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Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blasts ‘Clearly Racist’ Tweet By Chicago Teachers Union Showing Her As Scooby-Doo Villain
Jun 19, 6:44 AM: Mayor Lori Lightfoot lashed out at the Chicago Teachers Union on Thursday, a day after the union posted a meme on Twitter, showing her as a cartoon Scooby-Doo villain dressed up as a white police officer, calling the image >
Critics decry remote learning in Chicago Public Schools as unfair, say it ‘rewards those with privilege’
Jun 1, 7:36 AM: District leaders have presented the policy used to grade remote schoolwork as equitable, offering students time to improve their letter grades without the risk of failing. But a growing contingent of student activists and >
Peoria Public Schools reach shortened agreement with Quest Academy
May 27, 7:28 AM: Quest Charter Academy has two years, not five, to prove its value as an alternative education source for students in Peoria Public Schools.
Chicago Teachers Union sues Betsy DeVos, CPS over coronavirus special education requirements
May 21, 8:29 AM: The Chicago Teachers Union is suing federal and local education officials over special education regulations the union alleges have created an “impossible burden” for school workers and threaten to interfere with student >
Illinois COVID-19 remote learning yields some nearly empty online classrooms
May 21, 7:49 AM: When the I-Team discovered that both Illinois and Chicago education officials were unable to provide any data showing whether students are actually logging in to online remote learning during the pandemic, they launched an >
Galapagos Charter School feeds families, helps farmers in process
May 20, 8:11 AM: Galapagos Rockford Charter School is giving back to the community in a big way. The school is helping feed families in the area for the next four weeks.
Opinion: Unless challenging, remote learning gets failing grades
May 19, 8:10 AM: The current salary schedule remains in force, the district said, with some teachers receiving 3.25 percent pay raises and non-certified staff getting a 4.15 percent salary hike. Both parties have adopted the agreement and >
Pressure mounts on Chicago to release participation data. The details will matter.
May 18, 7:43 AM: In the early weeks of remote learning at Chicago’s Senn High School, only counselors saw the weekly color-coded tally that tracked participation: students who completed assignments in green, those who kept in touch with >
Elgin council agrees to give charter school land to EMSA but won’t pay for demolition or repair work
May 15, 7:34 AM: The Elgin City Council has agreed to transfer ownership of city-owned property to the Elgin Math and Science Academy but rejected the charter school’s request to provide $355,000 for demolition and repair work. >
Chicago Teachers Union Calls On State To Force CPS To Bargain Over Remote Learning
May 14, 7:09 AM: The Chicago Teachers Union is insisting that Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the school district is required to bargain over the terms of remote learning — and they are asking the state to make this happen.
Teachers will get credit for remote learning transition, clock hours will count toward teachers’ license renewal
May 13, 7:58 AM:

The Illinois Education Association (IEA) recently announced in a video on Facebook that teachers and paraprofessionals can earn Professional Development clock hours for time spent transitioning from in-person learning to >

EMSA wants city to turn over ownership of charter school campus in order to save money on renovation
May 13, 7:39 AM: Elgin City Council members will consider a request from the Elgin Math and Science Academy Wednesday to give the charter school ownership of the city-owned property on which it’s located.
Review & Outlook: Chicago’s Union Pickpockets
May 12, 8:14 AM: Do public unions feel obliged to follow the law? Apparently the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) doesn’t, according to a new lawsuit filed by teachers who say they’ve been forced to make compulsory dues payments though they’ve >
We won’t reopen teachers contract for Chicago Public Schools to start on time this fall, Lightfoot says
May 12, 6:42 AM: In response, CTU Vice President Stacy Davis Gates said the union is not demanding that the hard-fought contract be reopened. The CTU is simply emphasizing that the Illinois State Board of Education has said districts and >
Chicago mayor determined to open CPS schools this fall; Pritzker has ‘great hope and desire’ to do so
May 11, 6:16 AM: Declaring “students need their teachers,” Lightfoot said she’s looking at a range of options to limit the numbers of students and teachers in school buildings at any given time in 2020-21.
Lightfoot demands that internet providers help bridge digital divide in remote learning at CPS
May 7, 7:32 AM: Mayor Lori Lightfoot demanded Wednesday that Chicago internet providers stop “putting profits over people” and bridge the digital divide standing in the way of remote learning at Chicago Public Schools. >
Chicago teacher who crossed the picket line during the strike is now suing the teachers union over dues payments
May 7, 7:26 AM:

Since Ifeoma Nkemdi crossed the picket line and withdrew her membership from the Chicago Teachers Union during the October teachers strike, she’s still been seeing $59.51 deducted from each paycheck for union dues.

Top Illinois schools official says fall could start with remote learning, students attending on different days
May 7, 6:14 AM: Offering a range of possibilities, the state superintendent for education said fall schooling will depend on public health conditions.
2 CTU members fight union dues, file suit saying having only one month to opt out violates 1st amendment
May 6, 7:35 AM: Two Chicago Public Schools employees are challenging in federal court whether the Chicago Teachers Union can restrict its members to a one-month annual window for opting out of union dues.
Can a school grading system in which no one gets an F still be unfair? Yes, CPS critics say.
May 5, 6:10 AM: A grading system designed to reward Chicago Public Schools students for their work while providing them flexibility during the coronavirus school shutdown is nonetheless getting called unfair.



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