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Hopes still high for charter school
Jan 15, 6:58 AM: When the state public charter school commission turned down her request last year to establish a charter school on Kauai, Deena Fontana Moraes was disappointed. But not deterred.
Charter school fights decision by state panel to nix contract
Jan 14, 8:29 AM: The troubled Kalihi charter school facing closure by the Public Charter School Commission says it will challenge the decision to revoke its charter contract amid financial and operational problems.
Taxpayers will likely pay for troubled charter school’s debt
Jan 12, 8:21 AM: Some of the debt that a troubled Kalihi charter school racked up will likely fall on the shoulders of taxpayers.
Charter school commission takes first step to close Halau Lokahi
Jan 9, 7:14 AM: A troubled charter school in Kalihi is losing its funding and could soon be no more. The State Public Charter School Commission made the decision about Halau Lokahi late Thursday afternoon.
Aiona, Ige largely like-minded on needed education reform
Oct 3, 7:15 AM:

Hawaii is the only state that isn’t broken up by multiple school districts. That means Hawaii — whose population of roughly 1.4 million people makes it the 11th smallest state —  actually encompasses one of the largest >

Aiona, Ige largely like-minded on needed education reform
Oct 3, 7:15 AM:

Hawaii is the only state that isn’t broken up by multiple school districts. That means Hawaii — whose population of roughly 1.4 million people makes it the 11th smallest state —  actually encompasses one of the largest >

Public school chronic absenteeism drops by 39%
Aug 26, 5:31 AM: Hawaii's public elementary schools have made significant headway in reducing the number of students chronically absent, a strong predictor of academic success, according to the Hawaii State Department of Education 2013-14 >
DOE says nearly all evaluated teachers rate high
Aug 20, 5:57 AM: Roughly 98 percent of Hawaii public school teachers were rated as either highly effective or effective in their jobs for the 2013-14 academic year, under the state's new teacher evaluation system, according to data >
Struggling charter school rallies for funding at State Capitol
Jul 29, 6:05 AM: Students, teachers and parents gathered outside the State Capitol Monday to rally in support of an embattled charter school.
Teacher Morale Emerges as an Issue in the Governor’s Race
Jun 27, 6:34 AM:

Governor candidates are cautious that recent changes in HI teacher evaluation system will be used as political leverage in upcoming race.  Analysis on surprising shift in poll numbers provides evidence for lack of >

Teachers support charter school despite severe budget issues
Jun 12, 5:15 AM: Money problems at Halau Lokahi Charter School could force it to shut down, but teachers say that’s a short-sighted solution.
What Does it Take to Run a School District?
Feb 13, 6:53 AM:

A proposal in HI to cap superintendent pay is supported by a large amount of stakeholders in education, and is drawing scrutiny to the salary in general.  Others say the salary is not important and the professional >

Hawaii Charter Schools in Limbo Over Teacher Evaluations
Sep 18, 7:08 AM:

This year marks the beginning of a new, controversial performance system for Hawaii's teachers. Hawaiian charter schools are required to comply with the BOE policies that are applicable to them and the big question is >

New schools study a tough grader
Sep 5, 9:41 AM:

Editorial responds to Hawaii's below average grade on the Parent Power Index. Report notes criticisms of Hawaii's charter schools law, with signs of hope given recent reforms. Requests Hawaii be graded on a curve. 

Hawaii's schools struggle to keep new teachers
Aug 12, 9:49 AM:

State implements new teacher bonus plan through Race to the Top federal funding to combat ongoing teacher retention issues. Facing some of nation's lowest performing students and high cost of living, educators struggle >

Pilot program to put tablet, laptop computers in Hawaii public school classrooms
Jul 24, 11:15 AM:

HI's State Department of Education will be making laptops and tablets staple classroom supplies as part of its 7-year strategic plan.  The different applications they plan to implement are even aligned with Common Core >

DOE Audit: Hawaii Public Schools Overstate Enrollment Numbers
Jul 15, 10:36 AM:

Recent audit by the HI Dept. of Ed. found that schools are inflating student enrollment numbers, skewing distribution of funding. Due to high rates of student turnover, administrators face difficulties in turning in >

What's Going On With Hawaii Ed Task Force On Teacher Evaluations?
Feb 7, 7:51 AM:

Questions about purpose of eval task force & why no teacher feedback in creating new evals, which were promised in state's Race to the Top app. Fails to explore whether eval drama is result of RttT & whether other RttT >

Teachers to rally for bill their union doesn't support
Jan 14, 11:57 AM:

HI teachers rally for bill that would raise general excise tax by 1 cent. Union doesn't officially endorse because focused on getting "fair contract". Untold what "fair contract" means in era of new teacher evals with >

Hawaii Teacher Evaluation Concerns Keep State, Union From Agreement
Dec 12, 7:18 AM:

State contract offer includes new performance-based eval system that union rejecting along with cut in sick leave. Looks at other provisions separating 2 sides. Most attention here on educator complaints. Need more on >



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