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First day of online learning brings change to Georgia’s largest colleges
Mar 31, 7:00 AM: Students at many of Georgia’s largest public universities on Monday made the switch to virtual learning and while officials braced for glitches, they believe it went relatively well.
To help kids learn online, there’s a lot to learn
Mar 26, 6:52 AM: As the novel coronavirus closes schools for an extended period, teachers and families are grappling with another novelty: remote learning.
Online Learning Presents Challenges For Students With Specific Needs
Mar 24, 6:47 AM: Georgia’s public schools have switched to online learning at least through the end of the month to help slow the spread of COVID-19. But as everyone adjusts to “virtual school,” teachers of students in specialized >
Two Savannah charter schools to go online after spring break
Mar 17, 7:07 AM: Savannah Classical Academy and Coastal Empire Montessori School will transition from on-campus instruction to distance learning effective Monday, March 23, according to communications issued independently by both schools. >
Switch To Online Learning Could Provide ‘Stress Test’ For Metro Atlanta Schools
Mar 16, 7:24 AM: Starting Monday, March 16, several metro Atlanta public school districts and all 26 of the state’s colleges and universities will make the switch to online learning due to coronavirus concerns.
Ga. Senate approves bill expanding special needs ‘voucher’ program
Mar 11, 5:48 AM: The Georgia Senate approved legislation Tuesday to let more students use a pre-existing, taxpayer-funded private school scholarship program.
Senate committee approves ‘voucher’ expansion for special needs
Mar 5, 6:45 AM: A committee of the Georgia senate approved legislation Wednesday that would expand the state-funded private school scholarship program established over a decade ago for students with learning disabilities.
Georgia lawmakers put new limits on dual enrollment program
Mar 4, 8:46 AM: A popular program allowing dual enrollment in high school and college classes in Georgia would get new restrictions under legislation that gained final passage in the General Assembly on Tuesday.
Parent group Atlanta Thrive protest at failing APS schools
Mar 2, 10:04 AM: More than 50 parents showed up this week in front of four failing APS schools in protest of the board's nonaction for their schools.
State charter schools get permission to remain open
Feb 27, 9:42 AM: The reauthorized schools, which collectively serve about 15,000 students, don’t fit the typical charter school mold because they operate under the state rather than under a local school district. Had they been made to >
Ga. Lawmakers Introduce Bills That Would Expand School Voucher Programs
Feb 26, 6:29 AM: School vouchers have plenty of supporters and opponents. Georgia lawmakers have introduced two new bills that would expand the state's existing voucher programs.
Opinion: School choice could alleviate exodus to suburbs and traffic
Feb 10, 6:22 AM: Professor says horrendous commutes are byproduct of parents moving farther from jobs for better schools
Opinion: Capping dual enrollment hours hurts students like me
Feb 5, 6:34 AM: Georgia's dual enrollment was created to help students graduate college with less debt and become more prepared for life beyond college. Dual enrollment has dramatically enhanced students' maturity levels, readiness for >
Gatekeeper for Georgia charter schools changes approval rules
Jan 30, 7:17 AM: The agency that authorizes the existence of some of Georgia's largest charter schools has amended its rules in a way that could make it easier for those schools to avoid closure due to performance shortcomings. >
Editorial: Strike blow for school choice
Jan 28, 6:12 AM: In our country where everyone is afforded a coveted freedom of choice in what we say and where we worship, there’s at least one choice we don’t get. More specifically, all parents don’t get a certain choice. They’re told >
Opinion: Let’s move beyond ‘us versus them’ mentality in charter school debate
Jan 27, 8:20 AM: Here in Georgia, families’ options extend to private schools, online schooling, and homeschooling. But public education has been and continues to be a crucial path of opportunity for the African American community. I >
Opinion: School choice will not hurt rural communities
Jan 27, 8:18 AM: I’ve been reading and rebutting lazy, nonsensical, hypocritical arguments against school choice for over a decade now. It is genuinely difficult for the education establishment to come up with something more >
Opinion: Don’t limit dual enrollment. It’s flourishing in our Fulton high school.
Jan 23, 9:30 AM: As parents are learning about the effort in the Legislature to limit dual enrollment, they are raising concerns, including Fulton County parent Jason Warner.
Georgia tech college system offers path to high school credential
Jan 22, 8:02 AM: The Technical College System of Georgia announced Tuesday it has created a pilot program that aims to help more adults without a high school diploma earn a state-issued high school equivalency credential.
Atlanta Charter School Expo to showcase education options
Jan 22, 6:48 AM: The 2020 Atlanta Charter School Expo will bring a diverse array of metro Atlanta’s charter schools and educational resources under one roof for families to explore on Saturday, Jan. 25. Representatives from more than 30 >



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