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Trouble In Paradise: Most Hawaii Public Schools Are Still Remote (CER in the news)
Dec 21, 9:38 AM: Hawaii is tragically mishandling public education during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s time to get our priorities in order.
Many students choose in-person classes at Hawaii’s Catholic schools
Dec 14, 7:46 AM: Hawaii’s Catholic schools were among the first to open their doors to students for in-person classes in August, and the verdict as the semester draws to a close is “so far, so good.
Editorial: Distance learning not looking good
Dec 3, 7:36 AM: In October, shortly after Hawaii’s public schools started their 2020-21 second quarter, the state released data showing that only 10% of K-12 students were receiving in-person instruction daily, with younger students >
Charter school commission criticized for ‘erroneous’ rejections of new applicants
Nov 12, 7:18 AM: At a time when demand for charter schools are on the rise, the agency that regulates charter schools has come under harsh criticism for denying applications from new schools.
Failing marks can now fast-track some kids to in-person instruction so they don’t suffer trying to learn from home.
Nov 2, 8:43 AM: An F isn’t just a black mark on the report card this year. It’s a gateway to in-person learning, at least in the case of some public schools in Hawaii. Kids with failing grades are being identified as the first to return >
Why Some Hawaii Parents Now Want Their Kids In Private School
Oct 26, 6:35 AM: With DOE schools still doing distance learning due to virus spread concerns, the state’s private schools are becoming increasingly attractive to families looking for some sense of normalcy for their children — and repose >
Group recognized for making charter school a reality
Sep 14, 5:45 AM: It represents a long journey that the founders of the South Maui Learning Ohana took as they envisioned a school that would represent the beginning of the charter school movement in Hawaii. The Innovation Building of the >
Hawaii DOE’s Distance Learning Tool ‘Very, Very Questionable’
Sep 1, 6:57 AM: A distance learning program used by tens of thousands of Hawaii public school students for instruction this year received poor reviews from the state’s education curriculum specialists before the program was rubber-stamped >
Hundreds of charter school students learned they were no longer enrolled on the first day of school
Aug 19, 5:50 AM: Yvonne Lau, Interim Executive Director with the Charter School Commission, said Ka Waihona school officials “Called us late last week, asking questions: ‘Hey, we’ve got almost 900 kids (enrolled).’ I was like, ‘What? Wait, >
Teachers union pushes back against state’s school reopening plan
Jul 22, 7:49 AM: The HSTA is asking the state Board of Education and the state to delay the opening of schools because they need more time to create a healthy environment for students and teachers, he said.
Hawaii’s Charter Schools Are Listening To Parents When It Comes To Reopening
Jul 14, 6:58 AM: The state’s 37 charter schools are relying heavily on parent feedback for reopening in the fall but are also worried about funding if the state cuts back its budget.
Hawaii public schools offer online and in-person options for summer
May 20, 7:45 AM: For other public school students, the summer offerings will be online. So far, 18 Department of Education schools — mostly middle and high schools — have committed to holding summer sessions via distance learning, but >
Unions plead with governor to reconsider proposed pay cuts of up to 20% for state workers
Apr 16, 8:12 AM: Union leaders and state lawmakers urged the governor Wednesday to reconsider proposed pay cuts of up to 20% for state employees, saying that slashing salaries so drastically at a time when many families are already >
Editorial: Rise to challenge of distance learning
Mar 30, 7:09 AM: Still, a lot of what happens now through April 30 — perhaps even the rest of the school year — is within control of the DOE, schools and teachers. They must make the most of distance learning and creative lessons to >
Charter Commission Director Steps Down For New DOE Role
Feb 20, 8:36 AM: Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission Executive Director Sione Thompson plans to step down from his role effective Thursday if confirmed by the state Board of Education to be the next complex area superintendent >
Report shows mixed results for Big Island school performance
Oct 7, 7:26 AM: While some Hawaii Island schools are making strides and improving in proficiency, others continue to struggle, according to 2018-19 Strive HI Performance System results released last week by the state Department of >
Charter schools show growth in number of students
Sep 16, 7:02 AM: The number of students in Hawaii’s charter schools rose again this year while overall public school enrollment dipped slightl.
The Challenges Of Finding Hawaii’s Next Generation Of Teachers
May 31, 6:59 AM: As the number of new teachers coming out of local colleges decline, the state Department of Education hopes “teacher academies” and other strategies will ignite new interest in the profession.
Graduation season shows gaps in high-school completion, career and college paths
May 9, 7:07 AM: Always Investigating looked at the public school graduation and college-enrollment rates to find out what's next for public school seniors. What we've found renews a call for attention to alternative paths for learning. >
More Fiscal Transparency Appears On The Way For Charter Schools
May 2, 7:03 AM: A bill requiring charter schools to turn over financial records upon request from the state charter school commission cleared both chambers of the Legislature, signaling potential changes to the way financial information >



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