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Opinion: Empower parents with school choice and support public education, too
Feb 26, 6:41 AM: First, I trust parents. Second, I support our public schools. I believe that we should empower parents to make the educational decisions for their children. Trusting parents and supporting public schools are not mutually >
Editorial: Don’t let school vouchers come to Idaho. Properly fund our public schools first
Feb 22, 7:57 AM: Idaho legislators are beginning to bring bills forward that would provide taxpayer dollars to individuals who choose private schools.
For some charters, enrollment decreases pose an immediate budget challenge
Feb 18, 6:50 AM: Idaho charter school enrollment increased this year, but not across the board. A number of charter schools are struggling with enrollment decreases that will immediately affect their share of state funding.
Kimberly to open new charter school, giving more options to families in the area
Feb 16, 6:32 AM: Ever since Kimberly School District built Stricker Elementary in 2018, they have had two empty school buildings and the question of what to do with them. “A committee came together and decided they wanted to come up with a >
Senate Ed backs extending state's 'Advanced Opportunities' program to private school students
Feb 10, 7:15 AM: The Senate Education Committee voted 6-3 this afternoon in favor of legislation to extend the state's "Advanced Opportunities" program, which pays for high school students to earn college credit, to private school >
House Education kills Ybarra’s in-person learning bill
Feb 9, 7:09 AM: The House Education Committee unanimously killed schools chief Sherri Ybarra’s in-person learning bill Monday, dealing a setback to one of her biggest proposals of the year.
Several new online learning programs will live on after the pandemic
Jan 27, 8:35 AM: At least a handful of Idaho school districts from Boise to Blackfoot plan to keep their fledgling online learning programs going after the coronavirus pandemic ends.
Charter schools added thousands while statewide enrollment dropped
Jan 21, 8:04 AM: Idaho’s charter schools have added thousands of new students this school year, despite pockets of steep decline and an overall drop in public K-12 enrollment.
Who can close schools? Will Idaho budgets be restored? Here are 5 education issues for 2021
Jan 12, 6:52 AM: Thayn said he expects a debate over education savings accounts and additional school choice options. Clow agreed, saying he thinks the discussion will center on education savings accounts or education scholarships as >
K-12 enrollment is down by nearly 3,200 students
Jan 8, 7:11 AM: Enrollment in Idaho’s K-12 public schools is down by nearly 3,200 students from last school year, despite unprecedented growth at virtual schools.
Column: Education at the crossroads
Dec 30, 8:16 AM: Now is the time to seriously evolve our 100-year-old educational model. After all, most of us no longer ride horses to work.
Parents drop lawsuit against West Ada Education Association
Nov 24, 8:29 AM: Parents suing the West Ada Education Association agreed to dismiss the case Monday, after the union’s president said in court filings that it does not intend to call for future strikes.
State Board of Education amends enrollment reporting rule
Nov 24, 7:51 AM: The State Board of Education approved an amended rule Monday afternoon that will allow schools to be funded based on enrollment reporting rather than average daily attendance.
Idaho Public School Enrollment Drops, Virtual Schools See Big Gains
Oct 28, 6:44 AM: Idaho public schools are serving 4,554 fewer students than they did last school year, marking the first time since 1997 that the state has seen a decline in enrollment.
Thousands of parents apply for grants to offset cost of remote learning
Oct 23, 6:56 AM: Thousands of Idaho families are flocking to apply for their share of a $50 million federal grant designed to offset the cost of remote learning.
Parents suing West Ada Education Association, claiming illegal strike
Oct 21, 7:41 AM:

A group of parents have filed a lawsuit against the West Ada Education Association, claiming this week's sick-outs are an illegal strike.

Parents Divided on Merits of West ADA' Sickout'
Oct 20, 6:20 AM: The West Ada school board wants students to continue with part-time in-person learning, despite news last week that Ada County has been elevated to a “red” level for high risk of COVID-19 spread.  The union says that’s too >
Hundreds of West Ada teachers planning mass 'sick-out' for Monday
Oct 16, 8:28 AM: Hundreds of teachers in the West Ada School District are planning a mass "sick-out" for Monday, leaving the district scrambling to figure out how to cover classes.
Opening during a pandemic: A public charter school welcomes students for the first time amid COVID-19
Oct 9, 6:22 AM: Whittaker attended virtual Mosaics school board meetings, met with her son’s fourth-grade teacher and said she felt her worries dissipate. With the precautions the school was taking, Whittaker said she felt confident her >
Dissatisfied West Ada parents form organization called 'Parents Choice and Voice'
Oct 6, 4:55 AM: Parents have been holding rallies, sending emails, and making phone calls— urging the district to bring back in person learning.



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