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Why the Chicago Teachers Union Always Gets What It Wants
Jan 18, 9:35 AM: For the fifth time in 10 years, the Chicago Teachers Union shut students out of the classroom this month. Covid mitigation policy was the reported reason for the recent four-day walkout in the nation’s third-largest school >
Chicago Teachers Union's illegal strike is over, but parents sue to stop next one
Jan 18, 8:08 AM: But a group of CPS parents alleging the “remote work action” called by the CTU members was actually an illegal strike are seeking a court ruling to prevent similar labor actions in the future.
Frustrated by Chicago Public Schools’ union battles, a growing number of weary parents enroll kids in city’s Catholic schools
Jan 14, 7:12 AM: "As we still work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, our Catholic schools have become beacons of hope for families committed to in-person learning,” Cardinal Blase Cupich said in a December video message, adding that >
How One West Side Charter School Kept Students In Class Through The Latest COVID-19 Surge
Jan 13, 9:06 AM: Not all parents are happy North Lawndale College Prep has remained open — but many said the school has taken safety steps and communicated with parents in a way CPS could learn from.
Chicago teachers approve deal to end walkout over COVID safety protocols
Jan 13, 6:21 AM: The vote, which passed with 55.5% approval, came as students returned Wednesday, in some cases returning to schools where dozens of teachers were out.
Union, parents mull if Chicago teacher standoff was worth it
Jan 12, 9:52 AM: For some, the ends didn’t justify the means, dragging out uncertainty for students in the largely Latino and Black low-income district.
Opinion: Bipartisan anger over Chicago Teachers Union should be channeled into lasting change
Jan 12, 9:50 AM: The current outrage over the unions holding children and parents hostage shows that everyone — even Democrats — are fed-up with unions robbing children of their education and compromising their future. >
To give parents options, Illinois lawmakers should preserve tax credit scholarship program
Jan 12, 9:05 AM: Two years of pandemic-battered education have proven the need for access to a variety of different learning options. Grim outcomes can result when kids are locked out of classrooms, missing out on time with beloved >
Op-ed: Chicago’s public schools are broken. It’s time to give parents school choice.
Jan 12, 7:43 AM: It’s long past time to deal decisively with Chicago Public Schools’ problems and to recognize that the Chicago Teachers Union is incorrigible. Its members have walked out or struck in 1969, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1980, 1983, >
Editorial: The standoff over school closings in Chicago only hurt the children
Jan 11, 10:13 AM: At issue were concerns about whether it is safe for students, teachers and staff to return to schools for in-person learning as the highly contagious omicron variant drives record infections.
Chicago Teachers Union clears way for in-person classes to resume Wednesday in Chicago Public Schools after four days of cancellations over COVID-19 clashes
Jan 11, 9:40 AM: A proposal for Chicago Public Schools to resume in-person classes Wednesday has been approved by the Chicago Teachers Union’s House of Delegates following a contentious weeklong standoff.
Nonprofit offers $5 million in grant money for Chicago families harmed by CTU walkout
Jan 10, 10:06 AM: A nonprofit is dedicating $5 million in rescue funds to create more opportunities for students shut out of classrooms while negotiations between Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools drag on.
Opinion: My kids are not okay. Canceling school is not sustainable — or responsible.
Jan 10, 9:45 AM: The same week they returned to class from winter break, students in Chicago Public Schools are back at home, caught in yet another dispute between the nation’s third-largest district and its teachers union. >
CPS cancels school Monday as negotiations with CTU continue
Jan 10, 9:15 AM: Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union on Sunday continued to publicly take shots at each other as negotiations continued.
The STOP Award Rescue Grants
Jan 7, 9:32 AM:

This $5 million Rescue Fund has been created by STOP Award founder Janine Yass in partnership with the Center for Education Reform to assist schools or programs that can immediately start or expand existing schools for >

With No School in Sight, Chicago Families Grit Their Teeth
Jan 7, 9:19 AM: While city officials clash with the teachers’ union over how to return to classrooms amid Omicron, families around Chicago reflect on the pandemic’s effects on their children.
Opinion: Flexing Their Muscle
Jan 7, 9:15 AM: Despite the recent Omicron coronavirus wave, public schools throughout the nation are mostly staying open. But the Chicago Public School system has shut down after the teachers’ union voted to demand virtual-only teaching >
Chicago Teachers Union Tells Members to Refuse to Return to In-Person Learning for Extra Pay
Jan 7, 9:13 AM: A Chicago Teachers Union organizer sent an email to members on Thursday encouraging them to refuse to return to school buildings for extra pay after the union voted to shift to remote instruction without the district’s >
CPS parents push to get kids back in school
Jan 7, 8:20 AM: Despite the skyrocketing caseloads linked to the omicron variant, Chavez said she’s comfortable with CPS’ plan to keep kids in school. At the same time, she faulted the CTU for allegedly spreading misinformation aimed at >
Chicago Public Schools cancels Friday classes amid ongoing teachers union standoff, record COVID-19 cases
Jan 7, 7:56 AM: Chicago Public Schools has canceled Friday classes as an ongoing standoff with the teachers union spills into a third day of educational disruption.



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