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Opinion: The answers for Kentucky schools aren’t in Finland or Singapore. ‘You just have to go to Beaumont.’
Aug 23, 5:29 AM: Vasquez isn’t afraid of talking about provocative subjects; in the past seven years, his blog, Cloaking Inequity has taken on numerous controversial topics, such as why pro-charter school research frequently comes from >
Opinion: Charter school column was incomplete, misleading. Why Kentucky needs charters.
Aug 5, 7:40 AM: The Herald-Leader recently ran an obvious hit piece titled “Charter school management full of schemers and scams. Kentucky should avoid them." The reality is that the vast majority of charter schools are not full of >
Opinion: Parents want school choice. Here's how JCPS is working to improve student assignment
Aug 5, 5:38 AM: This is the busiest time of the year for the Jefferson County Public Schools Office of School Choice, which includes student assignment, magnets and demographics. We are answering phone calls, processing applications and >
Is a proposed JCPS assignment plan the key to equity or a step back?
Jul 31, 5:25 AM: Amid a national discussion on busing for desegregation, Jefferson County Public Schools may have found a model that balances diversity with equitable school choice.
Editorial: Time to recruit and retain teachers in Kentucky
Jul 30, 7:16 AM: Kentucky will be heading back to the classroom over the next two weeks to a critical teacher shortage, state education officials warn.
JCPS Board Will Consider Plan To Give West Louisville Students A Local School Option
Jul 24, 8:11 AM: A JCPS committee has voted to move forward a proposal that would give students who live in the West End and downtown Louisville the choice to attend a nearby middle school or high school.
Opinion: Charter school management full of schemers and scams. Kentucky should avoid them.
Jul 15, 5:19 AM: Entrepreneurship is fine in its place, I just don’t think public tax dollars should be its funding base, especially not when they’re supposed to be used to educate our children. Charter school results from around the >
JCPS and Simmons College have a plan to get more black teachers into local classrooms
Jul 9, 5:40 AM: On Monday, he listened as JCPS announced a new partnership with Simmons College, a historically black college in downtown Louisville, to place more teachers of color into classrooms across the district — a move that could >
Opinion: Homeless, hungry students. We can’t expect Kentucky schools to fix this alone.
Jun 28, 5:37 AM: In Kentucky, that means more funding and support toward our schools, not turning them into a grifter hunting ground of charter schools and “scholarship tax credits,” i.e. vouchers. (That’s a topic for another column.) >
Editorial: Four-year dream still alive at ECTC
Jun 24, 8:05 AM: Establishment of the two-year community college system in Ken­tucky began with a bolder vision. It started in Elizabethtown with a desire to establish a four-year university.
JCPS could give some families choice to attend nearest middle, high schools
Jun 19, 5:16 AM: Pollio said the idea reflects the results from a survey on the current JCPS student assignment plan that found parents, students and community members all listed choice as their top priority.
Editorial: Education bill has some hits, several misses
Jun 7, 5:25 AM: The West Virginia State Senate has passed its latest attempt at a comprehensive education reform bill. It replaces the omnibus bill the Senate approved during the regular session earlier this year but which died in a House >
Kentucky education chief: Kentucky must change its teacher-pay law
Jun 6, 6:03 AM: In a forceful call for "structural change," Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis said he wants lawmakers to clear the way for local school districts to differentiate teacher pay.
Protesting parents are fighting this web-based school program, but some in Ky. love it.
May 29, 6:21 AM: Some parents at Lincoln County Middle School at Stanford, like some families in other states, are protesting a web-based program called Summit Learning that more than 30 Kentucky schools are using.
Opinion: To reform education, Kentucky must focus on rural, impoverished schools
May 29, 5:01 AM: One-third of Kentucky’s student population, or almost 200,000 students, live in rural areas. In fact, half of Kentucky’s counties are rural, but you wouldn’t know this from the conversations about education in the media, >
Many subpoenaed school districts give Ky. Labor Cabinet 'sick out' records
May 14, 7:05 AM: Most school districts subpoenaed by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet have turned over responsive records after a federal judge declined last week to temporarily halt the state’s investigation into “sick outs” orchestrated by >
Federal judge: Kentucky school districts must give up teacher sickout names
May 10, 7:27 AM: Kentucky school districts must comply with a subpoena from Gov. Matt Bevin's administration requesting the names of teachers possibly involved in this year's sickouts, a federal judge said Thursday.
Teachers could earn $14,000 more to work at Lexington schools making big changes.
May 9, 7:23 AM: A minimum $14,000 of additional pay is being offered to teachers willing to work at Lexington’s new Promise Academies which would feature a longer school day and year, according to an announcement on the Fayette County >
Excuses, boredom, chaos: What Kentucky officials found at 21 JCPS low-performing schools
May 3, 6:06 AM: Student assignments with "little complexity, differentiation and rigor." "A pervasive culture of low academic expectations throughout the school." A "perception existed among some students that they could do whatever they >
Online classes growing in popularity in South Central Kentucky
Apr 25, 7:02 AM: With the growing use of technology in everyday life, there’s no question that the world of education is impacted by this. While classroom learning is still alive and well, online classes are becoming more and more >



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