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Georgia online school’s closure means one less option for high-risk students
May 22, 5:21 AM: When Georgia’s first online statewide charter high school closes next month, it will leave behind roughly 1,700 students without a diploma— many of whom have struggled in school — and a mixed legacy as an education pioneer >
New law raises cap on donations for private school scholarships
May 21, 6:22 AM: A new Georgia law will allow private schools like St. Simons Christians School to provide more scholarships to students. House Bill 217, recently signed by Gov. Nathan Deal, has expanded a tax credit program for >
Opinion: Greater choice will mean more Ga. graduates
May 21, 4:50 AM: Public school choice, in the form of successful, innovative public charter schools, helps struggling children thrive and graduate. When Atlanta’s first charter school, Drew Charter School, opened in 2001, fewer than 30 >
All boys, all girls, more learning? Atlanta school tests idea (CER in the news)
May 14, 7:48 AM: The Genesis Innovation Academy, a single-gender experiment housing girls and boys in different buildings, separated by a playground, won’t see immediate double-digit gains in reading and math, or miraculous grade >
Column: How an increasingly white Atlanta charter school fostered diversity
May 14, 5:40 AM: We’ve heard the arguments that charter schools contribute to race and income segregation, but some charters have not shied away from addressing systemic issues of race and integration that affect our students. In fact, >
Online learning option possibly coming to Baldwin County Schools
May 9, 5:30 AM: Baldwin County students in grades 3 through 12 may have a new option to choose for their learning environment next school year.
Column: Is Legislature’s faith in charter schools justified by results?
May 1, 6:50 AM: The Georgia Legislature continues its faith in charter schools, approving new funding for those authorized by the State Charter Schools Commission that gives them more per-pupil dollars than some traditional schools earn. >
Opinion: Chairman’s resignation provides paths for school choice
Apr 30, 4:29 AM: The Georgia Republican party asked voters on their 2016 primary ballot if they wanted expanded options for school choice in the state. Seventy-five percent of those answering the non-binding question voted in favor of >
Letter: Parents of all races, backgrounds should consider public charter school
Apr 27, 5:22 AM: As a result, I chose to take him out of the traditional public school he was zoned for in Clay County and enroll him at Pataula Charter Academy. During the next three years, what we found was not only a school but a true >
Parent: ‘Failing’ charter school is not failing my kids
Apr 27, 5:02 AM: Here is what is so extremely frustrating about the “accountability” discussion about charter schools: Too many people assume that if a school is deemed by the state to be “failing” then all of its students must be failing. >
Charter commission defends standards: ‘Failing school of choice is not a real choice.’
Apr 16, 4:33 AM: Following Georgia’s legislative session and state charter school renewal decisions, much has been said about charter schools in public debate lately -- some statements are true and others are not. As deputy director of the >
Georgia schools work to ease skilled-trades shortage
Apr 13, 5:20 AM: Construction projects are cropping up all over metro Atlanta as it has emerged from the Great Recession, but one challenge is filling the demand for workers.
Letter: Grateful for funding to charter schools
Apr 12, 5:25 AM: Thank you to the Georgia General Assembly for passing HB 787, which creates a more equitable environment for students who attend public charter schools in the state of Georgia.
Column: Policy fight over charter schools disappointing
Apr 10, 7:37 AM: The legislative session that ended March 29 saw a number of policy fights, but the most surprising, and disappointing, might have been the one waged over a bill to bring state charter schools — one subset of one subset of >
Georgia online charter high school to close
Apr 10, 6:35 AM: Georgia’s first virtual charter high school that aims to graduate at-risk students will close in June after six years of operation.
State senator resigns chairmanship over charter school bill vote
Apr 4, 5:13 AM: State Sen. Lindsey Tippins, R-Marietta, is resigning as chairman of the senate’s education committee after disagreeing with Republican colleagues on a bill that would pump more money into state charter schools. >
Tax credit scholarships for private schools to grow to $100 million
Mar 30, 7:02 AM: It took them a year, but the two chambers of the Georgia General Assembly finally agreed Thursday to raise the cap on tax credits for private school scholarships. House Bill 217 had passed both chambers of the legislature >
Georgia lawmakers give state charter schools more money
Mar 30, 6:58 AM: Georgia lawmakers adopted legislation Thursday that increases funding for state charter schools. Local charter schools and traditional public schools get money from both the state and from their local tax base, but State >
Georgia Senate approves more money for state charter schools
Mar 28, 6:07 AM: Proponents of public school choice were winning a tug-of-war over funding Tuesday when the Georgia Senate voted to add money to the state charter school system. House Bill 787 would increase the per-pupil student allotment >
Legislation to increase state charter school funding advances, but with big changes
Mar 26, 5:28 AM: Legislation that would increase funding for schools operating under the authority of the State Charter Schools Commission was amended in the Senate Friday to give less money than originally proposed, and some people are >



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