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The District’s public school system faces $23 million deficit, drawing criticism
Jul 15, 7:40 AM: The District’s public school system is facing a $23 million deficit, drawing criticism from city lawmakers and from the D.C. auditor, who described the shortfall as a “red flag” that suggests a lack of internal controls. >
Review & Outlook: DC Squeezes Charters
Jun 26, 7:52 AM: The Washington, D.C. City Council on Wednesday is meeting to discuss charter schools. Let’s hope someone asks Mayor Muriel Bowser why her administration is denying space to charters—at the same time it plans to spend >
Adult Graduates Get Hugs, Cheers And Second Chances
Jun 26, 7:26 AM: Twenty-nine adults wearing red caps and gowns strutted to the sounds of a standing ovation from a packed house inside Capital City Hall of Distinction on Saturday. They were the summer graduating class of Academy of Hope >
Regulatory Red Tape Risks Strangling DC Opportunity Scholarship Program
Jun 20, 7:24 AM: For 15 years, the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program has been a District of Columbia institution. Yet the program, which provides scholarships to children from low-income families to attend a private school of choice, >
Letter: Charter schools need space, too
Jun 19, 6:58 AM: In the June 17 editorial “Punishing at-risk students,” the District’s Deputy Mayor for Education Paul Kihn claimed the District bent over backward to help AppleTree find a location for our Tier 1 charter preschool and >
Editorial: Children are suffering because D.C. won’t look out for public charter schools
Jun 17, 6:07 AM: EARLY-CHILDHOOD learning is supposedly a top priority of Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s (D) administration. So why on earth are city officials displacing and forcing the closure of a high-performing preschool that serves at-risk >
Letter: It’s time to put a moratorium on opening D.C. charter schools
Jun 13, 6:17 AM: A tragic thing about these charter schools is that they have no allegiance to the community and can disappear from the landscape just as suddenly as they appeared, causing deeper disruption to the already fragile system >
Editorial: Ferris Bueller’s 15 days off
Jun 12, 7:27 AM: Chronic absenteeism can be caused by bullying, depression, learning difficulties, or unsafe schools. School choice won't fix all of those, but Washington's voucher students do report feeling much safer than their public >
D.C. virtual school conducts real graduation
Jun 12, 6:28 AM: Fourteen eighth-graders strolled across a stage Tuesday to receive very real certificates for graduating from their virtual school.
Leadership of troubled D.C. public boarding school votes to close campus
Jun 6, 7:06 AM: The board of Monument Academy Public Charter School voted Tuesday to close the school at the end of the academic year — a stunning turn for a weekday boarding campus that has attracted big name-donors and received national >
Bowser relinquishes an empty school campus for the first time, potentially for a charter school
Jun 5, 8:23 AM: The District plans to lease a vacant campus in Southeast Washington, potentially paving the way for a charter school to take over a public school building for the first time during Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s five-year >
D.C.’s Deputy Mayor Of Education Pushes For Data-Driven Decision-Making. That May Be A Tough Sell.
Jun 5, 7:34 AM: In D.C. there are many decision-makers when it comes to schools. There’s the mayor’s office, the charter school board, the D.C. Council and parent groups. Over the last few months, the various factions have been embroiled >
Opinion: Don’t rush to close Monument Academy
Jun 4, 7:32 AM: But closing Monument Academy would leave its students with few good options. Monument is a residential school serving 120 fifth- through eighth-graders who are not only low-income but who also have experienced levels of >
'Where are these kids going to go?' 43 DC charter schools have been closed since 2009. This one is next
May 30, 5:36 AM: By the end of the 2020-21 school year, D.C.’s National Collegiate Prep will be no more – becoming at least the 44th public charter school closed in the District since 2009. Its 276 students will join the thousands who’ve >
After a heated fight about race and schools, D.C. Council decides: Banneker will move to Shaw
May 29, 7:06 AM: The future of a vacant school that has emerged as a symbolic battleground over the direction of the District’s public education system was settled Tuesday after two hours of fiery debate among D.C. Council members. >
Commentary: DC still has a shortage of high-quality school options
May 29, 6:42 AM: Last week the DC Public Charter School Board rightfully approved five applications to create new schools. These charter schools hold the promise to support students who live in wards that lack quality options, or target >
DC's charter school chaos: Why leaders say closing some schools is good
May 29, 5:22 AM: Charter schools were designed to expand options for families searching for a quality public school education. With 43,000 students and an annual budget of more than 900 million in tax dollars, Washington DC’s Charter >
Five new charter schools approved in D.C. despite concerns about vacant seats on existing campuses
May 28, 5:56 AM: Five new charter schools are expected to open in the District for the 2020-2021 academic year despite concerns that they could strain city resources and result in even more empty seats at existing middle and high schools >
Satisfaction High in DC School Voucher Program, Study Finds
May 20, 6:30 AM: Students who participated in a school choice program for low-income families in the nation’s capital were less likely to miss classes than peers who applied but did not get scholarships, a government evaluation has found. >
Commentary: School choice works — for a third of the cost
May 17, 7:54 AM: The most recent federal evaluation of the D.C. voucher program finds that it increases student satisfaction and safety, and decreases absenteeism, at a third of the cost of public schools. That’s obviously a great >



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