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Schools have mixed results on test goals
Jun 10, 11:18 AM:

Preview of KS schools that may and may not meet NCLB goals. Lots of quotes from Salina district school improvement director without any other points of view. He wants to focus on all standards, not just tested >

Expect voucher debate in 2012
Jun 8, 2:38 PM:

Columnist predicts stars have aligned to bring vouchers to state in 2012.  He makes statements, rather than points backed up by facts (does he know for a fact that voucher schools raise tuition to keep "undesirables" >

Shawnee Mission School District approves activity fees for high schools
May 25, 2:12 PM:

Shawnee Mission district brings in compulsory activity fee to help plug budget gap. $90 hardly seems unreasonable, and is waived for low income families. But the fact all students must pay (even if they don't take part >

State stuck with NCLB
May 19, 7:26 AM:

Poor argument for scrapping NCLB law, based on KS and other states failing to meet goals. Editorial suggests no alternative for ensuring students meet standards. While NCLB may have some unrealistic goals, pushing for >

Kansas Schools Get Word Of Budget Cuts
May 13, 1:56 PM:

State lawmakers agree on budget, slashing school spending six percent or $232 per student. Article speculates larger class sizes, no major teacher layoffs in Kansas City's biggest districts. Tough choices. Slightly >

Group seeks support for school choice
May 13, 6:28 AM:

Choice group launches vouchers campaign after concluding throwing money at schools isn't working. With paltry test results, it's hard to argue against change. Would be nice to look beyond commercials to their campaign >

Johnson County lawmaker’s idea would allow school districts access to funds
May 5, 9:44 AM:

Johnson County lawmaker trying to get legislature to pass plan letting schools use capital project money for utility and other expenses. Details pros and cons of freeing up money and effort for more local control. >

Kansas legislative committee rejects deeper cuts to school aid
May 3, 12:43 PM:

Kansas House rejects deeper school aid cuts. Some members say $250 cut per student is already too much. Rep Schwartz asks about impact on kids -- readers want to know too. Without more info on spending and where money >

Kansas Legislature considers longer wait for teacher tenure
Apr 29, 7:24 AM:

Lawmakers consider bill extending pre-tenure period. Thoughtfully notes ineffective teachers are still protected. Tugs at heartstrings with ex. of educator needing protection. Could've balanced with negative case.


State education bill fuels debate
Apr 26, 6:33 AM:

Welcome, Texas. Ed reform bill challenged by teachers and unions holding on to the past. We're all in this together. Bill would remove class size limits, teacher pay scales and barriers to firings. Common issues facing >

Local legislators discuss ‘suitable’ education
Apr 25, 9:44 AM:

KS lawmakers want a clearer definition of "suitable education" to keep court out of K-12 funding. Go beyond Sunflower State to see how other states, like NY or CA, have tackled problem. 

Kan. lawmakers still to tackle education changes
Apr 20, 8:55 AM:


State school budget is a big question mark in upcoming legislative session. Previous court rulings have said state not properly funding public schools, so expect more money to be put into them, even with the tough >

State considers fingerprinting teachers
Apr 15, 11:34 AM:

Teachers in Kansas who were licensed prior to 2003 may have to have fingerprints and background checks performed, as part of proposed new security measures. Union reps say immediate reports of arrests would suffice, >

Busing costs scrutinized amid school budget talks
Mar 21, 2:53 PM:

Wichita school officials have to cut $30 million from next year's budget. Cost of busing students to magnet schools is under scrutiny. Pros and cons of eliminating busing fully explored here. Good parent and educator >

Dems: 'Frontal attack' on education
Mar 8, 6:54 AM:

Political fight continues to heat up in Kansas. Republicans proposing variety of education reform bills and Dems feel they are attacking education. Attacking status quo, but not education. No mention of bills to increase >

Kansas seeks reprieve from federal education law
Mar 1, 6:14 AM:

State seeks reprieve from No Child Left Behind law that stipulates 100% of students do well on state tests by 2014 or face sanctions along the way. So if you don't like the goal you move the goal post? KS claims lots of >

New plan emerges on Kan. special education funding
Feb 24, 7:32 AM:

Feds order state to pay up on special education, but warn not to do so by "undercutting" Gov's budget-trimming plans. Not relevant which pot special ed dollars are under. More critical to know what is going on with >

Crowd weighs in on budget cuts in Haven school district
Feb 22, 10:27 AM:

Parents, residents, and students crowd Haven school board meeting, propose alternate plans for getting budget back in black. Ask board why they're choosing to cut teachers and close schools to reduce deficit -- no idea >

District faces challenge
Feb 11, 11:38 AM:

Schools serving low-income students lag behind. Figuring out how these schools can make gains is still the question. Give us a roadmap for low-income student success.

APNewsBreak: Kan. delays pension, school aid funds
Feb 4, 3:16 PM:

Payments to public schools and educator pensions are postponed in Kansas.  Also posponed is attention to the impact, if any, on public school students and their education.



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