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State may promote alternatives to teachers unions
Mar 28, 6:46 AM: Hoosier lawmakers want the state agency that oversees education labor relations to remind teachers they are not required to belong to a union.
Panel OKs new state ed chief bill
Mar 28, 5:30 AM: The Senate Rules Committee pushed through a new version of an appointed superintendent of public instruction bill Monday despite opposition based on concept and process.
Bill would quicken start of new voucher schools
Mar 27, 6:53 AM: Public school advocates and education reformers are clashing over a legislative proposal that would make it easier for private schools to immediately enter Indiana's voucher system.
Are voucher students improving?
Mar 27, 4:49 AM: When supporters laid the groundwork for what would become Indiana’s vast private school voucher program, they made a simple promise: Provide Hoosier schoolchildren in struggling public schools access to a better >
Why families choose school vouchers
Mar 23, 5:44 AM: Zaya is one of 34,000 Hoosier students pursuing a better education through Indiana's school voucher program, also known as choice scholarships. The public funding of vouchers offsets some of the costs of private school tuition, >
Indiana House panel advances measure on teacher unions
Mar 22, 6:38 AM: Indiana lawmakers are considering a measure that requires state officials to publicize the percentage of teachers who are union members and, in some cases, inform them that they can get rid of or change that representation.
How voucher dollars kept coming as a private school collapsed
Mar 20, 5:00 AM: An IndyStar examination of Todd Academy’s experience with school vouchers exposes a serious lack of basic fiscal controls in Indiana’s highly popular school choice system. While both traditional public schools and charter schools >
Sought-after charter Herron High School could be the latest to join the Indianapolis innovation netw
Mar 17, 6:13 AM: Herron High School, a sought-after charter school on the near north side that offers a classical liberal arts curriculum, is considering joining the IPS innovation network. As an innovation school, Herron would still have most of >
Are school vouchers good for education? That debate is playing out in Indiana
Mar 15, 6:47 AM: Indiana is one of nearly 30 states that offer vouchers or similar programs with the goal of allowing parents to use public funds for private schooling. When the state launched the program, it was designed for low-income students. >
Fueled by vouchers, closed Black Oak school finds new life
Mar 13, 6:05 AM: State records show 51 of Mosaic's enrollment of about 70 students come from the Gary Community School Corp. Mosaic is receiving $335,676 in voucher money this year while the beleaguered, near-bankrupt Gary school district has lost >
Indiana Connections Academy offers online choice for students, parents
Mar 7, 7:03 AM: Indiana Connections Academy Principal Melissa Brown said the virtual school uses a model of student support from the parent and an Indiana-certified teacher, who helps the student work his or her way through the coursework. All >
Participation in Indiana’s 6-year-old voucher program is at a record high, but growth is slowi
Mar 2, 6:51 AM: Indiana’s sweeping voucher program appears to be reaching an equilibrium. The number of students using state subsidies to pay private school tuition grew at the lowest rate since the program began in 2011.
Lilly Endowment gives $7M for new charter schools, teachers
Mar 1, 6:09 AM: The Lilly Endowment has given more than $7 million to The Mind Trust to help the nonprofit's efforts to launch more charter schools and recruit more educators in Indianapolis.
Failing Private Schools Could Appeal To Keep Vouchers Under Plan
Feb 17, 6:43 AM: Private or religious schools that become ineligible to accept publicly funded vouchers to help students pay tuition could receive a new lifeline from a Republican backed plan announced during Thursday’s House Education Committee >
Lawmakers weigh letting governor select state schools chief
Feb 15, 6:52 AM: Indiana's superintendent of public instruction would be selected by the governor instead of chosen by voters under a measure backed Tuesday by state House panel.
Calls for Charter Schools in Kentucky Renewed
Feb 10, 7:49 AM:

Kentucky lawmakers are back in Frankfort, and the issue of charter schools is back in the forefront. Governor Matt Bevin is calling for charter schools to become a reality in the Commonwealth.

National charter school organization will not partner with South Bend group
Feb 10, 7:22 AM: TeamCFA Foundation, the national charter school organization that was working with a local group to open a downtown school called Gateway Academy, has announced that it will not partner with the South Bend school after all.
Low participation and poor attendance could get a student expelled from an online school
Feb 7, 6:22 AM: A new House proposal would allow virtual charter schools, which conduct classes almost exclusively online, to remove students showing low participation and poor attendance.
Vouchers get tied to pre-K expansion bill
Feb 1, 6:52 AM: A proposal to expand the state-funded prekindergarten program passed committee Tuesday despite language in the bill that connects the early-learning pilot to the state’s controversial voucher program.
Indian Creek looking at partnership to add more education options
Jan 24, 7:36 AM: The Indiana Virtual Agricultural Academy, a nonprofit agency being formed, wants to offer students a general education, but also agriculture-based courses.



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