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DC Council passes emergency legislation expanding virtual learning
Oct 6, 8:01 AM: The DC Council voted unanimously Tuesday to pass emergency legislation that would give students with certain medical conditions the option to learn from home.
DC mayor, council clash over proposed COVID-19 school bill
Oct 5, 9:45 AM: Days after the D.C. Council announced plans to introduce emergency legislation aimed at expanding virtual learning and loosening attendance policies, Mayor Muriel Bowser doubled down on her stance that the city’s current >
How strict should requirements to participate in virtual learning be? D.C. Council and Bowser feud over the answer.
Oct 5, 9:28 AM: The D.C. Council, after hearing hours of parent testimony, plans to introduce emergency legislation Tuesday that would go against the mayor’s policy and expand access to virtual learning to more students with medical >
District bill to increase access to virtual learning sets up a clash with the mayor
Oct 4, 7:16 AM: The D.C. Council is planning to introduce legislation that would expand access to virtual learning, potentially setting up a showdown with the mayor, who has remained firm that she wants nearly all students in physical >
DC Council emergency bill calls for expanded virtual learning, better transparency on school conditions
Oct 1, 9:13 AM: The DC Council plans to vote on emergency legislation Tuesday. It calls for more students with certain medical conditions to qualify for virtual learning.
Demands for Virtual Learning Options Grow Louder
Sep 30, 8:11 AM: In the weeks since schools fully relaunched in-person learning, parents and teachers have pressed District leaders for an expansion of virtual options.
DC Council draft bill could expand virtual learning, require vaccination for students
Sep 30, 8:06 AM: Weeks into the school year, D.C. Council members are drafting emergency legislation that could make virtual learning more accessible and require COVID-19 vaccinations for students who are eligible to receive them. >
Lawmakers, residents push top D.C. education leaders for more testing, transparency and virtual learning
Sep 23, 8:54 AM:

City officials, teachers and parents depicted two vastly different versions of how schools are operating at full capacity during the pandemic at a seven-hour D.C. Council oversight hearing Tuesday.

DC parents voice frustration about school safety protocols, lack of flexibility
Sep 22, 8:53 AM: D.C. parents, students, educators and council members on Tuesday expressed frustration with the city’s lack of flexible learning plans and inconsistent coronavirus safety protocols weeks into the new school year. >
DCPS Reporting Parents for ‘Educational Neglect' After Kids Miss In-Person School
Sep 21, 8:51 AM: Some DC parents say they face an “impossible choice:” send their kids to school amid a COVID-19 spike or face a child services investigation.
All DC public, private school staff must be vaccinated, Bowser says
Sep 21, 8:42 AM: All D.C. schools workers will need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus by November, Mayor Muriel Bowser said Monday, removing the option to submit to regular testing.
11 charter schools in DC will give admissions preference to at-risk students
Sep 20, 9:21 AM: Eleven charter schools in D.C. plan to offer admissions preference to students who are homeless, receive assistance, in foster care or who are a year older for their grade.
Challenges in first weeks of school in D.C.: Testing, quarantining and contact tracing
Sep 20, 9:09 AM: After the first weeks of school, some D.C. parents remain frustrated by how campuses are handling coronavirus quarantines and data shows the District has failed so far to reach its goals for testing students for the >
Opinion: Building D.C. schools that serve all students and support all educators
Sep 20, 9:07 AM: In recent months, many educators have sounded a call: We can’t go back to what was normal for students and schools before the coronavirus pandemic turned education upside down. Though the pandemic has been destructive, now >
Get vaccinated or resign, Rocketship charter schools tell staff
Sep 14, 10:14 AM: D.C.’s Rocketship public charter schools have announced that they will be requiring all staff to get a COVID-19 vaccine or face a forced resignation.
Just weeks in, Washington-area families confront the reality of this school year: Quarantines
Sep 13, 10:40 AM: Families are already left scrambling for child care. Schools are searching for substitute teachers and others to fill in for those quarantined. And even after an entire school year of virtual learning, districts have been >
Opinion | How D.C. school reform drove student achievement
Sep 13, 10:38 AM: One of the success stories in American education has been the turnaround of education in the nation’s capital in the decade since school reform was ushered in.
With first week of school done, parents and lawmakers continue to press D.C. mayor for a virtual
Sep 7, 3:41 PM: Bowser first announced plans in the spring to forgo wide-scale remote learning for the new school year that began Aug. 30. The mayor and officials in her administration have said that students, particularly low-income >
JBAB charter school opens after years of persistence by military and civilian parents
Sep 7, 3:37 PM: Army Staff Sgt. Rosemary Okotie said she became “really excited” when she found out a new charter school was opening on this base in the nation’s capital.
How a DC Boys Charter School Kept Students Engaged During Virtual Learning
Sep 3, 10:02 AM: As Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys prepared to open in Southeast D.C. last week, Shawn Hardnett had little doubt the same young faces he saw online last year would walk through the school’s doors. >



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