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Opinion: School choice could alleviate exodus to suburbs and traffic
Feb 10, 6:22 AM: Professor says horrendous commutes are byproduct of parents moving farther from jobs for better schools
Opinion: Capping dual enrollment hours hurts students like me
Feb 5, 6:34 AM: Georgia's dual enrollment was created to help students graduate college with less debt and become more prepared for life beyond college. Dual enrollment has dramatically enhanced students' maturity levels, readiness for >
Gatekeeper for Georgia charter schools changes approval rules
Jan 30, 7:17 AM: The agency that authorizes the existence of some of Georgia's largest charter schools has amended its rules in a way that could make it easier for those schools to avoid closure due to performance shortcomings. >
Editorial: Strike blow for school choice
Jan 28, 6:12 AM: In our country where everyone is afforded a coveted freedom of choice in what we say and where we worship, there’s at least one choice we don’t get. More specifically, all parents don’t get a certain choice. They’re told >
Opinion: Let’s move beyond ‘us versus them’ mentality in charter school debate
Jan 27, 8:20 AM: Here in Georgia, families’ options extend to private schools, online schooling, and homeschooling. But public education has been and continues to be a crucial path of opportunity for the African American community. I >
Opinion: School choice will not hurt rural communities
Jan 27, 8:18 AM: I’ve been reading and rebutting lazy, nonsensical, hypocritical arguments against school choice for over a decade now. It is genuinely difficult for the education establishment to come up with something more >
Opinion: Don’t limit dual enrollment. It’s flourishing in our Fulton high school.
Jan 23, 9:30 AM: As parents are learning about the effort in the Legislature to limit dual enrollment, they are raising concerns, including Fulton County parent Jason Warner.
Georgia tech college system offers path to high school credential
Jan 22, 8:02 AM: The Technical College System of Georgia announced Tuesday it has created a pilot program that aims to help more adults without a high school diploma earn a state-issued high school equivalency credential.
Atlanta Charter School Expo to showcase education options
Jan 22, 6:48 AM: The 2020 Atlanta Charter School Expo will bring a diverse array of metro Atlanta’s charter schools and educational resources under one roof for families to explore on Saturday, Jan. 25. Representatives from more than 30 >
Bill would cut Georgia’s dual enrollment cost by limiting credit hours
Jan 16, 6:59 AM: For a second year, Gov. Brian Kemp, through his legislative leaders, has pitched a plan aimed at cutting costs and streamlining Georgia’s dual enrollment program.
A Lesson For Georgia? A Look At A Public School Just For Kids With Dyslexia
Jan 15, 7:24 AM:
Opinion: Civics education in Georgia will erode if state eliminates testing
Jan 9, 8:35 AM: In a guest column today, Trammell says the Georgia Center for Civic Engagement’s mission is to educate and equip students to become informed and active citizens. Social studies classes are critical to laying the foundation >
Opinion: School choice plan helps families without hurting local schools
Jan 9, 6:28 AM: Even the best schools - public or private - cannot address the needs of every student. Children are unique. We must find ways to meet each child’s educational needs by encouraging parental involvement and empowering them >
Audit finds few consequences for schools with ‘flexibility’ contracts
Jan 8, 6:51 AM: Georgia school districts that have been allowed to circumvent class size caps, teacher training requirements and other education mandates have not been held accountable for the results, a new state audit says. >
Opinion: Schooling choices continue to expand
Jan 6, 7:57 AM: Families choose alternative education programs for a variety of reasons — to honor religious beliefs, prevent bullying, address learning disabilities or behavioral problems, explore more options in academics and athletics. >
LETTER: Is school choice opposition all about cash flow?
Dec 30, 5:52 AM: Don’t believe everything you hear. There are standards that every school must comply with. This is just school board rhetoric and fear tactics to protect their turf and cash flow? They talk as if “taxpayer money” belongs >
School board makes opinion known on school vouchers
Dec 20, 5:55 AM: Bryan County’s Board of Education has come out against “any legislation” in 2020 that would divert tax dollars into a voucher or similar program for parents to use the money to pay for private schools. >
Some teachers wary as Gwinnett sets out to reward its best
Dec 17, 9:21 AM: More than 3,000 top teachers in Gwinnett County Public Schools will soon benefit from what their superintendent calls a “revolutionary” effort few school districts undertake, to regularly give the teachers who teach best >
All-black H.S. team's success highlights golf's problem with diversity
Dec 13, 9:19 AM: The Charles R. Drew Charter School boys golf team made history in May when it became the first all-black high school team — and the first team from the Atlanta public school system — to win the Georgia state championship. >
Parent groups: Disparity in learning is ‘tragic status quo in Atlanta’
Dec 13, 6:45 AM: Two education advocacy groups are calling out “dismal” and persistent academic gaps between Atlanta’s white students and students of color.



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