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Students, parents tell state board of education online classes aren’t working
Nov 11, 7:36 AM: The Kansas State Board of Education met for its monthly meeting on Tuesday. They discussed how schools are operating during the pandemic and heard from members of the public.
Kansas Teachers Could Owe Their Schools Thousands If They Quit Over Coronavirus Concerns
Aug 11, 7:55 AM: Kansas teachers that don’t feel safe going back to crowded hallways as schools reopen could take medical leave or teach online. But at the many districts that don’t have those options, teachers eye another choice: >
Parents team up to create 'pandemic pods' for virtual learning
Jul 31, 7:50 AM: The girls will go to Cabansag's house on Monday and Thursday, when she is able to work from home. Then they will learn from Coldanghise on Tuesday and Friday, leaving just one day of solo learning with the SMSD >
Opinion: K-12 officials shouldn’t oppose equal education opportunity
Jul 6, 5:38 AM: We don’t fund students in Kansas, we fund institutions, and the institutions would rather force kids to stay in the worst-performing schools than lose one dollar of revenue. These students absolutely can learn, but they’re >
Tech schools blend online courses with hands-on training for needed workers
May 11, 7:51 AM: The COVID-19 pandemic forced Kansas community colleges and tech schools to adapt curriculum and teaching methods this semester, but it didn’t close classrooms altogether.
With Kansas school closures, we’re about to live the longest snow day in history
Mar 18, 7:44 AM: There’s a lot we don’t know about Gov. Laura Kelly’s order to close every K-12 school in Kansas for the rest of the school year. But one thing, we know: Families are scrambling.
Kansas bill creates civics testing mandate to graduate high school
Feb 12, 8:18 AM: Attorney General Derek Schmidt endorsed a proposal Tuesday to create a state law requiring Kansas students pass an examination based on the U.S. citizenship test to graduate from high school.
Editorial: Why are Kansas schools diverting urgently needed funds from at-risk students?
Dec 19, 7:25 AM: If your charitable contributions were getting siphoned away from their intended destinations, you’d likely cut them or cut them off. Why should state aid be any different?
Wichita Falls ISD looks to innovate learning for high school students
Oct 22, 5:36 AM: Modernizing Wichita Falls ISD isn't just about bricks and mortar. The district is seeking a grant of about $300,000 for blended learning at the high school level, as well as taking part in a national group on innovative >
Area schools working to redesign how students are educated
Sep 3, 5:48 AM: This project gives schools support to reimagine the school day with a focus on personalized learning and social and emotional growth.
Commentary: Online studies can be blended with traditional learning
May 20, 7:16 AM: In Kansas, fourth through eighth graders in one McPherson elementary, and fourth and fifth graders in one elementary and grades 9 nine through 11 in Wellington work online.
Silicon Valley Came to Kansas Schools. That Started a Rebellion.
Apr 22, 8:30 AM: Eight months earlier, public schools near Wichita had rolled out a web-based platform and curriculum from Summit Learning. The Silicon Valley-based program promotes an educational approach called “personalized learning,” >
Opinion: Kansas should look to Florida on how to reform public education
Apr 12, 5:06 AM: A false impression of student achievement is one of the greatest barriers to improving public education. Unfortunately, the new school funding bill won’t help as long as some in the Kansas Legislature and Gov. Laura Kelly >
Editorial: Anti-bullying measure is a sneaky plan to allow school vouchers in Kansas
Mar 18, 7:24 AM: The Kansas Legislature is considering a new school finance bill that’s deeply problematic for several reasons, including this: It would establish a private school tuition program for students victimized by bullying. >
After Applying To Charter Schools Online, 2,500 Kansas City Families Now Have A Choice To Make
Mar 8, 6:17 AM: Families of prospective charter school students who used a common application have received their offers and will have until March 22 to pick their top choice on School App KC.
Private Schools Proposed As An Escape From Bullying, But Opponents See A Grab For Public Funding
Feb 21, 6:16 AM: A bill in the Kansas Legislature would let students escape bullying by transferring to a new school, either public or private. But critics say the bill is little more than an attempt to send state dollars meant for public >
Kansas Hope Scholarship Act would transfer base aid to private schools for bullying victims
Feb 19, 6:58 AM: Former Rep. Chuck Weber explained the hopelessness bullying victims experience in testimony last week for lawmakers entertaining ideas to restructure the way public school funding is used.
Opinion: Second thoughts about charter schools
Feb 1, 7:51 AM: Kansas was wise in setting rigorous limits for charters. Let’s keep it that way.
‘We want our kids to be in school’: Wichita continues efforts to curb suspensions
Jan 14, 7:21 AM: Wichita school officials say they don’t plan to back away from efforts to curb student suspensions and expulsions, even after the Trump Administration rolled back guidelines aimed at reducing racial discrimination in >
Commentary: School choice part of the fix for Kansas’ broken education funding model
Dec 31, 7:18 AM: Politicians love false dichotomies. They want you to think you have to choose between compassion and carefulness, efficiency and effectiveness. In the Kansas school funding debate, there’s a line in the sand: Either you >



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