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Indianapolis charter schools are 78% more cost-effective than traditional Indianapolis public schools, report finds
Feb 26, 7:52 AM: A new report finds that Indianapolis charter schools are doing more with less, and giving the state “more bang for its buck.
School voucher bill brings out differing views
Feb 25, 7:16 AM: Legislation that would significantly expand the state’s voucher program has been a topic of controversy and debate in Indiana.
#Blackout4Ed: Teachers across Indiana wear black to protest school choice bills
Feb 25, 6:21 AM: Educators throughout the state of Indiana wore the color black as part of the #Blackout4Ed effort to protest school choice bills and advocate for teacher vaccine priority on Wednesday.
Controversy surrounds School Choice Expansion Bill
Feb 24, 7:22 AM: The Indiana House has passed a bill that would expand the school voucher program. This essentially gives money to parents to send their kids to private schools in some cases. However, it’s drawing controversy. >
FWCS calls on parents to fight
Feb 23, 6:32 AM: Fort Wayne Community Schools leaders spoke with urgency Monday as they again called on parents to fight for public education by contacting legislators.
Indiana Senate Backs Yearly Hurdle on Teacher Union Dues
Feb 22, 7:32 AM: Indiana teachers would have to renew requests every year for automatic paycheck deduction of union dues under a bill that’s been approved by the state Senate.
Editorial: Failing grades for Indiana voucher expansion bills
Feb 22, 7:19 AM: With public schools grappling with the challenge of educating students during a pandemic, with uncertainty about funding, Republican lawmakers in the Indiana General Assembly have chosen to go all-in on growing the state’s >
Indiana voucher plan could take 1/3 of school funding boost
Feb 22, 6:39 AM: More than one-third of the proposed state funding hike for Indiana schools could go toward the state’s private school voucher program under a Republican-backed plan that could boost the program’s cost by nearly 50% over >
House Votes to Require Civics Class in Middle School
Feb 19, 8:21 AM: Today’s Indiana fourth-graders would have to take a civics course in middle school, under a bill overwhelmingly approved by the Indiana House.
Viewpoint: Three bills would do harm to public schools, Indiana's economy
Feb 19, 6:21 AM: Advertised as bills for efficient use of state education funds and promoted as holding public schools to account, the three bills’ selective funding mechanisms help only 10 percent of Indiana’s K-12 students. >
'Hoosiers all lose': Former state superintendents come out against voucher expansion
Feb 16, 7:12 AM: Three former state education chiefs have come out against plans for major expansions in Indiana’s school choice landscape and the larger-than-advertised price tags that come with them.
'Redesign' or 'innovate'? Two models considered for two struggling South Bend schools
Feb 15, 8:41 AM: Two models being considered — a school redesign and an innovation network — would bring considerable autonomy to the operation of two South Bend elementary schools on the cusp of state intervention. >
Bill Targeting Teacher Union Dues Advances To Senate Floor
Feb 11, 7:09 AM: Indiana teachers could see extra steps to pay union dues in the future if a bill headed to the Senate floor succeeds. Testimony weeks ago sparked lengthy debate about the contentious measure.
Controversial Indiana School Choice Bills Stir Emotional Debates About State Funding
Feb 5, 6:29 AM: A group of school choice bills are prompting lengthy and emotional debates about school funding at the Indiana Statehouse, with dozens of individuals and organizations testifying on the legislation at committee hearings >
Editorial: 'Choice' cuts: Voucher expansion veers far from original intent
Feb 2, 6:10 AM: The proposed bill expands the $172 million a year voucher program to allow a family of four earning as much as $145,000 a year to qualify for vouchers. Median household income in Indiana is about $60,000 a year. >
Indiana lawmakers push for school choice, voucher expansion
Feb 1, 6:59 AM: Amid contention over how Hoosier students should receive instruction during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Republican lawmakers are prioritizing a bill that would expand the number of stipends available to use on >
Lawmakers 'see the light' on virtual charter schools, will propose increased funding
Jan 29, 8:03 AM: House Speaker Todd Huston said Thursday that there is support in the House to start funding the state’s virtual charter schools at the same level as brick-and-mortar public schools – a move that would be a major change >
Bill Takes Aim At Teacher Unions, Adding Extra Steps To Collect Dues
Jan 28, 8:30 AM: If the bill becomes law, this summer teachers would have to start signing a form to allow union dues to be taken from their paychecks. The school would then have to confirm each decision via email. Employees would then >
New calculator aims to ease understanding of school choice scholarships
Jan 26, 6:42 AM: A new website is going live this week in conjunction with National School Choice Week that will allow Region families to explore their potential offerings under the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program.
Where bills on COVID-19 liability, education funding and others stand
Jan 19, 6:30 AM: Every year, the majority party in each chamber has a few priority bills — signature pieces of legislation that will receive more time and attention than others. And, since the GOP has a supermajority in each chamber, >



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