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Editorial: Passing a school finance bill doesn’t complete Kansas legislators’ work
Apr 10, 5:38 AM: Kansas lawmakers took a significant step in the long-running school finance crisis over the weekend. The state Senate, kicking and screaming, finally agreed to a measure adding more than $500 million to school spending >
Kansas City's First All-Girls Charter High School Picks A Leader
Apr 9, 6:57 AM: Kansas City’s first single-gender charter school has found its founding principal. Tara Haskins will lead Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy, which will serve predominantly young women of color in the city’s poorest >
Reading residents voice overwhelming support for charter school at special meeting
Mar 29, 6:28 AM: Judging from the responses Wednesday, a proposal to turn Reading Elementary into a charter school may have struck a nerve across USD 251 North Lyon County.
House sends teacher tenure, anti-bullying bills to Senate
Mar 9, 7:16 AM: The Kansas House gave final passage Thursday to two education bills, including one that restores teacher tenure rights, also known as due process rights, which lawmakers repealed several years ago.
DCHS touts pathways programs
Mar 6, 6:35 AM: Vocational education at the high school level, or vo-tech, as it’s commonly known, used to consist of basic construction trades and perhaps some automotive repair, and the classes were sometimes viewed as a place for kids >
Koch family to open new kind of private school at Wichita State University
Feb 5, 6:54 AM: Modeled after schools such as Acton Academy in Austin, Texas, and NuVu (pronounced “new view”) on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wonder will incorporate facets of the “Maker movement” and other >
Teacher tenure battle rises to Kansas Supreme Court once again
Jan 29, 8:01 AM: Sen. Tom Arpke laid the foundation of an ongoing legal battle by championing a bill to end long-standing employment due process rights available to thousands of public school teachers.
Court Asks If Kansas Lawmakers Had Power To Kill Teacher Tenure
Jan 25, 8:05 AM: Tenure, as Kansas public school teachers had known it for decades, died at the hands of lawmakers without a hearing in the spring of 2014.
School board candidates agree on need for more openness, differ on charter schools
Oct 23, 6:53 AM: In answering a question at a Sunday school board candidate forum about how to build community consensus, James Alan Hollinger said widespread support would be achieved through transparency on the part of the board and >
Kansas schools may no longer group students by grade level as part of plan to remake education system
Oct 19, 7:07 AM: Kansas public school officials are launching a project to overhaul the way education is delivered in the state through a project that they say is so ambitious, they are likening it to the NASA moon missions of the 1960s. >
“It’s never too late”: Virtual school helps people get diploma
Sep 19, 5:32 AM: Royer is enrolled in the Topeka Public Schools Virtual School. It’s a web-based program geared towards people over 19 that didn’t earn their high school diploma in four years. It allows people to complete any unfinished >
Learning outside the education box
Sep 11, 6:01 AM: The flexibility Kansas Connections Academy offers was one reason the school appealed to Cameron and his mom, Amanda Hayes. Cameron can log in and work on his assignments at his own pace. He is even able to work ahead as he >
New partnership expands city bus options for Wichita students
Aug 8, 5:33 AM: Thanks to a new partnership between Wichita Transit and the school district, students can buy discounted city bus passes for traveling to school and elsewhere. In addition, students at seven Wichita schools who don’t >
Kansas Private Tuition Tax Credit Program Sees Early Growth
Aug 7, 6:31 AM: Kansas’ private tuition tax credit program doubled in size in the 2016-2017 school year and appears likely to expand again after lawmakers voted to enhance it this session.
Teachers union, State square off for second Kansas Supreme Court showdown over tenure
Jul 26, 7:21 AM: A fresh legal challenge to the state’s 2014 elimination of teacher job protections has reached the Kansas Supreme Court, close on the heels of a separate lawsuit that proved unsuccessful six months ago. >
Kansas School Funding Bill Expands Tax Credits For Private Tuition Program
Jun 7, 7:24 AM: A school finance bill headed to Gov. Sam Brownback’s desk would expand a program that funds private school tuition through tax credits.
Kansas House rejects combination K-12, tax bill; search for new deal goes on
Jun 6, 5:39 AM: The governor went on to say he supports maintaining a “pro-growth taxation system,” a single-bracket tax system and school choice for low-performing students.
Lawrence Virtual School grants diplomas to 80 students, its largest class to date
May 22, 6:27 AM: The Lawrence school district assistant superintendent for innovation and technology said it may seem counter-intuitive, but she and their teachers got to know very well the 80 students who received diplomas at Free State >
Conservative legal group to push for school choice in Kansas
May 2, 5:15 AM: The conservative think tank Kansas Policy Institute announced plans Monday to launch a new legal branch that will push for school choice initiatives such as private school vouchers, even if that means suing in court. >
House bill could narrow private school tax credit program in coming years
Apr 24, 5:55 AM: Provisions that set accreditation or academic outcome standards for private schools are included in a 114-page education bill that primarily establishes a new statewide funding formula for public schools.



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