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Board Of Education Seeks Public Money For Charter School Facilities
Dec 6, 7:25 AM: The Hawaii Board of Education is urging the Legislature to help public charter schools pay for their facilities and offer a centralized support structure so the schools can better leverage financial resources. >
Charter school using $1 million grant to expand hours, reach academic goals
Nov 20, 6:49 AM: A Hilo-based Hawaiian immersion public charter school received a $1 million federal improvement grant, which will go toward further development of its in-house tests and hopefully boost overall student performance. >
On Campus: A New Charter School Scrambles To Open Its Doors
Oct 31, 7:12 AM: Days before Kamalani Academy opened in August, the new Wahiawa charter school was scrambling — to train teachers, to find a vendor to provide school lunches, to figure out how to get enough electricity to operate until the >
OHA Money Will Go Directly To Hawaiian Charter Schools
Oct 20, 6:40 AM: The Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ Board of Trustees voted Thursday to give Hawaiian-focused charter schools $3 million directly,  as opposed to using a grant administrator.
Fewer Big Island charter school students meet Strive HI standards 
Sep 28, 7:10 AM: Fewer Hawaii Island charter school students met state testing standards last year, though leaders at some of those schools said results aren’t the best indicator of their students’ progress.
OHA considers changing contract to award charter school funds, unsettling many
Sep 22, 6:15 AM: Every year, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs gives $1.5 million to Hawaiian charter schools. Halau Ku Mana, one of 17 Hawaiian focused charters gets about $50,000-$60,000 of the OHA money.
Laupahoehoe school cultivating college-prep culture
Aug 14, 4:53 AM: About 280 students are enrolled at Laupahoehoe, which includes about 30 who attend online. Administrators want to bolster enrollment to 350 on site in three years, which would bring it to capacity.
What Does it Take to Get a Charter School Up and Running in Hawaiʻi?
Jul 28, 6:41 AM: More than 20 years have passed since the first charter school was authorized here in Hawai’i. Since then, public charter schools have fueled educational innovation to offer students and parents school choice. Next month, >
Jun 5, 5:18 AM:

Applications are being accepted for high-quality pre-kindergarten classes at select charter schools on four islands.

Two Hilo schools shared campus space for 30 years. Now one is being forced to move on
Jun 2, 6:28 AM: The school shares a campus with Keaukaha Elementary, which says it needs to reclaim the three classrooms used by the Hawaiian charter school.
Burbank school board denies renewing charter school’s petition, citing ‘persistently low’ graduation rates
May 24, 5:17 AM: The Burbank Unified school board voted last week to not renew a petition submitted by the charter school Options for Youth to continue operating in Burbank, following a recommendation made by Burbank Supt. Matt Hill, and a >
Graduation ceremony reflects community’s growing support of charter school
May 22, 5:13 AM: A total of 13 Laupahoehoe students graduated this year — a seemingly small number but the school’s largest since converting from a state Department of Education school to a public charter school in 2012, said Laupahoehoe >
Hawaii charter schools lose hope in legislative fix to funding woes
Apr 26, 6:34 AM: Kamalani and other charter schools say they're being held back by inadequate facilities and high operations costs. They were hoping for help from this year's state Legislature, but time is running out as charter schools >
BOE approves findings from special review of charter school panel
Feb 22, 7:56 AM: The state Board of Education on Tuesday approved findings from a special review of the state Public Charter School Commission.
Charter school panel receives ‘partially meets’ rating
Feb 8, 8:11 AM: The state Public Charter School Commission needs to improve communication with the schools it oversees and better hash out its strategic vision.
Charter schools turn to fundraising, volunteers to tackle basic facilities needs
Feb 6, 7:30 AM: The facilities issues underscore the obstacles that charter schools face every day, school officials say, and it's something they're trying to change.
Senator Wants More Transparency For Charter School Funds
Jan 18, 7:47 AM: The accounting practices of the State Public Charter School Commission came under scrutiny during a legislative budget hearing at the Capitol.
Conference looks at innovation, rather than test scores for Hawaii’s education future
Jan 16, 7:51 AM: Educators, policy makers and concerned parents gathered on Saturday to provide suggestions on how to improve Hawaii’s schools.
Hawaii’s Public Charter School Commission makes progress
Dec 21, 7:36 AM: The report, discussed Tuesday at the BOE’s regular meeting, urges lawmakers to consider providing “some form of facilities funding” to charter schools, which currently do not receive any state money to maintain their >
Annual charter school report to be presented to Board of Education
Dec 6, 7:53 AM: Hawaii’s public charter schools are making “continued progress” overall but still have room to improve financially and academically.



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