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Fayette school board approves new superintendent's contract
Jul 28, 10:50 AM:

Newly-hired Lexington-Fayette Co. (KY) super makes less than in his previous job and less his predecessor, though he'll get same benefits package. Unclear here what makes this job better than last unless it's fact it's >

Rookie teachers asked to help Louisville's troubled schools
Jul 26, 10:27 AM:

More than 40% of new hires at low-performing Jefferson Co., KY, schools have no experience. Many senior teachers don't want to transfer, for fear of losing jobs if school is overhauled again. While new recruits can have >

State education chief urges Bath school board chairman to quit
Jul 21, 11:44 AM:

Brouhaha/controversy between school board chair and super leads to allegations of neglect of duties and violations of state open meetings law. State ed commissioner recommending board chair's ouster. Article spotlights >

Four Bullitt County schools to have new principals
Jul 21, 11:44 AM:

Four new principals ushered in at KY schools. Provides more substantial background than most reports on new principal, a big plus. Would be interested to know more, though, about some of the plans alluded to by school's >

Students test scores up in Bullitt County, but still not enough
Jul 21, 11:43 AM:

Test scores reveal improvement in KY district, but achievement probably won't catch up with NCLB standards. Would be interesting to know if state has considered requesting a waiver, as many others have. No details on >

UK study sees gains in state's education
Jul 11, 12:58 PM:

University of KY study touts ed gains made over past 2 decades. Thorough job delving into stats in study, analyzing findings, quoting critic questioning methodology, and pointing out state still has ways to go. Would >

New JCPS superintendent Donna Hargens starts Louisville visit at Churchill Park School
Jul 8, 12:02 PM:

New KY Super starts making the rounds at schools. Some insight into her mentality during opening days, but a lot of generalities here. Wants to improve "student achievement." Hopes to develop a "strategic plan" to meet >

Kentucky eyeing new 'Race to the Top' grants
Jul 5, 10:43 AM:

KY's early childhood plan aligns with federal Race to the Top grant requirements. Brief overview of changes. Unfortunately, nothing on how current early learning programs, which are looking to expand, are doing. Growing >

Bath County School Board chairman faces possible removal
Jul 1, 8:29 AM:

Chairman of KY board could be removed; superintendent sues district to keep her job. Sounds like a mess. Provides an efficient summary of charges against chairman -- namely, violating the open meeting law -- but is less >

Kentucky drafts Atkinson principal's skills
Jun 20, 10:11 AM:

Principal who turned around failing KY school taking a post at state department to oversee similar efforts at schools across the state. Offers a record of his success at former school, but fails to explain how such an >

Online courses change face of summer school
Jun 20, 7:39 AM:

Comprehensive look at pros/cons of online courses offered to students in Greater Cincinnati and Northern KY. Details on whether make-up or original classes with reaction from students and teachers. Costs are examined. >

JCPS Superintendent Sheldon Berman proud of work he's leaving behind
Jun 17, 10:11 AM:

Outgoing Jefferson County Super says he's proud of his achievements despite criticism of his busing policies and record on reform. Sounds like an effort to rewrite history after his contract wasn't renewed. Look at >

Hargens to lead a Kentucky school system
Jun 16, 10:04 AM:

NC district loses top administrator, who will depart to head KY district. Makes an effort to explore how loss will affect district, but the answer is muddy. Ask administrators how they'll handle continued transition >

NAACP angered by lack of public comment prior to Hargens appointment
Jun 16, 10:03 AM:

NAACP peeved that Jefferson County board decided on new superintendent appointment behind closed doors. Why the lack of transparency? For some reason, WAVE doesn't seek comment from board to explain decision. Should have >

JCPS teachers, administrators get 2.5 percent pay raise that will cost $14.5 million
Jun 15, 8:53 AM:

Teachers and administrators set to receive pay raise. Could give some perspective on state of KY district's budget, but didn't. Seems raises will be across-the-board. What about rewarding highly performing teachers? >

Education reform calls for change in school assessment
Jun 15, 8:52 AM:

Thorough reporting on reform bill making its way through KY legislature. Would institute new evaluation system for teachers and overhaul statewiding tests. Plenty of details on new programs with one caveat: too much >

Louisville summer program counts down to kindergarten
Jun 14, 2:49 PM:

Louisville summer program aims to prepare kids for kindergarten, with library visits and free museum events. Mayor says it'll help kids graduate on time. Find data to back this up -- studies show benefits of pre-k or >

Officials decide to cut state Commonwealth Diploma program
Jun 13, 1:03 PM:

KY agrees to cut Commonwealth Diploma program, which recognized students who took college-level classes. Reason given is "irrelevance", but no word on if this saves money. Ask lawmakers how they'll ensure kids are >

NAACP calls on school board to reopen search for JCPS superintendent
Jun 10, 1:36 PM:

Louisville's NAACP urges Jefferson Co. to reopen search for new Super, calling 2 finalists "very weak". Raises concerns over candidates' experience and commitment to desegregation. Push both candidates to answer the >

Reciprocal agreement decision upheld
Jun 10, 9:50 AM:

KY Ed Board rules Knox County students can continue to attend Corbin schools, but new students can't enroll. Overblown language by counsels ("cancerous growth") doesn't help either argument. Give us stats on schools' >



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