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Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy – known for 100% college acceptance rates – put reputation ahead of results
May 24, 6:05 AM: Each spring, Urban Prep Academies boasts that 100% of seniors graduating from each of its three campuses gains admission to a four-year college or university. But if you look beneath the 100% college acceptance claim – >
All 7 members of the Chicago Board of Education step down
May 23, 7:35 AM: All seven members of the Chicago Board of Education on Wednesday announced they’ll step down, opening the door for Mayor Lori Lightfoot to overhaul the board that controls Chicago Public Schools.
Six months after tests scores show wide opportunity gap, black parents are still asking for answers
May 21, 6:54 AM: Black Parents of King Arts demanded the school administration take action on the opportunity gap between black and white students at a press conference Monday afternoon at the Joseph E. Hill Education Center. >
Charter school teachers set Thursday strike plans; 1 school averts stoppage
May 16, 6:56 AM: Teachers at five Chicago charter schools rallied Wednesday evening ahead of a planned strike aimed at pressuring the publicly funded, privately run schools to raise wages and improve student services to match their Chicago >
Opinion: Another example of why Springfield can't be trusted
May 10, 5:13 AM: Parents, teachers and other school choice advocates are roaming the halls of the state Capitol building during the final weeks of session, talking to any lawmaker who will listen about how the Invest in Kids scholarship >
Summit Learning curriculum on hold for Peoria’s Washington Gifted Middle School
May 8, 6:38 AM: The Peoria Public Schools district has scrapped immediate plans to implement a new curriculum at Washington Gifted Middle School that was supported by Facebook engineering and has been getting mixed reviews in schools >
Last of striking charter schools reaches tentative agreement with Chicago Public Schools
May 8, 6:00 AM: Students were back in class at two more Chicago charter schools Tuesday morning, following the end of a coordinated strike by unionized educators that stopped classes last week.
Educators plan to strike Thursday at 4 charter schools in Chicago
May 2, 5:38 AM: Unionized educators planned to halt classes and hit picket lines at four Chicago schools Thursday morning, as part of a coordinated strike that marks the latest phase in a citywide wave of labor unrest at taxpayer-funded >
Charter school teachers, City Colleges staff threaten to strike
May 1, 7:05 AM: The planned strike by the charter school teachers would be the first multi-employer charter strike in U.S. history.  The potential strike would follow on the heels of another historical strike when 530 teachers at Acero >
Teachers at 5 charter schools set strike date
Apr 26, 6:33 AM: The latest batch of unionized Chicago charter school teachers could go on strike next week barring a breakthrough in contract negotiations.
CPS, charter operators lock horns over funding formula
Apr 25, 7:35 AM: Chicago Public Schools leaders are withholding millions of dollars from city charter school operators as the district seeks more leeway in the number of dollars they’re required to set aside for the privately managed, >
Chicago public school’s CEO warns that an elected school board might not solve trust issues between the current board and community members
Apr 25, 7:08 AM: Janice Jackson, CEO of Chicago Public Schools (CPS), does not believe that an elected school board in Chicago will be the “panacea” that resolves the lack of trust between community members and the current appointed board. >
‘Momentum’ building in Chicago Catholic schools despite enrollment losses
Apr 24, 6:33 AM: A downward, decades-long trend in Chicago’s Catholic school enrollment continued this year — but at a slower pace that is sparking optimism in archdiocese leaders.
Expensive degree and no guaranteed job: More students are considering options outside of 4-year college
Apr 22, 8:17 AM: High school administrators say more students are considering options outside of four-year degrees, which are financially out of reach for many. With some of the fastest-growing fields attainable without a university >
90% of U.S. school boards are picked by voters, but not in Chicago. Here's why that could change.
Apr 19, 6:46 AM: When it comes to efforts to create an elected school board for Chicago, state lawmakers have spent recent years dancing the Springfield two-step.
Huntley High's blended learning program lauded as top in nation
Apr 19, 5:47 AM: Huntley High School's blended learning program, a pioneering alternative educational model in which students engage in self-directed, online learning, has garnered another accolade as it continues to grow. >
Learning on the Job: The Fight to Fix Chicago's Schools
Apr 12, 6:34 AM: WHEN OUTGOING CHICAGO Mayor Rahm Emanuel hands over the keys of the city to newly elected Lori Lightfoot in May, he'll be passing on, among other things, a K-12 system at the top of its game.
Teachers at 5 privately run Chicago schools authorize strikes as contract talks continue
Apr 11, 6:10 AM: Another batch of unionized teachers at privately run schools has threatened to go on strike, as the Chicago Teachers Union tries to put pressure on managers of five campuses amid ongoing contract negotiations. >
Column: People hate government but want an elected school board
Apr 10, 7:06 AM: As a newspaper reporter, I saw dozens of really nice people elected to suburban school boards. Moms and Dads. Little League managers and people who ran bake sales. Church-going folk.  But once elected, they  often acted >
Eastern Illinois University rural teacher pilot program emphasizes community, relationships
Apr 8, 7:37 AM: Shelbyville schools are part of a pilot program with Eastern Illinois University that invites college students who plan to become teachers to visit small communities, tour the schools and talk to the staff.



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