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Legislation would allow 95 percent tax credit on donations for private K-12 scholarships
Jan 17, 6:30 AM: The Kentucky General Assembly will soon take up legislation to provide generous tax credits to individuals and businesses who make donations for organizations that grant scholarships to private K-12 schools. >
When will charter schools open in Kentucky? What we know a year after the law was passed
Jan 12, 5:48 AM: Nearly a year after Kentucky passed a controversial charter school law, no charter schools are set to open in the Bluegrass State anytime soon.
Some lawmakers push for charter school funding
Jan 3, 7:26 AM: With Kentucky’s first charter schools expected to open next fall, the state’s board of education is urging lawmakers to approve a permanent funding mechanism during the upcoming legislative session. >
Kentucky's Board of Education pushes for permanent charter schools funding
Jan 2, 5:30 AM: With Kentucky’s first charter schools expected to open next fall, the state’s board of education is urging lawmakers to approve a permanent funding mechanism during the upcoming legislative session. >
Kentucky budget cuts could crush school outreach, education officials say
Dec 26, 9:02 AM: For nearly 30 years, Kentucky schools have reached beyond classroom walls to tackle the things making it tough for kids to learn. From food, to health care, to housing, state-funded centers have operated out of >
Can Kentucky charter schools have basketball teams? (And other burning questions)
Dec 18, 6:26 AM: Students at Kentucky’s new charter schools will be allowed to participate in interscholastic sports and will have to follow Kentucky High School Athletic Association rules, state education officials told Fayette County >
State board of education lays out legislative priorities
Dec 11, 8:00 AM: With Kentucky’s first charter schools expected to open as early as next fall, the board is also urging for a permanent funding formula for charter schools.
Kentucky one of the worst states for cuts to education spending, report shows
Nov 30, 7:20 AM: Kentucky is in the bottom three states for cuts to K-12 education funding since 2008, according to a report released Wednesday by the nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.
Two Lexington elementary schools are struggling. They’re about to get outside help.
Nov 27, 5:43 AM: An outside firm or consultant will conduct an external review of Arlington and Booker T. Washington elementary schools in Lexington, both which have shown a lack of progress and performance, Fayette school officials said. >
Could this be Kentucky’s first charter school? It just took a big first step.
Nov 16, 6:45 AM: The Eastern Kentucky University Board of Regents on Wednesday passed a resolution allowing the administration to submit an application for Model, Kentucky’s only remaining Pre-K thru 12 university laboratory school, to >
Charter schools coming soon. Education officials want input on the rules for them.
Nov 13, 7:06 AM: This month, state officials are asking citizens to review and make suggestions on the proposed regulations for charter schools that will open in Kentucky for the first time.
Education group talks pensions, charter schools
Oct 31, 6:13 AM: The Prichard Committee is a non-profit, non-partisan, citizen-led organization with the goal of increasing the quality of education in Kentucky for all citizens. The group currently has 110 members statewide and is holding >
New director talks about challenges and opportunities of launching charter schools in Kentucky
Oct 30, 5:24 AM: Simms spent the last nine years working with charter schools in Missouri. He believes Kentucky can learn from the successes and failures of the 43 other states which have opened charters.
Charter schools must be fair, transparent, group says
Oct 23, 5:22 AM: As charter schools become a reality in the state, the League of Women Voters of Kentucky is urging caution in how they’re implemented.
Bevin ceremonially signs historic charter school legislation
Oct 20, 5:35 AM: Gov. Matt Bevin, joined by legislators, education officials and community leaders, Tuesday ceremonially signed House Bill 520 in the State Capitol Rotunda. Enacted during the regular session of the 2017 General Assembly, >
JCPS calls special meeting to discuss authorizing charter schools
Oct 16, 5:51 AM: JCPS board members received answers from state education officials during a special meeting Friday night. The state's new charter school law took effect in June, but the Kentucky Department of Education is still finalizing >
State Board Of Education Proposes Regulations For Charter Schools
Oct 5, 5:55 AM: The Kentucky Board of Education has drafted a set of proposed regulations to govern charter schools, after revisions proposed by a new advisory board appointed by Gov. Matt Bevin.
Local schools to start achievement gap pilot
Sep 27, 5:58 AM: In an attempt to close persistent achievement gaps in Christian County, the local school district plans to implement a pilot program targeting students in gap groups.
First charter school in Kentucky could be in place for start of 2018-19 school year
Sep 15, 5:08 AM: With the passage of House Bill 520 during the 2017 legislative session, Kentucky became the 44th state which legalized public charter schools, which proponents say will improve educational opportunities for many students, >
Genesis Academy offers flexible curriculum for home school students
Sep 14, 5:08 AM: While the majority of students in Clark County attend Clark County Public Schools or private schools, the community also has a healthy population of home schooling families who work together to share resources and >



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