long-term funding mechanism from the state.
Can Andy Beshear break up the Kentucky Board of Education and dismiss Wayne Lewis?
Nov 8, 7:45 AM: Kentucky Gov.-elect Andy Beshear promised multiple times to disband the Kentucky Board of Education on "day one" of his term.
How Republican Governor Matt Bevin Lost Teachers and Lost Kentucky
Nov 7, 8:12 AM: Matt Bevin, the notoriously unpopular Republican governor of Kentucky, appears to have narrowly lost his bid for reelection in the deep-red state. And experts say the teachers who led statewide walkouts last year are the >
Opinion: School-choice opponents' hypocrisy unmasked
Nov 4, 6:15 AM: What's good is that school-choice policy has dominated much of the closing days of this year's gubernatorial campaign. It's a critical issue for Kentucky, which trails most other states when it comes to school-choice >
Who Pays For Kentucky Public Schools? More and More, It’s Local Taxpayers
Nov 1, 6:19 AM: As state funding for public schools in Kentucky has failed to keep up with inflation, state data show local taxpayers are increasingly paying more of the costs — and that’s leading to greater inequity between school >
Kentucky superintendents: Lawmakers need to tackle teacher shortage, restore funding
Oct 30, 6:15 AM: Kentucky school superintendents want to see more efforts to attract and keep teachers, plus more education funding, from lawmakers in 2020.
At least 28,000 teachers left Ky. classrooms since 2010, teacher shortage study says.
Oct 28, 7:07 AM: Approximately 28,000 teachers, or 7.3 percent of all teachers in Kentucky, left the profession between the academic years 2010 and 2018, according to a new study on the state’s teacher shortage.
Commentary: Ring education's liberty bell in Kentucky, too
Oct 28, 5:11 AM: Opponents of giving Kentucky parents more alternatives when it comes to educating their children want to distract families and taxpayers and the lawmakers who represent them from the true success being achieved by public >
Opinion: Don't believe the rhetoric. Tax credits, vouchers and charter schools harm children
Oct 21, 6:20 AM: Educating our children is the most important thing we do in the commonwealth. Educating all of our children no matter their family’s economic status, their address, the color of their skin, is so critical to our society >
Guest columnist: Bevin undermining public education to boost charter schools
Oct 18, 5:58 AM: Gov. Matt Bevin is determined to undermine public education in Kentucky. His quest is to establish charter schools in our state, which can make charter school bosses rich but rob public schools of their funding. >
Andy Beshear rolls out public education plan, calling it his 'highest priority'
Oct 3, 5:27 AM: Saying there is "no bigger contrast" in his race against Gov. Matt Bevin than their views on public education, Attorney General Andy Beshear and running mate Jacqueline Coleman on Wednesday released what they called a >
Op-Ed: Step-by-step, let’s review Matt Bevin’s plan to undermine public education in Kentucky
Oct 3, 5:01 AM: Governor Bevin is determined to undermine public education in Kentucky. His quest is to establish charter schools in our state, which can make charter school bosses rich but rob public schools of their funding. >
Jeanne Allen: Response to 'Kentucky receives C- grade on state's education system from Education Week'
Oct 2, 7:51 AM: When it comes to Kentucky’s public education system, a “C-” grade is generous. Ed Week’s annual ranking does not address whether states allow the kind of educational opportunity and innovations that really drive outcomes. >
Opinion: So your kid’s school got a low rating in new system? Don’t freak out. Do this instead.
Oct 2, 5:29 AM: Statewide test scores are out Tuesday morning, and in their umpteenth iteration, Kentucky’s scores still show that too many children — most of them poor or students of color — aren’t mastering basic elements of reading and >
Many JCPS schools fare poorly in new star rating system
Oct 1, 7:18 AM: Under a new five-star rating system, Jefferson County Public Schools was given two stars, and many JCPS schools did not fare much better.
Opinion: Scholarship tax credits are private school vouchers and tax shelters for the wealthy
Sep 25, 6:19 AM: It’s time we call scholarship tax credits what they really are. They are tax loopholes created for corporations and wealthy individuals, cloaked as charity for poor children.
Officials to Launch Higher Education Initiative in Kentucky
Sep 23, 7:05 AM: Kentucky officials are preparing to launch a program that aims to increase the number of students seeking higher education after high school.



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