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Collaborators: How universities and colleges work with public charter schools
Sep 26, 5:49 AM: Some of the most innovative and highest performing public charter schools in America have close relationships with university partners. These relationships are powerful for the communities where they happen. Most >
Opinion: Here’s a better way to run Idaho universities. We’re doing it with community colleges.
Sep 26, 5:32 AM: It is time to do away with Idaho’s antiquated educational governance structure. By allowing the State Board of Education to solely focus on issues related to public schools and allowing each college and university to be >
Student engagement varies widely across Idaho
Sep 26, 4:43 AM: On average, 65.2 percent of Idaho’s K-8 students are considered to be engaged in school, according to results of a first-year survey conducted by the State Department of Education.
Thousands wait for charter school seats
Sep 25, 6:21 AM: Thousands of children are waiting for a chance to enroll in one of Idaho’s charter schools. For some parents, getting in feels a little like winning the lottery.
Rural Idaho school district named top in the nation for innovation
Sep 13, 5:29 AM: The Wilder School District is receiving national recognition from the School Superintendents Association and the Successful Practices Network for being one of the most innovative school systems in the country. >
New year brings more schools, charter growth
Sep 11, 5:14 AM: At least eight new schools popped up across Idaho to start this school year and half are public charters.
Idaho schools chief switches up rural school pitch
Sep 10, 5:52 AM: Idaho’s top schools chief will no longer ask for money to create a rural schools network after lawmakers rejected the proposal nearly every year the Republican leader has been in office.
State identifies schools with consistent achievement gaps
Sep 7, 5:03 AM: The State Department of Education on Wednesday released another list of schools identified for recognition and support under Idaho’s new accountability plan.
Commentary: When it comes to public charter schools, districts just say no
Aug 28, 7:03 AM: The fact is, fewer school districts in Idaho – even those that are needing to build and open new schools at a rapid clip like the West Ada School District and Idaho Falls – are less interested in authorizing public charter >
iSucceed online school partners with AVID
Aug 23, 6:26 AM: AVID is an evidence-based program assisting students with organization, college and career planning and goal-setting. Qualifying students will take online AVID classes, elective college preparation courses that are >
Letter: School reforms, not performance, need clarity
Aug 23, 5:01 AM: After decades of collecting data, there is no proof that setting “higher standards” increases student achievement. We changed standards, developed and tested new tests, hooked kids to computers to collect data on every >
Idaho Virtual Academy offers students a different approach to school
Aug 16, 5:14 AM: The vast majority of students in Idaho attend traditional, brick-and-mortar schools from preschool to high school graduation. However, last year more than 6,000 students attended school in their own homes. But rather than >
New STEM-focused public charter school to open in Garden City
Aug 10, 6:38 AM: Literally called "Future Public School," the new facility is the culmination of years of effort by founders and teachers to reach out to Garden City families to try and fill its student roster.
This new charter school in Garden City is a ‘miracle’ for one family
Aug 6, 6:38 AM: The inaugural class of 256 students at Future will be kindergarten through third grade, which still has a few seats available. When the wheels get turning, the school will be a K-8 institution of 576 students. Each grade >
Magic Valley schools weigh options to deal with enrollment growth
Aug 3, 7:00 AM: Xavier Charter School in Twin Falls is also coping with enrollment growth, but it’s restricted by charter and facility constraints.
Sun Valley Forum speaker touts private-sector solutions to societal woes
Aug 3, 6:35 AM: Turner said they’ve helped build 79 charter schools, with another 70 planned for construction in the next several years. They’ve created 41,870 seats in charter schools.
Idaho's advanced opportunities bill: $16 million and rising
Aug 3, 6:07 AM: Idaho students tapped into the state’s fast-growing advanced opportunities program to the tune of nearly $16 million during the 2017-18 school year. More than 32,000 junior high school and high school students took >
Online school a new frontier in education
Aug 3, 5:43 AM: This school year for the first time, Teton Middle School is offering free online school for students who need more flexibility, independence, or support than traditional school can provide.
State education officials tout mediocre college-readiness ranking
Aug 2, 6:49 AM: Parents, students, and competent teachers deserve better than a public education system that celebrates mediocrity. That’s what they got last week when the state’s top education officials hailed a report that ranks Idaho >
Career-technical charter school coming to Caldwell, set to open in 2019
Jul 26, 5:56 AM: The proposed Elevate Academy would be a year-round public charter school focused on growing the labor pipeline for technical jobs and industry professionals.



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