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Charter School Advisory Council Member “Concerned, Disappointed” In Lack Of Charter School Funding
Feb 26, 7:52 AM: The Kentucky legislature last week took no action on charter school funding for the second year in a row. A member of the Charter School Advisory Council is concerned the lack of funding will stunt the growth of charter >
With no funding, Kentucky charter school law flatlines ... again
Feb 21, 8:34 AM: For the second year in a row, Kentucky lawmakers will take no action on charter school funding — effectively shelving the state's controversial charter law.
Opinion: Scholarship tax credits are backdoor vouchers for private schools
Feb 19, 6:50 AM: This bill is a perfectly terrible idea — not only because it funnels money from public schools to private ones without any accountability, but because it allows donors to actually make money on hurting schools. Thus far, >
Opinion: Scholarship tax credits aren't vouchers and won't hurt public schools
Feb 19, 6:00 AM: It is not a secret that Kentucky’s education system has oftentimes been the subject of heated debates in recent years. We cannot continue to allow arguments between adults to hold Kentucky children back from the education >
Opinion: Don't hurt public education by diverting money to private schools
Feb 12, 6:55 AM: Kentucky’s Constitution requires the General Assembly to “provide for an efficient system of common schools throughout the state.” The last time the state Supreme Court found Kentucky to be in violation of that mandate, >
House Bill 205 seeks to incentivize donations to private schools for tax credits
Feb 12, 6:46 AM: Kentucky House Bill 205 was introduced in the Kentucky House of Representatives on Feb. 5, and its primary purpose is allowing donors who make contributions to private schools to claim large tax breaks for giving to >
Tax break for Kentucky private schools is back on agenda in Frankfort
Feb 6, 7:15 AM: A bill that supporters say would give more at-risk kids access to a private education, but opponents warn would drain the state's revenues and hurt public schools, will soon be back in front of legislators. >
Sponsor 'very confident' in scholarship tax credit bill's chances
Feb 6, 6:31 AM: The push to create a tuition-assistance program for private-school students reemerged Tuesday as a House Republican leader filed a bill that would allow donors to claim big tax breaks for giving to scholarship groups. >
Guest Editorial: Authorizing Charter Schools (CER in the News)
Jan 24, 8:48 AM: Why are most Kentucky parents – at least the ones without means – forced to send their children to a school the government dictates rather than one they determine give their children the best chance for success? It's time >
School choice advocates rally support for proposed scholarship tax credits
Jan 23, 6:26 AM: The group EdChoice Kentucky says they want Kentucky lawmakers to approve scholarship tax credits for people and businesses who donate to groups providing scholarships for families to pay for tuition.
Opinion: Why Kentucky education reform isn’t a 4-letter word
Jan 4, 8:43 AM: If you didn’t know any better, you might think there’s a civil war brewing right now in school systems across the country. It’s called education reform.
Pension reform, charter funding will test teachers' clout in Frankfort
Dec 31, 7:07 AM: Kentucky lawmakers will be heading back to the drawing board on pension reform when the 2019 legislative session gavels in Jan. 8 after some tumult during the holiday season.
'Undeterred' education chief Wayne Lewis isn't worried about critics
Dec 27, 7:10 AM: As we head into 2019, the Courier Journal caught up with a handful of Louisville influencers to discuss the challenges, opportunities and priorities they have for the new year. This is the fifth in a series of seven >
Opinion: Year of new ideas holds Kentucky education back
Dec 27, 6:39 AM: As you look around the world at successful companies, they have at least one thing in common – as times change, they change. Embracing new ideas and technology, improving culture and enhancing techniques enables them to >
After special session, are Kentucky teachers still a political force?
Dec 20, 5:18 AM: Staples of Kentucky's springtime protests — sickout-induced school closures, bottleneck traffic into Frankfort and throngs of noisily protesting teachers on the Capitol steps — were noticeably absent during this week's >
Will Gov. Matt Bevin's special session prompt a teacher 'sickout?'
Dec 18, 6:38 AM: Hours after Gov. Matt Bevin called a special legislative session to address pension reform, the Kentucky Education Association urged teachers to descend on the state Capitol starting Monday night to protest. >
Jim Waters: Standards squabble another reason for school choice
Dec 7, 8:52 AM: At the very least, parents unhappy with these developments need choices allowing them to enroll their children in schools where they know the principles and people of America’s exceptional history will be taught. Such >
Charter schools, 3rd grade retention among education department's 2019 priorities
Dec 6, 8:32 AM: The Kentucky Department of Education will push for several controversial pieces of legislation next year, according to a list of priorities made public Wednesday.
Column: The Kentucky high school diploma has to mean more
Nov 28, 6:48 AM:

Change is scary. I understand that. Yet we have reached the point in Kentucky’s history when change to our minimum standards for high school graduation is necessary to ensure that our children are well-prepared for >

Could ‘the good old boy effect’ return if Kentucky school councils were changed?
Nov 26, 6:03 AM: Twenty-eight years ago, one Kentucky Education Reform Act change that effected education in Kentucky modified the significant control school superintendents could have on a school district.



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