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Private religious schools get COVID boost
Feb 8, 6:28 AM: Educators have faced a fair share of hurdles amid COVID-19. In the public school sector, this year marked the first time in at least a decade Delaware has seen a decrease in public school enrollment, with a reported >
High-quality education must be a priority for every Delaware student | Opinion
Jan 29, 9:08 AM: What if we channeled our fear, grief, anger and hope to think big and different right now? To be brave enough together to face what is not working and for whom, to commit to innovation, and double down on our bright spots, >
‘Too much too fast’: Teachers union objects to Delaware schools’ hybrid return
Jan 14, 7:28 AM: Yet now is not the time, Ingram asserts, even as most K-12 public schools reopened to hybrid learning this week after Gov. John Carney “strongly urged” districts and charter schools to make that move. >
Christina teachers hold drive-in rally urging district to return to virtual learning
Jan 13, 7:48 AM: The parking lot of Christina’s Gauger-Cobbs Middle School was filled with the sounds of honking horns from about 50 cars Tuesday night, as members of the district’s teacher’s union gathered to urge board members and the >
Delaware kids need whole child education, now more than ever | Opinion
Jan 12, 6:11 AM: Little did I suspect two years ago what a critical role our charter identity and social-emotional focus would play as COVID-19 shuttered schools and disrupted learning across Delaware.
Delaware public schools worry about staffing levels with lower enrollment
Dec 22, 6:39 AM: With student enrollment down in Delaware’s public schools, the units — i.e., educational staff — could also take a hit.
Delaware's public school enrollment is down; do funding cuts lie ahead?
Dec 16, 7:08 AM: After years of steady growth, Delaware public schools saw a decrease in enrollment across the state, reflecting national trends likely driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.
More Delaware students than ever are failing because of COVID pandemic
Dec 3, 7:39 AM: Since the school year started in September, teachers have watched student grades slip drastically, resulting in failure rates unseen before the pandemic. Report cards from the first marking period reveal an increase. >
State teachers union calls for more oversight of school reopening plans
Nov 23, 7:20 AM: The state teachers union is calling for stronger leadership and oversight of reopening plans at the school district level. In order for teachers to feel that they can keep their classrooms safe, the union argues, they must >
How a tiny Islamic school in Newark came to serve more than 1 million meals throughout the pandemic
Oct 27, 6:07 AM: The small Islamic school has served 1.3 million meals since March. Serving from 5,000 to 7,000 meals a day, that’s more than even Delaware’s largest school districts.
Under pressure from parents, Newark Charter accelerates reopening timeline
Oct 22, 6:20 AM: Many parents attending the meeting both in-person and online were dissatisfied and called on administrators to accelerate the schedule for bringing students back, though others defended the plan or even urged the school to >
Divided classrooms: The view of the pandemic from Delaware students’ seats
Oct 19, 8:05 AM: Students are caught in the upheaval of a pandemic. Here is a glimpse into their lives as they don't just learn history, they make it.
Advocates and state settle educational equity lawsuit
Oct 13, 6:24 AM: The suit seeking to reshape education funding in the First State will not go to trial. The state and education advocates announced a settlement Monday.
'A whole new world': Teachers see challenges and advantages with virtual learning
Oct 7, 7:16 AM: Pitoniak constantly adjusts her teaching methods to fit the type of student she’s instructing. The longtime educator teaches high school students looking for final credits, but also students with severe disabilities who >
Delaware GOP unveils education plan to increase school choice
Oct 2, 5:39 AM: The GOP plan also includes expanding charter schools, saying it believes they have been a success in Delaware.
Parents question why child cares can operate in Delaware schools while students learn at home
Sep 28, 5:54 AM: Yet some providers say they feel like they’re shouldering the risk teachers were able to dodge. And parents find themselves wondering why child care can safely operate in these classrooms while schools remain closed. >
Newark private schools find creative ways to reopen this fall
Aug 28, 6:13 AM: As the Christina School District plans for online learning through at least mid-October, several local private schools are finding creative ways to bring at least some students back into classrooms.
Students can't learn online without internet access. Here's what Delaware is doing
Aug 25, 6:11 AM: To change this, the state is investing $20 million in federal CARES Act funding to expand rural wireless broadband coverage and improve access among low income families, Gov. John Carney announced Monday morning. >
Newark Charter launches $20 million expansion project, will add fourth building and 600 more students
Aug 21, 5:44 AM: Newark Charter School has embarked on a $20 million expansion project that will add a fourth building to its campus and allow the school to serve an additional 600 students.
Gov. Carney wants Delaware public schools to open with mix of in-class and remote learning
Aug 5, 7:26 AM: Delaware’s public schools got the green light Tuesday to open with a hybrid of in-class and remote learning.



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