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Satisfaction High in DC School Voucher Program, Study Finds
May 20, 6:30 AM: Students who participated in a school choice program for low-income families in the nation’s capital were less likely to miss classes than peers who applied but did not get scholarships, a government evaluation has found. >
Commentary: School choice works — for a third of the cost
May 17, 7:54 AM: The most recent federal evaluation of the D.C. voucher program finds that it increases student satisfaction and safety, and decreases absenteeism, at a third of the cost of public schools. That’s obviously a great >
Opinion: At charter schools, old union rules don’t apply
May 17, 5:14 AM: It’s National Charter Schools Week, a time for parents, students and teachers to celebrate these unique schools of choice. But in the District, legislators and unions are targeting the basic operating principles of charter >
Letter: Expanding FOIA to D.C. charter schools would do more harm than good
May 13, 7:21 AM: D.C. Council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6) introduced a bill to expand the Freedom of Information Act to public charter schools. FOIA allows anyone to obtain any records of an organization unless the records are subject >
Letter: D.C. sorely needs more charter schools
May 13, 6:58 AM: Students from Wards 7 and 8 in the District travel across the city to go to school because their families don’t feel confident in their neighborhood choices. As a taxpayer, I find it disheartening that I have to enter a >
More charter schools want to open in D.C., but how many can the city handle?
May 7, 7:30 AM: The charter school board, whose members are appointed by the mayor, votes each year on whether to approve new campuses. Other cities and states have a cap on charter schools — which are publicly funded but privately >
Opinion: D.C. missed a deadline. And our students will pay the price.
May 3, 7:33 AM: You may have heard the frightening statistics: Students who don’t read proficiently by fourth grade are four times less likely to graduate from high school. It is more alarming when we dial in and look at the statistics >
Jeanne Allen: DC charter schools face a threat from within
Apr 29, 7:45 AM: It’s time for the charter advocates in D.C. to take back their movement and fight to protect their schools’ autonomy. It’s the only way to keep innovation alive for the children of the District. >
Graduation Guides Promise High Schoolers A Clearer Path To Success
Apr 26, 7:51 AM: Today, D.C.'s public schools are rolling out an intervention they hope will address concerns like Cox's. Twice a year through the fall semester of senior year, high schoolers in D.C. will now receive a document that tracks >
Teachers and students protest the D.C. education budget, calling it inequitable
Apr 26, 7:15 AM: More than 100 teachers, students and activists rallied near City Hall late Thursday afternoon, calling on Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) to invest more money in the public schools that draw students from the city’s poorest >
Teachers at a D.C. charter school are trying to unionize, in a rare move
Apr 24, 7:11 AM: Employees at a D.C. charter school are attempting to unionize, a rare move that would make the 115 teachers and staff members the biggest union of charter school workers to ever form in the District.
Column: Bolster school choice
Apr 23, 7:15 AM: D.C. lawmakers are at the front of the line, proposing to create several reams of red tape to strangle the autonomy of public charter schools.
They believe more students should attend neighborhood schools. But what happens when it’s their child?
Apr 15, 7:23 AM: The angst is compounded for Weedon, who is one of the city’s most passionate boosters of neighborhood schools. Eastern would seem like the natural choice. But when it comes to his daughter — when it comes to anyone making >
Editorial: A D.C. charter school bill aims to fix a system that isn’t broken
Apr 15, 5:28 AM: THE DISTRICT’S charter school sector has been largely untouched as charter school opponents across the country have waged an increasingly relentless campaign against them. That is mainly due to the enormous popularity of >
The Power Of Effective School Governance
Apr 9, 7:55 AM: In Washington, D.C., D.C. Bilingual Public Charter School recently celebrated its 15th birthday by throwing a quinceañera for staff, students and families. In the traditional fashion, this coming-of-age Latin American >
D.C. education programs risk losing aid worth millions because city missed deadline
Apr 5, 6:44 AM: The District government failed to reapply for millions in federal AmeriCorps dollars, jeopardizing the future of several programs that help children improve their reading skills and support teachers in troubled city >
300 applications per seat? See which DC schools were the most sought-after in the 2019-2020 lottery
Apr 5, 6:41 AM: The most competed-for seats in the D.C. Public School system had 300 contenders vying for one of three open spots, according to data released this week by the district.
House committees scrutinize D.C.’s federal private school voucher program
Apr 3, 4:51 AM: The fight over the D.C. private school voucher program, the only federally funded program of its kind, is heating up as the Trump administration wants to double the size of the program while House Democrats scrutinize its >
Opinion: Parents must know how D.C.’s charter schools spend public money
Apr 1, 7:43 AM: Charter schools educate nearly half of Washington’s public school students and receive a total of nearly $900 million in public funding each year. So why are parents, teachers, journalists and the public kept in the dark >
Opinion: Charter schools already lead on accountability, but they also need autonomy, adequate funding
Apr 1, 5:29 AM: An ostensibly well-meaning, sensible-sounding piece of proposed legislation — the Public School Transparency Amendment Act of 2019 — is now being pushed in the DC Council. Ward 6 member Charles Allen sponsored the bill, >



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