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City could force embattled charter schools to relocate
May 23, 6:32 AM: City officials could force two embattled public charter schools out of their current facilities, igniting uncertainty over where hundreds of K-12 students will attend classes next school year.
Little announces new K-12 education task force
May 16, 7:27 AM: The governor and his advisers said the task force’s purpose is to prioritize a set of goals and then direct policy and budgetary resources toward those areas.
Walk and Bike to School Day planned at Anser Charter School
May 8, 5:22 AM: Students will be walking and rolling to school along with parents, teachers, public officials, health partners, and representatives from IWBA and the American Heart Association.
Rural patrons, students seek more education options
Apr 30, 7:30 AM: Brownlee is one of 29 students taking college-level classes in person from the College of Eastern Idaho in Salmon, a rural town three hours north of Idaho Falls and two-and-a-half hours south of Missoula, Mont. >
Opinion: If charter school in McCall advances, our community’s values decline
Apr 29, 5:13 AM:

Public school budgets were getting spread thinner and thinner as more and more families chose to divest from the system in favor of “school choice.

Meridian Medical Arts Charter School seniors preparing for graduation
Apr 25, 7:39 AM: Meridian Medical Arts Charter School will soon celebrate its fourteenth graduating class and its biggest, with 50 students earning their diplomas. There are still a few things left to do before the big day approaches. >
Science, community-focused charter school in the works for Caldwell
Apr 22, 7:46 AM: A new science and community-focused public charter school for K-8 students could be coming to Caldwell next year.
Editorial: When Idaho charters gain, traditional schools lose
Apr 17, 6:56 AM: State dollars follow students into the charter schools. But the loss of a student or two from a classroom here or there does not reduce the need to assign a teacher in each of those settings. Nor does the cost of supplies, >
West Ada school helping at-risk students graduate high school
Apr 12, 6:18 AM: West Ada School District’s Rebound School of Opportunity is giving students another chance to earn their high school diploma in a nontraditional setting: four hours a day of computer time, no talking allowed. >
Opinion: Idaho needs to focus on getting its students to college
Apr 11, 6:56 AM: The recent scandal over fraudulent admissions at “elite” private colleges takes attention from another real problem in college admissions: Too few high school graduates proceed to college, and too few college students >
Idaho's $40 million stake in charter school buildings
Apr 5, 5:37 AM: There are two sides to the coin that is Idaho’s school building conundrum. While traditional schools have to secure voter support for plant facilities levies and bonds — and the latter requires two-thirds supermajority >
A charter financing bill sails through the Statehouse: What would it do?
Mar 26, 5:10 AM: A complicated plan to help charter schools save money on bond payments has been months in the works, according to a charter school lobbyist.
House passes Little's Opportunity Scholarship boost on close 38-30 vote
Mar 20, 6:21 AM: During the debate, Rep. Barbara Ehardt, R-Idaho Falls, decried last year’s legislation to make up to 20 percent of Opportunity Scholarships available to adult completers as opposed to high school graduates going straight >
'Where the industry is going': College of Southern Idaho plans for agriculture program changes
Mar 15, 6:53 AM: As the agriculture industry evolves and technology advances, the College of Southern Idaho’s agriculture department is revamping some of its offerings in the interests of better preparing students for the workforce. >
Bill would allow teens to use state money to pay for workforce training
Mar 15, 6:47 AM: A bill moving through the state Legislature would allow high school students to use state money to pay for workforce training programs like apprenticeships.
School turnaround bill heads to House floor
Mar 15, 5:45 AM: Sponsored by Sen. Dean Mortimer, R-Idaho Falls, the School Turnaround Act would codify an already existing pilot program that targets the lowest 5 percent performing schools. Targeted schools would form a committee and >
Commission sets improvement expectations for Blackfoot charter school
Mar 5, 7:11 AM: Idaho’s Public Charter School Commission has tightened a timeline for the Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center to improve its academic performance and financial practices.
Idaho's 'go-on rate' shows no improvement
Feb 14, 8:31 AM: Only 44.6 percent of the state’s high school graduates went straight to college last fall. That’s pretty much unchanged from the go-on rate the State Board of Education reported a year ago, and it’s a shade lower than the >
New charter school aims to reach rural Idaho students
Feb 11, 7:52 AM: A new public charter school aimed at providing education to underserved rural Idaho counties is slated to open this fall.
Idaho education groups continue to express concern with proposed school funding formula
Feb 11, 7:25 AM: Charter school advocates pushed hard for the shift to enrollment-based funding, and seemed to be the most enthusiastic supporters of the draft bill.



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