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Miami-Dade, Broward teachers unions: ‘We deserve to go back to safe schools’
Sep 17, 7:46 AM: United Teachers of Dade and the Broward Teachers Union representatives accused state and school district authorities on Wednesday of negligence and recklessness for rushing to reopen schools without investing in the >
Florida’s Largest Teachers Union Pressing Gov. Ron DeSantis To Release Schools COVID Data
Sep 16, 7:57 AM: Coronavirus cases are up 26% among children in Florida, but it’s not known how many of those involve kids who have returned to schools. That’s a question Gov. Ron DeSantis is under increasing pressure to answer. >
New program lessens the burden of remote learning for some Sarasota families
Sep 14, 6:50 AM: Who was going to take care of them while she worked all day? How could she buy five more computers? How would the children get their work done while fighting over a limited amount of internet bandwidth?
School choice, partisanship affect Pinellas school board race
Sep 14, 5:32 AM: The race is between Laura Hine, a museum director and public education activist, and Stephanie Meyer, a private school teacher.
New charter school in Wesley Chapel uses special technology to work around COVID-19 pandemic
Sep 4, 7:23 AM: Students have several options — they can attend in-person classes, go fully online with special technology that mimics a classroom atmosphere, or a mix of both.
Four Northwest Florida charter schools receive PPP money, avoid furloughs, layoffs
Sep 4, 6:51 AM: Northwest Florida schools were among the national list of schools that received a chunk of the $660 billion Paycheck Protection Program meant to bolster small businesses during the onset of financial hardship caused by the >
Courts playing role in schools' reopening I Column
Sep 4, 6:23 AM: As the president of the Florida School Boards Association, it is my job and the job of all school board members across the state to help inform their communities on current public education issues.
Why Florida gives parents options on schooling during the pandemic | Column
Sep 4, 6:16 AM: The risks of not allowing children to return to school are real, profound and certain, writes Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran.
Florida Keys charter schools welcome students back
Sep 4, 5:58 AM: Donning masks, 150 students entered through the doors at Treasure Village Montessori in Islamorada for their first day of school on Aug. 31. With much excitement surrounding the new year, the atmosphere and feel is a bit >
The Sunshine State is Shining Example of School Choice Success
Sep 3, 7:52 AM: When it comes to embracing school choice, no state has done a better job to date than Florida. For the past two decades, the Sunshine State has led the charge in offering multiple school choice programs so as many >
Editorial: COVID-19 will permanently disrupt public education; that could be a good thing
Sep 3, 7:02 AM: COVID-19 is a profoundly disruptive force. But there seems to have been little consideration that it might be permanently disruptive, that the virus might change public education as we have known it — perhaps, for the >
Cyberattack, plus software failure, responsible for Miami-Dade Schools’ woes, Carvalho says
Sep 2, 8:03 AM: Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said a cyberattack, in addition to Monday’s software glitch, were responsible for Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ disastrous first two days of its virtual start to an already surreal >
Sarasota schools: 6,000 students don't show up on first day
Sep 2, 5:43 AM: Anticipated attendance in the Sarasota County School District plummeted on the first day of school, with more than 6,000 students forecast to attend not showing up.
Teacher Union's Lawsuit Win Short-Lived As Judge Issues Stay
Aug 31, 7:36 AM: A judge's ruling Thursday gave control of opening schools to local districts. On Friday, an appeals court judge reinstated a stay in the case. This means the Governor Ron DeSantis's mandate requiring schools to reopen for >
DCPS says more than 5,000 students are still unaccounted for
Aug 31, 7:27 AM: The Duval County Public School District said more than 5,000 students are still unaccounted for more than a week into the school year. That’s down from nearly 10,000 students Wednesday who hadn’t shown up to school, >
‘Nothing more than a ruse’: Union blasts schools chief over waivers for high-risk teachers
Aug 31, 6:00 AM: As families prepare for the first day of online classes, Palm Beach County public schools are being rocked by rising tensions between teachers and school administrators over the eventual reopening of campuses. >
Leon County School parents can no longer switch students to virtual ahead of Monday’s first day
Aug 28, 7:00 AM: Leon County Schools parents no longer have the option to switch their children from in-person to virtual learning, as the district prepares for the start of school on Monday.
Virtual school classes get rocky start in Central Florida
Aug 28, 6:23 AM: Other frustrated Central Florida parents who chose virtual schools — either the Florida Virtual School or its school district franchises — reported similar delays getting their children started, even after meeting >
Marion schools searching for 'missing' students
Aug 27, 5:55 AM: While Marion County Public Schools officials are celebrating a successful launch to the 2020-21 school year, officials shared concerns Tuesday about the whereabouts of 6,000 students who didn't attend school on Monday. >
Thousands of students leave Broward elementary schools
Aug 26, 7:12 AM:

Thousands of elementary school students have left Broward schools this year, likely due to the district’s decision to start all classes online.



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