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Indianapolis Public Schools plan to save teachers, raise pay could be in trouble
Jul 23, 6:13 AM: A rift with the Broad Ripple community over the fate of the recently-closed Broad Ripple High School also has some residents in that neighborhood questioning if the district deserves more tax dollars. Colleen Fanning, a >
More minority Indiana college students are graduating on time, report says
Jul 20, 6:16 AM: For African-American and Hispanic students looking to complete their education, 23.2 percent were able to wrap it up within four years, an annual Indiana Commission for Higher Education report said.
Editorial: Equal accountability
Jul 17, 4:40 AM: When the next academic year begins at Horizon Christian Academy, no voucher dollars will follow first-year students to the North Wells Street school. The Indiana State Board of Education's vote last week to deny a waiver >
COMMENTARY: Pathways to success after high school
Jul 16, 6:46 AM: A high school diploma no longer is the finish line -- it’s now the starting line. Job growth and trends over the past 10 years have shown about 95 percent of jobs require some education after high school. >
Charter schools' 'grand bargain'
Jul 16, 5:22 AM: Just last month, a virtual charter school serving more than 1,800 kids shut its doors. And last year, four charter schools closed around the state, sending hundreds of students scattering to find a new place to learn. But >
The future of education reform in Indiana is pushing career-readiness to the forefront
Jul 13, 4:54 AM: After decades of blockbuster education policy changes that have catapulted charter schools, vouchers, and school choice into the national spotlight, the so-called education reform movement is in the midst of a change in >
Greene Township residents serious about leaving South Bend schools
Jul 12, 6:29 AM: But for residents of Greene Township, the closure of the only school in the rural township isn't the only thing that has sparked discussions of potentially seceding from the South Bend Community School Corp. Instead, >
A peek inside Indiana’s first charter school specializing in serving students with special needs
Jul 11, 5:31 AM: Children who have special needs may require tailored learning environments to thrive, and unfortunately, many traditional public schools simply don’t have the resources or expertise to provide these environments. >
Horizon may lose new vouchers
Jul 11, 4:27 AM: State Board of Education staffers have recommended against giving a failing Fort Wayne voucher school a waiver to avoid state consequences.
Editorial: New report tracks state's turn from public schools
Jul 9, 6:26 AM: Indiana's friendly environment for education privatizers is summed up nicely by an audacious attempt to open an online agriculture charter school for students in grades 7-12. Billing the model as a “real virtual school,” >
Greater Clark joins new statewide coalition focused on innovation
Jul 9, 5:00 AM: Students choose a pathway during their freshman year and, starting their sophomore year, their classes are geared toward their selected pathway. There are four academies – Business & Entrepreneurship, Health Services, >
Charter high school proposed in Goshen
Jul 6, 6:17 AM: The school would be competency based and use an online curriculum, Watt said. Students would work with teachers in their classrooms and would have to demonstrate mastery of material at a certain level before moving on to >
A fast-growing charter network is planning a high school 0.8 miles from a closed IPS campus
Jul 6, 4:57 AM: At the same time Indianapolis Public Schools is closing campuses, a charter network is starting a high school – just blocks from the just-shuttered John Marshall building on the far eastside.
Facing state scrutiny, Indiana charter school steps back from virtual plan
Jul 3, 6:13 AM: Now, a month before it is set to open, the school says it will instead incorporate more in-person learning so it can launch as a brick-and-mortar charter school, not a virtual school.
Xavier School of Excellence in South Bend may close its doors
Jun 28, 5:59 AM: Ball State University on Saturday will end its role as the charter authorizer for the school, and at this point, Xavier does not have another charter authorizer.
IPS should give charter schools a shot at Broad Ripple site, lawmakers say
Jun 28, 5:03 AM: Two state lawmakers are calling on Indianapolis Public Schools to maintain an educational use for the district's Broad Ripple property, ratcheting up pressure on IPS to back away from its efforts to put the site on the >
2nd Purdue Charter High School Approved By Indy Charter Board
Jun 27, 4:52 AM: Three new charter schools are on course to open in the city next summer. One of those will be the second Purdue Polytechnic high school. The university's first engineering and science-focused high school just completed its >
New hope for Muncie schools as Ball State appoints new school board
Jun 26, 6:03 AM: There are high hopes for Muncie's troubled low-performing public schools. Ball State is taking them over July 1 and not wasting any time. Monday the university appointed a new 7-member school board to help turn the >
To reinvent career education, these Indiana districts are making up their own rules
Jun 26, 5:37 AM: Decatur Township will join six other districts in a coalition that allows them to bypass certain state rules so students get more practical experience and share ideas to form more work-based study opportunities with local >
Exclusive: Charter schools say IPS rejected a multi-million dollar offer for Broad Ripple High School
Jun 18, 7:29 AM: Two charter schools say Indianapolis Public Schools has rejected their multi-million dollar proposal to take over the district’s soon-to-be vacant Broad Ripple High School building, baffling city leaders who fear the site >



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