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District hopes students will stick with Palm Terrace Elementary after third D from state Previous HIDE CAPTION Principal Tucker Harris trades fist bumps and high fives for a job well done at an event near the end of the last school year. Despite a t
Jul 23, 5:28 AM: The marquee on the corner of Palm Terrace Elementary School’s Daytona Beach campus proudly proclaims a new message to passersby after the release of school grades last month: “D’s don’t define us." >
Column: Charters don’t need specific piece of special tax
Jul 23, 5:23 AM: At Wednesday’s lengthy, jam-packed meeting, board members said that they did not want to distribute more taxpayer dollars to charters. Why? Because they couldn’t guarantee — read that, force — charter schools to spend the >
Our Opinion: Don’t mislead Florida voters
Jul 20, 5:54 AM: Members of Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission played a dirty trick on the state’s electorate, and the League of Women Voters is calling them out for it in court. The only real problem: The League isn’t going far >
Charter school amendment triggers School Board dispute
Jul 20, 4:46 AM: Sarasota County School Board members narrowly voted this week to adopt a resolution publicly opposing a controversial proposed constitutional amendment that would reduce local control over charter schools and establish >
School board rejected them. But 2 new charters will open anyway.
Jul 19, 6:15 AM: The state Board of Education unanimously upheld recommendations by a charter school commission and judges to allow South Palm Beach Charter School, a K-8 school, and Renaissance Charter School of Palm Beach, a high school >
Editorial: League of Women Voters is right to sue over deceptive ballot item
Jul 19, 6:04 AM: And that leaves the third proposal, which is the particularly toxic one. It’s a stealth amendment to remove local control of charter schools, though the word “charter” doesn’t prominently appear anywhere in the proposal’s >
State ed board OKs Duval plan to turn around two schools
Jul 19, 5:06 AM: The State Board of Education on Wednesday approved without reservations Duval County Schools’ plan to have an outside company take over and turn around Lake Forest Elementary and Northwestern Middle.
Florida's newest voucher program to start in fall, as Hope Scholarship rules approved by state board
Jul 19, 4:33 AM: Florida’s newest voucher program is to begin this fall, with parents who say their children are bullied in public schools able to apply for private-school scholarships that could pay tuition for part of the 20118-19 school >
PBC school board puts property tax increase on November ballot
Jul 19, 4:30 AM: The referendum approved Wednesday bars the county’s charter schools from receiving a portion of the tax proceeds, a move that angered charter leaders and parents. Several told board members that it was unfair to bar their >
New student address verification rules on tap for Pasco schools
Jul 17, 6:47 AM: Pasco County parents have demanded for more than two years that their school district make sure students are not lying about their addresses. They’ve done so in hopes it might alleviate the need to change attendance zones >
Critics of charter schools point to low graduation rates
Jul 17, 6:36 AM: The League of Women Voters is protesting the 10-year renewal of Seminole Heights Charter High School's contract on grounds that the organization spends nearly $200,000 in tax money to produce one high school graduate…But >
Private polling boosted PBC schools’ push for a $150 million tax hike
Jul 17, 6:28 AM: That finding suggests a risk of potential political complications for the school district, which initially proposed sharing the windfall with the county’s 48 charter schools but changed course amid pressure from school >
Christie: Charter schools don’t need a specific percentage of the special tax increase
Jul 17, 5:48 AM: Be that as it may, the school board was correct to send Fennoy back to the drawing board on this one. As I said, his political and legal instincts were good, but this school board has a history of playing hard ball with >
Leon School Board D1 Candidates Talk Charter Schools
Jul 13, 6:17 AM: When the Leon County School Board rejected two charter school applications earlier this year, it was seen as pushback against what critics say are efforts to erode traditional public schools. Now the issue is making its >
Hillsborough headed for a new mark: 25,000 charter school students
Jul 13, 6:04 AM: Three more charter schools will join the Hillsborough County system this year, pushing the number of students in these tax-funded, but privately operated institutions to well over 10 percent of the enrollment. >
Lawsuit challenges education amendment on Florida ballot
Jul 13, 4:44 AM: A constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would allow charter school organizers to bypass local school boards to get approval is "intentionally misleading" because it doesn't directly explain to voters that >
In reversal, PBC schools chief says to exclude charters in tax push
Jul 10, 5:55 AM: Facing pushback from school board members and the teachers union, Palm Beach County Schools Superintendent Donald Fennoy has dropped his proposal to give charter schools a share of a $150 million-a-year property tax >
Our View: Legislature takes aim at teachers
Jul 9, 6:41 AM: Our state has come to a point where a political party and its teachers are blood enemies. Perhaps the real issue we need to take a hard look at, is how the fray is damaging the educational possibilities for tens of >
The FEA Teachers Union Sues The Florida Legislature. Again.
Jul 9, 6:31 AM: Florida’s statewide teacher’s union is once again suing the legislature—this time over a new law that could directly impact its membership. It’s the latest in a line of lawsuits filed over the state’s education policies. >
Teachers union says it shouldn't have to prove it has the support of teachers
Jul 5, 6:43 AM: The lawsuit is a reaction to a new state law that would decertify teachers unions if the unions cannot prove that most of the people the union represents actually wants it to be there. Unions allege the law is purely an >



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