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Duval school board drops from charter lawsuit appeal
Apr 27, 5:40 AM: The districts’ lawyers argued the new education law violates the state constitution by forcing districts to share locally raised capital funds with charter schools, allowing certain charter schools and operators to >
Parents are buzzing about Pinellas’ newest magnet school
Apr 27, 4:51 AM: If the crowds that showed up for two open houses last week are any indication, the Pinellas County school district may have hit on a recipe that could finally turn around one of its most struggling schools.
Judge upholds education law challenged by Collier, Lee and other school boards
Apr 26, 6:49 AM: In the lawsuit, School Board of Alachua County Florida vs. Department of Education, the school boards questioned the constitutionality of six provisions in House Bill 7069, including a highly disputed measure that requires >
School Board denies Southeast Volusia charter
Apr 26, 6:03 AM: Citing financial, legal and student enrollment concerns, the Volusia County School Board on Tuesday denied the proposal for a new charter school in Southeast Volusia.
Hernando school officials deny Chehuntamo charter school on second try
Apr 26, 5:30 AM: The Hernando County School Board on Tuesday denied the 2019 opening of Chehuntamo Advanced Performance High School, a charter school proposed by the same group that applied once before in 2017.
Commentary: Convicted criminals working as teachers. Welcome to voucher schools in Florida
Apr 25, 5:58 AM: Last year, the Orlando Sentinel exposed scandals, violations and gaffes galore at voucher schools in this state. There were teachers without degrees, schools caught falsifying safety reports, schools run by people accused >
Proposed amendment would make it easier for charter schools to set up shop in Florida
Apr 25, 5:51 AM: Two charter schools wanting to set up shop in the state's capital city face an uphill battle getting approval from the local school board.
Commentary: Give more parents the schools they want
Apr 25, 4:45 AM: As the parents of two sons (7 and 4), my wife and I know the reality to be considerably different from Drago’s portrait of makeshift, profiteering charters. Most parents only turn to charters when district schools fall >
School Board to weigh southeast Volusia charter application
Apr 24, 5:59 AM: Board members of a proposed science and technology charter school in southeast Volusia County will fight for School Board support despite the superintendent’s recommendation to deny their application.
Opinion: Nonprofit charters meet needs traditional schools can't
Apr 23, 7:46 AM: My older girls are thriving in a local nonprofit charter founded by local educators. These educators saw a need the community and found a way to meet it. Almost 20 years later, the fruit of their labor is an award-winning >
Opinion: 'Classical' charters striving for circumlocution
Apr 23, 7:40 AM: I applaud our school board and superintendent for standing up to their misleading claims. Charters (like private school vouchers) prevent Florida’s school districts from doing their job, which is to educate all children, >
School Board clears new charter school in Martin County, but not without some hesitancy
Apr 19, 6:32 AM: A new "classical" charter school is set to open next fall after the School Board Tuesday approved its application during a contentious five-hour meeting.
Op-Ed: Letting state approve ‘new kinds’ of public schools would enhance education for the next gene
Apr 19, 6:24 AM: At least 35 states allow entities other than school districts, such as state universities or a statewide board, to sponsor charter schools. Some of the highest performing charter school sectors in the nation — in >
Charter school advocated by Collier School Board's Donalds OK'd in Martin County
Apr 19, 5:32 AM: Donalds said she also was motivated by a lack of school choice in Martin. The county has two charter schools — one geared toward autistic children and another toward advanced students with a focus on technology. >
Manatee Charter School faced closure. After overhaul, it's looking to the future
Apr 19, 5:18 AM:

The staff at Manatee Charter School is breathing a sigh of relief more than a year after the campus was nearly shut down for a host of violations, as they embrace a changed work environment and the possibility of a >

Pasco teachers union raises concerns over late performance evaluations
Apr 18, 6:54 AM: In accepting 2017-18 contract terms with tiny pay raises, the Pasco County teachers union found some solace in a deal to refine the school district's performance evaluation system.
Why PBC’s school board is spending $15 million to aid a charter school
Apr 18, 6:23 AM: Palm Beach County’s public schools went to court last year to try to avoid giving charter schools more construction and maintenance money. Now the school board is preparing to spend $15 million fixing up an old campus on a >
A Polk Perspective: School choice scholarships help students like me
Apr 18, 5:49 AM: Getting out of poverty is not possible without education. At both public and private schools I had dedicated educators, but it was at the private school where I thrived. Learning is not so black and white, and different >
Enrollment growth anticipated for Pasco County charter schools, with two more to open in the fall
Apr 18, 4:55 AM: Most of Pasco County’s more established charter schools expect to see their student population remain stable in 2018-19. Even so, enrollment in the county’s charter schools is expected to grow by about 1,100 children — or >
Voters will decide if charter schools can bypass local school board to get approval
Apr 17, 5:27 AM: The might of Florida's powerful charter school industry was on display Monday as the panel charged with proposing amendments to the state constitution put before voters a "game changing" proposal to expand charter schools >



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