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Column: Inner-city kids in Connecticut losing Catholic school choice
Mar 11, 8:27 AM: Connecticut is on the verge of ending Catholic school choice for inner-city high school children in the Archdiocese of Hartford for good. This would require inner-city Black and Hispanic students to find transportation or >
Opinion: CT elected officials choosing politics over Danbury students
Mar 9, 6:54 AM: Last month in his executive budget, Gov. Ned Lamont proposed funding for an Open Choice Program that would bus 50 elementary school children out of Danbury to receive an education. At the same time, he excluded Danbury >
School district leaders say Lamont’s plan to use federal funds will leave them short
Feb 26, 7:59 AM: School districts across the state, especially those in Connecticut’s cities, expect they will need huge increases in staffing to get students caught up after the COVID pandemic broadly interrupted learning. Gov. Ned Lamont >
Connecticut's Largest Teachers Union Calls On The State to Vaccinate Educators Now
Feb 18, 7:08 AM: Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that states include teachers in their Phase 1B vaccination distribution. At least 28 states have made educators eligible to receive the COVID-19 >
Connecticut’s Catholic schools see enrollment bump from public school parents seeking in-person classes
Feb 16, 7:32 AM: Catholic schools across Connecticut — some of which have seen widespread enrollment declines leading to numerous school closures and consolidations — have been buoyed this year by public school families choosing to enroll >
Opinion: Connecticut charter schools are not delivering
Feb 10, 6:03 AM: The latest research into Connecticut’s charter schools found that, in general, charter schools have not delivered on the promise of better outcomes for students and that some charter schools are perpetuating practices that >
A Latino community in need of better educational opportunity
Feb 1, 8:03 AM: We are asking Gov. Ned Lamont to include Danbury Prospect Charter School in his executive budget. It is our sincere hope that the Danbury delegation along with the city’s leadership acknowledge the needs of our Latino >
Hartford is exploring a shift to longer school day or year to recover from pandemic learning loss
Jan 29, 8:18 AM: Hartford is considering extending the school day or moving to a longer school year to address attendance and academic achievement issues that have worsened during the pandemic.
Commentary: School vouchers are a quick way to correct racial injustice
Jan 26, 6:59 AM: Connecticut is trying to redress historical racial inequalities and there would be no faster way than to allow minorities to escape inferior inner-city schools through a voucher program that enabled them to attend private >
Proposal would expand school choice to Danbury, Norwalk areas
Jan 26, 6:34 AM: A new legislative proposal could bring students from overcrowded Danbury and Norwalk schools to neighboring districts with declining enrollment.
2 CT Lawmakers Not Happy With The State Of Remote Learning
Jan 14, 6:40 AM: Two state representatives say they are feeling parents' pain with the quality of remote learning in the state during the coronavirus pandemic.
COVID-19 pandemic introduces new factors to CT’s teacher shortage
Jan 7, 6:56 AM: With three kids attending schools where the learning model is different from the district where she teaches high school math, Kristle Rodriguez has struggled at times to balance the needs of her students and her children. >
Viewpoint: Bring equity to the Danbury school system
Jan 6, 7:25 AM: My plea to Gov. Ned Lamont is this: include Danbury Prospect Charter school in your proposed 2021-22 budget and give Danbury families the gift of a new school. Governor, you should allow our Black and brown students to >
Connecticut teachers’ union leader urges switch to all-remote learning
Jan 5, 6:52 AM: The leader of Connecticut's largest teachers union is urging school superintendents statewide to switch all classes to remote learning until at least the middle of this month, citing concerns about the coronavirus >
Billions in school construction in CT hasn’t made a dent in segregation — but this year, things could be different
Jan 4, 8:06 AM: The state has spent $10 billion since 2000 largely to help districts build segregated schools on top of segregated neighborhoods.
Survey: Half Of Connecticut's Teachers Don't Believe It Is Safe To Return To Classroom
Dec 30, 8:02 AM: Two Connecticut teacher’s unions say many educators in the state don’t think schools are safe enough for children or themselves to be in as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
Teacher survey reveals desire for online learning post holiday break
Dec 22, 7:56 AM: Holiday break is just around the corner, and teachers are pushing their schools to take a pause on in-person learning. A survey by the state’s two largest teachers unions and Eyewitness News found most teachers want remote >
What do we get for the billions spent on job training? Connecticut wants to know.
Dec 21, 6:58 AM: Simply put, Connecticut doesn’t precisely know what it was getting for the money. To be fair, most states don’t. And neither does the federal government, a primary funding source for employment programs in the United >
Report: Out-of-town students cost Norwich schools millions
Dec 14, 6:28 AM: Students who have been illicitly attending schools in Norwich even though they don’t live there have cost the district at least $2.7 million, according to a report.
Over 14,000 sign petition calling for governor to close schools unless safety recommendations are met
Dec 11, 8:23 AM: Leaders from the state’s largest education unions gathered outside the state Capitol on Thursday to call on Gov. Ned Lamont to close schools until mid-January unless the recommended safety precautions they’ve laid out are >



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