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As more schools offer in-person options, what happens to the students who stay virtual?
Sep 21, 6:24 AM: But as districts go from fully virtual to hybrid schedules, it's also splitting students into two other groups — those that are in-person part-time and those who are always virtual.
Operation Education: E-learning at the Empowerment Zone schools
Sep 17, 7:40 AM: The South Bend Empowerment Zone is working to turn around five struggling schools, and the switch to e-learning in the spring hit them harder than most.
South Bend charter schools ready for in-person learning
Sep 16, 7:37 AM: At the K-5 Success Academy students will learn in-person five days a week. At the 6-12 Career Academy students will spend two days a week in the building. The Success Academy is a firm believer in the face to face >
Operation Education: Assessing virtual charter schools
Sep 10, 6:17 AM: You wouldn't keep your kid in a school where students perform 35% worse than their peers in a neighboring school. But parents across the country are flocking to virtual charter schools.
Editorial: Public's education
Sep 2, 5:29 AM: Indiana faces countless challenges in recovering from the pandemic. Perhaps none is more important than how the state addresses its public schools.
IPS is trying entirely virtual school for the first time. How is it going?
Aug 28, 6:27 AM: There are technological challenges to be expected that the district is still working through and schools are still tracking down a “substantial number” of students who had not shown up to digital school 9 days into the >
IPS Students May Face Software 'Glitch' On First Day Of Remote Learning
Aug 17, 4:18 AM: Students at Indianapolis Public Schools begin the 2020-21 academic year today with virtual-only classes and face a "potential technical glitch.
Gov. Holcomb proposes 'solution' for school funding amid the pandemic
Aug 13, 7:00 AM: Holcomb is asking the Indiana State Board of Education to delay the fall count of student enrollment — the day on which schools count all their students in attendance, and must designate them as in-person or virtual — >
Online school sees exponential growth in enrollment during pandemic
Aug 6, 7:05 AM: No surprise that more parents are enrolling their kids in classes online, whether through the local public school, or an online school. Indiana Connections Academy has taught students online for a decade. Enrollment >
Gary won’t share referendum money with charters
Jul 22, 6:54 AM: If voters approve the Gary Community School Corp.‘s proposed $52 million, eight-year operating referendum in November, the money won’t be shared with the city’s nine charter schools.
Purdue Polytechnic High School dedicates new downtown Indianapolis school building
Jul 21, 6:48 AM: Enrollment at the school is aimed toward low-income and minority students and currently sits around 540 students, Bless said. Instead of traditional classes, students act independently and work in a project-based learning >
Indianapolis Public Schools pushing back the start of school two weeks due to coronavirus
Jul 20, 6:14 AM: The state's largest school district was supposed to start the year — with in-person and virtual options for instruction — on Aug. 3. At a board retreat Saturday, commissioners voted to push back the restart of the school >
Gov. Holcomb leaves Indiana school reopening decisions to local districts
Jul 16, 6:03 AM: The decision for schools to reopen for the 2020-2021 school year is up to local districts, Gov. Eric Holcomb said during a press conference Wednesday.
These new Indianapolis charter schools didn’t plan on a pandemic. They’re opening anyway.
Jul 10, 6:24 AM: School leaders at Believe Circle City High School, a charter school opening soon in Indianapolis, had originally planned for students to spend Friday afternoons outside the classroom. They’d volunteer, visit colleges, and >
Letter: Online school gave me better opportunity
Jul 9, 6:07 AM: While many were thrown into online learning due to the pandemic, I was ahead of the curve. I enrolled at the Insight School of Indiana to get opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Coming from a small town in >
State test scores will no longer be required when evaluating Indiana teachers
Jul 7, 6:14 AM: Indiana schools are no longer required by law to use state test scores when annually evaluating teacher performances. The new law, House Enrolled Act 1002, went into effect July 1 and marks a significant departure from >
Indiana's Private School Vouchers Program Costs $173M, Enrollment Stays Flat
Jul 2, 5:58 AM: The overall growth of Hoosier students using publicly-funded vouchers to attend a private school remains relatively flat as the cost increases, according to a just released report.
Indianapolis Public Schools propose strategy to address racial disparities
Jun 26, 7:31 AM: A new strategy to address racial inequities for Indianapolis Public Schools' Black students and parents has been proposed to the school's board.
Indianapolis charter schools announce reopening
Jun 26, 7:22 AM: Leaders of Marion County charter schools announced in a letter to families Thursday that classrooms will reopen at their scheduled date.
If schools close again, a new grant will help them be better prepared for online learning
Jun 23, 7:40 AM: As schools prepare to reopen classrooms in the fall, many are planning for continued online learning – in the event that some students aren’t ready to return to in-person instruction or if the coronavirus pandemic forces >



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