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Budget cut concerns dominate Latino Advocacy Day
Mar 31, 4:37 PM:

CT's Latino Advocacy Day brings up ed funding as top priority. Closing achievement gap isn't all about money -- accountability and ability to remove ineffective teachers are essential. So what's being done about it?

CT: As teacher layoff notices go out, no change in seniority rules
Mar 30, 4:27 PM:

CT Ed Committee rejects proposal to base layoffs on more than seniority alone, which is what the majority of state districts do. Critics want to wait for "model evaluation method." Something's not right when other states >

Advocates Of 'Money Follows The Child' School Funding Press Case At Capitol
Mar 25, 10:04 AM:

CT families rally in support of funding bill that would bring more money to charter and magnet schools. Now receive fixed amount from state, and charters receive less than other public schools. Too complex, need bill >

Two Schools Become Turnarounds
Mar 22, 10:37 AM:

Two New Haven schools in New Haven may get a whole new slate of teachers as they go into a turnaround phase. Mightn't going charter serve their purposes better? Show data that suggests effectiveness of various new >

Conn. lawmakers discuss teacher evaluation overhaul
Mar 18, 12:29 PM:

Paints image that CT bill to create model teacher evaluation system will help districts challenge seniority rules when it comes to layoffs. Do your homework. Suggesting how to do an evaluation still leaves unions in >

Lawmakers Consider Speeding Up Dismissals For Poorly Performing Teachers
Mar 18, 6:59 AM:

CT union proposes performance evaluation that would shorten teacher dismissal timeline "that would last no longer than 100 days." How does student benefit if it takes over 3 months to get rid of a poorly performing >

Education Committee To Consider Teacher Performance Evaluations and Dropout Age
Mar 16, 1:58 PM:

Hearing tomorrow in CT on bill proposing teacher evaluations. A union actually put forth the standards, but reporting fails to determine if there's any bite to them (hint: there isn't). Readers are falsely lured into >

It's wrong to retreat on education reform
Mar 11, 8:07 AM:

Editorial chides state lawmakers for considering delaying reforms passed to win federal Race to the Top (RTT) money. Rebukes argument that there's no money (since they didn't win RTT funds), saying there's time to figure >

CT: Legislators considering pushing back education reforms
Mar 8, 2:03 PM:

District leaders claim that reforms passed last year to win Race To Top money are unfunded mandates since CT wasn't awarded funds.  Claim they need new money or can't make changes.  Never seem to acknowledge that maybe >

Teacher Layoffs Schools Should Have The Power To Retain Their Best Teachers
Mar 7, 11:53 AM:

Hartford paper calls for legislative action to change existing "last in, first out" policy; calls tenure "outmoded," and policies not in the best interest of students. Recognizes New Haven's attempts to try, but suggests >

Conn. discussing 'culturally responsive' schools
Mar 2, 12:41 PM:

CT aims for "culturally responsive education" to engage diverse students and narrow minority student achievement gap. Where's any evidence this would do the trick? And how 'bout a look at other factors -- say, effective >

Malloy endorses several education ideas in budget
Feb 16, 11:27 PM:

Gov. Malloy's budget proposal reforms with students in mind while saving money -- teacher evals included. Hints on how reforms would work are missing. Potential roadblocks for implementation?

Conn. gov promises level education aid to towns
Feb 11, 10:56 AM:

Gov vows not to cut education, but locals may still need to do so. He says it needn't be teachers who suffer but ed. bureaucracy. Public needs more information on how state assets will be reallocated to cover what holes >

Malloy promises level education aid to Conn. towns
Feb 10, 12:49 PM:

Budget cuts are a difficult reality all schools must face. Informative piece about the difficult choices that CT Governor has made, but what's lost on the reader is what the state currently spends per school and >

Conn. school education funding to be reviewed - WGGB abc40/FOX 6: News, Weather, Sports: Springfield, MA
Feb 10, 12:38 PM:

As everywhere, the debate about charters and other schools of choice in Conn. centers on where money goes. A breakdown of who gets what would help public make a fair judgement.

Malloy promises level funding of education aid to state towns
Feb 10, 11:33 AM:

Gov. Malloy announced budget plans keeping ed spending level amid worries dried up federal stimulus wouldn't be replaced.  Challenges to this plan are needed for proper discussion but do not appear in this article.

Tensions rise over Conn. school funding reform
Feb 10, 9:15 AM:

Report suggests money follow students to charters. Unions declare this would hurt traditional public schools -- no ink for counter opinion. Would also help to relate issue to school performance.

Students like it, parents not so sure
Feb 4, 3:31 PM:

Conn. teachers meet weekly to review student data.  But what kind of data are they reviewing? Have data teams in other schools been fruitful?

Parents, faculty ask school board to not cut special ed positions
Feb 4, 2:53 PM:

Increasing the teacher-student ratio in special ed. programs in Stamford isn't popular with faculty and parents. Little explanation offered for  targeting special ed. funding cuts.

Parents, faculty ask school board to not cut special ed positions
Feb 4, 10:21 AM:

A tight budget means cuts in Stamford special education program and pare ts are angry.



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