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Op-Ed: Letting state approve ‘new kinds’ of public schools would enhance education for the next gene
Apr 19, 6:24 AM: At least 35 states allow entities other than school districts, such as state universities or a statewide board, to sponsor charter schools. Some of the highest performing charter school sectors in the nation — in >
Charter school advocated by Collier School Board's Donalds OK'd in Martin County
Apr 19, 5:32 AM: Donalds said she also was motivated by a lack of school choice in Martin. The county has two charter schools — one geared toward autistic children and another toward advanced students with a focus on technology. >
Manatee Charter School faced closure. After overhaul, it's looking to the future
Apr 19, 5:18 AM:

The staff at Manatee Charter School is breathing a sigh of relief more than a year after the campus was nearly shut down for a host of violations, as they embrace a changed work environment and the possibility of a >

Pasco teachers union raises concerns over late performance evaluations
Apr 18, 6:54 AM: In accepting 2017-18 contract terms with tiny pay raises, the Pasco County teachers union found some solace in a deal to refine the school district's performance evaluation system.
Why PBC’s school board is spending $15 million to aid a charter school
Apr 18, 6:23 AM: Palm Beach County’s public schools went to court last year to try to avoid giving charter schools more construction and maintenance money. Now the school board is preparing to spend $15 million fixing up an old campus on a >
A Polk Perspective: School choice scholarships help students like me
Apr 18, 5:49 AM: Getting out of poverty is not possible without education. At both public and private schools I had dedicated educators, but it was at the private school where I thrived. Learning is not so black and white, and different >
Enrollment growth anticipated for Pasco County charter schools, with two more to open in the fall
Apr 18, 4:55 AM: Most of Pasco County’s more established charter schools expect to see their student population remain stable in 2018-19. Even so, enrollment in the county’s charter schools is expected to grow by about 1,100 children — or >
Voters will decide if charter schools can bypass local school board to get approval
Apr 17, 5:27 AM: The might of Florida's powerful charter school industry was on display Monday as the panel charged with proposing amendments to the state constitution put before voters a "game changing" proposal to expand charter schools >
Commentary: CRC education proposal a scheme for charter schools
Apr 16, 5:30 AM: With the change of three words in the Florida Constitution, the proposal would allow a politically appointed, unaccountable board in Tallahassee — not local school boards — to decide when and where new charter schools will >
Pasco County charter schools anticipate 24 percent enrollment spike
Apr 16, 5:04 AM: Most of Pasco County's more established charter schools expect to see their student population remain stable in 2018-19. Even so, enrollment in the county's charter schools is expected to grow by  about 1,100 children — or >
Opinion: Empower parents, not the education bureaucracy
Apr 13, 7:11 AM: Alachua County has the highest achievement gap between white and black students of all 67 Florida counties yet we have one of highest property tax rates, which contributes funding to our public schools. On the other hand, >
Editorial: For students’ sake, district must close struggling charter
Apr 13, 6:16 AM: The School Board should shut it down now. Don’t allow Gregory Blount, Eagle Arts’ founder and executive director, access to one more tax dollar. Put an end to the nightmarish atmosphere the students, teachers and parents >
Path appears clear for "classical" charter school to open in Martin County
Apr 13, 5:25 AM: The academy would be a kindergarten through 12th grade school ran in conjunction with the Hillsdale College Barney Charter School Initiative. Hillsdale College is a private, liberal arts college in Hillsdale, Michigan; the >
Charter could replace closed Waldo school
Apr 12, 6:42 AM: Plans are underway to open a new elementary charter school in the small town northeast of Gainesville that would replace Waldo Community School, shuttered by Alachua County school board members in 2015.
'Until school boards rise up': Officials deliberate ahead of charter school vote tonight
Apr 11, 4:55 AM: Attorney says if the school board votes in favor of Hanna’s denial, it must be able to show stronger material grounds for denial to the Department of Education and applicants if they appeal.
Waldo Might Get A New Charter School
Apr 10, 7:21 AM: However, this could all change. The city of Waldo proposed to open a charter school in what used to be the Waldo Community School building. The new school would be kindergarten through fifth grade and would serve 100 >
Opinion: Rocky Hanna has no good cause to block charter schools
Apr 10, 6:38 AM: Hanna offers up a variety of reasons for rejecting these applications. In comments to the a Tallahassee Democrat reporter, he says he’s concerned about the financial impact. In an op-ed he argues charter schools create an >
Opinion: Parents want school board to approve new charter school
Apr 10, 5:29 AM: A quality education is the most effective tool we have to ensure the lifelong success of our students, which in turn drives the economic stability of our community.
Carole Fernandez: What are parents’ real choices with schools?
Apr 9, 5:09 AM: Within districts, specialized magnet programs and grouping students by specific abilities are common. Alternatively, parents may home school, select a privately managed charter school or qualify for corporate tax credit >
Opinion: Superintendent's charter school column misleading
Apr 9, 4:39 AM: Rocky Hannah was not entirely transparent in his assessment of the charter school situation, and those misleading statements could cause the public to make false assumptions.



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