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Column: Making sense of divergent views on progress of Atlanta schools
Sep 6, 5:58 AM: The recent Milestones data gives us invaluable information with which to evaluate the interventions and innovations that these past several years have brought under the leadership of Dr. Carstarphen. And there are reasons >
Cyber academy at magnet school offers opportunities for Augusta students
Aug 31, 5:31 AM: Cyber is coming to Augusta, and students from the Richmond County School System and elsewhere are positioned to benefit.
Rural Georgia school district pushes back on state “turnaround”
Aug 23, 6:05 AM: A tiny rural school district south of Atlanta is pushing back against Georgia’s state-mandated “turnaround” program. Leaders of the Macon County School System traveled to Atlanta Wednesday to ask why they were targeted for >
Atlanta, in search of “vision,” calls time out on new charter schools
Aug 20, 5:51 AM: Next year, Atlanta will have two new charter schools, but they won’t be part of Atlanta Public Schools. Confused? It’s the result of two events: a decision by voters in 2012 to create a state-level charter school agency, >
State commission OKs dual language charter school eyeing Gwinnett Place Mall location
Aug 16, 5:44 AM: A new dual language immersion charter elementary school in Gwinnett County that will teach children in English, Korean and Chinese recently received state approval.
Savannah Classical charter school opens on upbeat note after realigning curriculum
Aug 14, 5:44 AM: The school adjusted its curriculum and its ways last year after the state Department of Education put it on probation. The state accused the school of failing to meet academic benchmarks, skirting due process around >
Charter school incorporates art into instruction
Aug 9, 6:43 AM: Scintilla Charter Academy begins its fourth year of operation Wednesday with a new arts-focused curriculum. The standards will intertwine with the school’s regular English, math, social studies and science content, >
Nonprofit takes over Atlanta high school turnaround
Aug 9, 5:56 AM: APS handed over Carver operations this year to the nonprofit Purpose Built Schools Atlanta, a spin-off of the well-regarded Drew Charter School. Six Atlanta schools will be run by three charter-related groups when the >
Abrams pledges to end ‘backdoor vouchers’ if elected governor
Aug 9, 4:46 AM: Another potential pot of funding would come from her plan to eliminate student scholarship organizations, a tax credit program for private school scholarships that Kemp supports.
Georgia Cyber Academy offers online classes for all grade levels
Aug 7, 4:46 AM: Many students today are making use of non-traditional schooling methods to earn an education. The Georgia Cyber Academy is a tuition-free online public charter school option that students in all grade levels can apply for >
Opinion: Test scores show urgent need for Clarke schools turnaround efforts
Aug 2, 6:09 AM: I want to make clear that this is not an achievement gap. It is an opportunity gap. An opportunity gap is the disparity in access to quality schools, instruction and the resources needed for all children to be academically >
Editorial: Dual Enrollment program opens doors for high school students
Jul 30, 7:00 AM: The forward-thinking Dual Enrollment program allows high school students between 9th and 12th grade who meet certain standardized test criteria to take college courses that will transfer to any University System of Georgia >
When high school students fall behind, this local charter school is there
Jul 30, 4:47 AM: When he came to Mountain Education Charter High School last August, it seemed to Jeffrey Elledge that it was his last chance to get a diploma. The 19-year-old Canton resident had floundered at Creekview High School from >
Four new state charter schools for metro Atlanta
Jul 26, 6:40 AM: The Atlanta metro area will have four new charter schools after petitioners won authorization from the State Charter Schools Commission Wednesday.
Closed Georgia online charter school graduates last class of 360 students
Jul 20, 7:11 AM: The school closed at the end of June after failing to meet state academic standards. School officials raised concerns about the void the closure would leave in Georgia, since Graduation Achievement served a large number of >
State changes mean new charter school policy
Jul 16, 6:21 AM: State-level changes to Georgia’s charter school policy mean Coweta County no longer needs to clarify requirements for those wishing to open charter schools. From now on, applicants will be directed to Georgia Board of >
Georgia’s School Turnaround Chief: Collaboration Is Key To Success
Jul 12, 5:05 AM: Last fall, Georgia hired Eric Thomas to be the state’s first chief turnaround officer. Lawmakers created the job through House Bill 338, also known as the First Priority Act.
Strategic planning helping metro Atlanta schools keep teachers
Jul 10, 5:41 AM: Targeted recruiting, as well as improved working conditions at schoolhouses, has helped most metro Atlanta school districts keep teachers longer. This year, Atlanta’s six largest school districts are looking to hire fewer >
More students choosing path to career over college
Jul 9, 5:19 AM: Georgia has a strong career pathway program. As early as the sixth grade, students are tested on areas of interest and aptitude. “Our goal is to get students on the right path, whether it’s college or straight to work,” >
Opinion: Is it fair to label Atlanta a charter school desert?
Jul 2, 4:20 AM: Many charter schools are specifically opened to serve disadvantaged youngsters in urban areas—and rigorous research has shown that many do a fine job on that count. Yet, until last month, no one had ever determined whether >



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