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Tallahassee Classical School readies to welcome inaugural class
Jul 2, 7:47 AM: While many schools are working to determine how best to re-open during a pandemic, one Tallahassee charter school is getting ready to open its doors for the first time.
Who should get Florida school vouchers? The answer is not everyone | Editorial
Jul 2, 7:02 AM: School vouchers may make sense to rescue a poor child from a failing public school. But private schools that accept vouchers should be just as accountable for the quality of the education they’re providing with taxpayer >
Cure Violence survives DeSantis vetoes but KIPP charter school loses funding
Jul 1, 7:03 AM: Line items wiped out by DeSantis vetoes included $2 million for the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) charter school in Jacksonville that had been untouchable in previous budgets when it came to vetoes.
Schools reopening plan offers options
Jul 1, 6:00 AM: Alachua County Public Schools are giving parents a choice as to how they want their children educated for the coming school year.
Review & Outlook: Florida’s School Choice Blowout
Jun 29, 8:48 AM: Good news from Florida. Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed the biggest private school voucher expansion in U.S. history—giving families in Democratic, union-controlled states another reason to move to the Sunshine >
Gov. DeSantis signs Florida school vouchers expansion
Jun 26, 5:42 AM: Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed legislation that will dramatically expand a voucher program that helps students go to private schools, the latest step in a two-decade push to expand school choice in Florida. >
DeSantis signs bill to raise Florida teachers’ base salary at Hialeah Gardens charter school
Jun 25, 7:00 AM: Gov. Ron DeSantis announced on Wednesday in Miami-Dade County that he is increasing the base salary of Florida’s K-12 classroom teachers to $47,500.
Digital Academy and Leon County Virtual School: What's the difference?
Jun 25, 6:20 AM: Digital Academy, Leon County Virtual School, Florida Virtual School — parents in Leon County are wondering what the different options mean for their children.
Commission Approves 9-12 Grade Charter School in Coral Springs
Jun 22, 7:52 AM: Called Academic Solutions Academy, the school is slated for grades 9 – 12, and located on over three acres at 10044 NW 31st Street in Coral Springs.
A New Charter School Plans To Open in Coral Springs Offering Alternative Education
Jun 19, 7:12 AM: A charter school organization offering an alternative education to working students or those with family commitments got approval from Coral Springs this week to begin the process of opening a new high school. >
Charter “school of hope” plans a third location in Hillsborough
Jun 18, 7:24 AM: IDEA, the Texas-based “school of hope” provider that is already on track to build four Hillsborough schools, now plans to add two more.
From parental consent to school vouchers, DeSantis considers more than 7 dozen bills
Jun 18, 6:31 AM: A bill that could help nearly 29,000 more students go to private schools was sent to DeSantis on Wednesday, as Republican leaders look to continue expanding voucher programs.
Choice busing likely to be axed from the next Brevard school budget
Jun 18, 6:12 AM: The Brevard County School Board Tuesday discussed cutting the choice busing program from its proposed budget for 2021, a move which — while far from being final — provoked widespread consternation by parents on social >
More Volusia families are choosing virtual school. Is it right for you?
Jun 15, 5:50 AM: Volusia’s online learning platform could see a sixfold increase in enrollment, as parents look for something they can count on during the coronavirus pandemic.
A quarter of Bay District Schools students opt for online learning, says board chairman
Jun 12, 7:22 AM: Despite Governor Ron DeSantis announcing a plan for on-campus learning this year, many Bay District Schools students still opt for online earning amid COVID-19.
To support racial equality, make the classroom work | Editorial
Jun 11, 8:09 AM: So as protests involving Black Lives Matter focus a discussion about bias throughout American institutions — including educational inequity — it’s heartening to hear leaders in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando >
Voucher schools: You have no idea what you’re getting for your tax dollars | Commentary
Jun 8, 6:09 AM: Because of a lack of accountability, Florida sends tax dollars and tax credits to failing voucher schools - schools that literally shut down mid-year, as Scott Maxwell and Sentinel staffers discussed in this 2018 case. >
Home schooling: A school choice for the new normal? | Opinion
Jun 5, 5:58 AM: While many families have found stability and success through home schooling, it’s not for everyone. The only “right” way to educate a child is to use the options that work for an entire family. >
Reopening Florida schools must be safe, equitable, says teachers union panel
Jun 3, 6:36 AM: Florida’s return to public schools must protect the health of all involved while also promoting the academic needs of children left behind during a hastily implemented period of remote learning this spring. >
Somerset Academy Engages Students During Distance Learning
Jun 1, 7:34 AM: Like all schools in Broward County, Somerset Academy has been practicing distance learning for the past two months. During this time, they have managed to take the task on with a sense of urgency, innovation, and >



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