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IPS and the chamber outline unconventional three-year partnership to cut spending
Sep 26, 6:06 AM: The partnership is the culmination of months of negotiation between the chamber and the Indianapolis Public Schools Board, which agreed last spring to delay a public vote on two tax increases to give the chamber time to >
Here’s how some of Indiana’s online schools are trying to fix low testing turnout
Sep 18, 4:54 AM: Some Indiana parents, students, and educators praise online schools for allowing students to learn anywhere they want, but it’s exactly that flexibility that leads to one of the schools’ biggest struggles: ensuring >
Glenda Ritz: Scrutiny of private-school vouchers is long overdue
Sep 17, 5:37 AM: It’s no secret that I am, and will continue to be, opposed to the use of taxpayer dollars for private-school education. I was one of the 12 Indiana plaintiffs in the 2011 Indiana Supreme Court case challenging the Choice >
‘It takes a lot of intentionality’ for this Indiana online school teacher to get to know students
Sep 14, 4:42 AM: Spears, who was recently named one of 68 finalists for 2019 Indiana Teacher of the Year, talked to Chalkbeat about how she works with her students, and how teaching at an online school has changed her perspective on school >
Top education official tours two Indiana schools in search for innovation
Sep 13, 4:40 AM: The U.S. Department of Education will be creating a "buffet" of innovative education models and at least two Indiana schools may be included as examples.
Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Ellettsville Charter School’s Authorization
Sep 11, 6:10 AM: A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the authorization of an Ellettsville charter school. The judge says the group of public school advocates that brought the challenge didn’t establish adequate legal >
Study: Math scores drop for low-income students who use vouchers for private schools
Sep 4, 4:49 AM: The results raise questions about the notion that poor students benefit from school choice by being able to attend private schools.
IPS School Board To Determine Next Steps For Vacant Schools
Aug 29, 6:36 AM: In a letter published in the IndyStar, IPS said it will not allow Purdue Polytechnic High School –– a charter school that’s been vocal about wanting to lease Broad Ripple High School –– to decide the value of the vacant >
A new idea for fixing Indiana’s virtual charter schools: Let them choose their students
Aug 29, 4:59 AM: The idea would require the state to create a new kind of school. In that model, virtual schools could be allowed to enroll students based on the likelihood they’d do well in a virtual setting or on the support they have at >
Experts Offer Solutions To Better Regulate Virtual Charter Schools
Aug 28, 7:01 AM: A handful of national charter school experts offered recommendations to state officials Monday on how to better regulate Indiana’s virtual schools.
Column: School voucher battle heats up
Aug 23, 7:14 AM: Depending upon your point of view, this fact might please you or fill you with dread. But as a leader in the school choice voucher game, Indiana is also a lightning rod for the controversy that comes along with it. >
With common enrollment, a thousand more kids applied to IPS magnet schools
Aug 23, 5:08 AM: A new application system that allowed Indianapolis families to apply to many schools through a single website dramatically increased the number of students seeking spots in Indianapolis Public Schools magnet programs. >
Indiana might be a school choice model, but it still doesn't exist for all students
Aug 22, 6:03 AM: EdChoice, the Indianapolis-based nonprofit that advocates for increased school choice options, mapped the state's highly-rated schools and found all but around 3,700 primary school students — those in grades kindergarten >
Opinion: School voucher system failing
Aug 20, 5:40 AM: To understand Indiana’s school voucher system, otherwise known as the school choice scholarship program, you have to understand a little history about Indiana politics.
State lawmaker seeks to change school voucher program in light of Roncalli controversy
Aug 16, 5:17 AM: In light of the recent controversy surrounding Roncalli High School and counselor Shelly Fitzgerald, State Rep. Dan Forestal seeks to introduce legislation that would block public dollars supporting Indiana's school >
Two new charter schools ready to open in Gary
Aug 13, 6:52 AM: One new charter school in Gary is set to open Monday, while a second is poised to start classes next month. Both are dropout recovery schools that will serve students age 16-and-over, who are seeking a high school >
Legislative leaders urge IPS to reconsider deal for Broad Ripple High School
Aug 13, 6:18 AM: The chorus of voices urging Indianapolis Public Schools to make way for a popular charter school to move into the recently-closed Broad Ripple High School is getting louder.
Online public school: A less distracting option for some Indiana families
Aug 10, 6:36 AM: With some families looking for a more flexible way to educate their kids, many are turning to online public school.
Students’ math scores drop for years after using a private school voucher in country’s largest program
Aug 10, 5:33 AM: Low-income students who use a voucher to attend private school in Indiana see their math scores drop for several years as a result, according to a new study.
Virtual charters adding students
Aug 10, 5:07 AM: They attend Indiana Connections Academy, one of six public virtual charter schools operating in the state. A growing number of families are choosing to educate their children online, according to enrollment data from the >



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