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House inaction may keep school budgets stagnant
Mar 16, 1:32 PM:

By simply ignoring IA Senate-passed measure to increase ed spending by 2%, House can effectively zero fund education. Unnamed school advocacy groups complain that this will lead to larger class size (is that really a >

School mergers at center of debate in Iowa
Mar 7, 12:57 PM:

Debate over "zero-growth" education funding bill (state aid would be frozen at the level it was last year) comes to Iowa. Bill would force the inevitable -- consolidation -- on rural school districts to save money. Since >

Charter, innovative school bill advances
Mar 4, 11:10 AM:

Iowa lawmakers pass a charter school bill out of the House Education Committee with the hopes that it will encourage districts to create more innovative schools. It would be good to know why districts don't already do >

Charter, innovative school bill advances
Mar 3, 6:51 AM:

State Education Committee voted for something, but not sure what. Apparently, it allows "more latitude in innovating" to create charter schools. A state Rep says boards can now "think outside the box."  But, no mention >

Educators concerned about preschool proposal's requirements for teachers
Feb 22, 12:24 PM:

Iowa Gov wants to change state-funded pre-K to have parents pay.  Sliding-scale scholarships available.  Calls for keeping quality standards, but says teachers don' t need to be certified, only working to certification.  >

House passes zero-growth education funding
Feb 9, 12:58 PM:

IA lawmakers voted to for 0% funding growth for districts after an unfunded 2% the previous year. Fiscal efficiency aside,  an examination of ways districts might cope and the potential downside for the school system and >

Iowa considers hours, not days for classroom time
Feb 8, 1:06 PM:

State ed officials wants to implement a new strategy to calculate the school in hours, not days. Serious question of which way will be more beneficial to students. Where are the statisitics stating that one way or the >

A movement to issue standards-based progress reports is growing in Iowa.
Feb 7, 2:07 PM:

Iowa wants to implement a standards-based grading system that does away with awarding letter grades. Although parents wax and wain, student achievement is top priority for a change!

Teacher Merit Pay: SB6 is Back
Feb 4, 10:55 AM:

Florida lawmakers are taking new tack on merit pay -- listening more to teachers.Suggests teachers' opposition  to merit legislation may be softening.Would like to hear more as debate develops

Changes in Iowa overstated
Jan 4, 6:02 PM:

The new Iowa super did indeed help start a kind of pay for performance system, but it is not considered dramatic or progressive. Praise as a reformer may be a little misplaced, and in a state that barely accepts the most >



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