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Editorial: Gov. Pritzker and Springfield politicians undercut a low-income scholarship program. Time to reverse the damage.
Nov 11, 7:08 AM: The program should be made permanent. State law already allows for a wide range of tax credits that do not have sunset dates. This one happens to help low- and middle-income kids get the same opportunities as the children >
Column: Chicago teachers can bank a lot more sick days in their new contract. Why? Because they were absent much more under the old plan.
Nov 8, 8:12 AM: Just so you know my bias going into this topic, I call in sick only when I’m actually, you know, ailing or dealing with personal or family medical issues.
Editorial: Chicago teachers’ abuse of sick days should leave us all feeling ill
Nov 6, 8:48 AM: The teachers’ excessive use of sick days has created a problem for the schools at a time when it is increasingly difficult to line up substitute teachers.
Editorial: Use deeper state report card data to learn more about schools
Nov 5, 8:16 AM: But do parents really know what makes their child's school tick? Do they know how the school performs on standardized tests? Do they understand the dollars and cents that go into educating their kids? Can they say how >
The Chicago teachers strike is over, thanks to a $1.5 billion deal. What will it mean for Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s political future?
Nov 4, 9:40 AM: From the moment voters elected Lori Lightfoot to be Chicago’s 56th mayor this spring, it seemed almost inevitable the city’s public school teachers would strike this fall.
With CPS strike now over, will a new contract agreement transform classrooms in Chicago schools?
Nov 1, 8:35 AM: A nurse and a social worker in every school, every day. A way to keep class sizes down. Sixteen percent raises. The tentative agreement struck Wednesday between the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools has >
Review & Outlook: The Union Routs Students in Chicago
Nov 1, 6:52 AM: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union on Thursday struck an agreement to end an 11-day strike, and by the looks of it the union was bargaining with itself.
CTU delegates approve contract — but strike continues after mayor refuses demand for makeup days
Oct 31, 7:25 AM: The Chicago Teachers Union’s governing body voted Wednesday to accept a tentative agreement with Chicago Public Schools, but the city’s longest teachers strike since 1987 will continue after Mayor Lori Lightfoot refused to >
For the first time, school report cards show spending per student. Here's why it varies.
Oct 31, 6:50 AM:

School rivalries often are about which school has the best sports team, the brightest students and the most resources. Now, for the first time, parents also can compare how much money individual schools spend to educate >

Have CPS parents changed their minds about the teachers strike? We asked.
Oct 31, 5:26 AM: Some CPS parents are fed up, saying they’ve had enough of missed sporting events and worry the strike will negatively affect performance on Advanced Placement or college entrance exams.
Editorial: This CTU strike has betrayed Chicago’s children
Oct 30, 7:06 AM: It’s wrong that CTU has kept students locked out of school in order to advance its political ambitions. It’s wrong, and it’s a betrayal of Chicago’s children.
Chicago teachers strike to continue Wednesday despite mayor’s latest offer
Oct 30, 7:02 AM: Chicago teachers are carrying on with their strike while they consider Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s latest contract proposal, meaning 300,000 students will miss their 10th day of classes Wednesday.
Teachers Crossing Picket Lines
Oct 29, 7:07 AM: Since mid-September, there have been seven teachers strikes in Illinois. Two of those are still going. In that time, hundreds of teachers have crossed their unions’ picket lines to return to work. What happens to them when >
Opinion: Tired of the teachers strike? Remember that charter schools are an option
Oct 29, 6:59 AM: The teachers’ union strike has put some 300,000 Chicago children and families in limbo. With traditional schools open but no teachers present, few families have sent students to district schools, and most are scrambling to >
16 hours of CPS negotiations not enough to end teachers strike
Oct 29, 6:58 AM: A marathon bargaining session that lasted 16 hours and kept city and union officials at the table until 2 a.m. was not enough to end Chicago’s teachers strike and put the city’s 300,000 students back in school. >
As CTU contract talks stall, Lightfoot says union won’t ‘take yes for an answer’
Oct 28, 7:10 AM: CPS officials said that CTU’s demands above the district’s latest offer would cost $100 million, but the union says the gap is closer to $38 million.
Editorial: Why Chicago teachers won’t take ‘yes’ for an answer
Oct 25, 6:53 AM: We’d submit many Chicagoans are. We hear from them. There’s a silent majority quietly rooting for Lightfoot, who won every city ward in the April mayoral election, in this strike. But many of those Chicagoans are afraid to >
CPS strike updates: Classes canceled again Friday, but Chicago Teachers Union, city report progress after Thursday’s talks
Oct 25, 6:41 AM: The Chicago Teachers Union struck a notably more optimistic chord late Thursday on the sixth school day of its strike, with Chief of Staff Jennifer Johnson saying “today was a good day” in negotiations with progress and >
Parents sound off to school board about teachers strike in Mendota
Oct 25, 6:23 AM: Every chair was filled in Thursday’s night school board meeting with parents anxious to voice their opinion. Teachers from District 289 have been on strike for seven days and will continue to strike on Friday and parents >
Parents share mixed reactions to Chicago Teachers Union strike: ‘I just felt sad that we’ve gotten to this point.’
Oct 25, 5:21 AM: Hall, who emphasized that she wasn't siding with the union or Lightfoot, said she's concerned only with what's best for the students. “This is beginning to hurt the children,” she said. “The best interest of the kids is to >



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