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White Pine teaches legislators about charter schools
Oct 15, 6:14 AM: Fifty state legislators came through White Pine Charter School Monday morning to see some of the things being taught by the school’s STEM program.
Expanding opportunities on the horizon for rural Idaho charter schools
Oct 10, 6:58 AM: With school choice being a hot-button topic in recent times, it has many in Idaho wondering if it’s possible for alternatives to traditional public schools to come to the more rural areas of the Gem State. >
Pocatello Community Charter School celebrates 20 years with Portneuf float
Sep 26, 6:34 AM: The staff at Pocatello Community Charter School has always regarded the Portneuf River as a natural classroom for teaching lessons in water quality, aquatic life and ecology.
Jerome charter school superintendent files $500,000 defamation claim against state
Sep 25, 7:02 AM: Heritage Academy’s Christine Ivie is pursuing legal action against the state’s Public Charter School Commission for “defamation, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional >
Treasure Valley charter school look to recruit Latino students
Sep 13, 7:21 AM: Anthony Haskett wants his charter school to be representative of all communities in the Treasure Valley, so he’s starting early — even before breaking ground on the school — to recruit Latino students and educate their >
Reclaim Idaho launches education funding initiative
Sep 5, 6:32 AM: Reclaim Idaho has filed paperwork for a voter initiative that would boost corporate and high-end individual income tax rates, and put more than $170 million a year into K-12.
Editorial: White Pine board must restore its legitimacy
Sep 3, 6:25 AM: White Pine Charter School is a high-performing school full of excellent students and teachers. It has recently established the only high school in the city specializing in the fields of science, technology, engineering and >
Charter commission seeks to weather the storm after a summer of controversy (CER in the news)
Aug 30, 8:35 AM: As Idaho’s charter school sector grows, reaching an enrollment of 25,000 students, the commission has become a polarizing force. Some charter leaders still defend the commission, despite recent missteps. Reed has been >
Charter school shows academic improvement as advocates point to bias
Aug 23, 5:57 AM: The embattled charter school that was criticized by state leaders for poor academic performance saw significant growth this year on its standardized test scores.
98 percent of Idaho teachers earn top marks on evaluations
Aug 6, 7:32 AM: More than 98 percent of Idaho teachers earned one of the top two overall scores on their evaluations during the 2018-19 school year.
Idaho Public Charter School Commission takes responsibility for comments, open meeting violations
Aug 2, 7:49 AM: The Idaho Public Charter School commission has taken responsibility for violating Idaho’s Open Meeting Law and undergone training after complaints were raised following a recorded April executive session. >
Jerome 'unlikely' to oversee Heritage Academy
Aug 1, 7:33 AM: Jerome School District Superintendent Dale Layne “would be surprised” if trustees in his district agreed to take over Heritage Academy’s operating charter.
More than 2,000 New Charter School Seats to Open this Fall
Jul 31, 4:52 AM: At least 2,274 new charter school seats will open up across Idaho this school year.
A.G.'s office: Charter commission appeared to violate open meeting law
Jul 26, 6:46 AM: The Idaho Attorney General's office has found that the Public Charter School Commission appeared to violate Idaho’s open meeting law during a closed-door meeting in April, Idaho Education News reports. Attorney General >
Advocates' Group Wants the State to Disband its Charter Commission
Jul 25, 7:11 AM: A charter school advocacy group wants the state to disband the commission that oversees most of Idaho’s charter schools.
City commission orders embattled charter school to stop using facility
Jul 25, 7:07 AM: With the new school year approaching, Blackfoot’s planning and zoning commission is ordering Bingham Academy to stop using its existing facility.
Opinion: Charter School Commission Executive Session Comments were Hurtful
Jul 17, 5:37 AM: The Commission does not exist to advocate for charter schools, nor to denigrate them. I sincerely hope that this episode will not diminish that role or cause people to lose faith in public charter schools or use it as a >
ISJ Editorial: Charter school commission, state’s leaders must address audio recording controversy
Jul 15, 6:59 AM: The standoff between several of the state’s charter schools and the state commission that oversees them has escalated to the point that now the Idaho Attorney General’s Office is involved.
Opinion: What went wrong? The Idaho charter school movement
Jul 11, 5:25 AM: The Idaho charter school movement is failing. The schools are not failing. The leadership is failing.
Idaho Coalition of Charter School Families blasts State Charter School Commission over closed-door meeting
Jul 8, 5:13 AM: The Idaho Coalition of Charter School Families is speaking out about an Idaho Public Charter School Commission closed-door meeting that was accidentally recorded and then released.



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