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Editorial: Charter school companies feast at the public trough
Mar 18, 7:17 AM: Florida has become Exhibit A of both counts: profiteering and interest group politics. Under the uncritical eyes of an indulgent Legislature, for-profit education companies now manage nearly half of the state’s 650 >
Opinion: Listen to parents: More charter schools needed nationwide
Mar 18, 6:11 AM: The teachers’ unions are hardly alone. In many states and jurisdictions, virtually the entire education establishment — school boards, superintendents, teachers’ unions, and even the universities where future teachers are >
School choice scholarships serve Florida’s most vulnerable children | Opinion
Mar 15, 7:34 AM: A few weeks ago, the highly respected Urban Institute released the findings of a groundbreaking study that should be of interest to all of us who care about public education in Florida. It found the low-income, mostly >
Column: What's the end game with school vouchers?
Mar 15, 6:03 AM: The Florida Legislature is at it again. Another legislative session starts with a push to expand the use of vouchers for students to attend private, religious and for-profit schools.
New sports-infused charter school to open
Mar 15, 5:51 AM: The school’s mission is to provide an engaging, challenging, and supportive learning environment that will motivate all students to be the best they can be in and out of the classroom and prepare them for future success. >
Voucher plan in Florida House would expand aid to some middle-income families
Mar 15, 5:22 AM: A controversial new private-school voucher program that would expand choice options for the first time to some middle-income families cleared the House Education Committee on Thursday.
House panel pushes expansion of Florida's voucher programs
Mar 14, 6:08 AM: A new school voucher program proposed by Florida House leaders would offer the private-school scholarships to middle-class families, expanding the state’s school choice programs that now serve youngsters in low-income >
Judge sides with charter schools in safety fight
Mar 13, 6:30 AM: In a decision that could have statewide implications, an administrative law judge Tuesday ruled that the Palm Beach County School Board is required to assign safety officers to charter schools under a law passed last >
School voucher plan could be key test for new Florida Supreme Court
Mar 12, 5:59 AM: Florida lawmakers are racing ahead with another private-school voucher plan that could soon emerge as a critical test for a state Supreme Court recently recast by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.
School voucher plan could be test for Florida Supreme Court
Mar 11, 6:12 AM: Florida lawmakers are racing ahead with another private-school voucher plan that could soon emerge as a critical test for a state Supreme Court recently recast by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.
Opinion: Parents should have the opportunity to send children to appropriate schools
Mar 11, 5:14 AM: I want equality of opportunity for my children when it comes to their education. Living on the south side, where resources are limited and options rare, I want flexibility in choosing the educational environments for my >
Commentary: Gov. DeSantis should prioritize school choice
Mar 8, 6:28 AM: Florida families are through with one-size-fits-all education. That’s what 78 percent of Sunshine State voters said, according to a new survey from the Foundation for Excellence in Education.
House panel makes quick work of ‘alternate pathways’ to graduation bill
Mar 7, 8:15 AM: The House PreK-12 Innovation subcommittee set aside three hours Wednesday to tackle a signature education bill aimed at achieving a goal both candidates for governor campaigned upon.
Column: School vouchers save taxpayers money
Mar 7, 7:01 AM: The Record’s Feb. 19 editorial mischaracterizes the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship and its impact on public education. There is no “diverting” of money. A 2017 report by Florida Tax Watch noted that while taxpayers spent >
Voucher plan clears first hurdle
Mar 7, 6:17 AM: The Senate Education Committee on Wednesday approved a controversial omnibus package that seeks to bring sweeping changes to the education system, particularly with a school-choice expansion.
Duval School Board denies charter school application
Mar 6, 7:49 AM: A divided Duval County School Board voted Tuesday night to deny an application for a proposed charter school that sparked concern from Superintendent Diana Greene who’s said its diversity plan would segregate students. >
Gov. Ron DeSantis State of the State speech: 'Be Bold'
Mar 6, 6:46 AM: Gov. Ron DeSantis opened the legislative session Tuesday pledging more money for the environment while outlining traditional Republican proposals to expand school vouchers, boost vocational education, give teacher bonuses >
Opinion: Ending charter school routes was the right call
Mar 5, 8:20 AM: There’s been much discussion in recent weeks about Polk County Public Schools’ decision to end busing for charter-school students, but one voice that hasn’t been heard in this conversation is that of the bus drivers. >
Keys teachers protest over public school funds diverted to charter and private schools
Mar 5, 8:13 AM: Monroe County teachers stood outside their schools Monday morning to protest plans by the governor and Republicans in the state Legislature to divert more money from public schools to private and charter schools. >
Ron DeSantis may finish the K-12 education transformation that Jeb Bush started
Mar 4, 6:03 AM: With a few words to small crowds in Orlando and Miami last month, Gov. Ron DeSantis laid out a vision that, if realized, could rock the foundations of Florida’s public education system.



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