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'Not even effective': Parents seeking injuction against closure of Marion County schools
Nov 25, 8:43 AM: A group of Indianapolis parents say they plan to sue the city over its decision to close all schools for the next two months if officials don’t rescind part of a recent public health order – issued two weeks ago as >
Education task force wants civics lessons to take bigger priority in schools
Nov 23, 9:18 AM: Civics would be a bigger part of your kids’ school day under recommendations from an Indiana task force.
Commentary: Indiana’s funding inequities to ensure students all students' success must be addressed
Nov 23, 8:58 AM: To understand how school-funding changes over the last decade have made Indiana’s public education spending less equitable, let us introduce you to Adonnis. He attends a public charter school in Gary, where violence has >
What you need to know about Katie Jenner, Indiana's first Secretary of Education
Nov 23, 7:01 AM: Most education officials and organizations sent out notes of support for Jenner's appointment Thursday. Some teachers expressed hesitation on social media after seeing her relatively little experience in the classroom and >
Indiana’s Red for Ed: A year later, COVID-19 has largely erased the sense of momentum
Nov 19, 8:52 AM: The Indiana State Teachers Association put out a dire warning this week that the state’s existing teacher shortage could get much worse before it gets better if the state doesn’t do something to address teacher pay and the >
Indiana Teachers Union Calls On Lawmakers To Expand Bargaining Rights Amid COVID
Nov 18, 1:41 PM: The state stripped Indiana teachers unions of the right to bargain over most work conditions in 2011.
‘Red for Ed is not dead’: West Lafayette teachers join car parade to keep movement alive
Nov 18, 1:39 PM: Tuesday’s car parade, hosted by the local teachers’ union, took place on the first day of Indiana’s legislative session known annually to lawmakers as Organization Day, but is now being recast by advocates as Red for Ed >
Eric Holcomb wins reelection as Indiana governor
Nov 4, 10:03 AM: He signed laws for more abortion restrictions, funding for school choice and expanded gun rights, while funding infrastructure investments and spending taxpayer dollars to bring businesses and jobs to Indiana. >
Why Is There So Much Money, Fighting In The IPS School Board Race?
Nov 2, 6:41 AM: A majority of seats are on the ballot for the Indianapolis Public Schools Board of Commissioners, making this a potentially pivotal election for the district.
More IPS Students Attend Innovation Schools As District Enrollment Dips During Pandemic
Oct 30, 5:31 AM: Student enrollment at innovation schools increased by 2,610 students to 11,606, or 37 percent of IPS students. Just five years ago, innovation enrollment made up 4.5 percent of students.
Gary schools reports first increase in student enrollment in more than a decade
Oct 23, 6:39 AM: Optimism across GCSC is growing with word Thursday that for the first time in more than a decade, the district is reporting an increase in average daily membership, an enrollment figure used by the state to determine >
Local private school wins families, not funding
Oct 21, 6:28 AM: The COVID costs keep piling up. "We're really close to spending $1,000 so far," Conyers said. And the federal government’s payouts don’t always include private institutions.
3 learning sites for online school to stay open, give Indy's working families more options
Oct 16, 5:54 AM: An initiative to provide students a safe place to do their online learning — originally launched when Indianapolis Public Schools and others decided to start the school year virtually — will be extended through the rest of >
National teacher union leader stumps for Gary tax referendum
Oct 15, 9:05 AM: The president of the American Federation of Teachers brought muscle and money in support of a referendum to raise taxes in the Gary Community School Corp.
Reopening schools, teacher pay and more: Where Holcomb and Myers differ on education issues
Sep 25, 7:30 AM: Education has always been an issue in Indiana’s gubernatorial race but it’s gained even more importance in this year’s election.
As more schools offer in-person options, what happens to the students who stay virtual?
Sep 21, 6:24 AM: But as districts go from fully virtual to hybrid schedules, it's also splitting students into two other groups — those that are in-person part-time and those who are always virtual.
Operation Education: E-learning at the Empowerment Zone schools
Sep 17, 7:40 AM: The South Bend Empowerment Zone is working to turn around five struggling schools, and the switch to e-learning in the spring hit them harder than most.
South Bend charter schools ready for in-person learning
Sep 16, 7:37 AM: At the K-5 Success Academy students will learn in-person five days a week. At the 6-12 Career Academy students will spend two days a week in the building. The Success Academy is a firm believer in the face to face >
Operation Education: Assessing virtual charter schools
Sep 10, 6:17 AM: You wouldn't keep your kid in a school where students perform 35% worse than their peers in a neighboring school. But parents across the country are flocking to virtual charter schools.
Editorial: Public's education
Sep 2, 5:29 AM: Indiana faces countless challenges in recovering from the pandemic. Perhaps none is more important than how the state addresses its public schools.



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