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Parents elected to charter’s school board
Jul 19, 7:06 AM: With the construction of a school comes the filling of its school board, and last night Otwell Miller Academy named the first five members of its nine-person governing council.
Charter school works to fill school board slots
Jul 13, 6:01 AM: And as the construction pushes forward at Pike County’s first charter school, the assignment of the new entity’s school board is also becoming a priority for members of the Friends of Otwell group.
KIPP Indy is working to stop kids from disappearing over the summer. It’s a challenge many sch
Jul 10, 6:49 AM: Every summer, each teacher in KIPP Indy Public Schools gets a roster, about 20 student names long, to call before the start of the new school year.
As Indianapolis Public Schools looks to close high schools, 2 new innovation high schools win suppor
Jul 7, 6:07 AM: The proposed innovation high schools are likely to draw criticism because the move comes at the same time that IPS is aiming to close three traditional high schools as a result of low enrollment.
Local graduates from Indiana Connections Academy share their stories
Jul 6, 7:11 AM: Enrollment at Indiana Connections Academy (ICA), just one online public school option for Hoosiers, increased by nearly 1,000 from 2013 to 2016 according to the Indiana Department of Education. A total of 3,705 students across the >
School Vouchers Get A New Report Card 
Jun 26, 8:05 AM: For years, the answer from researchers has been a muddle, while a handful of recent studies have clearly shown voucher students backsliding academically. But no one has studied the largest, single statewide program in the nation >
Excel Center School for Adults to Open in Muncie
Jun 20, 5:46 AM: If you live in Muncie and don't have a high school diploma, you'll have another chance to earn one at a new charter school for adults.
State board gives break to low-performing voucher schools
Jun 8, 6:23 AM: Four private, religious schools can resume taking new students on the public dime after the State Board of Education granted the schools a reprieve from accountability rules that had barred them from taking new voucher students >
Improving city school can accept vouchers
Jun 8, 5:41 AM: The State Board of Education gave waivers Wednesday to four private schools, including one in Fort Wayne, that otherwise would not have been allowed to add new voucher students this fall.
This Indianapolis charter school has a solution to its teacher shortage: ‘Grow’ its own
Jun 7, 5:26 AM: When new teachers step through the doors of Christel House Academy, they are seldom prepared for the challenges of working in a school dedicated to educating students in poverty.
IPS to absorb high-performing charter schools
May 26, 6:47 AM: After several months of debate, the IPS School Board voted Thursday evening to admit Riverside High School and Herron High School as Innovation charter schools.
IPS creating career academies in effort to retain students for high school
May 25, 5:26 AM: Each year, the Indianapolis Public Schools system loses hundreds of would-be middle school and high school students to private schools, charter schools, townships schools — anywhere but IPS.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visits voucher high school in Indianapolis
May 24, 7:10 AM: The morning after speaking at a pro school-choice event in Downtown Indianapolis, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos visited a high-performing west-side high school where nearly every student receives school vouchers.
How Indiana Holds Private Schools Accountable
May 15, 6:43 AM: When Indiana gave out school ratings last fall, Central Christian Academy’s board called an emergency meeting. The school had gotten another D, and once again it would not be able to receive new vouchers, the public money that >
School choice advocates support Indiana political candidates
May 15, 5:08 AM: Hoosier politicians at both the state and federal levels have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from prominent school choice supporters.
The Promise And Peril Of School Vouchers 
May 12, 7:07 AM: Wendy Robinson wants to make one thing very clear. As the long-serving superintendent of Fort Wayne public schools, Indiana's largest district, she is not afraid of competition from private schools.
Little used law allows charter network to take over vacant Indianapolis elementary school for $1
May 12, 5:11 AM: The Tindley Accelerated Schools charter school network is poised to take over a vacant Indianapolis Public Schools elementary school. The price? $1.
Indianapolis charter operator wants to take on an epic task: Managing all the struggling Gary elemen
May 11, 4:56 AM: A local charter school that has partnered with Indianapolis Public Schools could be taking on a huge new challenge — managing all of the elementary schools in the deeply troubled Gary school district.
3 voucher schools ask school board for delay in consequences
May 10, 6:59 AM: Indiana's state school board will consider delaying consequences for three voucher-accepting private schools, less than two weeks after Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a law allowing such schools to make the request.
Almost all the private schools getting vouchers in Indiana are religious
May 10, 5:16 AM: Voucher advocates, including current U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, say they want families to be able to choose from a diverse marketplace of schools. But Indiana’s complicated school choice system offers little incentive for >



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