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FCAT starts today with writing test
Mar 1, 12:37 PM:

Announcement that statewide writing test starts today. Students must score a 4 to be deemed proficient, which is up 0.5 points from last year. Schools nervous kids won't meet higher standard. Is increase that significant >

Lawmakers fast-track new teacher merit pay bill
Mar 1, 12:34 PM:

Performance pay on the move in Legislature. Teacher union opposed. Let's be clear about shoddy state of FL education under present system to gauge if fear of multiplying standardized tests and teachers fleeing holds >

Business leaders want independent body for Duval’s struggling schools
Feb 25, 9:01 AM:

Business leaders tired of watching kids fail jump into the ring in Jacksonville, FL. Catylysts are 4 failing schools. Suggest setting up independent board to hire/fire principals, teachers, and school staff. Also wants >

Fla. lawmakers to take up decisive education issues | issues, lawmakers, miami - Crestview News Bulletin
Feb 24, 10:36 AM:

Review of full complement of reform measures now in FL legislature. Both sides -- reformers and unions -- have their say; reformers think they' have the political edge. Cursory look at other states' results needs more >

Implementing Failure in FL
Feb 24, 9:53 AM:

Florida lawmakers consider linking 50 percent of a teacher's performance evaluation to student achievement, loosening tenure and instituting a performance pay program. Legislation follows a national call for change to >

Lawmakers to take up decisive ed issues in session
Feb 23, 9:40 AM:

With FL GOP in charge, more likely to pass broad reform bill that includes eliminating tenure and merit pay for new teachers, tying student achievement to teacher evaluation, annual contract. Unions cry foul. Worried >

Three Miami-Dade schools seek to appeal grades from state
Feb 22, 11:23 AM:

FL public school grading system leaves a few charters unhappy boasting high test scores and graduation rates, but low state grades. School districts admit to leaving out key data. Deadline to appeal grades comes before >

Kelli Stargel Talks About Bill that Would Let Teachers Grade Parents
Feb 22, 9:41 AM:

Legislator sponsors bill to grade parents' on involvement with children's education. Are there carrots and sticks for performance? Are the 'grades' conveyed confidentially or in some way published? Without knowing the >

Social Media Explodes With Florida Teacher Protest Chat
Feb 22, 8:42 AM:

Plan by public employee unions to protest Gov. Scott's budget cuts akin to Wisconsin, reads more like an announcement, giving clues to how best to get involved, rather than information about the state of the budget and >

Florida House comes up with own plan for teacher reforms
Feb 18, 8:55 AM:

FL Senate bill aiming to reform teacher contracts, pay, and evaluations now has competition from House bill on same issue. Absolutely zilch on particulars of either proposal. Is this akin to legislation in NJ and IN >

Board approves intervention plans for 15 schools
Feb 15, 6:05 PM:

Lowest performing schools in Fla face closing to become a charter or replacing principal and staff unless they make "significant improvements."  No mention of improvements nor a deadline.  Also, who selects new staff or >

Private school voucher program put on hold
Feb 14, 12:39 PM:

Fla's Scott ditched his plan for school choice expansion in the face of organized opposition. Touches on his alternative solutions. Needed: Closer examination of the opposition to his original ideas.

Wholesome Tummies delivers fresh lunches to schools on parents' request
Feb 11, 11:09 AM:

Unwarranted exposition on new healthy-lunch alternatives in FL draws attention to imperfect cafeterias, but doesn't consider how students who can't afford the service might eat more nutritiously.


LAKE ELSINORE: Board clears path for virtual school
Feb 11, 10:42 AM:

Local officials restructure programs into virtual school to accommodate  varying needs and to be competitive with other districts. No doubt there's more to the story about the parents this district is trying to satisfy. >

Governor's budget would cut K-12 spending per pupil by $703
Feb 10, 1:40 PM:

Budgets cuts are a popular item to discuss. How long must this go on? When will it happen when the media will candidly ask what are the steps being taken to ensure quality students programs and great teachers. This >

McGonegal addresses safety audit concerns in Manatee schools
Feb 10, 10:21 AM:

School board says it is no longer worried about safety and security question. Reporter mentions their brief concern, but now says everything is OK. It's hard to believe that as mistakes in schools can often be repeated. >

Voucher plan put on back burner
Feb 10, 8:25 AM:

Fla. Gov. backs down from expanding school voucher program to focus on building up charter options.  Rhee cites roadblocks to charters.  Name all opposition and tell how and why they are hindering choice options.

Bill would ban union dues payroll deductions
Feb 10, 8:17 AM:

Proposed ban on deducting union dues from govt. paychecks seen as retaliation for opposing reforms.  Waves the union flag, with no counter from lawmakers. Do all teachers agree?

Scott's Budget Includes Education Cuts - Orlando News Story - WKMG Orlando
Feb 9, 1:12 PM:

FL Gov. Rick has proposed a deep cut in education funding. Education is often the first item to get cut. Clearly the author believes that there are alternatives, but only briefly mentions one idea.

Effective educational reform is key to legislative efforts
Feb 9, 12:57 PM:

Editorial says make education priority in Fla. budget talks but raises all reforms in negative light, while singling out teachers for their heroic work and calling for data to be used to temper the battles. Okay and then >



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