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Editorial: Education Merit pay for teachers another stride forward
Apr 4, 9:51 AM:

Good explanation of recently passed merit-pay law in FL. Editorial highlights the differences between this bill and the one vetoed last year by then-Gov. Crist, while explaining thoroughly how teachers will be evaluated. >

Education reform dominates Legislature
Apr 4, 5:32 AM:

Changing teacher evals and contracts wasn't enough. Charter and voucher expansion, pension changes, and testing requirements up next for Legislature. Union outcry that changes are assault on public education left >

Leon teachers part of national reading comprehension project
Apr 1, 10:11 AM:

FL teachers are developing a new benchmark for reading comprehension, helping students improve reading skills. An important project -- give idea of how it will work in practice. Tools developed here could be used >

Legislators look for way to loosen class size limits
Apr 1, 8:54 AM:

FL amendment to lift class-size limits failed in Nov. Now state budget provision could cut number of classes mandated to comply. Research shows class size doesn't affect achievement, but that's missing here.


How >

An average grade on tenure reform
Mar 31, 5:45 AM:

Editorial critiques FL tenure and teacher evaluation reform, cautions CA as they discuss similar changes. Agrees tenure needed change, but believes states are now blaming teachers. Mine data and look closely at law.


Former Florida governor talks about education reform
Mar 31, 5:35 AM:

Former FL Gov Jeb Bush applauds (actually says "holy schnarkey") OK on comprehensive reforms. Doesn't just cover Bush; outlines OK's bills. Want more on bill that stops student promotion in grade 3 if unable to pass >

Bill to end tenure at Florida community colleges passes first hurdle
Mar 30, 8:38 AM:

FL community college faculty could no longer have multi-year contracts under a state House committee bill. Would be good to see tenure policies in other area state colleges and if any changes have had educational impact. >

Charter School Expansion Bill Passes House Committee
Mar 29, 5:54 PM:

FL House subcommittee approves measure letting high-performing charter schools more easily expand enrollment. Predictable reaction from those concerned about potential impact on traditional schools. Missing here is what >

State Legislature Looks at Charter School Changes
Mar 29, 8:11 AM:

New FL bills would allow expansion of high-performing charter schools and foster new ones. Help us understand how and which schools today would be allowed to expand. What if all public schools could only expand based on >

Senate Bill 736: Teachers on Thin Ice
Mar 28, 7:12 AM:

Highly critical editorial maintains FL's Student Success Act is really "teacher-morale" buster. Focus here is on teachers, but what about students? Impact couched in terms of teacher evaluations and Race to the Top.


Bills aim to increase number of students eligible for vouchers
Mar 28, 5:51 AM:

Bills creating a universal voucher system not expected to pass. Bills to add D grade schools to list of those failing will have minor effect on eligible students. Why such small changes to choice?


Is opposition >

Panel considers ways to combat Broward's black male dropout rate
Mar 25, 1:57 PM:

FL supt ponders early adult and peer mentoring to keep kids, esp. minorities, in school: "By 3rd grade we're starting to lose them." What has worked elsewhere? Look at single-sex schools and show path to success after >

State Board chairman resigns, 'dismayed' by how Governor treated education commissioner Chairman upset by Rick Scott's 'dismissive treatment' of Florida education leaders
Mar 24, 2:37 PM:

Ed Board chairman quits. Too much on friction with Gov, and whether new commissioner will be chosen by him or board's search. Lacking: How board wants to improve schools and how or if the Gov's policies mesh with that.

Educators In Tally; Governor In Jax
Mar 24, 1:55 PM:

FL Gov signs teacher merit pay bill at charter in Jacksonville. Protestors protest in Tallahassee. Data on cost of student tests tied to merit pay provided by. . . teacher union. Huh? Consider using neutral source.

State school voucher program poised to expand
Mar 24, 5:16 AM:

Bill debated to expand public choice by giving new option to students in D or F schools; logistics TBD. How're students doing in new choice schools? Are parents satisfied? Put aside politics for bill’s passage.

Tampa charter school loses $64,000 for enrolling underage students
Mar 23, 6:32 AM:

FL charter school enrolled too-young kindergarten students who then had to moved to pre-K program at another school. As consequence, charter loses per-pupil funding. School board and facts presented make it seem like >

Pre-K gets results, despite budget woes
Mar 22, 2:44 PM:

FL pre-K kids found to be more ready for kindergarten. Gain may last into 3rd grade, with literacy bump-up most noticed among non-native English speakers. State has limited data. Look at what's happened in other states >

Florida's education commissioner submits resignation
Mar 22, 1:40 PM:

FL Ed Commissioner Eric Smith resigns, and some board members not too disappointed given disagreements over how to handle 4 failing "intervene"schools. Unfortunately, no mention of policy differences nor of which way >

Palmetto City Commission to consider expansion plans for Manatee School for the Arts
Mar 22, 11:28 AM:

Palmette City, FL, Commission gave the green light for expansion of the Manatee School for the Arts, a charter high school -- including a new three-story classroom building and a track for collecting data on NASCAR-type >

Florida education commissioner resigns
Mar 21, 5:09 PM:

Past, present, but no indication of future plans for Eric Smith, who just announced he is stepping down as ed commissioner. Grapevine says could be an opening for Michelle Rhee, who is on Gov's ed transition team and may >



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