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Charter schools could come to Lexington anytime
Sep 17, 5:08 AM: After years of debate, the 2017 General Assembly passed a law that allowed charter schools for the first time in Kentucky. Charter schools are not close to opening, however, because advocates say the 2018 General Assembly >
In Louisville, a Web of Private Interests Conspire to Expand Charter Schools
Sep 7, 4:44 AM: Members of the Kentucky Board of Education have allied with corporate interests to privatize education, including involvement in potential real estate deals.
Editorial: JCPS deal is good for kids, parents and our community
Aug 29, 4:45 AM: The deal that the Jefferson County school board struck with Kentucky interim Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis is good for kids, parents and the community.
JCPS board votes to approve settlement that would avoid state takeover
Aug 28, 5:40 AM: Kentucky's largest school district has approved a deal with the state to avoid a takeover, an unprecedented compromise that will spare Jefferson County Public Schools from a contentious appeals process and possible legal >
Commentary: Parents have more say at charter schools
Aug 27, 5:10 AM: School choice opponents in the Bluegrass State offer misleading claims that the voices of the parents of charter school students get drowned simply because each of these schools has its own board. However, what happened in >
Kentucky Education Panel Eliminates Master's Degree Requirement for K-12 Teachers
Aug 22, 5:43 AM: An education board in Kentucky has voted to eliminate a requirement that public school teachers earn a Master’s degree to continue in the profession.
Kentucky is backing down on JCPS takeover demands, negotiations show
Aug 15, 5:41 AM: After insisting for months that a full takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools is the only way to resolve a multitude of problems in the district, the state appears to be backing down on its demands, according to >
JCPS, Kentucky trade responses on offer to avoid takeover of district
Aug 14, 5:55 AM: Jefferson County Public Schools has responded to a state offer to avoid a takeover of the district. JCPS spokesman Daniel Kemp would not give details of the response Monday evening, and he did not confirm that it was a >
Community members urge "No deal!" with state on JCPS takeover
Aug 8, 5:54 AM: Community members opposed to a takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools pleaded with the local school board Tuesday to turn down a deal offered by the state last month that would save the large, urban district from >
Franklin County Schools to create new ‘conceptual’ high school
Aug 8, 5:45 AM: The “conceptual school,” which will be located on the campus of the Franklin County Career Technical Center, will be an A5 alternative program, meaning the district-operated facility will have no definable attendance >
JCPS critic Hal Heiner voted chairman of state education board
Aug 3, 7:10 AM: Heiner, a frequent critic of the district and ardent supporter of charter schools, was appointed to the board by Gov. Matt Bevin in April. The board in June approved a rule change that paved the way for Heiner's selection, >
Wayne Lewis' offer to avoid a state takeover of JCPS goes way too far
Aug 3, 4:40 AM: It's encouraging to see that the Kentucky Board of Education is willing to negotiate with Jefferson County Public Schools instead of bulldozing the officials we elected to run our local school district.
Kentucky revamping high school grad requirements
Aug 1, 6:11 AM: A new “transition-ready” component requires students to demonstrate either academic or career readiness by meeting one of multiple potential benchmarks.
Here are the 8 things JCPS would give up to avoid a state takeover
Aug 1, 5:32 AM: The state's offer for Jefferson County Public Schools to avoid a full takeover would require the district to cede control over how students are assigned to schools and early childhood education, according to a copy of the >
Fliers supporting state takeover of JCPS spark debate
Jul 26, 5:35 AM: The fliers urged recipients to support a state takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools. A header on the paper reads, "JCPS is wasting our tax money and abusing our children!"
What is Gov. Matt Bevin doing with Kentucky's education boards?
Jul 23, 4:31 AM: Bevin quietly altered or abolished several education boards this month through executive order, reasoning that the changes will streamline bureaucracy and enhance student learning.
Local high school students to benefit from state scholarship expansion
Jul 18, 5:25 AM: A recent expansion of the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship means high school students will be able to get state support for dual-credit courses in career and technical education that feed into high-demand job sectors, like >
Editorial: Frankfort High School turns heads with academic innovation
Jul 18, 5:12 AM: The school has completely revamped its curriculum and processes to align with an overriding mission of preparing students for career success.
Bevin Expands Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship
Jul 13, 5:31 AM: The scholarship will now be available for high school students for dual credit career and technical education courses in pathways in Kentucky's top five high-demand sectors leading to industry-recognized certifications. >
OpEd: Liberals should cheer state takeover of Louisville public schools
Jul 5, 4:44 AM: All this fuss by feel-good liberals regarding state intervention into the day-to-day management of failing local school districts is puzzling at best and contradictory or even paradoxical at worst since theirs was the >



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