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Matt Bevin puts Hal Heiner, former spokeswoman and 5 others on Ky. Board of Education
Apr 17, 5:35 AM: Republican Gov. Matt Bevin remade the 12-member Kentucky Board of Education on Monday, heartening conservatives who want to see dramatic changes in Kentucky’s public schools, such as publicly-funded charter schools and a >
They want to open Kentucky charter schools, but only if the legislature changes its mind.
Apr 13, 6:14 AM: People who want to open public charter schools in Kentucky have written Republican House Speaker David Osborne and Majority Floor Leader Jonathan Shell, urging them to reconsider a decision not to create a funding >
Kentucky teachers union calls for 'day of action' Friday
Apr 11, 6:20 AM: Just a day after Kentucky's governor warned that a teacher walkout would be irresponsible and a mistake, the statewide teachers union called for public employees to return Friday to the Capitol when lawmakers return to >
Op-Ed: River Cities Academy Charter School Would Be Good for Students
Apr 11, 5:49 AM: When our state legislators passed the Kentucky charter school law last year, we celebrated – and immediately got to work. We poured hours into researching and designing a charter school for a special type of student >
Commentary: The public school vs. public charter school debate has already begun
Apr 11, 5:33 AM: Instead, for anyone willing to take just a moment to consider the agenda of Gov. Matt Bevin, you will soon discover that this is not about demonizing Kentucky public school teachers or the Kentucky Education Association, >
Commentary: Lawmakers fail Kentucky families on school choice
Apr 6, 4:44 AM:

The budget lawmakers approved expands per pupil education funding and protects many other vital areas of K-12 education spending, so there is no good reason to deny families this option in communities where it can work, >

State budget doesn't fund charter schools
Apr 5, 5:06 AM: With no money for charter schools in the two-year budget lawmakers sent to the governor Monday, Kentucky might not see them open this year after all.
Thousands from across Kentucky rally for education at Capitol
Apr 3, 4:48 AM: An estimated 10,000 to 12,000 people, according to the city of Frankfort, attended a rally sponsored by the Kentucky Education Association just days after the state legislature passed a pension-reform bill and on the same >
Charter Schools May Be Coming To Kentucky, But Funding Is Still In Limbo
Mar 28, 7:03 AM: Last year, the Kentucky General Assembly passed two bills relating to charter schools. One of the bills allowed charters to operate. The other one set up a funding mechanism. But that funding bill was only temporary, and >
Charter schools looking for funding green light from legislature
Mar 27, 6:30 AM: Republican lawmakers continued to hammer out a compromise budget Monday, while the future of education funding hangs in the balance. Charter school supporters also watched intently, waiting for the public funds they need >
Guest columnist: Scholarship tax credits key to expanding educational opportunity in Ky.
Mar 26, 5:47 AM: All families in Kentucky — regardless of wealth — should have the opportunity to provide their children an education that matches their individual needs. For some students, a public education is the right fit. Other >
Would charter school funding proposal hurt public schools? Senate plan sparks debate.
Mar 23, 4:57 AM: Word that the Kentucky Senate had proposed a mechanism to fund charter schools after the current method expires in June drew strong reactions on social media and among lawmakers this week.
Let Kentucky school districts offer bonuses to teachers who work in struggling schools
Mar 20, 6:46 AM: We’ve set up a system throughout Kentucky, and particularly in JCPS, that fails our most vulnerable students and hamstrings our lowest-performing schools, known as priority schools.
Charter school policy conversations push ahead despite lack of funding
Mar 14, 4:41 AM: At Tuesday night's board of education meeting, Jefferson County Public School officials discussed a draft of policies and procedures for prospective area charter schools.
JCPS taking charter school applications for 60 days starting April 16
Mar 8, 6:12 AM: Jefferson County Public Schools will open a 60-day application window for prospective charter school operators on April 16 despite financial uncertainty for charter schools once the current fiscal year ends. >
Kentucky House budget plan does not include mechanism for funding charter schools
Mar 5, 6:45 AM: Charters schools are set to open in Kentucky as early as this fall, but with education dollars already tight, the proposed state budget does not yet include a plan for funding them.
Charter schools encounter funding hurdle
Feb 26, 7:23 AM: With rollout of charter schools in Kentucky this year becoming increasingly unlikely, a member of the state’s board of education is pushing back on lawmakers for not taking action to fund them past June 30. >
County school board urges educators to lobby lawmakers
Feb 15, 6:28 AM: Board Chairman Kerry Young agreed. Describing his recent trip to Frankfort to meet with lawmakers, Young said they seemed more receptive to protecting public education funding than last year when the state passed charter >
Charter schools in Kentucky could be delayed
Feb 14, 6:15 AM: Last year, Kentucky became the 44th state to make charter schools legal. But the mechanism to pay for them expires June 30. Republican Gov. Matt Bevin did not include a funding formula for charter schools in his proposed >
JCPS board moving ahead with charter school policies regardless of state funding uncertainty
Feb 14, 6:07 AM: Despite financial uncertainty for charter schools at the state level, the Jefferson County Board of Education is moving ahead in drafting its policies as a charter authorizer.



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