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Protect school reform
May 23, 5:35 AM:

Editorial pushes IL Gov to sign bill setting strict requirements for teacher strikes. Union push to weaken bill is wrong and needs to be thwarted. Doesn't get into details of bill, but should've. Legislation changes >

What's in a name The Issue: Plaza becomes prep academy
May 20, 6:29 AM:

As editorial rightly says, it doesn't matter what you call a school, only what's taught there. Trouble is, this rundown of Evansville innovation in schooling doesn't tell us anything about students' achievements. >

Bill could mean more charters in the suburbs
May 19, 2:08 PM:

Unclear whether Gov Quinn will sign bill letting new state commission authorize charters if individual school districts don't... something that could lead to more charters outside urban centers. Unchallenged is notion >

School Consolidation: Can it Work in Illinois?
May 19, 9:06 AM:

State lawmakers approve commission to do feasibility study on school consolidation, cutting number of school districts by more than half. Focus is on propensity of such reports to get produced with no action following. >

Teachers union chief Phalen calls it quits
May 18, 11:11 AM:

Departure of Rockford, IL Teachers union president not expected to affect contract negotiations. Details on two now vying for top job, but nothing on demands or what concessions district may ask teachers to make in light >

U46, D300 school districts, unions react to passage of ed reform bill
May 16, 7:26 AM:

Wide variety of reactions to new IL legislation, Performance pay and tenure draw praise and ire from predictable sources. Lip service is paid to benefit for state’s students, but that should be the heart of such a >

Providence School Board members say they struggled with closings
May 13, 2:13 PM:

Providence School Board reveals soul-searching behind decision to close 5 schools. Sorry, did anyone join the board just to be popular? With tight budgets, someone has to make tough choices. Need to focus on preserving >

Education reform comes to Illinois
May 13, 6:50 AM:

Chicago Sun Times editorial calls teacher eval reform bill heading to Gov's desk "ambitious." A closer look would've revealed that it really isn't. Ties student performance to teacher reviews, but tenure remains. So what >

Time for the House vote on school reform
May 12, 12:05 PM:

Urges House to do just what it's Ed Committee did -- approve bill that extends school day and end seniority. Offers reform recommendations; warns to move quickly to outrun union's attack of bill they initially supported. >

Finger paints, picture books and iPads — the newest classroom tools for some preschools, kindergartens
May 12, 9:37 AM:

Chicago-area districts give principals option of putting iPads in classrooms. Controversy over whether this is best way for youngsters to learn even though technology isn't completely replacing other methods. Whatever >

East St. Louis School Board cedes control to state
May 12, 5:38 AM:

IL takes over failing East St. Louis schools, places Super on leave. Investigation into high admin costs, low special ed staff, finances. Drastic action justified by dismal test scores. District has history of >

Chicago Teachers Union want reform bill overhauled
May 6, 9:49 AM:

Chicago teacher union fighting to remove language in reform bill. Problem: Bill already passed and union already signed off on it. Why didn't they notice language before? Find out.  New battle likely to take time away >

Shared grant helps five schools prepare special education teachers
May 5, 12:55 PM:

5 IL colleges share $500K grant to overhaul program for special ed teachers. Insight into preparation for some of most demanding jobs in education. Broaden picture by looking how teachers bring these skills into the >

Illinois Lawmakers Considering New School Voucher Bill
May 4, 11:09 AM:

Short blurb on Legislature voting on vouchers. Short, biased and wrong. Misleading on research not being education "cure-all."  They are a choice for some and hope for many to escape schools that fail. Vouchers "drain >

Teachers Sound Off on Education
May 2, 10:47 AM:

IL teachers discuss challenges facing education system. Encouraging polling to be found: most support incorporating some element of performance pay. Most agree that greater parental involvement needed.


Also seek >

Give him a chance
Apr 29, 5:43 AM:

Editorial encourages Chicago to let new superintendent stand or fail on results. Acknowledges good questions have been raised, but notes Rochester schools saw improvement under Brizard’s leadership. Commends him for >

Manual-Every child could face a kindergarten readiness test
Apr 28, 2:19 PM:

Proposed exam in IL would measure whether 5-year olds are ready for kindergarten, checking their social, emotional, physical and cognitive abilities. Details here on why being done, but also tell us how info from test >

E. St. Louis school board is mum on state takeover threat
Apr 27, 5:50 AM:

No talk of IL state board's threat to strip district's decision-making power at yesterday's meeting about school closings. Couldn't push for rationale behind closings from board members at meeting? Would also like to >

Rahm Emanuel defends his schools chief on federal discrimination lawsuits
Apr 26, 7:43 AM:

Chicago mayor-to-be defends future school chief Brizard against exageration on graduation rates. Slippery slope of stats means dig deep to see how rates were calculated.


Regarding fed discrimination suit, mayor >

New schools chief Brizard largely likable but often not liked
Apr 25, 6:58 AM:

New Chicago schools chief doesn't make apologies for shaking up the status quo. Understandably has enemies because of changes and past performance questions. Paper decides to focus on this instead of illuminating why >



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