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Florida districts keep up fight against charter school law
May 21, 7:10 AM: Eleven school districts in Florida are refusing to give up their legal battle over an education law that steered more money to charter schools.
Editorial: Expand access to vocational programs
May 21, 6:39 AM: Putnam, who is running for the Republican nomination for governor, recently suggested that the state do more to steer students to good-paying jobs in fields such as pipefitting and welding. He is proposing to make it >
Escambia Charter School closes after 22 years, citing low enrollment, funds
May 17, 5:36 AM: The alternative school opened in 1996 in Cantonment to teach high school students who had excessive referrals or had cases for expulsion. Escambia County School District Superintendent Malcolm Thomas said it has been the >
Sarasota School Board denies Pinecrest charter application
May 16, 6:40 AM: In a 4-1 vote Tuesday, the Sarasota County School Board denied the charter school application for Pinecrest Academy Gulf Coast, following a protest from local activist group Protect Our Public Schools and a hearing of >
Lake Wales charter schools hope to replicate Bok Academy success
May 14, 5:21 AM: As a “high performing” charter school, Bok Academy enjoys top tier status. It’s one of only 180 charters in Florida, including 13 in Polk County, to earn that endorsement from state education officials. >
Opinion: Don't fall for the Great Charter School Gambit
May 14, 4:56 AM: Advocates for charter schools say charters offer more choices for where parents can send their children to learn. Choice is good. Advocates for the established district schools worry that charters are draining scarce >
Two more charter school groups seek to become Florida ‘Schools of Hope’ providers
May 11, 4:57 AM: Florida's controversial "Schools of Hope" program, which got off to a slow start after becoming law in 2017, could double its list of providers this month.
Collier School Board to appeal lawsuit ruling, focus on charter schools
May 9, 7:11 AM: Collier County School Board members voted 3-2 on Tuesday night to appeal a circuit court judge’s ruling on a lawsuit they filed alongside 13 other Florida school boards.
State orders Duval schools to uproot hundreds of students again
May 9, 5:28 AM: State officials say they want the district to take corrective action by re-assigning 378 of those students out of their current schools to a third school for next year. The new schools must be rated C or better. >
Pinellas County Schools agree to keep up fight against HB 7069 with $15,000
May 9, 5:18 AM: With little discussion, they decided the expense — on top of the $25,000 already spent — is worth it to hang in the battle against House Bill 7069, which created an expansive, expensive charter school system outside of >
Column: Charter schools bring unprecedented accountability to public education
May 8, 4:55 AM: Public charter schools receive tremendous bipartisan support among policymakers and the public as a positive approach to education reform. However, some vocal critics continue to perpetuate misinformation about charter >
Charter school company drops appeal
May 7, 5:37 AM: The local school board denied the application last fall after Superintendent of Schools Heidi Maier gave a passionate request to deny the application. Maier said she believes that Charter Schools USA officials do not “have >
Two charter schools up for debate in Sarasota County
May 4, 6:21 AM: The two schools are notably different in their organization and mission. Dreamers Academy is a grassroots, locally based K-5 school with a specific goal: educating students using a dual-language immersion program in >
At charter schools, who pays for officers?
May 4, 6:07 AM: A debate about whether the school district should pay for law enforcement officers at charter schools and other alternative program sites has erupted in the aftermath of the Forest High School shooting.
Florida Supreme Court to hear 2009 education 'adequacy' case
May 2, 5:08 AM: The Florida Supreme Court said Monday it will take up a nine-year-old case that challenged the adequacy of public school funding and the quality of education delivered under the state’s education mandates. >
Opinion: Charter schools are growing because parents like me want them
May 1, 6:05 AM: As a father of two daughters attending a charter school, I know critics’ claims that charter schools are more interested in profits than students simply are not true.
LETTERS: “The board views charter schools as a huge threat.”
Apr 30, 5:11 AM: There is little doubt that the board views charter schools as a huge threat. A threat to their power. A threat to their control. A threat to their monopoly. A threat to their almighty budgets.
District weighs fate of charter school with far too few students
Apr 30, 4:38 AM: A charter school founded in Delray Beach to serve the Haitian immigrant community needs to double its student population to become financially solvent, according to the Palm Beach County School District.
Duval school board drops from charter lawsuit appeal
Apr 27, 5:40 AM: The districts’ lawyers argued the new education law violates the state constitution by forcing districts to share locally raised capital funds with charter schools, allowing certain charter schools and operators to >
Parents are buzzing about Pinellas’ newest magnet school
Apr 27, 4:51 AM: If the crowds that showed up for two open houses last week are any indication, the Pinellas County school district may have hit on a recipe that could finally turn around one of its most struggling schools.



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