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Counterpoint: As college graduates, we are Urban Prep’s reputation
Jul 8, 6:39 AM: As Black boys from the “hood,” we weren’t supposed to succeed in college but we did because of Urban Prep, a group of alumni write in a response to criticism of the school.
Chicago Teachers Union demands response from Lightfoot in contract talks
Jul 2, 6:53 AM: The Chicago Teachers Union, comparing Mayor Lori Lightfoot to her predecessor, said Monday that her chief negotiators have yet to submit a contract proposal despite more than six months of discussions and that its members >
Teachers Union Pushes Back Against Pension Plan
Jun 28, 5:34 AM: Who should pay pension costs for Illinois teachers and school administrators? Currently, the state bears virtually all the cost, leaving the state’s 852 school districts free to negotiate benefits without worrying about >
Harper College provost testifies to Congress about high school partnerships
Jun 21, 7:59 AM: Called the Northwest Educational Consortium for Student Success, the Harper partnership with districts 211, 214 and 220 has led to an increase in the number of high school students taking dual credit college courses, >
Editorial: Illinois politicians have school choice. But they want to curb it for other people’s kids.
Jun 21, 5:16 AM: As part of the General Assembly’s continued attack on school choice for underprivileged Illinois schoolkids, lawmakers sent Gov. J.B. Pritzker legislation abolishing a commission that has independently evaluated charter >
Chicago teacher contract talks underway as union casts wary eye toward new mayor
Jun 14, 7:23 AM: With the Chicago Teachers Union’s contract set to expire June 30, negotiations with the city are ongoing — and the exchange of barbs between the two sides has begun.
High schoolers start businesses, learning entrepreneurship by doing it
Jun 11, 6:44 AM: You won't find a single textbook in Cary-Grove teacher Dave Cook's classroom. "We want these kids to learn lessons on their own by putting them in a position where they are in charge," Cook said. Cook is one of just a >
School Choice Saved
Jun 6, 7:55 AM: Illinois’ private school scholarship program appears to have been spared the budget axe of Democrats that don’t agree with it.
As mayor taps Miguel del Valle to lead Chicago school board, she vows collaboration, 'not a dictatorship'
Jun 4, 5:55 AM: Mayor Lori Lightfoot won praise from allies and some city officials for the new school board picks she announced Monday — but she drew criticism from the Chicago Teachers Union for choosing the board at all. >
Tax credit program preserved
Jun 4, 5:11 AM: Amid the flurry of activity in the General Assembly over the weekend, the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program was preserved in the state’s budget, pending Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s signature. According to advocates for the >
'I can do this': Waukegan student earns college associate degree 2 weeks before high school graduation
Jun 3, 7:20 AM: Mancera’s accomplishment is an unusual one — it’s the first one seen by Sarah Stashkiw, the College of Lake County’s manager of college readiness and dual credit, though college and local high school officials are working >
Letter: CPS elected school board isn’t the answer
May 30, 5:31 AM: Could it be that hundreds of schools remain nearly vacant, schools which should have been closed years ago? We have had decentralization, recentralization, this reform, that reform. Nothing has worked. The entire system >
Are Chicago Public Schools making the grade?
May 29, 4:55 AM: Mayor Lori Lightfoot is calling for strong schools, regardless of neighborhood or zip code. According to an analysis by CPS, that is not the case now. Some of Chicago’s worst performing schools are in low-income >
CPS, charter schools settle on new funding formula
May 28, 6:35 AM: Officials from Chicago Public Schools and most city charter school networks have agreed on a new formula setting the amount of taxpayer dollars that go from the district to each privately managed, publicly funded campus. >
Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy – known for 100% college acceptance rates – put reputation ahead of results
May 24, 6:05 AM: Each spring, Urban Prep Academies boasts that 100% of seniors graduating from each of its three campuses gains admission to a four-year college or university. But if you look beneath the 100% college acceptance claim – >
All 7 members of the Chicago Board of Education step down
May 23, 7:35 AM: All seven members of the Chicago Board of Education on Wednesday announced they’ll step down, opening the door for Mayor Lori Lightfoot to overhaul the board that controls Chicago Public Schools.
Six months after tests scores show wide opportunity gap, black parents are still asking for answers
May 21, 6:54 AM: Black Parents of King Arts demanded the school administration take action on the opportunity gap between black and white students at a press conference Monday afternoon at the Joseph E. Hill Education Center. >
Charter school teachers set Thursday strike plans; 1 school averts stoppage
May 16, 6:56 AM: Teachers at five Chicago charter schools rallied Wednesday evening ahead of a planned strike aimed at pressuring the publicly funded, privately run schools to raise wages and improve student services to match their Chicago >
Opinion: Another example of why Springfield can't be trusted
May 10, 5:13 AM: Parents, teachers and other school choice advocates are roaming the halls of the state Capitol building during the final weeks of session, talking to any lawmaker who will listen about how the Invest in Kids scholarship >
Summit Learning curriculum on hold for Peoria’s Washington Gifted Middle School
May 8, 6:38 AM: The Peoria Public Schools district has scrapped immediate plans to implement a new curriculum at Washington Gifted Middle School that was supported by Facebook engineering and has been getting mixed reviews in schools >



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