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State Director of Education has strong words about education reform
Jul 14, 8:48 AM:

IA's new Director of Ed tells Clinton Rotary Club making state number 1 again in academic excellence will take compromise by those on all sides of debate. Article details Jason Glass' ideas but would like to know how >

Davenport teacher will have governor’s attention at event
Jul 12, 9:29 AM:

Teacher talks about issues he'll bring up at roundtable during IA Ed Summit. Says focus should be on students and making sure programs implemented are effective. Sounds good, but would be better alongside details on what >

Branstad pushes education reform in town meetings
Jul 12, 8:31 AM:

IA Gov working to gin up support for summer summit on how best to revamp state's schools. He's holding town halls leading up to summit. Article details agenda topics and includes reaction from critics. Beyond bringing in >

Can Iowa schools regain luster?
Jul 12, 8:19 AM:

Gov's summit will focus on returning state to position as an ed leader. Summary of his ideas, incl. merit pay, pre-K assessments and more charters. Thoughtful look at state's achievement, changing demographics and >

Education reform debate should wait until next year
Jul 6, 8:00 AM:

Editorial backs IA Gov Branstad's decision not to call state lawmakers back to work following upcoming ed summit. Good detailing of pro-delay argument. Curious, though, about summit's agenda. Would like more details >

Citing mistrust, Iowa districts pull support from school boards association
Jul 5, 2:17 PM:

IA Association of School Boards taking heat for unethical handling of matters associated with money scandal. Districts refuse to pay membership fee. Missing is any indication of overarching role organization plays. Need >

Student progress tempts Des Moines board to sweeten Sebring's pay package
Jul 1, 10:19 AM:

Register report links IA superintendent's policies with an improvement in student achievement. Well-documented and balanced story that also notes some of the areas still in need of work. Board has been prompted to >

Iowa backs down, will follow rules on federal special ed funds
Jun 29, 1:28 PM:

IA agrees to shift $4M to special ed to meet federal requirements. Budget-strapped state still faces $1.5M less in fed. funds. All these figures don't mean much without info on how it's spent. Look at number of kids with >

Newsweek names West High best school in state
Jun 23, 9:17 AM:

Congrats to West High after being named best school in state by Newsweek. But, apart from explaining ranking method, report says very little about school. Tell us more about its teaching and curriculum, and what other >

Charter school plans expansion despite dropping enrollment
Jun 22, 6:00 AM:

Despite dropping enrollment and less than half its seats filled for upcoming school year, Des Moines, IA, charter goes forward with plans to move to bigger space. No answer here on why school is pressing ahead now, nor >

Cedar Rapids board says no to charter school
Jun 17, 9:45 AM:

Local IA board denies application for a charter, saying it is "not in a position to collaborate on such a project." What does that mean? Short report doesn't say. Would be interested in hearing about the innovative >

Davenport schools examine teaching practices
Jun 16, 10:43 AM:

Spotlights Davenport, IA, educators and conference on effective practices. Lots of good info on consulting company and its work with district. But, would like to know success rate and more specifics on how teachers >

Branstad's education summit is sold out
Jun 15, 1:02 PM:

Enthusiastic response to IA Gov's plan for an education conference this summer, which has already sold out. Admirable in its effort to collect a wide range of opinion on improving state's education. Turnout reflects >

Iowa collecting data on students who took community college classes while in high school
Jun 9, 2:28 PM:

IA collects data on success of offering community college classes to high school students. In-depth look at program suggests mixed results --  it can provide valuable opportunities, but not all kids benefit. More >

Horry County schools win Farm-to-School grants
Jun 8, 2:13 PM:

SC schools earn grant to plant on-site gardens, which will grow fruit and vegetables for their lunchrooms. Sounds like an interesting program; would be interested to hear more about its history. Also could tell readers >

Des Moines school official leaving for Minnesota
Jun 6, 10:19 AM:

Des Moines district chief academic officer takes new job as Rochester, MN, Super. Details here read like news release, giving new salary and recap of old duties. Would like to know about successes as chief and more about >

Republicans offer omnibus bill; give schools two percent allowable growth
Jun 3, 10:32 AM:

Political battles challenge cobbled-together budget bill that cuts spending on universal pre-K; keeps 2% increase for public schools; doesn't touch collective bargaining; but has public employees pay more for health. >

Gov. Christie heading to Iowa for education summit
Jun 1, 11:36 AM:

Another article talking about Christie running for president. Media should worry about it when he announces he is running. Title leads readers to believe they'll find out about what Christie will be doing at Iowa ed >

State-paid preschool is likely to survive, Branstad says
May 26, 9:54 AM:

Despite Gov's proposal, state-funded preschool is expected to escape budget cuts. Relief from parents and teachers, but little info on importance and impact of program. Lots of studies show preschool can be smart >

Weighing the future of neighborhood schools
May 24, 12:48 PM:

Rob Daniel looks at Iowa City district's goal of having students attend schools closest to their homes whenever possible and spotlights two families. But what story is really about is parental involvement and making >



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