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State Board of Education blasts Duval for slow turnaround of failing schools
May 24, 7:29 AM: Duval County Public Schools faced intense scrutiny at a Florida Board of Education meeting this week, with members of the board even floating the idea of a state takeover.
Corcoran Blasts Duval Superintendent Over Failing Schools
May 23, 6:30 AM: Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran has set his sights on Duval County Schools. The district has nearly a dozen chronically low-performing ones and at Wednesday’s state board of education meeting, Corcoran >
Opinion: Why are parents leaving traditional public schools and 'choosing' something else?
May 22, 5:34 AM: For right here, in this small community, hundreds of parents are bailing out on traditional public education in one of the best school districts in the state. It doesn't make sense to me; and it troubles me because if one >
School choice doesn’t detract from public schools | Commentary
May 22, 5:26 AM: There is no drain on public school funding. The new scholarship is modeled on the tax credit scholarship, which is worth 59 percent of per-pupil funding in district schools. In other words, it costs taxpayers far less to >
Opinion: ‘Something very good is happening’ in Florida’s schools
May 21, 5:05 AM: Look at the trend lines for public education in Florida, and two things jump off the page: the incredible degree to which educational choice has expanded — not just with charter schools and vouchers, but also with district >
Should public money go to private schools? Only with proper oversight, Influencers say
May 20, 6:25 AM: In a new survey of the Florida Influencers, a group of 50 prominent political and policy figures from across the state, the response to the new state program was mixed: 41 percent said they support using state funds for >
Vouchers could draw millions from Alachua County schools
May 20, 6:08 AM: The recently passed bill gives up to 18,000 private school scholarships to lower-income students and those living in a household with an income level not exceeding $77,250.
Teachers union, other advocates plan summit to combat ‘attack’ on public education
May 17, 5:53 AM: More than 1,000 people plan to attend a education summit in Orlando on Saturday, a event designed to showcase their anger with state leaders they argue have attacked public education.
Education association warns private school vouchers could cost Duval $71 million
May 17, 5:51 AM: A new report by the Florida Education Association warns that the state’s new education bill could cause public schools to lose almost $1 billion in the next five years.
Claims of state ‘spin’ on vouchers were off-base | Commentary
May 15, 6:00 AM: Oropeza’s allegiance to traditional public schools is commendable, but her indifference to parents who choose other options is unsettling. As Gov. Ron DeSantis visited scholarship schools last week in three cities to >
Opinion: If big crowds show up to 'Save Our Schools,' will Tallahassee finally listen?
May 15, 5:57 AM: Sponsored by the large and growing Facebook group "Reconstruct-ED: A Message to Governor DeSantis," the marchers — including some local elected officials, teachers,  parents and more — will make five key points: >
Opinion: Redefining private school vouchers In Florida
May 15, 5:02 AM: Two decades ago, Jeb Bush, Florida’s newly elected governor, ushered in America’s first statewide publicly funded school voucher plan, called the Opportunity Scholarship Program. It allowed parents of a student attending a >
In Florida, vouchers win ground, but courts may have ultimate say
May 13, 7:46 AM: School choice is a rallying cry for Republicans and the Trump administration. Florida is leading the voucher charge at the state level and could be an indicator of how increasingly conservative courts will test >
Gov. DeSantis picks religious school in Miami Gardens to sign voucher bill into law
May 10, 5:21 AM:

The growing scandal at the Tennessee State Capitol after reports the FBI is now investigating whether any illegal arm-twisting was applied to pass Governor Bill Lee's school voucher bill in the house.

Column: Giving students school choice or ripping off public education? Hard to tell in Florida.
May 9, 5:38 AM: Our tax dollars shouldn’t go to educational institutions that cater to individual preferences and beliefs or sustain a particular religion, and are thus designed to discriminate against everyone who doesn’t fit the bill. >
Charter school vote on contract next week
May 9, 5:09 AM: The director of Language and Literacy Academy of Learning, a charter school that serves special-needs students, publicly questioned the validity of a contract proposal presented recently by its therapy company this week. >
Opinion: Charter schools deserve fair share of public funding
May 8, 5:37 AM: In his April 30 column, Randy Schultz opined that efforts in the Florida Legislature to require school districts to share local tax revenues with all public schools, including charter schools, amounts to “poaching. >
Legislature dismantles Florida Virtual School board
May 7, 5:55 AM: The state would take direct control of the Florida Virtual School for the rest of this year, eliminating its board of trustees and auditing its operations and finances, and then decide how the online public school should >
As Florida Passes Expanded Voucher Program, Opposition Eyes A Court Challenge
May 6, 6:13 AM: The debate over whether vouchers take money away from traditional public schools played out in the Legislature, with Democrats protesting passage of the bill. Republicans say they want more parents to be able to choose a >
Editorial: Vouchers take funding from public schools
May 6, 6:10 AM: After all, DeSantis has declared that “if the taxpayer is paying for education, it’s public education.″ He appears unconcerned with the consequences of continuing to divert money meant for traditional public schools to >



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