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Education chief won't back down on request for 'sickout' teacher names
Mar 20, 7:26 AM: Kentucky's education chief refused to back down on his request for teacher names related to recent "sickouts," but promised not to punish educators if the protests stop.
Commentary: The fight for school choice in Kentucky goes on
Mar 20, 5:45 AM: The education establishment proved itself again to be the most powerful, well-organized lobby in Frankfort. Even though they exercised no meaningful impact in the last statewide election cycle, and even though teachers are >
JCPS to Wayne Lewis: You can have names of sickout teachers, but there are no notes
Mar 19, 6:49 AM: Jefferson County Public Schools will give the state’s top education official the names of teachers who called in sick to force a series of school closures, officials announced Monday. But the district will not give any >
Is Kentucky out to punish sickout teachers? Education chief says no, but he still wants their names
Mar 18, 4:48 AM: Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis held a press conference to explain his request for the names of Kentucky teachers who called in sick on the dates of the "sickouts," as well as any documentation such as doctor's notes >
KDE: Wayne Lewis requests names of ‘sickout’ teachers
Mar 15, 7:17 AM: After six teacher sickouts shut down Jefferson County Public Schools, Lewis has requested the names of teachers responsible, the state department of education said Thursday.
Controversial Education Bills Behind Teacher ‘Sickout’ Now Appear Dead
Mar 14, 5:08 AM: Kentucky lawmakers say the last two education bills teachers have gathered in Frankfort to protest are very unlikely to move forward in the final days of the legislative session.
Why did the deal between JCPS, teachers union fail to keep schools open?
Mar 13, 6:52 AM: A few posts within KY 120 United - Zone 3 — a secret group visible only to its members — implored teachers to call their legislators. But talk about whether Kentucky's largest school district should stage another sickout >
Governor, Teachers Spar Over 'Sick-Outs'
Mar 13, 5:03 AM: Educators stayed visible in Frankfort Tuesday, with Jefferson County teachers staging their fourth "sick-out" to protest legislation in the homestretch of the 2019 session. It's leading to a familiar dynamic. >
JCPS teachers union denies Bevin's claim it's 'reloading' sick days
Mar 12, 7:15 AM: Gov. Matt Bevin took to social media Monday evening to continue his criticism of teachers participating in sickouts, saying they're putting their own interests ahead of students.
JCPS closed due to teacher 'sickout' for fourth time in 2 weeks
Mar 12, 7:03 AM: A deal brokered by Jefferson County Public Schools and its teachers union to avert another "sickout"-induced shutdown has failed.
How will private school tax credit affect Kentucky schools? Florida's program is spiraling
Mar 12, 6:02 AM: If some Kentucky legislators have their way, more than $25 million of what otherwise would be taxes paid to the state could be redirected to private schools. But that money could be just the beginning, based on what >
Plan would let JCPS teachers protest next week without closing school
Mar 8, 7:30 AM: Jefferson County Public Schools and the Jefferson County Teachers Association have a plan in place that would keep teachers at the Kentucky Capitol through the end of the legislative session without closing schools. >
Gov. Matt Bevin condemns latest JCPS teacher sickout as 'irresponsible'
Mar 7, 6:27 AM: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin called the latest teacher "sickout" that shut down Jefferson County Public Schools on Wednesday "irresponsible" and an example of "what happens when people are afraid that their power is >
As HB 205 debate rages, here are facts on Kentucky public school funding
Mar 7, 6:05 AM: The bill's supporters, meanwhile, insist Gov. Matt Bevin and the Republican-controlled General Assembly have allotted a record level of funding for Kentucky's public schools. And they accuse the teachers union and other >
Yellow scarves, red shirts, heated words. Fight continues over scholarship tax credit bill.
Mar 6, 7:05 AM: The fight over scholarship tax credits continued Tuesday as an overflow crowd of people dressed in red in support of public education or in yellow scarfs in support of school choice watched a heated legislative hearing. >
Second teacher sickout forces JCPS to cancel school Wednesday
Mar 6, 6:58 AM: Jefferson County Public Schools is closed Wednesday — the second time in less than week a massive teacher "sickout" has forced Kentucky's largest district to shutdown.
‘Prepared to strike.’ Educator advocacy group draws ‘lines in the sand.’
Mar 5, 7:26 AM: Leaders of the advocacy group Kentucky 120 United, composed largely of teachers, say they are “prepared to strike” if the General Assembly moves on several issues, including charter schools and scholarship tax credits. >
Local superintendents join others across state to oppose school-choice bill
Mar 5, 6:22 AM: Many superintendents expressed their exasperation at the bill’s support despite the funding challenges their district’s face. They cited recent cuts to state spending on textbooks, teacher training, no money for full-day >
Defiant group of JCPS teachers calls for 2nd 'wildcat' sickout Friday
Mar 1, 8:17 AM: Despite calls by a statewide advocacy group for teachers to show up to work Friday, a band of educators from Kentucky's largest school district is attempting to stage a sickout for a second straight day. >
Kentucky schools chief slams teacher sickout for being 'unfair' to kids
Feb 28, 7:21 AM: After Kentucky's two largest school districts announced they would be forced to shut down due to massive teacher absences, the state schools chief slammed the "sickout" as being unfair to students and families. >



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