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Closed Georgia online charter school graduates last class of 360 students
Jul 20, 7:11 AM: The school closed at the end of June after failing to meet state academic standards. School officials raised concerns about the void the closure would leave in Georgia, since Graduation Achievement served a large number of >
State changes mean new charter school policy
Jul 16, 6:21 AM: State-level changes to Georgia’s charter school policy mean Coweta County no longer needs to clarify requirements for those wishing to open charter schools. From now on, applicants will be directed to Georgia Board of >
Georgia’s School Turnaround Chief: Collaboration Is Key To Success
Jul 12, 5:05 AM: Last fall, Georgia hired Eric Thomas to be the state’s first chief turnaround officer. Lawmakers created the job through House Bill 338, also known as the First Priority Act.
Strategic planning helping metro Atlanta schools keep teachers
Jul 10, 5:41 AM: Targeted recruiting, as well as improved working conditions at schoolhouses, has helped most metro Atlanta school districts keep teachers longer. This year, Atlanta’s six largest school districts are looking to hire fewer >
More students choosing path to career over college
Jul 9, 5:19 AM: Georgia has a strong career pathway program. As early as the sixth grade, students are tested on areas of interest and aptitude. “Our goal is to get students on the right path, whether it’s college or straight to work,” >
Opinion: Is it fair to label Atlanta a charter school desert?
Jul 2, 4:20 AM: Many charter schools are specifically opened to serve disadvantaged youngsters in urban areas—and rigorous research has shown that many do a fine job on that count. Yet, until last month, no one had ever determined whether >
Here's why Macon’s newest charter school isn’t opening this year
Jun 29, 6:47 AM: Dream’s board of directors will continue its recruitment process in the coming months to ensure there are enough students to open come August 2019.
Charter school to expand
Jun 27, 6:58 AM: Acceptance into the school is determined by lottery, and many area parents have expressed interest in SAIL’s different educational approach. More than 1,000 pupils are on a waiting list to attend.
Gwinnett school board renews two school charters
Jun 26, 5:40 AM: Gwinnett County’s school board recently granted two charter school renewals, a five-year extension for New Life Academy of Excellence and an additional year for North Metro Academy of Performing Arts. >
GCPS renews two charter schools during board meeting
Jun 22, 6:12 AM: Renewal applications for New Life Academy of Excellence and North Metro Academy of Performing Arts were approved by the Gwinnett County Public Schools Board of Education during its monthly meeting Thursday.
Multi-million dollar expansion coming to SAIL Charter School
Jun 22, 5:37 AM: It's a public school unlike any other in the CSRA-- between unique classroom accommodations, an art infused curriculum and a student body made up of kids from different counties, SAIL continues to grow-- rapidly. >
Should Georgia special needs voucher pay for tutoring, therapy?
Jun 19, 5:36 AM: Parents urging more flexibility in Georgia’s special needs scholarship made their case at Friday’s legislative hearing. Their children’s educational, medical and mental health challenges transcend not only public schools, >
Editorial: School-choice bill is not bad policy
Jun 18, 4:35 AM: A defeated candidate recently released a recording in which Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle said he supported a school-choice bill he deemed “bad policy,” merely to prevent a big campaign donation to a rival candidate. Now Cagle, who >
Intown charter school gives more families ‘privilege of choice’
May 29, 4:34 AM: Of all the anticipated anxieties and heartaches of parenthood, the education of my children seemed safely off the list and relatively straightforward. Once the pre-school years arrived, the simplicity vanished and was >
Georgia online school’s closure means one less option for high-risk students
May 22, 5:21 AM: When Georgia’s first online statewide charter high school closes next month, it will leave behind roughly 1,700 students without a diploma— many of whom have struggled in school — and a mixed legacy as an education pioneer >
New law raises cap on donations for private school scholarships
May 21, 6:22 AM: A new Georgia law will allow private schools like St. Simons Christians School to provide more scholarships to students. House Bill 217, recently signed by Gov. Nathan Deal, has expanded a tax credit program for >
Opinion: Greater choice will mean more Ga. graduates
May 21, 4:50 AM: Public school choice, in the form of successful, innovative public charter schools, helps struggling children thrive and graduate. When Atlanta’s first charter school, Drew Charter School, opened in 2001, fewer than 30 >
All boys, all girls, more learning? Atlanta school tests idea (CER in the news)
May 14, 7:48 AM: The Genesis Innovation Academy, a single-gender experiment housing girls and boys in different buildings, separated by a playground, won’t see immediate double-digit gains in reading and math, or miraculous grade >
Column: How an increasingly white Atlanta charter school fostered diversity
May 14, 5:40 AM: We’ve heard the arguments that charter schools contribute to race and income segregation, but some charters have not shied away from addressing systemic issues of race and integration that affect our students. In fact, >
Online learning option possibly coming to Baldwin County Schools
May 9, 5:30 AM: Baldwin County students in grades 3 through 12 may have a new option to choose for their learning environment next school year.



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