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Charter schools beg for more funding in new budget
Oct 19, 5:33 AM: The state budget crisis is leaving a lot of people feeling uncertain. Nowhere is there more uncertainty than in the state’s charter school system.
Westerly School Committee votes to oppose expansion of West Greenwich charter school
Oct 12, 4:55 AM: Citing the superior performance record of Washington County’s public schools, the Westerly School Committee approved a resolution Wednesday opposing the expansion of The Greene School, a charter high school located in West >
Bridgeport magnet school rules still debated
Sep 27, 7:08 AM: An effort to change a long-standing magnet school policy that gave principals the option to kick chronically disruptive children out of magnet schools has met with strong resistance from some parents.
Bridgeport parents to state education board: ‘Help! We are in crisis!’
Sep 7, 6:47 AM: A lengthy agenda was awaiting action by the State Board of Education Wednesday. But first came the pleas of two Bridgeport parents beseeching it to do something about the plight of their children’s schools. >
Five charter schools line up hoping for state nod
Aug 29, 5:31 AM: It’s been nearly four years since the State Board of Education last gave the nod to a new charter. While it is ultimately up to the legislature to determine whether it will fund additional charter schools, the history has >
Hartford's Departing School Choice Leader Says Sheff Goals Should Be Expanded
Jul 24, 6:05 AM: Hartford's efforts to racially integrate its schools -- based on the 20-year-old Sheff vs. O'Neill court case -- have been considered a model for magnet programs across the state and country. But recent problems surfaced >
State OKs hundreds of new charter school seats for next year
Jul 20, 7:07 AM: The state Board of Education voted 6-2 Wednesday to add 504 charter school seats, about a 5.5 percent increase. Currently, there are about 9,100 seats in the state’s 22 charter schools. One in 57 Connecticut students >
State senators join charter school expansion fight
Jul 19, 7:03 AM: The state Board of Education will meet Wednesday in Hartford to consider a plan by Capital Preparatory Harbor Charter School to modify its charter. The two-year-old charter school wants to add a second building and also >
Leader of Hartford School Choice Program Resigns
Jul 17, 6:02 AM: Enid Rey, Hartford's executive director of school choice, has resigned after several years at the helm of the city school system's nationally touted integration efforts.
Charter school expansion plans could deepen district red ink
Jul 14, 5:57 AM: Capital Preparatory Harbor Charter School wants to expand in size and locations, a move its host school district says cost it an extra $200,000 in busing and other expenses.
Bridgeport Board Of Ed Seeks Changes For Magnet Schools
Jul 6, 7:52 AM: The Bridgeport Board of Education proposed changes to magnet school admission and performance standards at its meeting in June, in order to make magnet schools more accessible and ensure magnet students receive adequate >
Education reform: Feds find Connecticut’s plans lacking
Jul 5, 7:41 AM: An Incomplete. That’s the grade the U.S. Department of Education (USED) gave Connecticut last week on its plans to meet the requirements of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, which replaced the No Child Left Behind >
Bridge Academy in Bridgeport on a mission to improve
Jun 5, 6:06 AM: Bridge, located on Kossuth Street, has been given a three year renewal instead of the standard five, but really has just one year to show improvement. The school is doubling down on reading instruction, carving out room to >
New Haven Board of Education questions effectiveness of school choice system
May 30, 5:08 AM: However, one major problem seems to have the school board stumped: integrating city schools with a system that makes every family happy, without creating winners and losers.
Will More Minority Teachers Close Connecticut's Achievement Gap?
May 23, 6:23 AM: Minority students make up 42 percent of the population in Connecticut, but only eight percent of educators are minorities. And teacher prep programs don’t draw enough people of color. For example, last year at Southern >
City charter lotteries lack state oversight
May 15, 6:18 AM: When it comes to verifying the admission practices of charter schools outside the Capital region, it’s more or less scout’s honor. No enrollment audits are conducted like the one for Greater Hartford charter and magnet >
Stamford charter school faces challenges, mixed reviews
May 8, 6:38 AM: Not long after Teresa Brivett withdrew her grandsons from the Stamford Charter School for Excellence, a new elementary school on the West Side, she regretted the decision.
State auditors: Rogue magnet school lacked state oversight
May 5, 5:40 AM: Lax oversight by the Connecticut State Department of Education of the school choice lottery and enrollment in Hartford regional magnet schools opened the door for the most sought-after magnet school to fill 44 percent of >
State urges confidence in school lottery despite problems at Capital Prep
May 4, 4:37 AM: Thirty-three students were given coveted seats in Hartford regional magnet schools for this school year without winning them in the state-run blind lottery, the state education department said Wednesday as it braced for a >
Acclaimed Capital Prep Magnet School Bypassed Normal Lottery Process For Athletes, Other Students
May 3, 6:50 AM: Capital Prep, the nationally acclaimed Hartford magnet school that is the most sought-after in the city, repeatedly bypassed the state's normal lottery process and enrolled athletes who played for its dominant sports >



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