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Bevin gives local schools more control with the sweep of a pen
Apr 11, 5:19 AM: Among the major ones was Senate Bill 1, an omnibus education bill designed to place more control and accountability in the hands of local school districts, enabling them to have a stronger voice in how to improve >
Could Kentucky's charter school law be unconstitutional?
Apr 6, 6:01 AM: Charter schools are finally allowed in Kentucky, but legal experts and advocates say it's only a matter of time before the law permitting them is debated in court.
Fayette school board member questions Kentucky’s charter school law
Mar 29, 6:32 AM: Fayette County school board member Doug Barnett, an attorney, says school district officials should consider challenging the constitutionality of the law that will allow charter schools in Kentucky for the first time. >
Governor Signs Kentucky Charter Schools Into Law
Mar 23, 5:32 AM: Gov. Matt Bevin has signed the charter schools bill into law, allowing the alternative institutions to open up this fall after an application process.
Online petition asks that Bevin apologize to charter school opponents
Mar 22, 6:14 AM: More than 700 people as of 9 a.m. Tuesday had signed an online petition asking Gov. Matt Bevin to apologize for accusing charter school opponents of lying and questioning their motives during his testimony earlier this >
School officials ponder charters
Mar 21, 5:43 AM: Kentucky is one of just seven states in the country without charter schools. That is about to change.
Kentucky charter schools are a signature away. What happens next?
Mar 20, 6:15 AM: Now that charter schools in Kentucky await only the signature of proponent Gov. Matt Bevin, school boards across the state, and mayors in Lexington and Louisville, could accept charter school applications in the 2017-18 >
With Charters On Horizon, Mayor’s Ties To School Choice Emerge
Mar 17, 7:06 AM: Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer set off a firestorm of criticism earlier this month when the Democrat publicly expressed support for charter schools.
Local educators fear charter schools will cut state funding
Mar 17, 6:00 AM: The bill will allow charter schools to open throughout the state for the 2017-2018 school year, and some think they will be a drain on state funding.
GOP blindsides Democrats with surprise bill to fund charter schools
Mar 16, 5:14 AM: In a whirlwind day in the Kentucky legislature, a long-sought charter schools bill won final passage Wednesday and now goes to Gov. Matt Bevin, an ardent supporter who testified earlier that day in favor of the measure and >
Push to dismantle school desegregation plan in Louisville appears dead — for now
Mar 16, 4:54 AM: A Republican push to return to neighborhood schools in Louisville and its surrounding suburbs — an effort that would have dismantled one of the nation’s leading desegregation efforts — appears to have failed, at least for >
Democrats urge caution on Kentucky charter schools
Mar 15, 6:31 AM: As Republican leaders tinker with a charter schools bill, several Kentucky Democrats and a couple of Jefferson County school board members united against the proposal Tuesday and urged the state Senate put the issue on ice >
Charter schools bill has 80% shot of passing, lawmaker says
Mar 14, 6:32 AM: With just two days left for passing bills in this year's legislative session, the chairman of the Senate Education Committee said late Monday he believes some version of a charter schools bill will pass. >
Group decries charter schools in Kentucky while state senators consider their fate
Mar 14, 6:19 AM: A grassroots organization for public education, Save Our Schools Kentucky, made a last-ditch effort Monday to urge state lawmakers to say no to charter schools.
Group of local educators speak out against charter schools
Mar 13, 6:31 AM: As the 2017 General Assembly enters its home stretch, a number of bills remain in play. Not the least of which is House Bill 520, allowing for the authorization of charter schools in Kentucky.
Lawmakers hope to reach accord on charter schools
Mar 10, 6:11 AM: Key lawmakers say they are optimistic that the General Assembly will approve a charter schools bill even as they continue to negotiate the details of the bill as time is running short for the 2017 legislative session. >
People protest charter schools at education rally in Henderson
Mar 10, 6:00 AM: The crowd gathered at Henderson County's courthouse steps Thursday afternoon had a message for Kentucky legislators: charter schools don't work.
JCPS board: Mayor Greg Fischer 'blindsided' us with charter schools stance
Mar 8, 7:38 AM: Jefferson County school board members said they are dismayed Mayor Greg Fischer didn’t talk to them before he publicly voiced support for bringing charter schools to the state.
Charter school bill’s fate uncertain in Kentucky Senate
Mar 8, 6:34 AM: State Sen. Mike Wilson, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, told the Herald-Leader Tuesday that a bill to allow charter schools in Kentucky was not on the agenda for his committee’s Thursday meeting. >
Mayors who would approve charter schools want more review of bill
Mar 7, 6:12 AM: Is Lexington Mayor Jim Gray willing to approve and oversee charter schools along with Fayette County Public Schools board members?



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