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Letter: Expand school tuition tax credit program
Jan 18, 7:14 AM: Every child deserves a fair and equal opportunity to excel in school. For parents, that means having the ability to choose a school best suited to their child’s needs. Unfortunately, not all families have that choice. >
Column: Expanding education choices for low-income families must be a 2019 Iowa Legislature priority
Jan 8, 5:58 AM: With the 2019 session of the Iowa Legislature about to begin, discussions of hot-button issues and debates on statewide priorities will commence.
More funding needed to continue online high school courses
Dec 26, 7:56 AM: Hundreds of Iowa high school students may lose access to required foreign language classes if lawmakers don’t provide a cash infusion to a state-run initiative.
Governor: Apprentices are 'learning and earning'
Nov 14, 7:13 AM: Low unemployment may be one of the stats politicians brag about. But Iowa's governor says she's well aware that having everyone working can actually cause headaches for business managers.
Report: Iowa falling short of workforce education goals, especially among Hispanics, blacks
Sep 20, 6:15 AM: The education gap is particularly bad for poor and minority workers. If Iowa fails to meet that goal, it will be difficult for the state to fill future jobs, more than two-thirds of which are expected to require more than >
Dubuque Prescott teachers prep for first year without charter status
Aug 15, 6:06 AM: For the first time in 12 years, Prescott Elementary in Dubuque will be welcoming students as a regular public school, not a charter.Earlier this year the school board voted against an application that would have requested >
Column: Open the educational doors of opportunity for everyone
Aug 6, 7:15 AM: A more practical policy goal might be to make obtaining technical skills more affordable while facilitating the development of additional skills and higher education. This would give people a firmer grasp of basic skills >
Opinion: Register report about public funds going to private schools did not tell the whole story
Aug 6, 5:34 AM: In the recent Des Moines Register article, “How much public money goes to support private schools in Iowa?,” it was reported that nearly $500 million in public funds have gone to support non-public schools since 2008. The >
Teacher's union to school board: Please lobby state legislators to restore bargaining rights
Jul 27, 6:21 AM: There's a "palpable" anxiety among teachers in Iowa City schools since the state Legislature stripped the rights of collective bargaining, say leaders of a local union.
How much public money goes to support private schools in Iowa?
Jul 18, 4:29 AM: Iowa has spent nearly $500 million in public money to support private schools and home school programs since 2008, according to a Register analysis of state data.
Governor unveils apprenticeship ‘playbook’
Jun 18, 7:02 AM: A new online “playbook” is available to guide Iowa employers, high schools and students interested in establishing registered apprenticeship programs in their communities to enhance work skills and job opportunities, Gov. >
Tax Breaks for Religious Schools Await Governor’s Signature
May 17, 5:58 AM: The Republican-sponsored tax reform bill that passed on the last day of the legislative session included some tax advantages for private schools that didn’t get much attention during the debate.  That was a victory for >
Small district pitches charter school benefits to top state education administrator
May 14, 5:30 AM: Iowa Department of Education director Ryan Wise visits a classroom at West Central schools on Friday. The small district in Maynard is one of only two Iowa districts that will have charter school status next fall. >
Ames student takes alternative education path through virtual school
Apr 30, 5:17 AM: On a day-to-day basis, Cooper is one of about 540 students who participate in the K-12 school — which opened in August 2012 and is open to any Iowa student — with less than 10 sprinkled throughout Story County in Ames, >
Letter: Empower parents with school choice
Apr 23, 5:23 AM: One of the biggest decisions that a parent faces is how to educate their child. Making the best choice for their child’s education will have a long lasting impact on his or her future. There are many great choices for >
Guest Opinion: Iowa’s GOP legislators must despise public education
Apr 16, 5:18 AM: Voucher programs and other private education measures will harm public schools even more than the Legislature already has.
Column: Nothing is conservative about school vouchers
Apr 9, 5:44 AM: Conservative lawmakers have once again introduced legislation to create an education savings account program in Iowa. ESAs are the latest iteration of school voucher programs that differ in that they allow parents to use >
Rural schools present unique opportunities
Apr 6, 6:05 AM: Tewes, Tessum and Long agreed smaller class sizes allow for more one-on-one attention from teachers and that students who attend smaller, rural schools have the opportunity to be more active in sports and the arts. All >
Iowa School Choice Supporters 'Optimistic' at Statehouse Rally
Apr 5, 4:35 AM: Supporters of programs to expand state funding for various forms of non-public education rallied at the Iowa Capitol Wednesday along with hundreds of students.
Opinion: Inside the Iowa House: vouchers are back
Apr 3, 5:23 AM: With just a few weeks left in session, Republican lawmakers revived their plan for private school vouchers. Once fully implemented, this latest version would shift over $250 million in taxpayer dollars from public schools >



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