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Charter schools have higher standards
Jul 15, 6:56 AM: If Kwanza Gardner’s daughter attended an attendance-zone school for sixth grade, she probably wouldn’t be in remedial summer school worrying about whether she’ll be promoted to seventh grade at the end of the session. >
School’s out for summer, or is it?
Jul 15, 6:53 AM: "The middle-school learner is really one of the most challenging groups we work with,” said Barry Lollis, director of Savannah Classical Academy, a charter school in Savannah-Chatham County Public School System. “About >
Atlanta charter school enrollment begins to plateau
Jul 8, 7:22 AM: Enrollment in charter schools authorized by Atlanta Public Schools is starting to plateau after years of growth.
Is Georgia approving too few charter schools?
Jul 8, 5:32 AM: A campaign is now under way to change the standards to which Georgia charter schools are held, and a chief target is the State Charter Schools Commission, which is being cast as an impediment to charter school growth. >
Column: How do we bring opportunity to rural Georgia and Georgians?
Jun 28, 8:03 AM: Rural communities pay a price when economic development overlooks them. They also suffer when educational opportunity bypasses them.
Georgia’s largest public school struggles to survive
Jun 27, 7:06 AM: With its charter set to end next year, Georgia’s largest public school has been at risk of being shut down. After years of poor academic results and the spending of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, 10,000 students >
Charter school advocate: GOP appointees signal hope for more school choice
Jun 25, 5:06 AM: The school year is over but a new day for charter schools in Georgia has just begun. Earlier this month, the Peach State’s top leaders made two important appointments that signaled hope for Georgia students, parents, and >
Editorial: Anxious about school board’s charter angst
Jun 24, 5:24 AM: The Savannah-Chatham County School Board has drawn a thick chalk line on the sidewalk with its charter schools. Holding it may not be in this community’s best interest.
Letter: There’s hope on the horizon for Georgia charters
Jun 20, 5:17 AM: Instead of growing rapidly to meet demand, Georgia Charter School Commission has unapologetically embraced policies peddled by the special interests that stunt growth and force schools to shutter their doors. >
Fayette Board of Education vetoes filmmaking charter school request
Jun 13, 7:41 AM: Barrow recommended that the school board vote in opposition, given that the school system currently has film programs at the Center for Innovation and at the county middle and high schools.
Parents of students getting private school scholarships lobby lawmakers to keep program
May 20, 8:16 AM: Illinois lawmakers are feeling pressure from parents whose children benefit from the state’s private school scholarship program.
Savannah-Chatham choice, charter schools shine -- if you can get in
May 20, 7:59 AM: Like diamonds in the rough, they are the standout schools in a district that lags the nation in academic achievement. They attract the most involved families who aim to maintain their brilliance, and their special focuses >
Opinion: Georgia charter schools delivering on their promise
May 20, 6:48 AM: A recent study by Georgia State University’s Center for State and Local Finance found that students who attended a public charter high school in our state were four percent more likely to graduate from high school and six >
Column: Georgia grads have many options for next steps after high school
May 6, 5:21 AM: The age-old question of whether youngsters should pursue a four-year degree to ensure career success has gotten trickier. A few decades ago, the answer was a definite yes. But now, educators, students, parents and career >
Earn while you learn: Apprenticeships help Columbus employers narrow the job skills gap
Apr 19, 6:39 AM: Columbus Tech and the Muscogee County School District also work together to offer an apprenticeship program. Area colleges, high schools, students and businesses are increasingly seeing the benefits of apprenticeships, >
Opinion: Improving education with options for Georgia’s students
Apr 15, 7:54 AM: The public debate on Education Scholarship Accounts, including by Dick Yarbrough in this very paper, claims that any supporter of educational options for Georgia families is an enemy of public education. Conversely, a >
Column: Public school advocates celebrate defeat of vouchers. But vouchers will be back
Apr 4, 5:37 AM: Vouchers will return.This is a Legislature intent on following a script -- one that I fear leads Georgia backward rather than forward.
Georgia lawmakers limit who can handle tax credit scholarship money
Apr 3, 5:47 AM: Legislation to restrict the types of organizations that can handle state tax credit funding for private school scholarships passed the Georgia Legislature Tuesday, the final day of the 2019 legislative session. >
KIPP, two other Atlanta charter-school operators renewed through 2024
Apr 2, 7:04 AM: The State Board of Education last week unanimously voted to extend the charter terms for KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools and Centennial Academy. The board in February renewed Atlanta Classical Academy’s charter.The state’s >
Senate tosses private school scholarship legislation, leaving ‘voucher’ opponents optimistic
Apr 1, 6:11 AM: A legislative proposal to use public funds to subsidize private school tuition and other personal educational costs was sidelined Friday, raising the possibility that the push for what opponents label as “vouchers” is dead >



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