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Teachers groups sue over part of Luna’s school reform package
Apr 28, 7:09 AM:

ID teachers union sues over ed reform, claiming changes to contracts and end to tenure are unconstitutional. Court battle could delay much-needed reforms. Skips over benefits of bill which claims to put students first -- >

Luna asks for nominees for Technology Task Force to implement Idaho education law
Apr 22, 3:18 PM:

ID forming tech committee to help determine technology for mobile education. Good start. But speed needed. Other districts, like some in PA, offer full-time cyber and online learning including K-12. Technology will pass >

OWL Charter Academy faces closure
Apr 13, 1:22 PM:

Lack of funding threatens to close OWL Charter Academy in Nampa. With the exception of the small, special ed example, there's nothing here about the school's curriculum and approach and the benefits it provides students. >

Implementing Luna's plan
Apr 11, 9:50 AM:


Education bills signed by Gov last week face additional obstacle before plans are in play. State board must approve action items of new laws and have oversight over implementation. Bureaucracy could slow needed >

Former Boise school sites sit unsold in soft market
Apr 11, 9:21 AM:


Former Boise school sites hard to sell in tough market. Future plans to repurpose properties now in hands of graduate students and neighborhood commission. Why the decline in enrollment? Any thought to offering to >

Lawmakers kill bill to remove cap on opening charter schools
Apr 7, 5:58 AM:

Bill to remove charter cap of 6 new per year failed in House. Opponents questioned lobbying efforts and school choice promotional materials. Bigger issue is why more than 6 new schools a year is seen as a problem at all. >

Lawmakers act to prevent ed reform delay
Apr 5, 6:40 AM:

ID lawmakers not taking any chances with new education reform laws and enacting emergency clauses. Would put laws into effect immediately instead of July 1 due to planned referendums to repeal them.


Do these bills >

Drivers' education in schools in jeopardy
Apr 4, 5:45 PM:

ID lawmakers consider bill cutting subsidy that funds drivers' ed. Where are parent reactions, stats on relationship between program and accident/fatality reductions, likelyuses of diverted monies?

House sends ed reform to Otter
Apr 4, 4:48 PM:

Third portion of ID reform plan goes to Gov after clearing House. Grad requirement about online classes stripped, up to state dept. to draft rules. Clash over whether this is best use of money, but nothing on what else >

Online courses for all Idaho students would mean big jump
Apr 4, 10:29 AM:

Rundown of online learning in ID. Mentions rural districts take greater advantage of digital learning because lack of options, but that implies dearth of options in more populated areas. This the case?


What student >

Senate Passes Third Education Bill
Mar 25, 8:50 AM:

Education funding passes State Senate and heads to House. Would raise teacher pay, limit spending, buy laptops for students. Support split on party lines. Why this bill now? How much money will be saved or spent?

Idaho Senate passes higher education budget cuts
Mar 25, 8:23 AM:

ID higher ed budget gets a haircut and acts like its being sliced to ribbons. C'mon. Senate-passed bill reduces funding by about 2%. Look up In-state tuition: $5416 yearly. How about planning to make it work?

Luna plan aside, state will tear funds
Mar 21, 2:41 PM:

Seven ID districts reveal plans for how to deal with budget shortfall since funding bill hasn't been signed into law yet. No clue what bill actually says about funding though. Districts think it's best for them to decide >

Idahos uncertain education landscape and budget shortfall leaves some educators looking to retire early, even as incentive ends
Mar 21, 9:51 AM:

ID teachers, fearful of recent reforms passed by state regarding performance pay and tenure, are contemplating early retirement. Concerned salaries will decrease as state's budget woes increase and don't see how reforms >

Education experts advise Idaho to regroup, move on, work together
Mar 21, 9:36 AM:

State may have been able to pass reforms for teacher pay and tenure, but it's proving much more difficult to find consensus on teacher layoffs and online learning. Good explanation of supporters' and opponents' history, >

13 school districts still pay full health benefits
Mar 21, 7:09 AM:

Districts in IA pay full health benefits for teachers and admins even though that's not the norm in private sector. As economy worsens and budgets tighten, it's more difficult for districts to pay in full -- but teachers >

Idaho governor signs union curbs on teachers
Mar 18, 7:50 AM:

Second in the land to adopt bill which limits union powers to salary issues and restores power to boards to dictate hiring and firing and determine operations. Some may wonder what the fuss is about, and what was so >

College of Southern Idaho teaches sixth-graders value of college education
Mar 17, 9:13 AM:

ID college reaches out to sixth-graders, hopes to teach them the value of a college education. A "money game" seems to dominate though the students also visit a planetarium, a reptile show, and a brief lecture. Does this >

Idaho approves law to limit teachers union power
Mar 10, 8:03 AM:

Passage of ID bill to restrict collective bargaining to salaries and benefits angers teachers and union. Bill would also eliminate seniority as a factor in determining which teachers would be laid off. Dems express >

Idaho House approves merit pay system for teachers
Mar 10, 6:53 AM:

Second teacher reform bill in less than a week makes its way to ID governor's desk. Bill would offer bonuses to teachers for teaching hard-to-fill positions or for taking leadership roles, among other ways. A problem >



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