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State spending millions on school and university construction
Jun 3, 2:01 PM:

HI Gov is spending $5M on temporary public school buildings, as part of several construction projects to stimulate economy. Report doesn't tell us why though. If schools are overcrowded, wouldn't permanent extensions be >

Charter schools reform includes better oversight
May 31, 9:03 AM:

Editorial looks at state's charter schools a decade on, criticizing lack of accountability and oversight. Unclear here why it took so long to tighten rules and why legislature won't let more than one agency authorize >

Legislation seeks to shed light on operations and spending
May 25, 2:46 PM:

Story lacking particular examples of charters failing because of poor management. Some examples would highlight need for such an expansion, although charters need to be accountable and transparent with the communities >

Manual-Kamehameha Schools pumps funds into sites of all sizes
May 24, 12:40 PM:

Susan Essoyan's article begins with look at charters and need to attract students, then moves to vital support from Kamehameha Schools. Unclear whether Kamehameha only helps those with Hawaiian-focused curricula and >

Institution founded on choice produces strong test scores
May 24, 10:41 AM:

Test scores rising at pioneering HI charter. Paints an intriguing scene of students making their own education in a unique environment, which offers an alternative to students who don’t find what they need in public >

Experiments in education reap widely varying results
May 23, 11:33 AM:

In-depth look here at student performance ahead of state audit due out this summer. Article notes some charter success but declares most not doing any better than traditional public schools with some performing worse. >

Manual-Once-struggling campus makes educational U-turn
May 23, 11:28 AM:

Three years ago Kualapuu Elementary facing restructuring -- toughest federal sanction. Switched to charter status, lengthened school day. Now in good standing. Spotlight here on heavy focus on reading, math, and parent >

Former private school finds some success in transition to public Waldorf education
May 23, 7:49 AM:

Private school using Waldorf education method changes into charter. Article details teaching/learning style here and problems shifting to public school standards. Mention of low test scores but no specifics on how school >

Castle doubles down on schools
May 20, 10:35 AM:

Foundation doubles pledge money to help HI meet Race To The Top goals. No push to see what reforms look like and how money will help plans come to fruition. Need details to see how money will be different aside from >

BOE wants single, more rigorous track to earn high school diploma
May 20, 8:41 AM:

Aloha State board gives go-ahead for tougher graduation requirements. Lots of questions for board, like how to deal with students uninterested in Algebra II. Wish coverage had gone further and looked into other states >

Kamehameha Schools CEO sees salary dip
May 17, 9:59 AM:

Are we meant to commend Kamehameha Schools top executives for taking cuts in their 6-figure salaries? Apparently pay is fairly standard for non-profit sector. Report would be more meaningful if it included info on >

Schools make strides despite length of day
May 10, 3:10 PM:
HI lawmakers debate lengthening school day, while state Dept. of Ed issues report that says more time doesn't necessarily translate into higher reading and math scores. Most agree it's quality instruction that counts. >
Education forum evokes frustration
May 5, 11:17 AM:

"New Beginnings" forum gets Aloha State citizens involved. Highlights thoughts and opinions voiced yesterday, but fails to dig deeper into locals' concerns. Back quotes with data to help readers assess validity. Expose >

Lawmakers approve state budget
May 5, 11:07 AM:

Hawaii budget includes measure to increase instructional hours in schools. A good idea that deserves a more in-depth look. What are the problems with logistics and definition? Plenty of research on benefits of longer >

Lawmakers OK delay on longer school day
May 5, 8:26 AM:

Legislation heading to HI Gov's desk that gradually implements more instructional time. Senator says "seat time alone does not result in student achievement," so why are lawmakers focusing on this? Pick up a phone or do >

Town hall meeting focuses in on state's education system
May 5, 8:23 AM:

HI holds forum on uplifting ed. Purpose of meeting is to get more local-level involvement. Nitty-gritty of discussion is missing. Would be nice to know exactly how Aloha State is planning to move students forward. Did >

Boost in instructional time for most Hawaii public school students delayed because of cost
Apr 29, 2:48 PM:

Bill to increase high school student class time delayed for three years. Union says more time must mean more pay. Not much here, like why should class time be increased. Or, is the state in line with other states calling >

Education audits ahead
Apr 28, 9:05 AM:

HI board plans audits, power shifts in attempt to help public schools. Nice goal. But no mention of alternatives beyond public. Gov is right: "We're here for the children's interests, not anyone else's." Amen.

Hawaii Legislature, Teachers Union, Battle Over Instructional Time in the Classroom
Apr 27, 2:54 PM:

State lawmakers and teachers in conflict over time in classroom. Budget woes at heart of dispute. Unclear is how teachers union justifies seeking more money when state raided Hurricane Relief Fund to restore >

Senate confirms new BOE
Apr 15, 10:14 AM:

Hawaii confirms nine new school board members, including bank CEO, attorney and charter school co-founder. A diverse group with some interesting ideas, but want more on how they plan to change culture and improve state >



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