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Teachers Debate Education Reforms
Apr 12, 11:12 AM:

IL's two biggest teachers unions fight for the right to strike. Reader needs a grasp of what's at stake: What's more disruptive? Teacher strikes or teachers that don't teach?


Shed more light on the legislative >

District 150 decisions face criticism
Apr 12, 10:00 AM:

District 150 school board reprimanded for school closings and relocation of principals. Super Lathan explained dire financial situation and assured children the best. Best to explain reasoning behind the shifts and look >

Dist. 125 winners vow to boost communication with community
Apr 11, 12:56 PM:

Re-elected Stevenson High School District Board members say their opponents were right --  they need to communicate more with residents. It would be good if article communicated more with readers: What will the school >

Education reform plan could come soon
Apr 11, 8:21 AM:


Reform in IL hits a snag, collective bargaining becomes the hot topic. Agreements made to change tenure and firing policies, but unions won't budge on bargaining or give up striking ability. How do strikes help >

Teacher collective bargaining rights still up for grabs
Apr 8, 9:04 AM:

IL continues fight over making changes to teacher evaluation, collective bargaining. Unions want to appease with small changes, but others want overhaul of teaching system. What will it take for sides to agree or shift >

Pingree charter school to add fourth building
Apr 7, 8:11 AM:

Cambridge Lakes charter school needs more space to keep up with rising enrollment. Too general. No info on curriculum, standards or faculty. Most enrollment growth came from word of mouth by parents. What impressed them? >

Rockford school administrator changes trouble parents, staffers
Apr 4, 4:48 PM:

Rockford School Board dismisses or reclassifies 28 administrators, many of them principals with lots of experience but no tenure. No reasons for the mass changes are cited here. Were they doing a bad job? How 'bout some >

New home for Southland charter school
Apr 4, 12:19 PM:

Southland College Prep in IL gets a new building after winning battle to open its doors. It's great to know how nice the space is but tell us more about what the school offers academically. 


But, what does the >

Jeanne Westholder explains not voting on prekindergarten funds
Mar 29, 3:01 PM:

Rockford, IL, school board candidates at forum to take community questions. Begins with focus on how schools fail students, but no answers from candidates on how they'll tackle problem, including whether charter schools >

District 150 approves sweeping changes
Mar 29, 1:15 PM:

School Board in IL votes to close several schools to deal with smaller enrollments. Maintains closures won't affect class size. Unclear how that's possible without specifics on where they're being sent next.  How are >

Rockford School Board candidates call dialogue key at forum
Mar 28, 8:59 AM:

Rockford, IL, residents want to know school board candidates' position on charters, but here we begin with community's race/class divide and little background. Charter details buried but should be spotlighted.

Performance Counts
Mar 28, 5:38 AM:

Editorial promotes Performance Counts bill, similar to what FL just passed. Credits lawmaker for putting kids first. Gov's position on bill, please.

District 118 hopefuls share views on schools
Mar 25, 12:36 PM:

Merit pay a top issue in Danville, IL, Ed Board race; all but one candidate backs it. Supporters try to find balance. Want more on the different approaches outlined and an indication of what works elsewhere.

Quest chooses new set of students
Mar 25, 5:58 AM:

Quest Academy in Peoria, IL, holds lottery to pick next fall's new students. School day longer, more time on key subjects. Seems easy. Why can't effort be duplicated in traditional schools so hopes not pinned on lottery? >

Candidates want accountability
Mar 23, 10:43 AM:

IL school board race hinges on accountability. A thorough look at the candidates and their ideas for boosting educational quality in district that's has lagged behind in state test scores for the last 9 years. No clue >

Illinois teacher pension system nearly $40 billion in the hole
Mar 23, 5:39 AM:

Rundown of teacher pension system breakdown in IL. No drama, just facts supported by financial reports. Want to know more about why Chicago's pension situation much less dire. What did they do that rest of state didn't? >

Proposed bills would tie higher-ed funding to student performance
Mar 21, 9:31 AM:

Some IL lawmakers want to tie state funding for colleges and universities to how well students do in class. New bill before the legislature is intended to boost graduation rates. Missing here are specific numbers on >

Illinois schools have fired more than 2,600 teachers this year
Mar 17, 6:44 AM:

New IL State Board of Ed data shows more than 2,600 state teachers are jobless because of budget cuts that helped reduce the number of school districts in serious financial trouble. Instead of touting "fewer" in dire >

Charter high school at Richland Community College postponed
Mar 14, 9:21 AM:

The opening of a charter high school in IL is being delayed by a year. The Early College Charter School scheduled to open this August won't welcome students until August 2012, at the earliest. Students and faculty at >

Teachers prep students for ISAT tests this week
Mar 7, 4:07 PM:

Proficiency level on IL state tests upped from 77.5% to 85%. Details what's being done to help all kids meet goals, but coverage isn't enthusiastic about testing --  "schools and ultimately children are being harmed by >



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