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Many subpoenaed school districts give Ky. Labor Cabinet 'sick out' records
May 14, 7:05 AM: Most school districts subpoenaed by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet have turned over responsive records after a federal judge declined last week to temporarily halt the state’s investigation into “sick outs” orchestrated by >
Federal judge: Kentucky school districts must give up teacher sickout names
May 10, 7:27 AM: Kentucky school districts must comply with a subpoena from Gov. Matt Bevin's administration requesting the names of teachers possibly involved in this year's sickouts, a federal judge said Thursday.
Teachers could earn $14,000 more to work at Lexington schools making big changes.
May 9, 7:23 AM: A minimum $14,000 of additional pay is being offered to teachers willing to work at Lexington’s new Promise Academies which would feature a longer school day and year, according to an announcement on the Fayette County >
Excuses, boredom, chaos: What Kentucky officials found at 21 JCPS low-performing schools
May 3, 6:06 AM: Student assignments with "little complexity, differentiation and rigor." "A pervasive culture of low academic expectations throughout the school." A "perception existed among some students that they could do whatever they >
Online classes growing in popularity in South Central Kentucky
Apr 25, 7:02 AM: With the growing use of technology in everyday life, there’s no question that the world of education is impacted by this. While classroom learning is still alive and well, online classes are becoming more and more >
Matt Bevin praises Betsy DeVos' school-choice proposal as a 'gift' to states
Apr 18, 7:22 AM: Seated alongside President Donald Trump's education secretary and Kentucky's most prominent charter and private school supporters, Gov. Matt Bevin called a federal school-choice proposal a "gift" to states — while >
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos coming to Lexington to discuss school choice proposal
Apr 17, 7:24 AM: U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos on Wednesday is expected to join Republican Gov. Matt Bevin in Lexington to discuss school choice efforts in Kentucky.
Kentucky districts get subpoenas related to teacher absences
Apr 11, 7:03 AM:

Kentucky’s largest school district received a subpoena from Republican Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration on Wednesday that seeks the names of teachers who might have used sick days to attend statehouse rallies while the >

Will 'sickout' teachers be punished? Bevin administration won't say
Apr 4, 7:15 AM: Gov. Matt Bevin's administration is keeping mum about whether it will try to punish teachers involved this year in a string of "sickout" protests.
Kentucky teachers proud of what they accomplished this session, but what's next?
Apr 2, 7:26 AM: When Kentucky joined a wave of national teacher protests in 2018, the Bluegrass State stood out from the pack. Unlike teachers in West Virginia and Oklahoma, Kentucky teachers weren't pushing — initially, at least — for >
Wave of Teacher Sickouts Draws a Backlash in Kentucky
Mar 29, 7:58 AM: Kentucky officials are cracking down on a wave of sickouts called by teachers to protest legislation they oppose, part of a wave of teacher activism that has led to higher pay in some states and districts.
State Senate Confirms School Choice Advocate To Kentucky Board of Education By Slim Margin
Mar 29, 6:59 AM: On the final day of the legislative session, state senators confirmed Governor Matt Bevin’s nine appointments to the Kentucky Board of Education. The Senate confirmed eight of those appointments by a concurrence vote >
JCPS will be open Thursday, avoiding another teacher 'sickout'
Mar 28, 7:28 AM: Jefferson County Public Schools will remain open Thursday, despite concerns that a teacher "sickout" would shut the 98,000-student district down for the seventh time this year. JCPS announced early Thursday morning that >
Wayne Lewis: Punishing 'sickout' teachers is 'not where I want to be'
Mar 28, 7:26 AM: Amid speculation that he would seek to punish teachers involved in recent "sickouts," Kentucky's education chief said Wednesday he would rather see local districts address the issue than for the state to dole out >
JCPS hands over teacher names to Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis
Mar 26, 6:13 AM: Jefferson County Public Schools on Monday gave the state "a preliminary list" of the names of teachers who may have taken part in recent "sickout" protests.
JCPS teacher: We don't need a sickout on Kentucky legislature's last day
Mar 25, 7:00 AM: Finally, let's do the delegate thing on Thursday. I truly believe it will work. I truly believe both JCPS Superintendent Marty Pollio and JCTA President Brent McKim had teachers' and students' best interests at heart when >
Education chief won't back down on request for 'sickout' teacher names
Mar 20, 7:26 AM: Kentucky's education chief refused to back down on his request for teacher names related to recent "sickouts," but promised not to punish educators if the protests stop.
Commentary: The fight for school choice in Kentucky goes on
Mar 20, 5:45 AM: The education establishment proved itself again to be the most powerful, well-organized lobby in Frankfort. Even though they exercised no meaningful impact in the last statewide election cycle, and even though teachers are >
JCPS to Wayne Lewis: You can have names of sickout teachers, but there are no notes
Mar 19, 6:49 AM: Jefferson County Public Schools will give the state’s top education official the names of teachers who called in sick to force a series of school closures, officials announced Monday. But the district will not give any >
Is Kentucky out to punish sickout teachers? Education chief says no, but he still wants their names
Mar 18, 4:48 AM: Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis held a press conference to explain his request for the names of Kentucky teachers who called in sick on the dates of the "sickouts," as well as any documentation such as doctor's notes >



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