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West Burlington School Board bucks trend, hires new teachers
May 18, 11:08 AM:

West Burlington board hires two new teachers. But, no layoff numbers or details from surrounding districts for reader to compare what's happening here to other area systems. Also, unclear info on air conditioning project >

Des Moines charter school asked to explain recruitment plan
May 13, 6:23 AM:

IA charter under investigation for recruitment plan. How could such a misunderstanding arise between board and school? Des Moines Register doesn’t take the time to tell us. If school was approved on basis of serving >

Fewer teachers are given pink slips
May 3, 9:06 AM:

IA districts manage to avoid most of expected layoffs. Pleasant surprise, but class sizes are expected to increase for second consecutive year. That angle would draw focus back to students. Broad rundown of specifics for >

Charter schools fall short of district schools in local, federal tax funds
May 2, 7:08 AM:

Thorough analysis of funding disparity for AZ charter schools. But parents still pleased with education that charters provide. What can be done to close the gap? Statewide stats on charter-school success could strengthen >

TPS, teachers clash again over use of federal funds
Apr 29, 7:17 AM:

Toledo union upset because district won't reveal use of federal aid. Agreed to divulge plan 1st week of May, so why's union adamant about knowing early? Bigger issue is funds maintaining status quo. Could be an >

Des Moines parents question charter school's focus
Apr 28, 5:57 AM:

New school in Des Moines, IA created to target potential dropouts appears to be recruiting widely, drawing ire of state ed board. Unclear here what upset board members might do. Article establishes "at-risk" definition >

Middle School gets technology upgrade
Apr 21, 11:39 AM:

Urbandale Middle School received $250,000 investment in computers, projectors and iPads. Limited budget. A computer for every third student is a start. More investment needed soon.

Pulaski High School's Kim Noe mixes technology, fun in English classroom
Apr 21, 11:19 AM:

WI teacher integrates technology and social networking like Facebook and Youtube into curriculum. Innovation. Creative teaching. Engaged students. The payoffs will be plentiful.

Glass: 2-year budget good for schools
Apr 19, 11:30 AM:

New IA director wants better student and teacher performance evals. But 2-year budget cycle battle shifts the focus from quality reforms. Director on track to focus on students, teachers and parents no matter the final >

West Des Moines board taps 3 finalists for school superintendent job
Apr 7, 4:00 PM:

West Des Moines school district names three finalists for top job. Nice profile of where candidates are and look at what's next in the hiring process. What's the task ahead for the super? Look into how the district >

House GOP votes to cut budgets for community colleges, U-of-I, ISU, UNI
Apr 6, 8:55 AM:


Ed budget funding battle continues in IA. GOP wants to cut higher ed dollars and replace preschool monies with vouchers. Dems object. Can't tell what's at stake, as no figures given for costs/savings.


Kibbie: Zero allowable growth for schools
Apr 5, 4:01 PM:

IA school districts with bare budgets may have to cut even more because of zero allowable growth. What does that mean for those not schooled in the language of legislation? If there's no more state money for the budget, >

School reformer Glass begins work for state
Apr 4, 12:05 PM:

New IA Dept. of Ed director known for bringing people together on reform. Leader says public ed has to change, but what's it like now? School choice is a nationwide focus for uplifting system -- part of his improvement >

AP: Family of 4 making $67K gets no state aid under Branstad's preschool plan
Apr 4, 10:55 AM:

IA plans to cut free preschool could lead to lower enrollment and staff cuts. Gov has argued state can't afford $70M system and plans scholarships based on income. Lotsa "he says, he says". What would a compromise look >

State board asks Branstad to keep universal preschool
Apr 1, 11:34 AM:

IA Board asks Gov. to find a way to keep intact the $70 million free universal preschool program. Argued that every $1 spent creates a $17 benefit to the state -- show how/why. Any future student achievement benefits?

Board looks at students' international competition
Mar 25, 3:41 PM:

Waukee leaders want students competitive on Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) test. They're using lessons modeled after a CA charter. Good to see successful innovations shared so all students' benefit. >

Preschool report raises debate in Iowa Legislature
Mar 23, 12:48 PM:

State Senate considering pay-to-participate preschool program. Dems and GOP battling over it, with Dems charging new report shows it increases bureaucracy spending and cuts funding on classroom instruction. That >

Iowa House votes to expand charter school law
Mar 18, 12:25 PM:

IA lawmakers approve changes to charter school law. Just reaction from both sides with typical left-right disagreement about charters. Exactly how the law expands and what changes because of it, not mentioned. The whole >

House inaction may keep school budgets stagnant
Mar 16, 1:32 PM:

By simply ignoring IA Senate-passed measure to increase ed spending by 2%, House can effectively zero fund education. Unnamed school advocacy groups complain that this will lead to larger class size (is that really a >

School mergers at center of debate in Iowa
Mar 7, 12:57 PM:

Debate over "zero-growth" education funding bill (state aid would be frozen at the level it was last year) comes to Iowa. Bill would force the inevitable -- consolidation -- on rural school districts to save money. Since >



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