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Commentary: Time for a reality check on the Chicago Teachers Union
Jan 22, 6:42 AM: The overarching boast of CTU and most teachers unions is that they advocate for children. If that were the case, CTU would support a longer school day and year, more school choice for parents and kids, prohibiting teacher >
Teachers at four charter schools in Chicago set Feb. 5 strike date if no contract reached
Jan 18, 7:58 AM: Teachers affiliated with the Chicago International Charter School network say they will go on strike Feb. 5 unless there is a breakthrough in contract negotiations, a move that would affect about 2,200 students at four of >
More than 30,000 students apply for Empower Illinois tax credit scholarships
Jan 17, 6:27 AM: Part one of the application for the Empower Illinois tax credit scholarships launched Tuesday night at 7 p.m. and Empower Illinois says applications were submitted for at least more than 30,000 students. The state’s >
New program lets East Aurora students take dual-credit classes at Waubonsee Community College
Jan 16, 7:42 AM: The inaugural group of students are high school juniors and seniors, who have met or exceeded proficiency standards on PSAT or SAT exams and had flexibility in their second-semester schedules to attend classes at >
Private school scholarships again up for grabs in Illinois
Jan 16, 7:16 AM: Year two of a controversial taxpayer-funded private school scholarship program kicks off for most families on Tuesday, and one of the most important things to know is that there is no line.
Under threat, Illinois private school tuition program to open with fewer donations
Jan 11, 5:56 AM: Holter said incoming Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s campaign promise to end the program has some donors concerned they won’t get their tax credit for 75 percent of their donation.
EDITORIAL: Merge CPS and City Colleges? That’s a big idea worthy of respect
Jan 10, 7:43 AM: Forget the practical hurdles, though. What’s most important to focus on here is Daley’s stated motive: Making sure that every Chicago kid, no matter his or her ward or ZIP code, has ready access to a college education. >
Daley would nix CPS local school councils for larger neighborhood councils
Jan 10, 7:14 AM: If elected mayor, candidate Bill Daley would eliminate the 500-plus elected groups of parents, teachers and neighbors who oversee public school budgets and principals in Chicago and consolidate their power into >
Report: 39 percent of 2018 Alden-Hebron High School graduates in Illinois community colleges had to take remedial classes
Jan 9, 7:25 AM: In a year when 87 percent of Alden-Hebron High School seniors graduated on time, 39 percent of those who attended Illinois community colleges had to enroll in remedial courses because they weren't prepared for >
Chicago Teachers Union says Toni Preckwinkle leads mayoral contenders, citing weeks-old poll results
Jan 9, 6:54 AM: As Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s campaign reels from her ties to the Ald. Edward Burke corruption scandal, the Chicago Teachers Union on Tuesday released a nearly month-old poll showing Preckwinkle leading >
Many of state’s worst-performing schools are outside Chicago
Jan 7, 6:34 AM: More than half of Illinois’ worst-performing schools are nowhere near the concrete jungles of Chicago that most people associate with low test scores and high dropout rates.
EDITORIAL: Why charter school supporters worry about the next mayor of Chicago
Dec 31, 7:28 AM: When we read what 14 mayoral candidates had to say about charter schools, we better understood why wealthy supporters of charters are pouring money into the city elections. They want to save a movement that’s in hot water >
Opinion: Five big questions about schools for the next mayor of Chicago
Dec 28, 7:23 AM: With the teachers union contract set to expire in June, our next mayor immediately will face complex challenges that, paradoxically, offer a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reshape education in Chicago for the coming >
Editorial: Is the final bell ringing for charter schools in Illinois?
Dec 21, 8:22 AM: That’s a loss for students who deserve more choices — today’s 57,000 families plus those on waitlists. Maybe a traditional public school is the best fit for a child. Maybe a charter school is the best fit. Maybe private >
CPS delays huge rollout of new online student, parent portal
Dec 20, 7:25 AM: Chicago Public Schools announced Wednesday it will delay the rollout of its new online parent portal and student information system until April to give parents, teachers and school staff more time to understand how to use >
What's the fate of that controversial school tax-credit program now?
Dec 20, 6:02 AM: On the campaign trail, J.B. Pritzker insisted he would end a controversial tax-credit program for private school students. He would do so immediately as governor, he promised at one stop.
Acero charter schools teachers vote to ratify contract following historic strike
Dec 17, 8:11 AM: Hundreds of teachers and staff members at a charter school network that serves predominantly Latino students in Chicago are one step closer to finalizing a contract they rallied for in a historic strike.
Statewide test results: 81 percent of Chicago Virtual students failed math
Dec 17, 7:47 AM: About 19 percent of Chicago Virtual Charter School students passed annual math assessments in 2018 and 81 percent of students failed, according to a Chicago City Wire analysis of the latest Illinois schools report card. >
Commentary: How to Fix Chicago
Dec 14, 8:44 AM: Chicago Public Schools' troubles run much deeper than can be fixed by simply electing its leadership. The same forward-thinking Chicagoans who recognize our city's form of school governance is an outlier must apply the >
Editorial: Preserving choices for low-income students in a hostile Springfield
Dec 11, 8:25 AM: Editorials reflect the opinion of the Editorial Board, as determined by the members of the board, the editorial page editor and the publisher.



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