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Special Ed Students Have Been ‘Left Out’ From Distance Learning in Hawaii
Oct 15, 8:17 AM: Advocates say the statewide distance learning program does not adequately provide services for students enrolled in special education.
Parents Say DOE’s Effort To Create Distance Learning For Hawaiian Immersion Is Overdue
Oct 4, 8:04 AM: A scramble to establish a Hawaiian language immersion distance program this year for families concerned about Covid-19 only began after parents complained.
Editorial: Monitor results of home-schooling
Sep 29, 8:32 AM: There is a lot more happening in public education unseen by the public these days, largely because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Hawaii Education Plan for ‘Learning Acceleration’ Short on Details, Board Members Say
Sep 17, 8:18 AM: Some members wanted more specificity and strategic planning from DOE officials on how to help students catch up.<
Voyager Public Charter School educator recognized for redesigning campus STEM lab
Sep 16, 9:39 AM: Wrayna Fairchild has received the grant as part of Voya’s 2021 Unsung Heroes awards competition. Fairchild’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics lab is one of 50 winners across the country and will be >
Can Kids Keep Up With Schoolwork In Quarantine? In Hawaii, It Depends On The School
Sep 10, 11:44 AM: “We’re trying to keep (our kids) safe while keeping them in school, and if school is not an option, there should be an alternative source of learning, even if it’s just worksheets,” she pointed out. “Send the worksheets >
‘Every day is a risk’: Teachers union files grievances against DOE over COVID concerns
Sep 8, 3:20 PM: Amid an ongoing COVID surge in the islands, the Hawaii State Teacher Association is calling on the DOE to provide more resources, flexibility and a chance to be heard.
Editorial: School enrollment drop worrisome
Sep 7, 3:42 PM: No sector of Hawaii life remains immune to the ravages of COVID-19 — not hospitals, not hotels, not dining nor retail businesses. And certainly not the schools, which continue their struggles to recover in-person learning >
Teachers Union: First Weeks of School ‘Incredibly Alarming as COVID-19 Case Counts Skyrocket’
Aug 20, 3:32 PM: While thousands of students returned to in-person learning this month, the Hawaiʻi State Teachers Association says the first weeks of school have been “incredibly alarming as COVID-19 case counts skyrocket to record >
Statewide Distance Learning Delays Leave Many Children In Limbo
Aug 19, 4:49 PM: Many parents who refuse to send their children back to the classroom are still waiting to secure a spot, two weeks into the new school year.
Seven charter schools shift to distance learning after cases reported on campus
Aug 18, 1:04 PM: The goal this school year was always full in-person learning, but the recent spike in COVID cases is forcing many to reevaluate things.
Commentary: During The Pandemic, School Vouchers Make Sense
Jul 26, 11:21 AM: Some locals welcome students returning to public school in Hawaii as a relief, as it gives parents flexibility to work. But with COVID-19 cases steadily increasing, other parents are concerned about the safety of their >
Elevated lead levels found in 93 Hawaii public school water fixtures
Jul 23, 4:09 PM: Elevated concentrations of lead were found in about 4% of the water samples collected from faucets and drinking fountains at selected Hawaii public schools and child care centers over the last several months. >
Hawaii Schools Will Offer Distance Learning Options But With Limited Resources
Jul 22, 10:44 AM: The state education department said it would also partner with complex areas that don’t have the resources to offer virtual programs at this time.
Teachers and parents still ‘totally in the dark’ with school set to begin in two weeks
Jul 21, 3:24 PM: Starting Aug. 3, over 170,000 students will go back to school, but what that will look like is unclear. The Department of Education and Department of Health said plans are in the works but they’re vague on the details. >
Despite The Pandemic, A Molokaʻi Charter School Improves Curriculum
Jul 20, 2:33 PM: Sherwood says they wanted a program that gave students more hands-on learning opportunities, while also giving teachers the time to observe student performance and plan lessons to help students and the class grow. >
Hawaii School Board Says Families Should Have Distance Learning Option In The Fall
Jul 16, 11:26 AM: The Hawaii Board of Education on Thursday directed state education officials to formulate a distance learning plan before the new school year, giving them two weeks to figure out how to address the needs of families who >
Teacher bonuses, classroom ACs may not be best use of federal coronavirus relief funds for Hawaii, officials say
May 10, 8:22 AM:

At the tail end of the 2021 legislative session, with no public input, lawmakers decided to use nearly $30 million in coronavirus relief money to give every full- and part-time public school teacher a $2,200 bonus.

Pandemic depresses college-going rates, especially for Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders
Mar 24, 7:37 AM: The class of 2020 at Hawaii’s public high schools managed to graduate at a record rate after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic last spring, but far fewer of those graduates enrolled in college, new data shows. >
Did Unions’ Lack of Support Spell Trouble for School Superintendent?
Mar 23, 7:08 AM: In April 2018, Hawaii’s schools superintendent Christina Kishimoto joined the teachers’ union at the State Capitol to witness a key Senate vote that secured passage of a constitutional amendment proposing a new tax to fund >



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