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State-funded charter school planned for Savannah's southside
Feb 25, 6:56 AM: Families on the southside of Savannah will have another school option for the 2021-22 school year. Space is limited, so they have to act fast.
Opinion: Why are GOP lawmakers vouching for vouchers?
Feb 24, 7:25 AM: Three voucher bills are on agenda as public schools remain underfunded and reeling from pandemic
‘They really do care’ — This charter school offers Forsyth County students another option in education
Feb 22, 7:27 AM: The night school, open Monday-Thursday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., offers students like Alesca the chance to earn a diploma by taking classes at their own pace, finishing courses within as much or as little time as they need. >
Proposed bill: Give vouchers to students whose schools didn’t offer 100% in-person classes
Feb 17, 7:57 AM: Under the guise of helping kids, three bills seek to expand vouchers. While the bills hide behind the new favored euphemism “education scholarships,” each diverts tax dollars from public schools to private ones. >
New charter school to open this fall on the south side of Savannah
Feb 16, 7:46 AM: Chatham County parents will soon have a new option for their children’s education. when a new charter school opens this fall.
Lower-income students have less live contact with teachers due to tech gaps
Feb 12, 8:59 AM: And that has amplified inequities. Researchers said lower-income K–12 students are less likely than higher-income students to have access to the technology to undergird virtual learning. As a result, lower-income children >
Atlanta Public Schools may require students to attend summer school
Feb 4, 8:11 AM: Atlanta Public Schools will offer a four-week summer school program to help students who struggled academically before and during the pandemic.
Opinion: COVID school closures increase parent interest in expanding education options in Georgia
Feb 4, 7:10 AM: The pandemic has forced a lot of Georgia families to rethink the education of their children. Public school enrollment this fall was about 36,000 lower than the year before, and that’s after the gains among public charter >
Board renews Atlanta charter school for 5 more years
Jan 22, 8:25 AM: "In review of this petition, we have been pleased with the school’s performance as its students consistently perform higher than the district and statewide averages,” Superintendent Lisa Herring told board members last >
Ga. Educators Identify Problems Associated With Teaching During A Pandemic
Jan 19, 7:59 AM: Most educators reported remote learning wasn’t as effective for the majority of their students but said a small portion of students did better with online instruction.
New legislation would expand school-choice opportunities for Georgia parents
Jan 18, 7:08 AM: A Georgia lawmaker has proposed legislation that would provide more education choices for parents by allowing public education funds to be used for private school tuition.
Private school vouchers back on the state legislative agenda
Jan 14, 6:43 AM: Pandemic precautions have set the stage for an unusual legislative session, but one thing hasn’t changed: the years-long feud over public funding of private education in Georgia.
OPINION: Are all students accounted for? Probably not
Jan 8, 9:18 AM: COVID-19 has not only laid bare the lack of equal educational opportunity for minority and low-income students, but it also has deepened it.
Two charter schools sue Savannah-Chatham school district over funding dispute
Dec 11, 8:02 AM: Savannah Classical Academy and Coastal Empire Montessori (CEMCO) allege that the Savannah Chatham County Public Schools district acted in bad faith when it demanded that previously allocated funding be returned after the >
Some Georgia Tax Credit Scholarships Go To Anti-LGBTQ Schools
Dec 7, 6:41 AM: Since 2008, more than a half billion dollars has been diverted from state tax coffers to private schools through a tax credit program designed by lawmakers to promote school choice.
Atlanta, DeKalb parents rally for schools to reopen
Dec 7, 6:22 AM: More than 100 parents and students rallied at Piedmont Park on Sunday and urged Atlanta and DeKalb County to reopen schools and resume in-person classes.
OPINION: Private school scholarships are win for students and taxpayers
Dec 1, 7:20 AM: Georgia’s tax credit scholarship program provides substantial net savings to Georgia taxpayers as well as higher educational attainment among scholarship students, according to a new report by the Education Economics >
Savannah-Chatham school board: Charter schools should get future ESPLOST IV funds
Nov 18, 1:55 PM: The last time a Savannah-Chatham County charter school received Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST) funding was from ESPLOST II, according to the district website at Oglethorpe Charter >
Amid COVID-19, teachers innovate, juggle needs of 'Zoomies' and 'roomies'
Nov 13, 6:40 AM: Early this fall, after a widely disparaged spring semester online caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many schools across Georgia decided to return to the classroom while offering a separate online experience to the >
Baldwin County Schools named Charter System of the Year
Oct 21, 5:44 AM: The local public school system was officially named Charter System of the Year by the Charter System Foundation of Georgia for its implementation of innovative teaching practices and programs.



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