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DC Charter school offers new way of learning
May 22, 6:41 AM: Students say the virtual learning at Friendship Public Charter school is the best of both worlds: they learn at home at their own speed but still get to socialize through weekly class visits, field trips, sports and >
Despite D.C.’s pledges, hundreds of families a year bypass city’s public middle schools
May 22, 6:09 AM: Every year hundreds of D.C. parents with children in traditional elementary schools yank them out of the system before they can reach their neighborhood middle schools, preferring to hunt for other educational options. >
Despite increases in funding, some D.C. schools face possible cuts
May 19, 6:05 AM: Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) called her proposed education budget for next fiscal year the “largest investment ever” for D.C. schools. Yet many parents and teachers across the District don’t see it that way because their >
This is how the D.C. school lottery is supposed to work
May 18, 5:05 AM: Thousands of District families enter the citywide lottery system each year, hoping to snag a seat in a traditional public school outside their attendance zone or in a public charter school.
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser says she will raise per-pupil spending by 2 percent next year
May 12, 6:41 AM: D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Thursday that she will increase the per-pupil funding for schools by 2 percent next year after education advocates had chided her for not investing enough money when she first announced >
Congress expected to reauthorize D.C. school vouchers in sweeping budget deal
May 2, 7:07 AM: Congress is expected to extend the D.C. school voucher program as part of a bipartisan budget deal this week, a move that follows the release of a new federal analysis showing that some voucher recipients in private >
D.C. charter school for adult students could be shut down
Apr 24, 4:54 AM: A charter school that serves high school dropouts and other at-risk students is in jeopardy after the D.C. Public Charter School Board determined that it has failed to meet many of its academic goals.
Mayor says she is ‘confident’ education budget meets students’ needs
Apr 18, 5:31 AM: Education advocates on Monday called on the D.C. Council to reject Mayor Muriel Bowser’s per-student funding increase for next year, saying it falls far short of what city schools need.
School's entire senior class to attend college
Apr 14, 7:00 AM: There are signing days for athletics, but not normally for academics. But a Washington, D.C. charter school decided to highlight the educational accomplishments of its seniors as they signed their “letters of intent” for >
Nonprofit wants 25 new or revamped D.C. city or charter schools in five years
Apr 4, 5:25 AM: There are 233 public schools in the District with 90,000 students, counting city and charter schools. But Mieka Wick, chief executive of CityBridge Education, said last week that there are not enough schools with >
Effort To Unionize Teachers At D.C. Charter School Called Off After Divisive Campaign
Mar 31, 6:49 AM: An effort to create the first teachers’ union in the city’s large charter sector stalled this week with the last-minute cancellation of a planned vote to unionize teachers at Paul Public Charter School in Northwest D.C. >
Is your school worth one star or five? D.C. officials approve new rating system
Mar 23, 5:23 AM: Parents will be able to compare all D.C. public schools, regular and charter, under a newly approved rating system that assigns each school in the nation’s capital one to five stars based on test scores, attendance and >
In first test of vouchers under DeVos, D.C. bill advances in House committee
Mar 13, 7:00 AM: A House committee advanced a bill Friday to renew D.C.’s federally funded vouchers program — the only one like it in the country — raising larger questions about whether the federal government should promote the use of tax >
House Republicans’ school voucher bill exposes rift between D.C. mayor, council
Mar 8, 8:10 AM: A majority of the D.C. Council is urging House Republicans to phase out the federal school voucher program, splitting with D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser over the system that lets low-income families in the city use federal >
An Education PAC Is Phone-Banking D.C. Residents to Promote Controversial Policy
Mar 2, 7:50 AM: Aided by such safe assumptions, the New York-based PAC recently injected itself into a complicated school debate when it employed phone banking that connected D.C. residents with their respective school board members. >
Will Trump expand D.C.’s school voucher program? Yes, says the organization that runs it.
Feb 27, 7:10 AM: President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos have promised to expand alternatives to public schools, including vouchers that allow children to attend private and religious schools with the aid of taxpayer dollars. >
D.C. Charter Teachers Seek to Unionize (CER in the news)
Feb 23, 7:56 AM: If the Paul Public Charter School teachers succeed, they’d be the first unionized charter employees in the nation’s capital.
Teachers at a D.C. charter school seeking to unionize
Feb 23, 7:02 AM: Teachers at a Washington charter school are pushing to unionize, citing the need to provide more resources for students, improve the school’s culture and reduce churn in the teaching force.
New scrutiny on suspension rates in some well-known D.C. charter schools
Feb 20, 7:24 AM: As D.C. officials consider how to keep as many of the city’s students in class as possible, the broadly worded discipline policies of two public charter school networks are coming under scrutiny.
Feds cite D.C. charters for high suspension rates, particularly for black students
Feb 14, 8:19 AM: A new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report says suspension and expulsion rates for charters in the capital city are double the national rate and disproportionately high for black students and those with >



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