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Corcoran praises Florida schools for quick move to online learning during coronavirus crisis
Apr 2, 7:10 AM: Florida’s school districts have done an “amazing” job pivoting to online education just weeks after campuses were shuttered to control the spread of the new coronavirus, Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran said >
The Biggest Distance-Learning Experiment In History: Week One
Mar 27, 7:20 AM: Florida, where Robin Nelson teaches, is an example of a state that has moved swiftly to transition as much instruction as possible online. Partly that's because it is home to the Florida Virtual School. That's a public, >
Opinion: At-home learning an adjustment for teachers, students alike
Mar 26, 6:16 AM: When Florida closed schools due to the coronavirus outbreak, no one seemed to know exactly how the coming days would unfold. As an Alachua County public school teacher, the announcement brought a flood of emails regarding >
Charter School Principal: ‘People in my Profession Do What We Do to Help Kids’
Mar 23, 7:55 AM: The principal at a new charter school in Coral Springs is doing his part to ensure continued learning during school closures, which have affected the entire state of Florida as it battles the spread of COVID-19. >
Opinion: Expanding school choice in Florida is big win for families
Mar 23, 6:01 AM: In welcome news for Floridian families and students, Florida’s Senate just said “yes” to more education options for families. It approved a bill that would expand the state’s school choice scholarship program by extending >
Review & Outlook: Parents Choose in Florida
Mar 19, 7:41 AM: The best defense of school-choice programs is that parents keep choosing them, and Florida is proving the point. A year after setting up a new school-voucher program, state lawmakers passed a bill last week to expand it. >
VCS, Sumter lead state in remote learning tech
Mar 19, 6:55 AM: COVID-19 may have canceled school for weeks or months across the Sunshine State, but The Villages Charter School is using its technological edge to get kids back in the classroom next week.
Florida’s $500 million teacher raise plan gets mixed reviews
Mar 18, 7:30 AM: Lawmakers said they did their best to split the difference among many competing interests, ultimately allotting $400 million to raise the minimum teacher salary and $100 million to raise the pay of veteran teachers and >
Opnion: Scott Kent: School choice is a plus for Florida’s education system
Mar 17, 5:07 AM: In her column published March 8, “Vouchers hurt all public schools,” Eileen Roy says Alachua County public schools suffer when low-income parents choose where they want their children educated. Nothing could be further >
Senate Rejects Amendment To Voucher Expansion Bill That Would Have Mandated Data Reporting
Mar 13, 6:07 AM: A bill that would expand eligibility for two of the state’s major school voucher programs is still in play, with just a day to go for Florida lawmakers to hear bills. On Thursday, the Senate has rejected an amendment that >
Virtual schools on the table in Florida's coronavirus response
Mar 13, 5:38 AM: Concerns about the Coronavirus have the states leadership looking at digital learning options for K-12 Schools. Plans so far include a beefed up Florida Virtual School and a survey of computer ownership.
Tom Lee challenges provisions that favor charters, voucher programs
Mar 12, 5:46 AM: Legislation greatly expanding school choice scholarship programs to higher income families was temporarily postponed in the Senate Wednesday.
State prepares to boost online education
Mar 11, 6:06 AM: Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran said Monday the state is boosting its online school capabilities to prepare for the potential impact of the novel coronavirus.
Opinion: Burying good news about Florida public schools
Mar 11, 5:24 AM: When it comes to Florida’s public education system, good news does not travel fast. Especially if it has anything to do with education choice.
Florida House OKs $200 million voucher expansion, says schools can still ban LGBTQ students
Mar 10, 5:26 AM: The Florida House voted to expand the state’s voucher programs Monday, making students from some middle-income families eligible for scholarships to pay private school tuition.
In Florida, school choice should not exist without school accountability | Opinion
Mar 10, 5:07 AM: The Florida House on Monday passed legislation that will greatly expand school vouchers in our state. I was proud to stand in opposition to this misguided bill, which will hurt public-school students and does nothing to >
‘I can work at my own pace’: St. Pete 6th grader advocates for school choice
Mar 10, 5:02 AM: Ley was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and severe depressive disorder when she was younger. Shortly thereafter, her mother enrolled her in an online public school called Florida Cyber Charter Academy.
Florida shouldn’t fund anti-LGBTQ bias with private school vouchers
Mar 6, 7:43 AM: For all the talk of “market forces” and “parent power,” the school choice movement has a dark side. And it is currently on full display.
Opinion: If charter schools are 'not as good as advertised,' why are families flocking to them?
Mar 4, 9:33 AM: Surely the fact that parents are seeking out charter schools, forming queues on waitlists, and coming back year after year demonstrates perceived value. Those families’ choices tell us that charter schools are meeting >
Two charter schools hoping to open in August
Mar 2, 8:26 AM: Kelly Harkins-De La Cruz is hoping to open the doors to a dual-language school — Mi Escuela Montessori — in the fall somewhere in the Lakeland-Mulberry-Bartow triangle. Mi Escuela was one of two charter schools that >



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