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The D.C. lottery is intended to give all kids a fair shot at a top school. But does it?
Mar 30, 5:50 AM: So Gordon joins the thousands of families across the city anxiously awaiting results of the city’s competitive school lottery this week — a system that highlights the bleak reality that the demand for high-performing >
Commentary: Choice for Me, But Not for Thee
Mar 29, 7:28 AM:

But D.C.’s school-choice experiment actually demonstrates the need for, and promise of, expanding educational opportunity through choice. Perhaps the best evidence is the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship, the private >

Editorial: Don’t let D.C. schools’ setbacks obscure how far the system has come
Mar 19, 4:52 AM: D.C. PUBLIC schools have, as Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) remarked in her State of the District address, experienced some “bumps in the road — frankly, there have been some pretty significant bumps in the road.” The >
With School Lottery, D.C. Parents Leave Their Children’s Futures In The Hands Of Fate
Mar 16, 4:52 AM: For years, this system of school choice meant parents would have to balance potentially dozens of separate school lotteries. But in 2014, the city responded by creating My School D.C., a unified lottery for out-of-boundary >
One of the city’s oldest charter schools is so broke that it can’t make payroll
Mar 14, 6:06 AM: The finances of one of the first charter schools in the nation’s capital have grown so dire that its survival is threatened and its ability to pay teachers in doubt, a financial analysis shows.
D.C. Public Schools taking over all-girls charter school in Southeast
Mar 13, 5:49 AM: The District’s traditional public school system will operate the city’s only all-girls public school next year, taking over a charter school in Southeast Washington that had its license revoked for poor performance. >
D.C. Public Schools leader to resign after skirting school assignment rules
Feb 21, 7:53 AM: D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson, appointed last year with a mandate to close a persistent student achievement gap, was forced to resign Tuesday amid revelations he skirted the city’s competitive lottery system >
D.C. schools chancellor bats away calls for resignation after he sought special treatment
Feb 20, 6:50 AM: Five members of the D.C. Council and the city’s auditor say Chancellor Antwan Wilson should step down following revelations that he sought special treatment to enroll his daughter in a top D.C. high school, just two months >
Deputy mayor resigns after allowing chancellor to bypass school lottery
Feb 19, 8:00 AM: The top education aide to D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) resigned Friday after helping the public schools chancellor bypass the city’s notoriously competitive lottery system and secure a coveted slot for his teenage >
Private school with global ambition to open in D.C. and China in 2019
Feb 8, 7:51 AM: An education company backed by U.S. and Chinese investors is launching a global private school for students ages 3 to 18, with the first two campuses scheduled to open next year in Washington and the Chinese coastal city >
D.C. charter school enrollment has slight bump, while public schools show slight drop
Feb 8, 6:19 AM: Enrollment in the District’s traditional public schools declined slightly this academic year, breaking six years of consecutive growth, according to figures released this week by the Office of the State Superintendent of >
Investigation finds D.C. schools fostered a culture of passing students
Jan 31, 8:21 AM: A damning city report released Monday portrayed a systemic culture of passing students in D.C. Public Schools, revealing that teachers felt pressured to award diplomas even if teens failed to meet graduation requirements. >
D.C. schools increasingly graduating chronically absent students, report finds
Jan 17, 6:55 AM: More than 1 of every 10 students receiving a diploma from a D.C. public high school last year missed most of the academic year, according to an investigation released Tuesday that casts a shadow on a district that has >
City charter board votes to shut down D.C.’s only all-girls public school
Jan 15, 6:52 AM: More than 700 students could be scrambling to find a new school for the next academic year after a D.C. board voted unanimously to revoke the charter of the city’s only all-girls public school.
Study suggests gentrification has boosted integration in D.C. schools
Dec 19, 8:12 AM: Racial segregation declined over a 15-year period in D.C. schools in the most rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods, with traditional public schools seeing more of a change than charter schools, according to a report released >
D.C. State Board of Education may call for another investigation of graduation standards
Dec 18, 7:07 AM: The D.C. State Board of Education may call for an independent investigation of public and charter schools amid allegations that Ballou High School in Southeast Washington improperly graduated students who were chronically >
Does D.C. Charter Schools' Autonomy Come at the Cost of Public Accountability? (CER in the news)
Nov 30, 8:07 AM: Locally, though, D.C. charters remain controversial. Some residents say the schools operate too much like a black box, and demand greater oversight over the sector—which receives nearly $800 million of taxpayer money per >
Private school enrollment contributes to school segregation, study finds
Nov 27, 5:56 AM: It’s no secret that the District’s public schools are highly segregated, with a recent analysis showing that nearly three-quarters of black students attend schools where they have virtually no white peers. >
Graduation rates for D.C. Public Schools rise to record highs, again
Nov 8, 7:19 AM: About 73 percent of D.C. Public Schools students graduated on time this year, another record high for a school system that struggled not long ago to graduate half of its students.
Big Progress, Small Gains: A Decade of Mayoral Control Over D.C. Schools
Oct 12, 7:13 AM: It's been 10 years since the D.C. Council voted to put the mayor's office in charge of the school system, stripping the elected school board of authority and handing power to a chancellor chosen by the mayor and confirmed >



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