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Florida Tax Credit Scholarships need more funds to give students greater school options | Opinion
Jan 28, 7:15 AM: Since it began in 2002, the Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship has successfully provided lower-income students with greater access to additional public and private school options, growing from about 15,000 students in >
Florida lawmakers still seeking new paths for charter schools to open
Jan 17, 7:39 AM: Some of Florida’s most ardent charter school supporters have attempted for years to create more avenues for charters to win approval.
Our View: When teachers skip school
Jan 17, 6:19 AM: Roughly 1,700 Polk County Public Schools teachers - about a quarter of the county’s teaching staff - took the day off. They did so in solidarity with teachers from throughout Florida who journeyed to Tallahassee to express >
Letter Give Volusia families a choice, add capacity with charter school
Jan 17, 6:14 AM: Florida East Coast K5 Charter School applied for a charter in February 2019. Volusia officials denied it on April 9. FECCS appealed the denial to the Florida Department of Education in May as reported in The News-Journal. >
'Teachers deserve better.' Why thousands of Florida teachers marched in Tallahassee
Jan 14, 8:11 AM: "Stand up and fight!" That was one chant heard Monday afternoon in Tallahassee during a Florida teachers union protest. The protest, held on the eve of the start of the state Legislature’s 2020 session, aimed to elevate >
Put Florida’s kids first for a change, with teachers a close second | Editorial
Jan 13, 9:38 AM: When the 2020 session of the Florida Legislature begins Tuesday, all state lawmakers will proudly proclaim themselves as “friends of education.” Hey, it sounds great in a Rotary Club speech in an election year. But watch >
Could Florida teachers rallying at the Capitol be punished for a strike?
Jan 13, 9:18 AM: Teachers requested the time off for the rally in advance, but there was outrage over the weekend after Polk County teachers received an email that appeared to be threatening their jobs.
South Florida Teachers Head North For Tallahassee Rally Kicking Off 2020 Legislative Session
Jan 10, 9:43 AM: Thousands of educators in South Florida and across the state are heading to Tallahassee for a rally Monday afternoon, ahead of the start of the 2020 legislative session.
Teachers to 'Take on Tallahassee' with a march on the Capitol on eve of 2020 Florida session
Jan 9, 8:19 AM: In a move designed to elevate public education into a major issue this session and campaign season, the Florida Education Association has issued a call to action with a Take on Tallahassee protest planned for Monday, the >
Bill seeks to establish parity among public, private and charter schools
Jan 8, 6:28 AM: A Florida bill up for consideration during the upcoming Legislative Session seeks to establish uniformity among public, private and charter schools on multiple standards.
Senate bill could bring historic changes to private and charter schools
Jan 3, 7:15 AM: This new year could bring major changes to the private and charter school systems if a Florida Senate bill is signed into law. Bill 632 would make private and charter schools meet the same set of standards as public >
Five education bills could affect Florida students, teachers in 2020
Jan 2, 8:17 AM: Charter and private schools in Florida have long operated under a different set of standards than the public school system. Senate Bill 632 (and its companion bill in the Florida House) would strengthen requirements on >
A new charter school is coming to North Naples. What's happening with that?
Dec 23, 8:05 AM: Naples Classical Academy, a public charter school, passed its biggest hurdle to opening when Collier's school board signed off this month.
Editorial: Education and a willingness to learn
Dec 23, 7:11 AM: The attacks on Byrd are unfortunate. Polk County’s top educator showed remarkable humility and wisdom in demonstrating that she can learn from the organizers, presenters and other attendees of the ExcelinEd conference.It >
Opinion: DeSantis’ call for better civics ed shouldn’t neglect the basics
Dec 20, 7:15 AM: I don’t know what enhanced, hands-on civics education will look like after the Legislature gets finished with the issue next year, but I’m glad people are thinking along these lines.
Pompano Beach wants to run K-8 charter school
Dec 20, 6:48 AM: Tired of their schools getting mediocre ratings from the state, Pompano Beach officials want to open a new institution that they promise will earn an A grade: a K-8 charter school.
Local Charter School Program Wins International Education Award
Dec 20, 5:36 AM: The Operation Outbreak (O2) educational platform, developed at Sarasota Military Academy (SMA), a local, public charter school, was recently named the world's most innovative hybrid learning program at the 2019/2020 >
Hillsborough County kicks off “12 days of School Choice”
Dec 20, 5:24 AM: Hillsborough Schools launched the most new programs in the history of the district. In 2020 there will be 10 new school program options and have been promoted through the “12 days of School Choice.
Opinion: No child’s future should be put on hold
Dec 19, 6:21 AM: Since it began in 2002, the Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship has successfully provided lower-income students with greater access to additional public and private school options, growing from about 15,000 students in >
Grand jury scolds Florida school districts, says they’re breaking post-Parkland laws
Dec 13, 9:16 AM: The grand jury asserted that the districts are intentionally manipulating data they report to the state, playing games with the requirement that all campuses have armed security and excluding charter schools out of school >



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