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Odyssey Charter School board struggles to cope after president Dimitrios Dandolos steps down
Jul 20, 7:43 AM: Odyssey Charter School parents and teachers have been packing board meetings this summer to question the hiring of a new co-administrator, the convening of committee meetings with little public notice and the resignation >
Opinion: Charter and traditional schools don't have to be adversaries
Jun 28, 6:19 AM: But what if the purpose of charters was to provide a few examples of what could be accomplished statewide through traditional public school empowerment? What if we were to shift operational decision-making power (hiring, >
Charter School of Wilmington educators vote to join Delaware State Education Association
Jun 5, 5:53 AM: Educators at the Charter School of Wilmington voted last week to join the Delaware State Education Association, which will make it the only charter school in the state to be part of a union.
Lawsuit: Delaware schools are leaving children in poverty behind
May 25, 5:16 AM: Giving students and teachers in so-called high-needs schools the support they need takes money, and a lawsuit filed by two civil rights groups —  Delawareans for Educational Opportunity and the Delaware NAACP — demands the >
100 percent of MOT Charter School's first graduating class accepted to college
May 4, 6:58 AM: The excitement was palpable at MOT Charter High School in Middletown Thursday, as students and staff celebrated the fact that every single one of the school's 111 seniors has been accepted into college.
Opinion: Delaware's public school monopoly is holding students back
May 3, 5:09 AM: This is no surprise. Delaware children are stuck with the public school monopoly that their home address has been assigned to, unless they can afford to move to better districts or go to private schools. A few have the >
What national test scores do and don't tell us about Delaware (CER in the news)
Apr 12, 7:29 AM: Delaware continues to fall in the middle of the pack on national test scores and state officials can't explain the lack of improvement or why gaps between high-needs and white students are just as pronounced today as they >
Opinion: Vocational education is alive and well in our schools
Apr 4, 6:06 AM: One of the best-kept secrets in our public schools is the amount of vocational education programs available to our young people at this time. To the uninformed, one could form the opinion that the only programs presently >
Unique plan pursued to save a struggling First State charter school
Mar 19, 5:12 AM:

Having won approval Thursday for its survival plan, the Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security now begins the real work of overcoming the biggest obstacle to its survival: recruiting 31 new students for the >

Delaware public school district intervenes to save failing charter school
Mar 5, 6:10 AM: The Delaware Academy for Public Safety and Security in New Castle, a charter high school founded six years ago to prepare students for careers in policing, firefighting and emergency response, is in serious peril. >
Program helps Wilmington kids get into top-tier high schools
Feb 27, 6:46 AM: A small, afterschool Wilmington program is helping low-income, inner-city middle schoolers apply and get into Delaware's best-performing high schools and programs. Before joining Leading Youth Through Empowerment, or LYTE, >
Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security asked to meet several conditions before charter is renewed
Feb 21, 6:42 AM: The Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security may be able to stay open next year if it meets several conditions recommended by the Delaware Department of Education's Charter School Accountability Committee. >
EastSide Charter School opens parents' horizons with free computers
Feb 2, 7:11 AM: A Wilmington charter school is trying to bridge the digital divide by giving free computers to parents and connecting them to low-cost internet service.
Report: Charter schools struggle to find and pay for facilities
Jan 24, 8:02 AM: Charter schools in Delaware struggle to find suitable buildings and finance facility and construction costs, a new report says.
Civil rights groups sue Delaware over education funding for low-income, disadvantaged students
Jan 17, 5:50 AM: The lawsuit also mentions racial discrimination and outlines the history of desegregation in Delaware. It contends that the Neighborhood Schools Act passed in 2000 and the Charter School Act has led to re-segregation in >
DOJ backs state move equalizing tax money for charter, choice schools
Jan 4, 6:14 AM: The Delaware Department of Justice is backing a Department of Education move to equalize the amount of local tax revenue charter and choice schools receive from students' assigned school districts.
Sussex Academy receives state’s first 10-year charter renewal
Jan 3, 7:25 AM: The Delaware State Board of Education granted Sussex Academy a 10-year charter renewal Dec. 14, making it the first school in the state to receive such a distinction.
Group hopes to open Sussex County Montessori charter school by 2019
Dec 29, 5:54 AM:
A group of Sussex County residents and Montessori proponents hope to open a new charter school in downstate Delaware by fall 2019, with the goal of serving at least 265 elementary students in its first year. 
Process for removing local school board members proposed
Dec 26, 7:32 AM: A proposal currently circulating in Legislative Hall would allow the unelected State Board of Education to remove members of local school boards.
Declining enrollment leads to unused space at Christina
Oct 16, 6:08 AM: At Christina especially, school choice had a major impact on enrollment.  Since 2010, the district's population has dropped by more than 2,000 students. Twenty years ago, in 1997, Christina had about 20,000 students, 5,000 >



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