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Column: Amendment 8 and the Future of School Choice
Sep 18, 6:30 AM: The Florida Supreme Court may have struck down a proposed education amendment to the state’s constitution, but the issue the measure raised can’t be easily dismissed.
Florida Charter Schools Have ‘Largely Failed to Deliver’ Promised Innovation, Report Finds
Sep 18, 4:49 AM: A new report from a Tallahassee-based research group raises questions about the growing role of charter schools in Florida, including citing the closure of 373 charter schools since 1998.
Florida must prioritize public schools over charter schools, influencers say
Sep 17, 5:12 AM: Still, many of the Influencers said lawmakers should work to improve the 646 charter schools currently operating in the state, as long as those efforts do not jeopardize other public schools, to deliver the best outcomes >
Erika Donalds: Roadblocks re-energize reformers
Sep 17, 4:34 AM: Voters deserved to have a say in whether to allow the school district monopoly over schools to continue, but activist judges decided otherwise. The LWV patted themselves on the back while blocking mothers from voting on >
Osceola charter school struggles to pay for school resource officers
Sep 13, 6:09 AM: Some schools are struggling to pay for the on-campus officers required by new state law, and administrators at one Osceola charter are upset they have to pay more money than public schools -- for the same service. >
Editorial: Florida Supreme Court wisely kills misleading charter school amendment
Sep 12, 5:13 AM: Voters should know what they’re voting on, which is why the Florida Supreme Court was entirely correct to strike the deviously worded Amendment 8 from the Nov. 6 ballot. The amendment would have significantly expanded >
Duval County Schools again outspend revenue
Sep 11, 5:38 AM: Duval County Schools last year spent more than they took in in general revenues, a continuing sign of financial struggles for the 130,000-student district, an annual report shows.
Florida Supreme Court ruling is bad news for charter schools
Sep 10, 6:39 AM: The state Supreme Court charged into Florida’s long-running battle over school choice Friday by removing a ballot measure that would have wrested control of charter schools from local districts and given it to the state. >
Final fate of Amendment 8 to be decided by Supreme Court on Friday
Sep 7, 6:21 AM: After hearings at two different courts in two distant parts of the state, voters will know on Friday whether Amendment 8 will be on their ballots in November.
Funding questions cloud future of Cape Charter Schools
Sep 7, 5:34 AM: Feichthaler, who has 4 kids in the Charter School system says the ‘A’ rated school is worth the investment. Council members expressed they don’t want to get rid of the school. But ultimately, they need to find a way to >
Central Florida charter schools struggle to pay for on-campus officers required by new law
Sep 6, 5:38 AM: Two Winter Garden charter schools planned to buy new computers this year, giving every student on their shared campus one to use. But when Crytal Yoakum, the CEO of the two affiliated schools, got a look at the numbers, >
Justices hear arguments on whether to knock charter school amendment off ballot
Sep 6, 4:44 AM: With school choice a hot-button issue in Florida, the state Supreme Court on Wednesday plunged into a debate about whether voters should cast ballots in November on a proposed constitutional amendment that could help lead >
Pasco School Board nixes capital fund sharing with charter schools
Sep 5, 6:22 AM: Citing concerns about promising money they can't assure, Pasco County School Board members on Tuesday killed an effort to craft a plan for sharing capital funds with local charter schools.
Guestview: In education, parents need to take power back
Sep 5, 6:06 AM:

We are lucky to live in a state that has given parents the power to access so many different school environments for their kids. But that’s not where the story ends. Parents have the right to ensure their options are >

LCS zone school crackdown leads families to forge documents
Sep 5, 4:56 AM: Being strict with the policies is beneficial for the entire school district, he added. He's seen other districts struggle as families moved their children from one district to another in search of what they perceived to be >
Bucking allies, school choice group favors IRS proposal on tax credits
Aug 30, 7:42 AM: A Florida-based advocacy group that pushes Georgia and other states to help fund private schools so more children can attend them is breaking ranks with allies over a controversial proposed federal tax rule. >
Coral Springs' popular charter school may finally get a new home - after years of opposition to proposed locations
Aug 30, 6:43 AM: The plan calls for the Coral Springs Charter School to be moved out of its current space along University Drive, next to a regional library, and relocated to two spots along Coral Springs Drive.
School Board may hear Southeast Volusia charter school application early
Aug 27, 6:16 AM: The team that proposed a charter school for Southeast Volusia County earlier this year is asking the School Board to consider a revised application ahead of schedule, so the school can have time to get ready for an August >
Justices will weigh Amendment 8 case
Aug 24, 6:40 AM: The Florida Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously agreed to take up a legal battle about whether a proposed education constitutional amendment should be on the November ballot. Justices issued an order accepting the case >
Port St. Lucie shops for charter-school developer to build vo-tech academy
Aug 24, 6:12 AM: "The proposed career academy has the potential to be one of the most transformative projects the city has ever undertaken, simultaneously enhancing our local education opportunities, economy and ultimately our community’s >



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