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Bill to make state superintendent an appointed position goes to governor’s desk
Apr 19, 6:08 AM: The state schools superintendent will soon be appointed by the Indiana governor. Lawmakers voted to pass a compromise Tuesday that sends the bill to the governor’s desk. If signed, the change will take effect in 2025. >
Will state require voucher schools to report finances?
Apr 18, 5:06 AM: In response to an IndyStar investigation of Indiana's school voucher program, lawmakers are taking steps to increase financial transparency of private schools that accept public dollars for school choice. >
Panel: Indy should close 3 of 7 public high schools
Apr 17, 7:17 AM: An Indianapolis Public Schools task force has recommended closing three of the district’s seven high schools because of declining enrollments, due primarily to a loss of population in the city’s urban core and competition >
Indiana bill adding religious classes to public, charter schools gets to governor's desk
Apr 17, 7:15 AM: Indiana House Bill 1024 would allow School Corporations and Charter Schools to include classes on religion in their curriculum. But they must be neutral and can't promote or favor one religion over another. >
School takeover bill draws criticism, praise
Apr 12, 6:01 AM: Rescuing troubled school districts in Gary and Muncie might come back to haunt the Indiana General Assembly, members of the House say.
Senate OKs bill giving voucher schools appeal option
Apr 7, 5:58 AM: Indiana state senators have endorsed an education bill knocked by critics as easing accountability standards for the state's private schools that accept vouchers.
Indiana Senate OKs bill giving voucher schools appeal option
Apr 6, 6:35 AM: Indiana state senators have endorsed an education bill knocked by critics as easing accountability standards for the state's private schools that accept vouchers.
House votes in support of MCS takeover
Apr 6, 5:37 AM: The Indiana House on Wednesday night voted 64-30 in defense of an amended bill that would place deficit-ridden Muncie Community Schools under state control.
Indiana Senate OKs bill that lets governor appoint schools chief
Apr 5, 6:04 AM: Indiana senators on Tuesday approved making the position of state superintendent of public instruction a job appointed by the governor and no longer elected by voters. The approval came after a similar proposal was >
State takeover of Muncie Schools proposed
Apr 3, 6:26 AM: The chairman of the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee is expected to offer a bill amendment on Monday to designate Muncie Schools as a distressed political subdivision, giving the state new and wide-ranging control. >
How taxpayers pay for religious education
Mar 30, 6:43 AM: At Colonial Christian, an Indianapolis school on the northeast side that receives public funds through Indiana’s private school voucher program, students are warned they can be kicked out of school for “promoting a >
Voucher schools bill advances
Mar 30, 5:46 AM: A House education bill knocked by critics as reducing accountability for Indiana voucher schools cleared a Senate panel Wednesday.
State may promote alternatives to teachers unions
Mar 28, 6:46 AM: Hoosier lawmakers want the state agency that oversees education labor relations to remind teachers they are not required to belong to a union.
Panel OKs new state ed chief bill
Mar 28, 5:30 AM: The Senate Rules Committee pushed through a new version of an appointed superintendent of public instruction bill Monday despite opposition based on concept and process.
Bill would quicken start of new voucher schools
Mar 27, 6:53 AM: Public school advocates and education reformers are clashing over a legislative proposal that would make it easier for private schools to immediately enter Indiana's voucher system.
Are voucher students improving?
Mar 27, 4:49 AM: When supporters laid the groundwork for what would become Indiana’s vast private school voucher program, they made a simple promise: Provide Hoosier schoolchildren in struggling public schools access to a better >
Why families choose school vouchers
Mar 23, 5:44 AM: Zaya is one of 34,000 Hoosier students pursuing a better education through Indiana's school voucher program, also known as choice scholarships. The public funding of vouchers offsets some of the costs of private school >
Indiana House panel advances measure on teacher unions
Mar 22, 6:38 AM: Indiana lawmakers are considering a measure that requires state officials to publicize the percentage of teachers who are union members and, in some cases, inform them that they can get rid of or change that >
How voucher dollars kept coming as a private school collapsed
Mar 20, 5:00 AM: An IndyStar examination of Todd Academy’s experience with school vouchers exposes a serious lack of basic fiscal controls in Indiana’s highly popular school choice system. While both traditional public schools and charter >
Sought-after charter Herron High School could be the latest to join the Indianapolis innovation network
Mar 17, 6:13 AM: Herron High School, a sought-after charter school on the near north side that offers a classical liberal arts curriculum, is considering joining the IPS innovation network. As an innovation school, Herron would still have >



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