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Opinion: Iowa’s governor beat the teachers unions and reopened schools. Here’s how she did it.
Feb 26, 8:48 AM:

Her name is Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), and she just signed a bill into law that requires every public and accredited private school in her state to offer in-person learning, five days a week. Not a “majority” of K-8 >

Voucher-Style Proposal Raises School Choice Debate In Iowa
Feb 17, 7:19 AM: A school choice bill passed by the Iowa Senate (SF 159) would create independent charter schools and expand open enrollment. It also creates voucher-style scholarships, worth around $5,200 a year, for families to spend on >
Editorial: Struggling schools need more state aid, not less
Feb 17, 6:58 AM: But even though the pandemic adds a multiplier effect to an issue like the annual debate over supplemental state aid, that isn’t the most troubling legislative issue facing public schools. Of greater concern is Gov. Kim >
As Iowa Republicans, Democrats clash on 'school choice' studies, here's what the research says
Feb 15, 6:57 AM: As they have pushed legislation that would set up Iowa’s first educational savings account program, Gov. Kim Reynolds and other Republicans have touted the plan as an all-around benefit for Iowa students. >
Opinion: Public school operations and finances bear little resemblance to a business's
Feb 12, 7:32 AM: Our district does not have an accredited private school in its boundaries, but we are about 15 miles from Des Moines. If 0.5% of our students would opt to go to a private school in the Des Moines area, the state would take >
Column: School 'choice' is the straw man we've seen before
Feb 8, 6:07 AM: In Iowa, school “choice” has become a tired straw man. It’s trotted out and dusted off every year by a vocal contingent of state legislators, many of whom are homeschool or private-school parents. Education savings >
Reynolds 'educating' lawmakers on her plan for school choice, funding
Feb 5, 6:54 AM: Gov. Kim Reynolds says she has some “educating” to do to get House Republicans on board her sweeping schools plan that calls for taxpayer-funded scholarships for private school students and expands charter school >
Davenport City Council voices opinions on Iowa bill that would provide some public school students vouchers to attend private school
Feb 4, 6:35 AM: Davenport City Council spoke their varying opinions on the Iowa School Choice Bill earlier tonight. The proposed education bill would create a school voucher program. The bill has passed through the Iowa state senate and >
Iowans Weigh In On School Choice Legislation
Feb 3, 6:40 AM: Major education reforms are afoot in the Iowa legislature. Last Thursday, the Iowa Senate passed SF 159, which would alter how public dollars are allocated to public schools.
Reynolds' school choice bill would reduce public school funding by $2.1 million, nonpartisan analysis says
Feb 2, 6:21 AM: If approved, Gov. Kim Reynolds’ proposal to create taxpayer-funded scholarships toward private school tuition for public school students in struggling K-12 schools would cost the state’s 300-plus public school districts a >
A look inside 1 of Iowa’s 2 Charter Schools
Feb 1, 7:26 AM: Charter schools are common, public and private in big cities like New York, but here in Iowa, they’re a rarity. Iowa legislators are considering a bill that would grow their numbers. Right now the state only has two- one >
Editorial: Another legislative session, another GOP push to siphon money from Iowa's public schools
Feb 1, 6:54 AM: Do Iowans need more choices? No. And the more money the GOP insists on robbing from public schools, the fewer educational options there will be for the 500,000 students who attend them.
Iowa Legislature passes bill requiring schools to provide in-person option; Gov. Kim Reynolds expected to sign
Jan 29, 6:38 AM: Iowa would require schools to offer parents the option to choose in-person classroom instruction five days a week after a measure passed in both chambers of the Legislature Thursday.
Iowa ‘school choice’ bills moving quickly
Jan 28, 6:16 AM: Legislative Republicans pushed Gov. Kim Reynolds’ state-funded “students first” private school scholarship program closer Tuesday to floor debate during a week the governor proclaimed to celebrate and raise awareness about >
Iowa lawmakers moving forward with controversial school bills
Jan 27, 7:37 AM: The Iowa House Education Committee passed two controversial GOP-sponsored education bills Tuesday night; one would prevent schools with voluntary diversity plans from preventing open enrollment, while the other would >
Iowa GOP lawmakers advance 'school choice' measures
Jan 26, 6:39 AM: Republican lawmakers who control the Iowa Legislature pressed ahead Monday with plans to expand school choice for parents with public funds for private and charter schools and with requiring K-12 schools to offer an >
Local leaders weigh in on expansion of school-choice option
Jan 26, 6:20 AM: The Iowa Senate Education Committee on Monday narrowly agreed to advance the bill, which would provide funds for some students to attend nonpublic schools and create a new charter school system for the state, among several >
Opinion: School choice is more than an idea for Iowa families like mine. Let's expand these resources.
Jan 25, 7:49 AM: The primary focus of school choice is personal; it’s about students. Choice empowers parents — a child’s strongest advocates, and the people who best know their skills and interests — to select the learning environment >
Iowa public school educators concerned school choice bill could strain the system
Jan 25, 6:53 AM: Some Quad-Cities area educators are concerned a proposed school choice measure about to begin working its way through the Iowa statehouse could draw resources from already strapped public schools.
Reynolds, Senate Republicans introduce sweeping K-12 education proposals
Jan 22, 6:36 AM: Two major education initiatives favored by Gov. Kim Reynolds and majority GOP legislators expanding school choices for Iowa parents and students and providing in-person instruction for those who want it will start getting >



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