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CPS open to improving remote learning as F’s increase, attendance drops
Feb 25, 7:02 AM: High schools have faced a 4.3% drop in attendance compared to 0.9% for elementary schools. Meanwhile, more A’s were given this year but also more failing grades at all grade levels and in all racial groups. >
With No End To Remote Learning In Sight, Teachers Offer Up Ideas On Making It Work
Feb 24, 8:37 AM: School officials at LEARN Middle, one of seven campuses managed by the LEARN Charter School Network, haven’t announced a return to in-person school yet. In the meantime, Morris is constantly communicating with students >
Some Suburban Parents Question Remote Learning as More Students Return to Classroom
Feb 23, 6:12 AM: Some parents of Evanston Township High School students are questioning why their teens will continue to learn remotely five days a week when other Chicago-area high schoolers are heading back to the classroom on hybrid >
Editorial: Lori Lightfoot talks truth on teacher-union entitlement
Feb 17, 8:19 AM: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a perfect progressive — who just let loose on the Chicago Teachers Union over its resistance to reopening schools and other issues.
Return to CPS high schools could lead to 2nd battle over reopening, CTU leaders warn
Feb 15, 10:05 AM: CPS has said it plans to make no changes to remote learning, which Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Stacy Davis Gates said is a “slap in the face” for students who will continue to take classes from home. >
Op-ed: Charter schools offer the choice parents and students need
Feb 15, 9:27 AM: But parents could just as easily choose not to send their kids to this charter school. As a result, we teachers worked smart and we worked hard to make sure we delivered a high-quality educational experience. We had to >
Op-ed: Charters schools offer only the illusion of choice
Feb 15, 9:23 AM: The differences between the traditionally-funded public schools I was familiar with and this charter school were inconsequential. In the end, what this charter school offered was the illusion of choice.
As Younger CPS Students Return To School, Some High School Families Say ‘What About Us?’
Feb 15, 8:59 AM: Reopening high schools is a more complicated process than restarting elementary schools — and it’ll likely come with more disagreements.
Parents Say The Feud Between CPS And The Teachers Union Is Pushing Families Away
Feb 12, 9:04 AM: Gamboa is one of many Chicago Public Schools parents who say they feel worn out by the fighting between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union. Some say the failure by school district and union leaders to >
Column: The ‘hostages’ left behind: 104,000 Chicago high school students
Feb 12, 8:41 AM: These 104,000 forgotten kids are perfect examples of why real school choice is vital and necessary. Though vigorously opposed by CTU and many Chicago politicians, school choice would give parents the option to break the >
Chicago Public Schools is about to reopen after a bitter union fight. Now the hard part begins: Rebuilding trust, and making good on COVID-19 protection vows.
Feb 11, 7:20 AM:

Though Chicago Teachers Union members voted 2-to-1 in favor of a reopening deal with Chicago Public Schools, the union’s mood has been less than celebratory about the resumption of in-person classes on Thursday.

CTU members approve CPS reopening deal, sending tens of thousands of students and teachers back to schools
Feb 10, 7:40 AM:

The union’s rank-and-file membership approved the agreement in a one-day vote held Tuesday, with nearly 70% of the 25,000 teachers and support staff in favor of the deal.

Chicago Teachers Union advances school reopening plan to members
Feb 9, 7:37 AM: The majority of the 600-member House of Delegates voted Monday evening in favor of sending the proposed agreement to members, the union confirmed via Twitter. Voting is expected to take place this week, and the deal would >
Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Chicago Public Schools and the teachers union reach a tentative reopening deal ‘at long last’
Feb 8, 6:51 AM: Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union reached a tentative deal Sunday to reopen city schools for families seeking in-person instruction, narrowly avoiding a strike but contingent on broader union approval. >
CTU sends counteroffer after mayor pushes for deal ‘today,’ but no resolution announced
Feb 5, 7:47 AM: Lightfoot said “we are out of runway” after more than 80 meetings between the two sides and CPS having “bent over backward” to accommodate CTU’s health and safety concerns.
In-person classes delayed again as CPS and CTU still have no deal to avoid teachers strike.
Feb 4, 8:10 AM: Chicago Public Schools late Wednesday announced another delay in the resumption of in-person classes after failing again to reach a school reopening agreement with the Chicago Teachers Union.
Chicago Families Debate School Reopening
Feb 4, 8:03 AM:

After days of rising tension between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union, we are now in the midst of what local officials are calling a 48-hour “cooling off” period. Students are continuing to learn >

Reopen public schools? How Chicago became ground zero for debate.
Feb 2, 7:47 AM: What’s the right thing to do when it comes to reopening public schools? As a Chicago fight shows, that answer is complicated by the health risks for the community the school is in.
Editorial: Teachers stay home due to science, then ignore science when it’s time to go back
Feb 2, 7:22 AM: For teachers, students and parents, perhaps the most important finding is this: Remote learning holds back the academic growth of children, particularly Black and Latino children. Rates of failing grades are higher, >
Chicago Schools Make Progress in Talks With Teachers on Reopening
Feb 2, 7:21 AM: City leaders cited progress in its talks with the teachers union over a plan to reopen elementary schools amid the coronavirus pandemic and called for a two-day cooling-off period to resolve remaining issues. >



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