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New State Scholarships Save Families Money, Steady Private Schools
Sep 7, 6:02 AM: But this year, for the first time, 30 St. Mary’s students are getting taxpayer help to pay for their parochial school education. They’re among more than 5,600 students statewide to receive one of Illinois’ first “tax >
More than 250 CPS employees barred from returning to school because of background check results
Sep 4, 7:17 AM: Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson announced Sunday that 266 employees will not be returning on the first day of school because something in their background was flagged in a new round of districtwide checks. >
Rockford private schools celebrate influx of cash, new students
Aug 31, 5:48 AM: When it came time to celebrate the delivery of more than 4,000 private school scholarships, leaders behind the state’s newly adopted tax-credit program turned to the Forest City, where support and participation eclipsed >
EDITORIAL: Please CPS, solve the puzzle of school closings
Aug 29, 7:25 AM: What should the Chicago Public Schools do when a high school hollows out? That’s a question CPS cannot avoid, with classes set to start in days and thousands of high school seats still open. Sooner rather than later, the >
Bloomington Private Schools Aided By Public Scholarships
Aug 28, 5:12 AM: Illinois' new Invest in Kids program has helped pay tuition for some students to attend private schools in Bloomington and throughout the state this year, but the program’s long-term impact remains unclear. >
Editorial: When parents abandon CPS schools
Aug 21, 6:41 AM: About 3 of every 4 incoming ninth graders chose to attend a school other than their neighborhood schools. In other words, students snubbed their neighborhood schools for better ones, even though they would have to travel >
Commentary: CPS students deserve free transportation every school day
Aug 21, 4:49 AM: When CPS still operated on a neighborhood model, students were closer to the schools they attended — many were within walking distance. However, according to WBEZ, over 75 percent of CPS students now attend a high school >
CPS 'consumers' successfully voting with their feet, report finds
Aug 17, 5:41 AM: U of C and Federal Reserve researchers conclude that the new high school admissions system is very widely used and largely gives kids their choice. But some schools remain troubled.
Thousands of CPS high school seats unfilled despite new application process
Aug 16, 5:09 AM: One of every three freshmen seats in Chicago Public Schools classrooms remain unfilled less than three weeks before the school year is scheduled to begin, figures from the district’s new high school-enrollment system >
No more school closings, charter school expansion, mayoral challengers say
Aug 7, 5:46 AM: Now that a five-year ban on school closings has expired, Chicago Public Schools shouldn’t think of closing any more schools or expanding any privately-managed charter schools until its leaders can stabilize its finances >
Online Learning Can Open Doors For Kids In Juvenile Jails
Aug 2, 6:23 AM: Brown is one of a growing number of young people in Illinois who have earned a high school diploma from School District 428, run by the state's department of juvenile justice. At the same time that the state has been >
'We're official now': Elgin charter school prepares for first school year
Jul 30, 6:11 AM: Elgin’s first charter school registered its 200-plus students Thursday and Friday, less than three weeks before the start of EMSA’s first school year.
Possible key to black boys' academic success: Hire black men as elementary school teachers
Jul 25, 7:09 AM: Nationwide, 2 percent of public school teachers are African-American males and 2 percent are Hispanic males, while students of color make up about half the nation’s public school enrollment from pre-kindergarten to 12th >
Editorial: Equity in school improvement spending is a must for CPS
Jul 23, 5:00 AM: Rose and other parents who criticized the spending plan are rightly suspicious. Schools on the South and West sides were slated to get fewer capital dollars in 2019 than North Side schools, according to a WBEZ report. The >
Charter Network Drops English Immersion, Doubles Down On Bilingual Education
Jul 19, 6:20 AM: Acero Schools, formerly known as the UNO Charter School Network, has altered its practices for the last two years and adopted a polar opposite approach to teaching Latino students: dual language education.
Apprenticeship success in Chicago provides national model
Jul 18, 6:46 AM: Despite critiques of President Trump’s apprenticeship task force, programs that blend work and school are thriving in cities where opportunities seem stagnant for youth in poorer communities.
Emanuel claims 22.9% City Colleges graduation rate
Jul 5, 5:35 AM: Emanuel said the “record-breaking” graduation rate “makes it clear that, when we provide our students with the resources and pathways they need to succeed, there is no limit” to what they can achieve. >
Rauner visits Cristo Rey St. Martin in Waukegan to tout new tax-credit program
Jun 29, 5:57 AM: Rauner also pointed to Cristo Rey as an example of a beneficiary of the state tax credit plan approved last year that allows corporations and individuals to donate to private school scholarships and get a 75 percent state >
CPS students denied special education services amid 'cycle of chaos,' parents say
Jun 19, 7:00 AM: Students with special needs in Chicago scored a major victory last month when the state Board of Education ordered dramatic changes in the way Chicago Public Schools offers special-education services to students. >
U-46 board reviews ideas for more career academies
Jun 5, 7:04 AM: The Elgin Area School District U-46 school board Monday night reviewed possible new educational career pathways and an audit of existing career and technical education programs.



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