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Anger over Bridgeport school takeover request
Jul 7, 10:07 AM:

Bridgeport residents frustrated over closing school. Title leads readers to believe CT citizens upset over state takeover. However, only quote from resident is positive about takeover. 


Follows Bridgeport >

City Council decides fate of two Norwich schools
Jul 7, 8:56 AM:

Norwich city council, CT, votes not to demolish 2 unused school buildings, but future use still uncertain. Charter school idea sounds interesting, but no details given. Is there demand for a charter here? Many charters >

State to Appoint New Board of Education in Bridgeport
Jul 7, 5:06 AM:

CT board votes to dissolve itself amid infighting between members leaving the state to appoint a new board. Many don't agree with move, claiming it subverts democratic process. Should challenge someone to contradict that >

School board gets ready for state takeover
Jul 6, 12:41 PM:

Controversy brews as CT board asks for state intervention during budget crisis. Some view it as a concession that problems too big to fix; state officials seem to think it's a bad idea. Spends too much time on the >

Report: State Is Narrowing Achievement Gap Between Hispanic And White Students In Math, But Not In Reading
Jun 24, 10:00 AM:

Discusses achievement gap between Hispanics and whites in CT. For a problem that's been going on for some time, little is said about how to improve learning for English-language learners and other Hispanics. Weave in >

Connecticut adopts wide range of education laws
Jun 13, 1:53 PM:

Overview of state reforms that were and weren't passed. Attention given to unchanged last-in, first-out policy and how it hurts students. Forgets to tell readers what resistance is to changing seniority policy. Would've >

State board adds 622 charter school seats
Jun 2, 10:26 AM:

CT Board of Ed just agreed to add over 600 more slots for the state's 18 charter schools. Unfortunately, there are over 5,000 kids on waiting list. Hmm. Why so stingy with increasing enrollment numbers? AP/Globe story >

Despite enrollment growth at charter schools, state still far behind
Jun 2, 5:02 AM:

State Ed Board approves expansion of charter enrollment numbers, but they're still well below national average. Ed leaders say numbers limited because of limited resources. Nothing here on why state support so low and >

Conn. group fights to end seniority-based layoffs for teachers
May 26, 10:15 AM:

Groups calls for CT to end "last-in, first-out" plays. Union's claim that many districts already include performance in determining layoffs needs a factcheck. Why not adopt statewide standards? Still a sizable chunk of >

Teaching Beyond the Test, to Make Room Again for Current Events
May 23, 3:29 PM:

New York Times focus on Hartford history teacher incorporating current events into AP history lessons. Other schools could learn from his teaching methods, eg veterans' visits to bring lessons to life. Weaves this in >

Big crowd tells school board: bench sports budget cuts
May 20, 9:26 AM:

CT parents, students turn out in force to oppose cuts to athletics in one district. Community engagement is encouraging, and the Fairfield Citizen dutifully records sentiments. Are there solutions that don’t have an >

More Applicants Sought For Top Education Post
May 18, 6:54 AM:

Few candidates want top ed job in CT. Modest salary, budget turmoil and "skeleton" staff could becontributing factors. Finding the right person is a start, but other problems need fixes too. Gov is supposedly committed >

Private Company to Run Public School
May 17, 12:07 PM:

For-profit company will take over failing New Haven, CT, school. Good to see union supports planned changes. But no reasons given why this company was chosen. Look at school's problems, and Renaissance's results >

Manual-In New London, English becomes a student's ticket to graduation
May 16, 11:19 AM:

New London Board approves requirement starting in 2015, all high schoolers know American English in order to graduate. Focus here is on testing to prove proficiency. Unclear is what teachers have to do in class to make >

Conn. encouraging 'culturally responsive' schools
May 10, 10:51 AM:

CT policy encourages school districts to use "culturally responsive" materials to engage kids from different backgrounds. With 1 in 3 kids from non-white minorities, this seems a no-brainer. Some examples would >

Windham school intervention plans raise questions
Apr 18, 11:51 AM:

CT Ed Depart. will appoint 'special master'  to develop plan for turnaround in failing Windham district. Interviews with state DOE officials lacking -- what are their plans for the outsider and how these will differ from >

Fairfield Board of Education considers lawsuit against bus company
Apr 13, 3:33 PM:

VA super may sue uninsured, unregistered ABC bus company. Students on them had to deboard for other buses when system realized, in route, they were not registered or insured. Board chair says glad system acted so >

BUS-ted: Tomlinson kids rode to DC on unregistered, uninsured buses
Apr 8, 12:10 PM:

Fairfield students change buses on field trip after transportation supervisor learns coaches were unregistered and uninsured. Why did he check in so late? Look into relationship of tour provider to school system and >

CT: A former mayor plans to tackle state's education aid formula
Apr 5, 4:42 PM:

CT Gov Malloy wants to change how his state divvies up dollars to school districts, saying it doesn't equalize ed spending the way it should. Problem is political football. Analysis here offers no solution, just >

Budget cut concerns dominate Latino Advocacy Day
Mar 31, 4:37 PM:

CT's Latino Advocacy Day brings up ed funding as top priority. Closing achievement gap isn't all about money -- accountability and ability to remove ineffective teachers are essential. So what's being done about it?




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