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Three Northwest Indiana charter schools warned of financial concerns in state audits
Jan 7, 7:37 AM: A series of independent audits made public at the end of 2018 by the Indiana State Board of Accounts warned of financial stress in three Lake County charter schools.
Indiana online schools have success lobbying lawmakers despite dismal academics
Jan 7, 7:09 AM: In the nearly 10 years since virtual schools began, Indiana’s Republican-dominated legislature has passed policies favoring school choice in general and charter schools, including virtual charters. Laws that expanded >
Opinion: A test of leadership
Jan 4, 7:15 AM: Legislators claimed that vouchers and charters were needed so students could escape failing “government schools,” presumably filled with incompetent teachers. The new laws also restricted collective bargaining by teachers' >
Parents working to keep school from shutting down
Dec 21, 8:08 AM: On Tuesday, Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy sent a letter to parents to let them know that the school will be closing at the end of the academic year. The Indiana Charter School Board voted to close the school due to >
Indiana finally knows how many thousands of students learn virtually in public school districts
Dec 20, 6:07 AM: After enrollment at an online-only program in a small rural district shot up by hundreds of students last year — throwing off school funding estimates in the process — lawmakers were left with a big question: How many of >
Letter: Online school changed my life
Dec 19, 6:41 AM: After constantly being bullied at my brick-and-mortar high school, I knew I had to make a drastic change to reclaim my happiness. With my mental health deteriorating, my education was in jeopardy and I was no longer >
Column: Smoothing the transition from high school to college, career
Dec 19, 6:24 AM: The transition students make after high school graduation is one of the most important they face in their lives. It is exciting, but it can also be challenging to know the best course. In Indiana, we are taking steps to >
Editorial: Alternative reality
Dec 19, 5:27 AM: Indiana school choice proponents sold charter schools as setting a new standard in accountability: If they do not perform well, they will be shut down, supporters insisted. How long it takes to shut down a failing charter >
Interview: College Bloat Meets ‘The Blade’
Dec 17, 8:51 AM: Mitch Daniels, America’s most innovative university president, tells how he’s kept tuition from rising and how acquiring Kaplan University will expand educational access.
State Board Recommends New Virtual Charter School Regulations
Dec 13, 6:37 AM: The State Board of Education is recommending crucial changes for virtual charter school regulations in Indiana, after members debated a key piece of the proposal at its December meeting.
Teacher walkout possible in Indiana if General Assembly ignores pay issue. 'We expect action in 2019.'
Dec 11, 8:00 AM: Teacher pay has quickly become one of the hottest topics of the 2019 legislative session – and it hasn’t even started yet.
Purdue University Takes Giant Leaps In Democratizing Higher Education
Dec 5, 8:35 AM: Purdue is a Big Ten school known for its elite space program - the first and most recent astronauts to walk on the moon were Boilermakers (Purdue’s football team.) Now, the Cradle of Astronauts is making headlines for a >
More public schools are marketing themselves, potentially opening them up to new legal risks
Dec 3, 6:20 AM: Some in education see the new phenomenon as a natural evolution — as many states begin to treat public education like private business — but a lawsuit involving Indianapolis Public Schools has others wondering if the >
After flying under the radar, school districts’ online programs attract attention — and scrutiny
Nov 29, 7:00 AM: For years, local school districts in Indiana have run full-time, online-only programs for some of their students. There was no way to know how many students attended school virtually, and the districts collected the same >
Educators from around the country visited Indianapolis recently. Here's what they had to say.
Nov 26, 8:44 AM: That changed last month, though, after he joined a group of educators from around the country who paid Indianapolis a visit for a different reason. They came to look at schools, specifically those charter schools >
Kokomo Teachers Association dwindling
Nov 20, 7:24 AM: Kokomo always has been considered a union town, fostering large workers’ groups such as the United Auto Workers, United Steel Workers, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and Carpenters Union, to name a >
Indianapolis Public Schools board sees some shakeup, but majority unchanged
Nov 8, 6:33 AM: The Indianapolis Public Schools reformers appear to have held off challenges by teachers union-backed candidates to maintain their majority on the board.
IPS critics poised to defeat incumbents in school board shakeup
Nov 7, 7:30 AM: Vocal critics of the Indianapolis Public Schools administration looked poised to unseat two incumbents in Tuesday’s school board election. The early results signaled opposition to sweeping moves that have reshaped the >
Column: Public schools' struggle correlates directly to state voucher support
Nov 6, 6:48 AM: Since the 2008 recession, despite claims of spending more than ever on education, the state has gone too far it in its efforts to “equalize” and conserve school funding, resulting in uncontrollable school financial >
High stakes on Election Day for Indianapolis Public Schools as it seeks a tax hike
Nov 2, 6:12 AM: Indianapolis Public Schools has a lot on the line come Election Day. There's the tax increase the school system is asking voters to approve — nearly $275 million in what district officials say are badly needed funds. But >



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