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After a rough start, Brookhaven’s charter school hits milestone
Dec 7, 6:55 AM: It has secured $12 million in tax-exempt bond financing to build a permanent facility but must continue to meet academic standards to keep its charter.
Metro schools show up on need-help lists
Dec 7, 6:52 AM: Student success is the primary goal for every school, but how to get there can be tricky, as a pair of school-improvement lists show. All six of the top school districts in metro Atlanta have a school or a subgroup of >
Opinion: State charter schools need funding and support
Nov 30, 8:05 AM: Since the passage of Georgia House Bill 787, International Charter School of Atlanta has been able to breathe a small sigh of relief. The bill was signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal earlier this year and provides for more >
Column: During campaign, Kemp stuck with education platitudes. What now?
Nov 27, 6:52 AM: Many people are wondering how public education in Georgia will fare under governor-elect Brian Kemp. It’s difficult to predict as Kemp said little about schools during the campaign and has no track record of education >
Some schools say ‘no’ to turnaround, but not this Georgia district
Nov 14, 6:25 AM: Some school districts don’t want help from Georgia’s new Chief Turnaround Officer to improve their low-performing schools, but the superintendent in Dougherty County is welcoming it.
Georgia charter schools foundation launches study of buildings costs
Nov 9, 6:47 AM: A nonprofit organization supporting state charter schools is launching a statewide analysis aimed at identifying more potential affordable sites for charter schools.
Atlanta school board renews KIPP charter schools, leases in 5-4 vote
Nov 6, 8:30 AM: The Atlanta school board -- by the thinnest of margins -- voted Monday to renew its authorization of charter schools run by KIPP Metro Atlanta and agreed to new leases for use of district buildings.
13 Atlanta schools on state’s ‘turnaround-eligible’ list
Nov 1, 6:44 AM: The state’s chief turnaround officer identifies schools from the list for intervention. The state can use the threat of financial pressure to get districts to accept those interventions.
Opinion: Fix imbalance in state charter school funding
Oct 30, 6:51 AM: Fulton Leadership Academy is unique because it is a single-gender public charter school working to prepare young men of color for success in college and beyond. As a result of the new law, our school can better fulfill >
College partners with Greer Elementary to provide hands-on experience
Oct 30, 5:48 AM: Education majors at the College of Coastal Georgia are finding that elementary school education looks dramatically different than it did when they were elementary students.
Report: Georgia not doing enough to help students earn college degrees
Oct 26, 6:51 AM: A team of researchers released a report Thursday that concluded Georgia’s political and education leaders - at public and private schools - must do more to help students enroll and graduate college, saying the state is >
Georgia Department Of Education Launches Partnership For Rural Growth, Dedicating An Additional $1.6 million To Education In Rural Georgia
Oct 26, 5:20 AM: The Georgia Department of Education is launching the Partnership for Rural Growth, an initiative to expand the resources available to public school districts in rural Georgia.
Candidates for state school superintendent bridge partisan divide
Oct 23, 5:20 AM: The two candidates to lead the department that oversees Georgia’s 1.8 million students say they want more money for schools and for teacher pay, more classes in science, computing and art and more help for the poor. >
Columbia County parents air frustrations over SAIL charter school
Oct 17, 6:39 AM: The Evans charter school’s lack of transparency was the main topic of the gathering, during which several parents aired grievances over the way recent departures were handled. Many of the parents had questions over why >
Savannah-Chatham gets more turnaround schools, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing
Oct 15, 4:54 AM: Despite the term “turnaround,” which makes some people cringe, the program run through the governor’s office brings with it flexibility from some state requirements and allows the schools to reduce class size, provide more >
In gentrifying Atlanta, a charter school seeks to admit more poor students
Oct 9, 6:05 AM: An Atlanta charter school wants permission to use a weighted lottery that would give poor students a greater chance at being admitted.
Opinion: Georgia’s education plans target adults over students
Oct 3, 6:49 AM: Now that Georgia’s schools have established a positive upward trend and have record revenues available to them, the discussion going forward is focused too much on money, and not enough on accountability. In fact, many of >
Ivy Prep Gwinnett, a former charter school icon, not re-opening
Oct 1, 6:44 AM: The decision was reached after “an exhaustive” review of the financial situation that led the charter school’s board to conclude that reopening next year, as a former director and the board had previously told parents >
Editorial: Operators and patrons of Columbia County’s charter school must get through this together
Sep 28, 4:52 AM: An overflow crowd of 100-150 angry parents, patrons and others confronted the school’s governing board Wednesday evening after it mysteriously fired Superintendent Kristy Zgol, booted three of their fellow board members >
Irate parents seek answers after charter school shakeup
Sep 27, 6:33 AM: The board of Columbia County’s first and only charter school left a roomful of irate parents with more questions than answers Wednesday night surrounding the departure of the school’s superintendent and the school’s >



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