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Opinion: Don’t be fooled. Tax credits for private school are about dismantling public education.
Jan 28, 6:32 AM: Public education is still the linchpin to prosperity for most of Kentucky’s population, but many legislators seem determined to starve it. Sending a few hundred kids to private school won’t make this state great. >
'Trapped in failing school system': Families push for scholarship tax credits in Kentucky
Jan 28, 6:16 AM: As part of National School Choice Week, dozens gathered in the Capitol Rotunda, donning the movement's signature mustard yellow scarves and talking about how private schools have helped children and how more kids should >
Scholarship tax credit bill filed for a third try with Kentucky lawmakers
Jan 27, 8:09 AM: Days ahead of School Choice Week, proposed legislation bringing scholarship tax credits to Kentucky appeared Friday afternoon.
New Kentucky Board of Education wants to delay charter training requirements
Jan 20, 8:03 AM: The newly reorganized Kentucky Board of Education passed its revised legislative agenda Friday, adding support for a measure that would only require charter school authorizer training for school boards when potential >
Six JCPS principals at low-performing schools should be replaced, state recommends
Jan 17, 6:37 AM: The Kentucky Department of Education has determined that six principals at low-performing schools in Jefferson County don’t have the capacity to lead turnaround efforts, Jefferson County Public Schools announced late >
Supporters of school choice rally in Frankfort
Jan 15, 8:10 AM: Some teachers and parents are again pushing for the legislatures to enact tax credits that would enable more parents to send their children to private schools.
Bill would exempt school boards from annual charter school training
Jan 15, 7:51 AM: According to state regulations, members of public school boards must receive 12 hours of annual training on the ins and outs of charter schools. That regulation went into effect after the state’s charter school bill was >
JCPS board to soon decide on plan that would give west Louisville students more school choice
Jan 15, 6:41 AM: The Jefferson County Board of Education will soon decide whether magnet programs will be able to kick out students and whether some 6,500 students in west Louisville will have an extra choice in where they attend middle >
An open letter from a teacher to Kentucky legislators
Jan 13, 7:52 AM: Charter schools and private schools do not require the same test-taking culture of our public schools. Funding them will take resources away from us. Give us the educational freedom those schools have, invest more in us, >
JCPS teachers' union may get 10 leave days in hopes of preventing 'sickouts' this session
Jan 13, 7:04 AM: Members of the Jefferson County Teachers Association may be getting up to 10 extra days of leave during this year’s legislative session, according to an agreement on Tuesday’s Jefferson County Board of Education meeting >
Column: Charter schools deserve a chance in Kentucky
Jan 10, 6:45 AM: The first application for a charter school has been rejected. The Bevin-appointed state board of education has been ‘fired’ and replaced. Wayne Lewis, the former commissioner of education, is now living and working in >
Here are 8 Kentucky education trends to watch in the 2020 legislative budget session
Jan 3, 6:44 AM: Charter schools, a hot education topic in recent years, may be back in the spotlight because lawmakers will have another chance to create a long-term funding system for them.
Scholarship tax credits on the horizon for Kentucky lawmakers as session nears
Dec 30, 6:10 AM: School-choice advocates are entering next year’s legislative session with renewed hope that Kentucky soon will have a scholarship tax credit program thanks to continuing support from House Republican leaders and better >
Newport school board rejects Kentucky's first charter school application
Dec 27, 7:54 AM: A mere two months after a group of Northern Kentucky parents became the first to apply to open a charter school in Kentucky, the same group became the first rejected charter school application in the state.
Opinion: We need a plan to fix JCPS now. Our children's lives and our economy depend on it
Dec 20, 6:14 AM: We have defended educators as they were threatened and verbally assaulted for fighting for their own rights amid a backdrop of low scores and low performance in Jefferson County Public Schools.
Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis resigns as new board meets for first time
Dec 13, 7:25 AM: Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis resigned effective immediately on Thursday as Gov. Andy Beshear’s newly-appointed Kentucky Board of Education met for the first time.
Education chief’s future on agenda for revamped school board
Dec 12, 8:03 AM: Kentucky's newly reorganized state school board was prepared to meet for the first time Thursday, when it could take up the possible removal of the education commissioner.
Promise fulfilled: Beshear breaks up Kentucky Board of Education on first day as governor
Dec 11, 6:26 AM: In one of his first moves in office, Gov. Andy Beshear dissolved the Kentucky Board of Education on Tuesday, paving the way for a new education chief.
Governor-elect Andy Beshear's victory means charter school push appears all but dead
Dec 6, 6:29 AM: For years, charter schools have been at the center of a fierce debate about the best way to educate Kentucky's children.
Ky. school districts ask to skip charter school training. State education board says no.
Dec 5, 7:22 AM: Eight Kentucky school districts on Wednesday asked to skip mandatory charter school training for their school board members, but the charter-friendly state board of education unanimously voted to deny the requests. >



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