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College of Southern Idaho teaches sixth-graders value of college education
Mar 17, 9:13 AM:

ID college reaches out to sixth-graders, hopes to teach them the value of a college education. A "money game" seems to dominate though the students also visit a planetarium, a reptile show, and a brief lecture. Does this >

Idaho approves law to limit teachers union power
Mar 10, 8:03 AM:

Passage of ID bill to restrict collective bargaining to salaries and benefits angers teachers and union. Bill would also eliminate seniority as a factor in determining which teachers would be laid off. Dems express >

Idaho House approves merit pay system for teachers
Mar 10, 6:53 AM:

Second teacher reform bill in less than a week makes its way to ID governor's desk. Bill would offer bonuses to teachers for teaching hard-to-fill positions or for taking leadership roles, among other ways. A problem >

Idaho OKs bill limiting bargaining
Mar 9, 8:10 AM:

ID legislature passes bill to end tenure and restrict collective bargaining for teachers. Allows districts to fire ineffective teachers, not just newbies. Unions cry foul; blame legislators of trying to silence teachers. >

Bill limits teachers’ bargaining powers
Mar 9, 5:43 AM:

Bill to end tenure and curb bargaining rights passes Legislature, onto Gov. First of 3 reform bills under debate this session. Merit pay bill set for House debate this week, and bill to provide funding for program and >

Historic day for Idaho schools? Tuesday will tell at Capitol
Mar 8, 8:55 AM:

ID legislators debate two bills -- one to end teacher tenure and ignore seniority when enacting layoffs and the other to institute performance-based pay. Third bill that would cut nearly 800 jobs (via laptop computers) >

Students walk out of class in protest of education reform plan
Feb 28, 3:35 PM:

Over 150 students walked out of class this morning and straight to Nampa City Hall in protest of two reform bills the ID Senate passed last Thursday. Same thing happened in Philadelphia when students didn't support >

Legislation would change the way teachers are paid
Feb 25, 11:39 AM:

Bills eliminating new-teacher tenure and seniority in layoff decisions, in addition to changes in performance evaluation, moved to the ID House. Union reps angry; administrators okay with it, most likely because they >

Idaho Senate votes to curtail teacher's union
Feb 25, 11:07 AM:

ID Senate approves restrictions on public school teachers' collective bargaining rights, leaving only monetary issues in their bargaining power. Bill about "putting students first"  would end seniority as a factor in >

Legislation would change aspects of teacher pay
Feb 25, 9:56 AM:

Reform bills passed in ID senate would eliminate teacher tenure, restrict collective bargaining and award pay bonuses for school performance. Unions unhappy, nervous about likely passage in House. No word on how schools >

2 steps toward school reform
Feb 25, 9:35 AM:

Despite bipartisan opposition, the ID Senate passes bills limiting union bargaining power and establishing merit pay bonuses. A third measure proposing an increase in classroom tech. funded by teacher layoffs was sent >

Advancing reform bills spark outcry
Feb 25, 7:42 AM:

State Senate passes bills eliminating tenure for new teachers and restricting collective bargaining. Move sparks meetings and vigils across state. Report draws connection with WI protests and asks union president if >

Idaho lawmakers to rework school reforms again
Feb 24, 2:43 PM:

Unlike WI Dems who fled state to delay work on a bill they didn't like, ID Dems decided to have read-the-bill-aloud time to put the breaks on action for legislation that would phase out teacher tenure. Goes on to name >

Plan to reform Idaho schools faces more changes
Feb 23, 9:34 AM:

Legislative proposals to improve schools and save money, supported by Schools Chief Tom Luna sparked opposition rallies in Idaho this week leading lawmakers to consider more changes to the legislation. Is that really the >

Plan to reform Idaho schools may face more changes
Feb 23, 8:35 AM:

Ed reform increasingly debated in ID. Reworked bill heads for another round of revision in the state senate. Describes changes in governor's proposal -- fewer online course requirements, lower pay instead of larger >

Idaho teachers unions protest against proposed cuts (Reuters)
Feb 22, 7:37 AM:

Possible vote this week on trio of ID bills that would eliminate seniority as factor in layoffs, replace tenure with 1- or 2-years contracts and remove issues like class size and teacher workload from collective >

Will Luna's campaign contributors benefit from reform plan?
Feb 18, 10:03 AM:

Tech companies contributed to Luna's campaign -- worry of undue influence in virtual learning reform plan. Luna declares districts will be able to determine providers. Deeper digging could've hinted at what's to come >

Teachers question Xavier's management company
Feb 18, 9:40 AM:

Teachers at ID charter angry about lack of transparency on admin. services spending. Only hear board's reaction -- details on what prompted teachers to react this way missing. Is school successful? Knowing performance >

Idaho Lawmakers Move Public School Reforms Forward
Feb 18, 8:52 AM:

Legislators face union and PTA challenges over proposed overhauls to ID's Ed system, including: replacing tenure with merit pay, increased class-size, 770 teacher layoffs, and requiring online courses for students.  What >

Idaho's education reform debate gets ugly
Feb 16, 9:22 AM:

Luna's reform ideas, particularly on teacher contracts, induce personal property attacks. Contention of debate captured, but no indication of what isn't working in Idaho -- no understanding of why changes thought >



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