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Palmyra superintendent reiterates concerns about charter school, voucher bills
Feb 15, 6:58 AM: The Palmyra School Board heard an update this week on some state legislative initiatives that pose a financial worry for Superintendent Kirt Malone. In a report at the board's monthly meeting, Malone expressed reservations >
Judge sides with Waukegan charter school in lawsuit filed by District 60
Feb 15, 6:36 AM: The Waukegan District 60 school board is leaning against challenging an appellate court ruling that allows a local charter school to continue operating.
Charter Schools and Pensions
Feb 8, 6:15 AM: Illinois charter schools are getting pinched by not being allowed to offer their teachers a way out of the state’s underfunded Teachers Retirement System (TRS), according to a national charter school alliance. >
Charter school alliance: Charter teachers suffer by being forced into Illinois teacher pension fund
Feb 7, 7:07 AM: Illinois charter schools are getting pinched by not being allowed to offer their teachers a way out of the state’s underfunded Teachers' Retirement System (TRS), according to a national charter school alliance. >
Illinois Gov. Rauner touts new scholarship program for private schools
Feb 5, 7:01 AM:

Gov. Rauner was on hand to promote the Invest in Kids Act, which allows income tax credits for taxpayers who make authorized contributions to a scholarship-granting organization, which in turn provides scholarships for >

Tax-credit scholarships on hold for Peoria-area Catholic schools
Feb 1, 6:16 AM: One of the more ambitious organizations granting private-school scholarships under Illinois’ controversial new tax-credit scholarship program shut down the application process Wednesday before anyone had a chance to >
Senate Bill puts school-choice scholarships at risk for low-income kids
Jan 31, 6:54 AM: The bill would cut off Illinois’ new tax credit scholarship program if the Illinois State Board of Education determined public school funding levels were inadequate.
CTU members give go-ahead to merger with charter school union
Jan 30, 7:44 AM: Labor groups representing educators at the city’s traditionally run public schools and privately operated charters are set to merge, following a vote by Chicago Teachers Union members.
Rauner agrees to tax-credit scholarship fixes to free up public school funding
Jan 30, 6:52 AM: Gov. Bruce Rauner said late Friday he’s found a compromise on his own snag involving tax-credit scholarships for private schools that was holding up funding for public school districts statewide.
Private School Official Says Tax Credit Scholarship Program Is Rushed
Jan 29, 7:15 AM: At least one private school official says he wishes that launch date were delayed to give schools more time to educate staff and the parent community about the process.
Rockford-area private schools scramble for state recognition, dollars
Jan 26, 7:43 AM: Like hundreds of private school leaders across the state, the Freemans just don’t want their school left out next fall when the state’s new tax credit scholarships kick in. As things stood Thursday afternoon, the school, >
State charter leader accuses CTU of power grab as merger vote nears
Jan 24, 8:25 AM: Chicago Teachers Union members will vote this week on a merger with organized charter school teachers, an effort the head of the state’s charter advocacy group described as a power grab that would erode the independence of >
Elgin charter school's new principal inspired by its vision
Jan 22, 7:48 AM: Lezlie Fuhr always dreamed of building a school from the ground up. "Instead of trying to change a system, being able to truly construct it the right way from the onset ... that's what attracted me to this position," said >
Families have small window to apply for Illinois private school scholarships
Jan 22, 7:24 AM: Private schools are working quickly to take advantage of the state's Invest in Kids scholarship tax credit, which will make as much as $100 million in donations available to lower-income students in Illinois. >
Namaste Charter Staff Move to Unionize
Jan 11, 7:28 AM: Teachers at a Chicago charter school are moving to unionize, just weeks before the city’s two largest public educator unions could finalize a merger.
Democrat backs Rauner’s scholarship veto, but gov’s school list raises questions
Jan 11, 5:58 AM: Rauner on Monday issued an amendatory veto of a trailer bill to a historic school funding measure, urging lawmakers to go back and fix the measure to allow three dozen private schools to more quickly take advantage of the >
Chicago Teachers Union: CPS’ proposed school closings would violate our contract
Jan 9, 7:11 AM: The Chicago Teachers Union said Monday that the Chicago Public Schools’ plans to close schools including all of Englewood’s open-enrollment high schools and the top-rated elementary school in the South Loop would violate >
Rauner vetoes education funding bill over private school concerns
Jan 9, 6:53 AM: While Rauner has listed the new funding formula as one of his top achievements as he seeks re-election, the Republican governor said Monday that lawmakers failed to address a technicality that would prevent at least 36 >
Private Schools in Illinois Attract $36 Million via Tax Credit Program
Jan 9, 6:46 AM: Beginning this year in Illinois, people and corporations donating up to $1.3 million for private school scholarships can get a 75% credit toward their state income tax. This was a controversial but bipartisan concept, >
District’s ‘Turnaround’ Operator Highlighted as Model for Success
Jan 9, 6:07 AM: Chicago Public Schools designated Piccolo as a “turnaround” school six years ago—operator AUSL, short for Academy for Urban School Leadership, is contracted to make improvements.



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