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Ron DeSantis calls to end private school scholarship waitlist for low-income students
Jan 22, 5:57 AM: Gov. Ron DeSantis is calling for an end to the waitlist for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, which offers private school scholarships to low-income K-12 students throughout the state.
Editorial: Polk gets a new prep school, but other students still need help
Jan 17, 6:30 AM: A big part of providing opportunity involves the state’s tax-credit scholarship program, which is administered by a nonprofit group, Step Up for Students. Under the program, corporate contributors make tax-exempt donations >
Education bills continue to mount as Florida legislative session nears
Jan 17, 5:54 AM: Every year, Florida lawmakers create their legislative wish list of things they’d like to see happening in the state’s public schools.
Commentary: School choice: The more options the better
Jan 16, 5:43 AM: That’s why school choice is so important. It empowers parents to find schools that work for their kids, and their families. In environments where school choice is flourishing, parents are even empowered to start their own >
Editorial: Better schools require funding
Jan 15, 7:13 AM: During the campaign, Gov. Ron DeSantis took positions on education that were pure Republican red meat, mixed with a little wishful thinking. He vowed to expand school choice while slashing administrative costs, pay >
Editorial: Florida Supreme Court kills best hope for saving public schools
Jan 14, 5:51 AM: No fair-minded person would claim that Florida is meeting its constitutional promise to all of its schoolchildren.
Florida lawmakers continue to look for ‘alternative pathways’ to high school graduation
Jan 10, 7:46 AM: Florida lawmakers and school leaders make a big deal about the state's rising graduation rates, citing the importance of earning a diploma to finding success in college and career.
Editorial: DeSantis strikes fresh tone in inaugural address
Jan 9, 5:45 AM: The new governor also generally talked of providing every child access to a quality education regardless of income or zip code, avoiding the bashing of teacher unions and failing public schools that too often comes in the >
Richard Corcoran once backed state testing for private schools accepting tax credit scholarships.
Jan 4, 6:04 AM: The former state House speaker has made no secret of his support for growing Florida's many education options, including charter schools and tax credit scholarships, in pursuit of providing children a "world-class" >
Opinion: Corcoran devoted to education improvements
Jan 2, 5:40 AM: From his beginnings in the Florida Legislature to his time as speaker of the House, Richard Corcoran has devoted his time in public service toward improving Florida’s education system, and has emphasized the importance of >
Expanding School Choice A Priority For DeSantis Education Advisory Panel
Dec 31, 9:24 AM: School choice is a priority for the education advisory committee Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis has convened to help shape his policy goals.
Editorial: Community must rally to close Pinellas achievement gap
Dec 31, 8:49 AM: Narrowing the achievement gap between white and black students in Pinellas County will take a holistic effort by schools, parents and the wider community. Years of effort primarily by the school district have kept this >
Volusia hoping to tempt home-school students with more online learning opportunities
Dec 31, 7:21 AM: School choice options like charter schools and private school vouchers have a reputation for siphoning students away from traditional public education, especially in Florida. But over the past decade, increases in private >
Editorial: More than a school
Dec 27, 7:39 AM: Lacoochee Elementary is a gathering place and a point of pride in a community without many.
Editorial: Scott did more to state education than for it
Dec 26, 9:02 AM: The fact that half of state students are not prepared for college academics upon graduation, certainly seems to indicate that either high school is too easy or college is too hard. The gap is a big one.
Opinion: Parents must be part of kids’ schooling
Dec 26, 6:37 AM: Kudos to NAACP St. Petersburg president Maria Scruggs for admitting, finally, that the school district can do only so much in closing the achievement gap between black students and their peers. Learning is a three-legged >
Black leaders say it’s on them to close Pinellas’ learning gap. ‘We have already lost too many children.’
Dec 21, 7:32 AM:

Pinellas County school leaders still haven’t cracked the code for how to effectively educate black students, even in the face of a court order pushing them to do it.<

Editorial: Florida Virtual School's odd lack of curiosity
Dec 20, 7:21 AM: This is serious stuff. But the virtual school’s board members couldn’t put it behind them fast enough, voting last week to take no further action to ensure they neither hear, see nor speak any further evil. >
The Impact of Virtual Classes on the Education System in South Florida
Dec 20, 7:14 AM: Homeschooling has been a hot topic in the U.S.  It isn’t a new concept, but it is one that is placed under continuous scrutiny. The quality of education attainable at home with parents playing the role of teacher without >
With Richard Corcoran in charge, can Florida’s education leaders find compromise?
Dec 19, 6:14 AM: A day after he is selected as Florida’s next education commissioner, Richard Corcoran and the state teachers union express a desire to work together.



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