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Kentucky releases new school test scores — and many more districts find themselves lagging
Nov 2, 6:27 AM:

KY's latest test finds nearly 70% of schools "need improvement." Prior to release, ed officials tried to prep parents that scores would be lower because bar was raised. In some cases, high-performing schools "tripped up" >

Parents fight to save school
Sep 21, 11:38 AM:

Graves Co. (KY) Super warns elementary with good test scores may be closed because enrollment too small and district has to cut $300K from budget. Describes parent outrage and vows to save it. Outlines other options on >

Greenup school board approves tax hike
Sep 5, 8:07 PM:

A KY board approved tax hike, highest they could without citizen vote, to counter state budget cuts. All on $$; very little on whether money will be well spent to boost student achievement.

8 more candidates join JCPS school board races just before deadline | The Courier-Journal |
Aug 15, 11:03 AM:

Candidates race to join KY district Board election. Lists who's who among candidates. Explains district is under fire for low-performing schools and some thrilled such an interest in race. Caution that quality matters in >

New textbooks are scarce in Kentucky, leaving teachers to 'beg, steal or borrow' material
Aug 14, 12:35 PM:

State funding for texts drying up. Spotlights Hardin Co. official creating online project providing free digital access to materials. Describes money woes going back 3 decades.

Fairview’s measure of perfection
Aug 9, 3:00 PM:

Small KY town boasts 100% grad rates. Super attributes success to teacher influence. In another district with high grad rates, individualization and credit recovery programs are said to bump up rates.

Old hand takes helm of new charter school
Aug 8, 12:13 PM:

Retired Cincinnati and Newport (KY) Super now leading College Readiness Academy opening Aug. 22nd. Looks at his track record and success with another local school.

School board declines to extend Davis' contract past 2016
Aug 3, 1:48 PM:

Despite high marks, Bullitt (KY) super’s contract extension rejected. Chairwoman full of praise but hesitant to commit beyond current board’s tenure.

New Lowe principal planning to keep communication open
Aug 3, 12:01 PM:

Former middle school principal moves to KY elem. New head emphasizing communication and collaboration. Already building relationships with teachers, PTA, community leaders.

Teacher effectiveness focus of new panel
Jul 27, 3:16 PM:

KY advocacy group convenes panel of teachers and other experts to discuss recruitment, training, retention and evals. Collaborating to make recommendations to state Legislature. 

Ky. balancing budgets on students' backs
Jul 18, 2:00 PM:

Tuition increases while state financial aid declines, making post-secondary ed less attainable for low-income students. Urges state to shift more money for need-based aid. 

Upward Bound programs have funding cut across KY
Jul 9, 12:40 PM:

Federally funded college prep program loses funding. College hopes appeal will change outcome. Continues to celebrate successes.

Charter School Supporters Vow to Continue Their Fight
Apr 9, 11:13 AM:

KY charter efforts make no progress in this legislative session. Some info on the plans pushed so far, their goals, but almost all quoted directly from a professional charter advocate. Additional info, perspective, data >

JCPS Supports “Districts of Innovation” Bill
Apr 9, 6:39 AM:

Local KY union supports "districts of innovation bill." Untold how removing state regulations will allow schools to meet individual students' needs. Slight pushback on why this measure doesn't eliminate need for >

Board receives update on school projects
Mar 20, 2:51 PM:

Harlan Co. (KY) board gets rundown on various programs and vocational efforts aimed at improving district's "career readiness numbers". Reads like laundry list and needs more info to explain accountability score. Assumes >

District's career program targets young teens
Mar 19, 11:46 AM:

Boyd Co. (KY) district enlists volunteers to get 8th and 10th graders to think about careers while still time to improve academics. Notes need for post high school ed training and links to what they're thinking of doing >

House panel approves teacher tenure, pay changes to end 16-hour hearing
Mar 15, 5:16 AM:

Teacher tenure reform bill passes LA House panel, along with voucher/charter bill. Focus is on magnitude of people hearing brought to capitol. Details of tenure changes here, but the ever-important explanation of why >

Thompson pleased with Bell’s PLAN and EXPLORE scores
Mar 8, 10:15 AM:

Bell County School District state test results above state, national average. Much self-congratulation, but not much info. Frequent references to tools and strategies that ensure success, but only vague suggestions as to >

Schools’ scores exceed state average
Mar 7, 12:42 PM:

Harlan Co. and Independent students best state average on exams measuring readiness for high school and beyond. Scores broken down here with explanation of what they mean. Would like to know more about curriculum >

Scott High School program takes new approach
Mar 5, 1:59 PM:

Kenton Co. (KY) school to open project-based, student-centered program within Scott High. How academy will work outlined here. Attention students learning/using 21st Century skills for global economy. More info needed on >



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