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Teachers at Acero charter schools in Chicago call for Dec. 4 strike if no deal on new contract
Nov 15, 8:29 AM: Teachers at a group of charter schools in Chicago say they'll go on strike next month if their demands for a new contract aren’t met, setting a date for what could be the latest in a string of job actions that have >
Getting accepted to Chicago's top colleges is harder than ever, new report says
Nov 14, 6:02 AM: Getting into Northwestern University or the University of Chicago has never been easy. But these days, it’s even harder — and the degree of difficulty has increased more at these two local schools than anywhere in the >
JWCC online learning program ranked No. 6
Nov 5, 7:26 AM: John Wood Community College's online learning program now ranks among the state's best. JWCC is ranked No. 6 among the 48 community colleges in Illinois by the Community for Accredited Online Schools website. >
Teachers at four more Chicago charter schools join strike threat
Nov 5, 7:22 AM: Teachers at four Chicago International Charter School locations voted on Friday to authorize a possible strike, joining the Acero charter school teachers who voted in favor of a strike threat on Tuesday.
State’s new school report cards at odds with CPS’ own ratings
Nov 1, 7:00 AM: The state’s new report cards for public schools around Illinois, released Tuesday, pose a conundrum for parents of kids at Chicago Public Schools, which unveiled its own ratings last week: Which metric should they >
Acero charter network teachers authorize a strike amid ongoing contract negotiations
Oct 31, 6:23 AM: Unionized teachers at the city’s Acero charter schools said Tuesday that members voted to approve a strike amid contract negotiations with a network that educates about 7,500 predominantly Latino students. >
Letter: Teachers union gets it wrong again on charter schools
Oct 31, 5:19 AM: Charters are proud to be part of the Chicago public school system, contributing to increased graduation rates and post-secondary success. By imposing the same restrictions on charter’s length of school day, curriculum, and >
No more 'failing': New state report card data rates schools, measures students' growth
Oct 31, 5:09 AM: Suburban educators and parents have long lamented inadequate funding for schools struggling to help the neediest students succeed. Now, they can make a stronger case for resources and funding armed with new data in the >
Could new CPS ratings halt South Loop H.S., save National Teachers Academy?
Oct 29, 6:46 AM: New Chicago Public Schools ratings released Friday are threatening to derail a controversial plan to open a high school at the South Loop site of a top-performing elementary that would be shuttered under the plan. >
Chicago Public Schools enrollment drops by 10,000 students
Oct 29, 6:41 AM: Chicago Public Schools this fall recorded one of the sharpest single-year enrollment declines since the district’s student population began a steady downturn 16 years ago..
Teachers to vote next week on possible strike at 19 Chicago charter schools
Oct 25, 5:21 AM: Teachers at 19 Chicago charter schools will hold strike authorization votes next week that could open the door to the first-ever work stoppage at any charter school in the nation.
Why charter school teachers are preparing for a historic strike vote
Oct 23, 4:48 AM: Chicago Teachers Union charter educators have been presenting their demands this fall for educational equity directly to charter operators, and there’s a telling sign of the situation these educators face: At least one of >
Rural schools tackle biggest costs with creative solutions
Oct 22, 4:53 AM: Policy makers don’t always recognize the transportation costs for rural districts, where hundreds of miles have to be driven morning and night, said David Ardrey, executive director of the Association of Illinois Rural and >
Teachers protest charter champ Betsy DeVos as Chicago schools plan strike votes
Oct 19, 6:28 AM: The group booed President Donald Trump’s top education administrator and took aim at her support for charter schools, arguing money should instead be invested in traditional public school systems.
'A big idea that became a reality': Elgin charter school leaders thank community
Oct 5, 6:38 AM: It was one year ago Wednesday that organizers of a proposed charter school in Elgin received the charter that allowed it to open in 2018. On Wednesday, leaders of the Elgin Math and Science Academy thanked those who made >
Nearly All Chicago Charter High Schools Have Room For Students Ranking Them Their Top Choice
Oct 2, 4:48 AM: For years, Chicago charter school advocates have repeatedly boasted of long waiting lists for charter elementary and high schools in the city. It’s an idea that has helped fuel an expansion of charter schools, even during >
U-46 seeks to launch five new career academies
Sep 26, 5:45 AM: Elgin Area School District U-46 plans to offer five new college and career academies at each of its high schools beginning with the freshman class of 2021-22, officials said at Monday night's school board meeting. >
CPS analysis shows 150,000 seats unfilled; black and Latino students have less access to top programs
Sep 17, 4:54 AM: Chicago’s South and West sides have lower concentrations of highest-rated schools than other areas, and black and Latino students attend top schools at far lower rates than their white counterparts, according to a new >
Editorial CPS after Emanuel: The mayor changes, the demand for performance can't
Sep 11, 6:09 AM: The next mayor of Chicago inherits a public school system that is, for the first time in many years, not on the brink of bankruptcy. But with mismanagement and wasteful spending, it could again be a financial failure. >
Local impact of new tax-credit scholarships has been mixed
Sep 10, 5:58 AM:

Pitched as legislation that would diversify education choices for students across the state, implementation of the Invest in Kids Act has been mixed locally — with it sending more students into Catholic schools while >



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