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Parents worry that Duval's virtual school option will disappear in January
Nov 16, 6:08 AM: December will mark the expiration of the Florida Department of Education's executive order that allowed for school districts to offer virtual-learning models.
Civil rights groups press Florida to continue e-learning next semester
Nov 13, 6:16 AM: A trio of Florida civil rights groups have called upon the state Department of Education to allow children to continue taking live online classes from home in the second semester of the school year.
Column: ‘Step into the gap’ to create college opportunities
Nov 12, 6:49 AM: Heaven is one of more than 29,000 students who have attended college thanks to scholarships from the Florida Prepaid College Foundation, founded more than 30 years ago to make college possible for students who might not >
A charter school is being built across the street from a public school. Some aren’t happy about it
Nov 11, 7:05 AM: There are concerns that the new school will siphon-off the student population which already took a hit because of the pandemic. Last year, 885 students were enrolled and this year enrollment dropped to 803.
Column: Florida's school vouchers save taxpayer dollars and help students succeed
Nov 9, 7:28 AM: In her Nov. 1 column, Barbara Peters Smith wrote that she welcomes a debate on school vouchers – as do I. But she describes a very different education landscape than the hard facts reveal. Two decades of data demonstrate >
Sen. Joe Gruters Proposes Private Vouchers For Florida Families Opposed To Masks At School
Nov 9, 7:10 AM: Sen. Joe Gruters said "all families should have choice in education" -- including whether their children should wear masks. According to Gruters, it's not "anti-mask legislation," but rather aims to "empower families to >
Parent-activist Hine on path to win at-large Pinellas School Board seat
Nov 4, 9:38 AM: Hine, 45, had strong endorsements from within the education community and garnered support from many prominent Democrats. She built her campaign on the need to bolster the public schools, pointing to her own efforts to >
Column: Testing and accountability in a COVID world
Nov 4, 7:37 AM: Education decision-makers have a choice, both for this year and in years to come. In the midst of the chaos, there is an opportunity for a new and more innovative system of accountability — one that favors collaboration >
DCPS: Charter schools could receive $300-$350 million from half-cent sales tax per state law
Nov 3, 7:06 AM: Action News Jax investigates if traditional public schools in Duval County will be shortchanged by charter schools as part of the half-cent sales tax referendum that is on Election Day ballots.
More than 1,000 Miami students are likely under a COVID quarantine, teachers union says
Nov 2, 9:05 AM: Hernandez-Mats said the district’s response to the situation has been inconsistent, and teachers at affected schools are often the last to know the number of cases and people told to quarantine.
Campaign for sales tax raises $1.7 million as charter school advocates join in support
Nov 2, 8:11 AM: Volunteers wave signs supporting the half-cent sales tax for schools while standing on the sidewalk near the early-voting site in San Marco. Duval Citizens for Public Schools has used grass-roots activism along with >
Where does House District 53 challenger Phil Moore stand on charter schools, vouchers?
Nov 2, 7:34 AM: Among the issues weighing on some South Brevard voters in the race for Florida House District 53 has been Democratic challenger Phil Moore's ambiguous stance on charter schools and school vouchers.
Is it worth it to pursue a lawsuit, when all brick-and-mortar schools are now open and kids are in classes?
Oct 30, 5:18 AM: The FEA argues that school boards have the responsibility to decide how to open their schools during a pandemic, not the state.The lawsuit is part of a long, ongoing discussion on the safety of schools during the COVID-19 >
Ivanka Trump stops at Pitbull's Little Havana charter school ahead of Miami rally
Oct 28, 8:04 AM: With a week to go until Election Day Donald Trump’s children and surrogates are making a final swing through Florida, where latest polling shows a quintessentially Floridian razor-thin margin between Trump and his >
‘We need teachers.’ USF, districts at odds over College of Education cuts.
Oct 28, 5:07 AM: The university stands by its decision to phase out undergraduate education programs and train teachers in new ways. Pinellas school officials urge them to reconsider.
Now more than ever, families need choices in education | Column
Oct 26, 6:29 AM: As a single mother who raised a daughter with special needs, and as the principal of a private school in St. Petersburg with mostly low-income students, I understand the obstacles many families face finding the best >
Parents shouldn’t have to lock in virtual or in-person school choice | Letters to the editor
Oct 26, 5:31 AM: Parents have been required to make the hard decision to either send their kids back to in-person school or else keep them home for the remainder of the semester, in many cases with school-district-issued computers such as >
Gov. DeSantis blasts teachers union at charter school COVID-19 victory lap
Oct 21, 7:30 AM: Remarks Tuesday did not deviate from these parameters, with DeSantis lauding charter and private schools for leading the way on school reopening, despite objections from the public school teachers union.
Palm Beach County schools lose 7,300 students -- where did they all go?
Oct 21, 5:31 AM: As widely forecast and feared, enrollment in Palm Beach County’s public schools has dropped by more than 7,300 students — an unprecedented plunge that is twice as many as departed during the Great Recession and could put >
Governors Charter Academy delivers mobile classroom experience
Oct 19, 8:32 AM: As principal of Governors Charter Academy, I realized quickly last spring that sending home paper packets wouldn’t serve students over the long haul. I launched into planning mode and set up a Mobile Classroom that >



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