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Schools pioneer new STEM certifications
Nov 14, 7:10 AM: The STEM Action Center, created by the 2015 Legislature, and AdvancED certifications are part of a state-led push to strengthen Idaho’s STEM career pipeline as a conduit between education and jobs in the fields of science, >
Opinion: If state schools chief disappeared, who'd notice?
Nov 14, 5:39 AM: But does it really matter that Ybarra, a Republican in a heavily GOP state, narrowly defeated her Democratic challenger, veteran teacher Cindy Wilson? After all, it's not as if the office has any independent power. Other >
Ybarra celebrates re-election, says will push school safety plan
Nov 8, 7:05 AM: After a race that was so close it wasn’t called until more than 12 hours after the polls closed, Idaho state schools Superintendent Sherri Ybarra on Wednesday celebrated her re-election and said she’ll push ahead with her >
BSU is studying these Idaho schools, forced to hire teachers who aren’t certified
Nov 6, 6:47 AM: Idaho’s teacher shortage is hitting south-central Idaho the hardest, particularly in rural areas. With fewer applicants for teaching jobs, schools are increasingly hiring people who don’t have traditional teaching >
The governor's race: what you need to know
Nov 2, 6:01 AM: As retiring Gov. Butch Otter’s successor of choice, Brad Little touts his experience and seeks to assure voters that the state is heading in the right direction. Paulette Jordan decries what she considers a failed >
Letter: Idaho charter schools are public schools
Oct 31, 6:19 AM: The article "Billionaires fuel US charter schools movement" by Sally Ho, published in your weekend edition for Oct. 27-28, states "Charters aren't subject to the same rules or standards governing traditional public >
State flags nearly half of all schools for improvement
Oct 31, 5:34 AM: Since August, the State Department of Education has flagged 46 percent of all Idaho public schools as needing improvement.
Letter: Idaho Virtual Academy helped me
Oct 25, 6:29 AM: As the holiday season approaches, many students lose their drive to learn. I know because I’ve been there. But online school helped me foster a love for learning that’s carried me through elementary school and beyond. >
Editorial: Idaho schools deserve better leadership — with Cindy Wilson
Oct 22, 4:31 AM: A state is not going to become great, or stay great, with an education system that is mediocre.
Career-tech charter school set to open in Caldwell next summer
Oct 19, 6:32 AM: A career-technical charter school for at-risk middle and high school students is set to open next year in Caldwell.
New charter school targets at-risk teens
Oct 18, 5:53 AM: Imagine a high school that not only graduates at-risk students but also teaches them a skill so they are immediately employable.
Opinion: New charter school PiSA says 'Thank You Kuna!'
Oct 17, 6:37 AM: We at Project Impact STEM Academy (PiSA) need to take this opportunity to shout from the rooftops to say how amazing the Kuna School District and the City of Kuna are.
Few teachers available to fill demand for computer science in high schools
Oct 5, 6:35 AM: A national report shows there’s a shortage of qualified computer science teachers and class offerings — particularly, in rural schools. But Idaho fares better than many other U.S. states.
Collaborators: How universities and colleges work with public charter schools
Sep 26, 5:49 AM: Some of the most innovative and highest performing public charter schools in America have close relationships with university partners. These relationships are powerful for the communities where they happen. Most >
Opinion: Here’s a better way to run Idaho universities. We’re doing it with community colleges.
Sep 26, 5:32 AM: It is time to do away with Idaho’s antiquated educational governance structure. By allowing the State Board of Education to solely focus on issues related to public schools and allowing each college and university to be >
Student engagement varies widely across Idaho
Sep 26, 4:43 AM: On average, 65.2 percent of Idaho’s K-8 students are considered to be engaged in school, according to results of a first-year survey conducted by the State Department of Education.
Thousands wait for charter school seats
Sep 25, 6:21 AM: Thousands of children are waiting for a chance to enroll in one of Idaho’s charter schools. For some parents, getting in feels a little like winning the lottery.
Rural Idaho school district named top in the nation for innovation
Sep 13, 5:29 AM: The Wilder School District is receiving national recognition from the School Superintendents Association and the Successful Practices Network for being one of the most innovative school systems in the country. >
New year brings more schools, charter growth
Sep 11, 5:14 AM: At least eight new schools popped up across Idaho to start this school year and half are public charters.
Idaho schools chief switches up rural school pitch
Sep 10, 5:52 AM: Idaho’s top schools chief will no longer ask for money to create a rural schools network after lawmakers rejected the proposal nearly every year the Republican leader has been in office.



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