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Hopkinton council backs school choice resolution
Dec 20, 5:51 AM: Members of the Hopkinton Town Council approved a resolution supporting school choice at their Monday meeting. The resolution passed 3-2, with council Vice President Thomas Buck and councilor Barbara Capalbo opposed. >
Troubled schools on trial: Will a scathing court decision lead to action
Dec 15, 8:37 AM: Students, parents, and religious leaders held rallies and press conferences across the state calling for action at the state Capitol in the weeks after a Superior Court judge castigated the way the state funds and oversees >
Troubled schools on trial: What does a high school diploma prove?
Dec 13, 7:20 AM: But among the 72 percent of Connecticut students in the Class of 2010 who went on to college, at least 22 percent had to take non-credit courses to learn reading, writing or math skills they should have acquired in high >
Local charter schools innovating with unclear district collaboration
Dec 12, 7:01 AM: Proponents of both charter and traditional public schools can agree on at least one thing: the initial intent of the Connecticut charter law, signed 20 years ago, was for charter schools to serve as “laboratories of >
Connecticut NAACP keeping education a top priority, including charter school concerns
Dec 5, 7:52 AM: Racial disparities in employment, housing, health, law enforcement and in the presidential campaign are all issues the NAACP continued to discuss throughout 2016. But starting a nationwide discussion on education, more >
Under New Rules, State Says More Hartford Students Attend Integrated Schools
Dec 2, 6:26 AM: State officials said Thursday that 49 percent of Hartford minority students are in integrated schools this fall, surpassing the target of 47.5 percent set by a court agreement in the Sheff vs. O'Neill desegration case. >
Lawsuit Seeks to Grow More Charter and Magnet Schools in Connecticut
Nov 28, 7:10 AM: Connecticut officials are asking a federal court to throw out a lawsuit filed by school choice advocates, who want the state to allow more charter and magnet schools to be built in the state.
State seeks dismissal of school choice suit
Nov 22, 5:55 AM: Connecticut officials on Monday asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the state’s restrictions on magnet schools, charter schools and school choice programs.
Towns demand change in state formula
Nov 2, 5:09 AM: Cities and towns are asking state legislators to get to work this winter to fix Connecticut’s the school funding formula that a judge called irrational and unconstitutional in September.
Poll: Most say don’t wait for courts to fix school funding
Oct 26, 5:13 AM: "The poll shows a clear, strong consensus for action, this legislative session, to adopt a fair funding formula that ensures that all of Connecticut’s students, across all types of public schools, have access to the great >
At Grace Academy, A Tuition-Free School That Is ‘There For The Girls’
Oct 17, 5:27 AM: At Grace Academy, a tuition-free private school that opened six years ago on the south side of Main Street, in a placid church building a few hundred feet from a methadone clinic, getting students to college is at the >
New Haven charter school advocates see opportunity in school funding lawsuit ruling
Oct 5, 5:35 AM: A Hartford Superior Court judge’s ruling in a school funding lawsuit case requiring the state overhaul the current system it uses to allocate money to school districts has charter school advocates hoping to see a larger >
Supreme Court to hear appeal of school reform case
Sep 21, 5:00 AM: No sooner had the state Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to hear the appeal of Connecticut’s school funding-and-quality case than a liberal justice’s recusal from the action changed the tenor of the panel. >
Superior Court Judge Raises Profile With Divisive Education Reform Ruling
Sep 19, 5:20 AM: Now, with virtually no experience in education and just three years on the bench, he has positioned himself as the lone savior of Connecticut's public school children.
Supreme Court has a week to decide on appeal request
Sep 16, 5:01 AM: One way or the other, the state Supreme Court was bound to make the ultimate decision on whether a lower-court judge overstepped his authority by ordering sweeping changes to Connecticut’s public education system. >
In Connecticut, a Wealth Gap Divides Neighboring Schools
Sep 12, 6:09 AM: The two Connecticut school districts sit side by side along Long Island Sound. Both spend more than the national average on their students. They prepare their pupils for the same statewide tests. Their teachers, like >
Judge, Citing Inequality, Orders Connecticut to Overhaul Its School System
Sep 8, 4:55 AM: In a decision that could fundamentally reshape public education in Connecticut, the state was ordered on Wednesday to make changes in everything from how schools are financed to which students are eligible to graduate from >
Federal lawsuit could affect New Haven school choice
Sep 2, 4:30 AM: New Haven boasts 27 magnet schools and nine charter schools, but a federal lawsuit brought by 11 parents and students in Bridgeport and Hartford could alter that.
Bridgeport parents part of new lawsuit against the state
Aug 25, 5:21 AM: A group of parents, including the president of the Bridgeport District Parent Advisory Council, has filed a lawsuit alleging that Connecticut's restrictions on magnet schools, charter schools and school choice programs are >
Federal Suit Filed Against State On Restrictions To Magnet, Charter School Development
Aug 24, 5:22 AM: A California-based educational-advocacy group has filed a federal lawsuit charging that Connecticut's restrictions on magnet and charter schools harm city children and violate the equal protection clause of the U.S. >



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